I drowned him in the irrigation dam (m/m)

I met him out at the irrigation dam. He was swimming off a raft floating forty feet away from shore when I arrived. He was all by himself.

I saw him disappear from the surface. It looked like he was somewhere underwater. A few bubbles came up before he resurfaced. I think he was under about a minute or more.

I waved at him from shore and called out to him, asking if I could join him. He said that was ok with him. So I put on a dive mask because I knew the water got murky the closer to the bottom you got. Then I walked down to the edge of the water before I swam out to him.

It looked like he was scrambling to do something as I approached. When I reached him he had a dive mask and weight belt sitting on his wooden raft. I told him my name and he told me his.

I asked him what he was doing out here this far away from shore. He said he was swimming down trying to reach the bottom. I smiled as I told him I’d like to see that.

He put on his dive mask and began taking long, deep breaths. Then he submerged. I stuck my face under to watch.

He swam down quite a ways until I lost sight of him. The water became green and murky the deeper he went. I saw bubbles come up, indicating he was down there somewhere.

I waited until more bubbles came up out of the murk. Then I saw him emerge out of that greenish darkness. He released more bubbles until he popped up at the surface right next to me.

I told him I liked watching him dive down and come back up. And I liked watching the bubbles he released. He smiled bashfully at me before filling his lungs and heading down a second time.

I submerged and went down about ten feet to watch him. He headed for the bottom of the dam, kicking with his legs while pulling with his arms. Although he almost disappeared from sight I could barely make out his shape while I was ten feet down.

Small bubbles came up. I waited with breathless excitement. Then he came back up, releasing more bubbles out of his mouth.

I headed to the surface ahead of him. I got there right before he did. Then he popped up and gasped for breath.

I asked him if he ever went down there nude. He blushed as he told me he’d been diving down naked when I showed up but that he’d hurriedly pulled his suit back on. So I asked if he would mind taking it off so I could watch him dive naked.

He blushed again before pulling his suit off. His cock waved in the water. He already had an erection.

I asked him if I could take my suit off as well. He said that would be all right with him. So I pulled my trunks down off my legs, exposing my erection. Then I left them on the raft right next to his trunks.

He filled his lungs and dove down again. I watched him kick as he went down, his ass wriggling. More bubbles came up as he disappeared into that murky green void near the bottom.

I watched and waited. It wasn’t long until more bubbles came up. Then he appeared and began kicking his way back to the surface.

He burst up gasping for breath. I told him I really enjoyed watching him. I asked him if he had reached the bottom and he said sometimes he could just get to it.

He said he liked to go down and hold his breath. I asked if he ever stroked himself. He blushed as he told me he touched himself a lot when he was down near the bottom.

I asked if he ever came while he was swimming up and down. He said he usually had a release before he went home for the day. Sometimes he’d cum on his way down; sometimes it was near the bottom; and sometimes it was while running out of breath on his way back up.

He filled his lungs and then went down again. I headed down to keep sight of him for as long as I could. I was down nearly fifteen feet when he appeared to stop another ten feet or so below me. I could just barely make him out.

I watched as he slowly began to drift upward. He was touching and stroking himself. It was quite a turn-on.

He slowly released bubbles out of his nose until he stopped drifting upward. He lost buoyancy and began to sink. He released more bubbles as he stroked himself. Then I saw him launch himself toward me while spewing bubbles out of his mouth.

I headed for the surface, keeping an eye on him the whole time while releasing bubbles out of my nose. It was a turn-on seeing how stiff his cock had become. My own dick was hard and throbbing.

He popped up again gasping for breath before grabbing the raft and hanging on. “That’s fantastic!” I told him admiringly. “You don’t mind my telling you how hot that is, do you?”

He blushed before saying, “Not at all.”

“Would you go down and stroke for me?”

“Sure; if you want me to.”

He filled his lungs and submerged. This time he went down feet first, pushing with his hands palms upward to push himself down. It was great getting to see his cock saluting me.

He must have been twenty feet down when he stopped descending. I could just barely make him out. I watched as he drifted there touching himself while stroking his cock. It really turned me on.

He stayed down for a good minute or so before coming back up. He released bubbles out of his mouth as he returned to the surface. My cock was hard and throbbing when he popped up with me.

“That’s great,” I told him with a smile. “How long can you hold your breath?”

“About a minute and a half when I’m down there,” he admitted. The cold and the pressure make it a challenge. I can hold it longer when I’m closer to the surface.

“Ever have any near-misses? Ever come close to drowning?”

“A couple times. One time I went down and barely reached the bottom without a good breath of air. I was really losing bubbles when I shot back up to the surface. I was really panting like crazy when I popped up and reached the raft.”

“Did you cum?”

“Yeah, my cock went off on my way back to the surface.”

“I’d really like to see that. How about the other time? You said there were a couple of times?”

“I went down and found the bottom. I stuck my feet in the mud so I wouldn’t drift upward. Then I held my breath. It was dark and I couldn’t see the surface because of all the murky green water around me.”

“Anyway I started stroking myself. I wanted to stay down until I shot my load. My chest was really heaving when I finally spurted. But I had no air left in my lungs.”

“For a minute there I didn’t think I would make it back to the raft in time. I could feel the panic starting to rise within me. I swam as fast as I could until I burst up gasping for breath.”

“I see you brought a weight belt out here with you. Do you use it much?”


“Would you put it on and use it for me now?”

“Sure; why not?”

I watched him attach it around his waist. Then he took long, deep breaths to prepare himself. He inhaled deeply and then let go of the raft.

I watched the belt take him right down. Bubbles came out of his mouth as he descended. He stroked a little for me as he went down, which was another huge turn-on.

I thought I could just make him out when he bottomed out. I started taking long, deep breaths to join him. I was horny as hell.

More bubbles came up out of the green murk. It was sexy as hell. My cock was hard and throbbing.

There was a sudden burst of bubbles. Then I saw him kicking his way toward me. He was pulling hard with his arms as he released more bubbles. It looked like he was out of breath.

I swam down to meet him. He was about ten feet from the surface when I grabbed his arms from behind and pulled them to his sides. Then I wrapped my legs around his so he couldn’t kick anymore.

My hard cock pressed into the crack in his ass. I started humping as he grunted and bubbled while shaking his head. The belt ended up taking us back down into colder, deeper water.

He suddenly started thrashing about in my grasp. I reached around and grabbed his cock as he gurgled. I jerked his meat really hard until ropy streams spurted into the water as he started to drown.

I humped his ass as he hitched and gurgled in my grasp. I held onto him so he couldn’t get away. Then my cock started spurting between us as I fucked the crack of his ass.

I started running out of breath and had to go to the surface. I let him go and kicked as hard as I could. My lungs were heaving when I burst up near the raft.

I gasped loudly for breath as I looked down. I couldn’t see him at all. A few stray bubbles swirled up to meet me at the surface.

I filled my lungs and swam back down to him. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find his body. But eventually I saw him lying flat on his back at the bottom of the irrigation dam.

His mouth gaped open from his last attempt to breathe. His eyes were wide and vacant in shock and horror. It was such an incredible turn-on.

I headed back to the surface as my cock got hard again. I burst up and gasped for breath. I spent some time hyperventilating. Then I headed back down.

It didn’t take too long to find his body. I couldn’t resist grabbing his head. Then I thrust my hardening cock into his mouth. He didn’t resist in the slightest.

I fucked his skull until I ran out of breath again. I really had to go back to the surface. So I kicked hard, pulling with my arms until I burst up gasping loudly for breath.

I looked around to make sure we were still alone. Then I really hyperventilated as I filled my lungs. I jackknifed downward, determined to visit him one last time.

He was right where I left him when I reached the bottom. I grabbed his head and fucked his mouth with my erect dick. It was so hot that I shot my load between his lips.

When I pulled my cock out, my cream swirled out of his mouth as well. His dick was semi-hard. I stroked it a few times before heading back to the surface.

I popped up and gasped for breath. Then I slipped back into my trunks before heading to shore. I decided he needed some alone time down on the bottom of the irrigation dam so he could get off by himself.

By the time I reached shore I was hard again from the memory of his drowned, nude body and semi-hard cock. I drove home and drew myself a bath before climbing in naked. Then I submerged and held my breath, jerking off again as I thought about how I’d drowned him down there.

I ended up shooting ropy streams into the tub as I bubbled my breath away. Drowning him was just so damned erotic. It’s a memory I’ll never forget.

2019 (written Jun 30 ’19 by riwa)

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