Consensual asphyxiation shorts – “Erica” and “Rina”



Erica and I spent the better part of an hour surfing through those damned pictures. The more we looked at, the hornier we both became. It wasn’t long before she was reaching around to grope my tits as we kept pulling them up one by one…

“Gawd; that’s a hot hanging, Chris.”

“Damn, baby; it sure is.”

“What would you do if you found me in a noose waiting for you?”

“Gawd, I don’t know. I’d be so turned on I’d probably start licking you out.”

“Right there while I was standing on the chair?”

“Right there! Damn, baby… imagining you with a noose around your neck is making me so fucking wet!”

“What would you do then, Chris?”

“I think I would get a rope and tie your arms behind your back so you could feel helpless like some of these other girls look in these pictures. Then I would lick you out all over again.”

“And after that?”

“I’d pull the chair away and watch you hang for me.”

“Would you? Gawd, Chris, that is such a fucking turn-on! Wait here; I’ll be right back.”

“Hey; where are you going?”

“You’ll see.”

She left the room as I went back to looking at those pictures. Seeing them made me think of Erica all noosed up. And thinking of Erica being noosed made me think of tying her up and then taking the chair away so I could watch her kick. My pussy was so fucking wet I could hardly stand myself.

I looked all around but she hadn’t returned. “Hey, Erica; where are you?”

“Just a minute! I’m getting something ready!”

“What? What are you getting ready?”

I sat there looking at pictures, wondering what she was getting ready. A moment later it came to me. “SHIT!” and I got out of my chair and rushed to go find her.

I caught up to her in the sun room. She was standing on a chair with a thick, hemp noose around her throat. It was threaded up through that hook in the ceiling we use to hang our heavy glass kitchen table which was now lying up against the wall.

I gasped, “What the hell is going on here, Erica?”

She smiled as she motioned grandly. “What do you think, Chris?”

“Erica, I… you… what did you…?” Then I came forward, dropped to my knees and started licking her sweet, sweet pussy. It was dripping copious amounts of her arousal.

She looked down at me and started to tremble as I ate her out. Fuck; she looked gorgeous! I couldn’t believe how horny I was! But it was clear she was just as turned on as I was.

“What are you going to do to me now, Chris?” She said it in a trembling voice.

I looked around and saw the small coil of rope lying underneath the chair. She must have brought it out with her. I picked it up with trembling hands.

“Do you want to hang me, Chris?”

“Gawd yes, Erica!” I knew then how much she wanted it too.

I grabbed the rope and snatched one of her arms. She whimpered as she tried to resist me. But she didn’t resist very hard as I quickly secured her arms behind her back. She loves it when I force her sometimes.

I ran my hands all over her trembling naked body. I was turned on like never before. She panted as she asked, “What are you going to do to me now, Chris?”

“I’m going to hang you, Erica!”

She whimpered, “Oh gawd!” as I began licking her out again. Hell, she was even wetter now that her arms were tied behind her back.

I felt her pussy clench around my tongue until she gushed her arousal. Seeing her cum like that nearly set me off. Then I stood up and grabbed the chair.

“Now I’m going to hang you, Erica! I’m going to cum watching you hang!”

There was an incredible look of lust in her eyes. In a voice barely above a whisper I heard her whimper, “Do it, Chris! Hang me!”

“Damnit, I will!” And with that I took the chair right out from under her feet.

Her eyes flashed uncertainly when the rope took her full weight as her feet fluttered. Her arms jerked up and down behind her back as she thrust her chest out. Then her legs started pedaling as she swung back and forth.

I stepped back and started masturbating furiously as her legs kicked more and more. She started rasping for breath as she twisted this way and that from her gyrations. Then her knees came up, and I recognized it immediately.

I cried out as my orgasm matched her own. Her nipples were incredibly hard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so sexy.

She began to put up more of a struggle. Her face turned red; she was really having trouble breathing. She looked at me anxiously, but I was too far gone as I told her, “No. I’m not taking you down!”

She shuddered as she really started to kick and twist. Then those knees came up again. My words must have made her cum so fucking hard because this time her cum streaked down her legs.

I let out a squeal as I gushed my climax all over the floor. She was swinging back and forth, her sexy naked body twisting from side to side. I was so weak and giddy that I collapsed onto the floor.

I found myself lying directly underneath her, looking up at her as her toes wriggled above me. Her fingers flexed helplessly behind her back. Her knees tried to come up one last time. That’s when I knew she was cumming again.

She sprayed me with her orgasm as I lay beneath her. Then her struggles abruptly ceased. She gently swung back and forth above me, giving me an incredible look at her wet, dripping pussy.

I was still masturbating when her bladder emptied itself all over me. I love it when Erica pees on me. But this was the ultimate turn-on.

I gasped as I shuddered hard in climax. Then I must have passed out. When I awakened Erica was slowly swaying back and forth above me, her cum and urine dripping off her toes onto my naked body.

I gasped once more with delight as I came all over again. I was totally exhausted. It had been one hell of a ride for the both of us…

© 2017 (Aug 24 ’17)


When Rina first came into my possession, she was willful, stubborn and determined not to submit. No matter what I did to her, she could not be broken. Whippings, bondage and sessions dunked in cold water had no effect.

I finally made the decision I’d erred in allowing her to come into my possession. I took her down to my basement and tied her into an uncomfortable position – legs bent at the knees with rope around her arms and legs, while her wrists were secured down near her ass. In short, she was pretty much helpless.

I stuffed a vibrating egg up her cunt despite her best efforts to keep it out. With her legs tied at her upper thighs there was no way she could squeeze it back out. Then I noosed her up.

I balanced her on a barrel on her knees. For the first time I saw a hint of fear in her eyes. I told her, “That’s right, bitch. You’re going to suffer in breathless agony while I tear those orgasms out of you. Then you’re going to slowly strangle to death. It might take an hour or two, so I hope you enjoy your time down here.” Then I left her.

I do not think she knew of the hidden camera I had up in the basement to watch. There was a nice glow from a lone lightbulb that highlighted her flesh. Her nipples began to harden as a glistening sheen appeared.

She had to balance on her knees to keep from strangling herself. But it was difficult at best. It wasn’t long until her face turned red.

The buzzing egg made her wriggle around as she tried to maintain her balancing act. She rasped and gurgled as it forced orgasm after orgasm out of her sweating, asphyxiated body. If she was not going to please me in life, the least she could do was please me with a long, painful death.

The minutes stretched as I left her down there. She responded with orgasm after orgasm, causing her body to jerk and shudder. It made the noose tighten around her slender throat as her face darkened.

She was still conscious after an hour. So I went down and relieved her of the noose. My cock was hard, so I took it out and forced it down her throat.

She gagged, but she did not resist… not that she was capable of resisting in any event. Then I turned her around. I bent her over, got access to her ass and pounded her until I gave her a healthy load of my cream up her rectum. To my surprise she orgasmed again. Perhaps it was due to the vibrating egg still inside her.

I commuted her death sentence and put her on probation. To my surprise she became fully compliant. Now she only had one request: that I asphyxiate her during sex.

I fucked her in several positions, each time making sure she was being strangled, bagged or asphyxiated. She became the most animated of sluts, cumming hard each time I fucked her. Her favorite position was riding my cock in bed with her hands bound behind her back while I pulled her up and down from a noose around her neck.

She loved the “barrel torture” as she called it. Sometimes she became willfully defiant just to earn herself another session. Thus it would be another hour in my basement, all trussed up and noosed with the vibrating egg forcing orgasm after orgasm out of her until she nearly strangled to death. These I would always watch, stroking myself until she was done so I could fuck her mouth and then rape her ass, giving her yet another orgasm in the process.

Rina started begging me to hang her. She told me she’d been extremely disobedient when she’d first arrived and that she fully deserved it. Now she wanted to hang. She’d become addicted, and she wanted to go all the way… for my pleasure and for her own.

I continued the barrel tortures, only to notice she seemed to be trying to strangle herself into unconsciousness. It occurred to me she might one day hang herself while I was not around to witness the event. So I set a date for her execution.

I decided it would be an intimate affair, just the two of us. I also decided it would be her favorite method. I tied her up, inserted the egg, and then noosed her before balancing her on top of the barrel.

I left her there as I stroked myself. She went through 30 minutes… and then 60. But when I refused to take her down she realized how serious I was.

The orgasms grew stronger and more frequent as she slowly strangled herself. I could see the pain evident on her face. But the bliss she felt was clearly recognizable.

At about 90 minutes she went into a series of continual convulsions. It looked like she was enduring one orgasm after another. Then her eyes grew vacant.

I went over and checked for a pulse as her body shuddered again. But there was none. Apparently the vibrating egg was forcing what little life was left in her muscles to discharge.

I left her down there for a couple hours to make sure. When I returned her face was a dark purple. Her crotch was soaked from her fluids, and her body was wet with perspiration. I could only wonder if it was the noose or the orgasms that had killed her. Maybe it was a combination of both…

© 2017 (written Oct 5 ’17 by riwa)

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