The Chiropractor Files

Miriam came to my office complaining of lower back pain and a stiffness in her neck. I took some x-rays and immediately identified the problem. I told her she might be a good candidate for the tightening chair down below. She was willing to do anything, even so much as to promise me she would make it “worth my while” if I could fix her posture.

I showed her the chair and then told her it was most effective when the patient was naked. She surprised me by quickly undressing. Then I backed her into the chair.

I told her the remedy was a little strong and that some bodies rebelled. She said to do whatever it took. So I tied her to the structure, telling her it would help to keep her back lined up so she would not wriggle around and wrench it any further.

Once she was ready I wrapped the rope around her throat. I secured the crank and then told her this was going to straighten her right out. I promised there would be no more pain once the procedure was concluded.

I began tightening the crank, causing her to gasp and writhe. I instructed her to try to hold steady as I was working on taking the kinks out of her neck. Pretty soon I had her shuddering and writhing like crazy before she went limp.

I asked her if she had any pain. She just stared up at me without speaking a word. I assumed that meant the procedure had been a success.

When Chelsea came to my office with her problem, I suggested a unique form of therapy. She too was willing to do whatever it took to take the pain away. So I took her to my private therapy room.

I had her strip on the couch and then get comfortable. I took some rope and tied it off to the door behind her. Then I suggested she tie the other end around her neck as tight as it would go.

When she voiced fears she might strangle I told her the rope would help keep her back at the angle necessary for taking the kinks out. I suggested a little masturbation session would help relax her and would help work the kinks out. When she looked at me funny I told her I would not touch her but that I would closely observe the procedure.

She made sure the rope was tight around her neck. Then she started to masturbate. I suggested she slide toward me in order to put more strain on the rope to pull the knots out of her spine. This she did with some reluctance.

As she masturbated I saw her face start to turn red. I encouraged her, telling her I thought it was working. She slid further along the couch, putting added pressure around the rope around her throat.

I told her an orgasm or two would help her relax and allow the rope to work her back. She really fingered herself until she climaxed hard. She voluntarily applied more tightness on the rope as though her asphyxiation was helping her orgasms.

The more she fingered herself, the tighter she strained against the rope. Her face began to turn red as she entered into a deep climax. She shuddered hard in orgasm, strangling herself all the way until she faded into oblivion with a back that was no longer hurting her.

Torinda was a burlesque dancer who needed immediate relief. I told her I had just the piece of equipment for her. I took her downstairs and showed her my back-adjuster.

She told me she liked it and was excited to try it out. She even thought she could use something like that in her act the next time she danced. So she shed most of her clothes before climbing on top, lying on her back.

I cuffed her ankles and then chained her up. I ran rope around her neck, up through the eye-bolt, and then down to her wrists. I told her using this method would allow her to put pressure on all the right places, which would be good both for the neck as well as the back.

At first she really began working her arms and legs. I could tell it was having a positive effect. But it wasn’t long until her face started turning red.

She tried to get the words out that she was having some difficulty. I told her not to worry because that just meant her back was responding to the adjustments she was giving it. The more she struggled, the more her face turned red.

She suddenly panicked and began jerking on the equipment. I told her she was almost there and that she needed to relax. She stiffened before going into little spasms. Then her bladder released as she went limp, indicating another satisfied customer.

Sometimes I do have to apply the “hands-on” approach. It was necessary with Reva. When she came in I could tell she was really hurting.

I took her down and showed her my special saddle. I told her the posts sticking up were only to stabilize her and keep her upright. I said the one in front was designed to relax her.

She was hesitant, but I did finally convince her to ride it naked. She impaled herself on both posts. Then I proceeded to secure her to the saddle. She thought I was using way more rope than was necessary. But I told her I didn’t want her wrenching her back at the moment of greatest stress where we would be straightening her out.

I turned the machine on and she started to moan as she wriggled around on it. Then I wrapped my hands around her throat. I told her to tip her head back as we would be doing a combination of neck and back work.

I squeezed tighter as she started to squirm like crazy. I told her to go right ahead and orgasm if she could feel one coming. I said it would help relax her back and that I would watch for it so as not to hinder her progress.

I helped squeeze an orgasm right out of her. Then I told her we were really going to work on her neck and back. So I squeezed harder until she really began writhing and squirming. Her face turned red as she climaxed one last time. Then that neck and back of hers went limp, never to bother her again.

Bruna was a special case. I knew she needed some serious time in therapy if she was going to straighten out that back. So I took her downstairs to my “neck stretcher”.

She willingly got naked – amazing how I could get them all to do that. Then I began applying the ropes. I told her I needed to stabilize her back for the straightening to come.

After securing her to the device I ran a rope around her midsection. I added two more to her nipples, telling her I needed to keep her back arched. Then I added a special rope around her neck that went up into an O-ring above.

I attached a 50 pound metal ball to the end of the rope. I said it would straighten her right up. But she would need some time to work on her lower back as well as those kinks in her neck.

I left her there for a good 30 minutes as I had to go upstairs and tend to some other patients. When I returned her face was quite red. But her neck was stretching nicely.

I must have timed it just right as she went into convulsions shortly upon my return. Her lips began to turn rather blue. Then she squirted her arousal before her bladder gave way. She was my proudest achievement as I straightened her neck and back right out with no more pain whatsoever.

2018 (written Sep 16 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by pictures found around the Internet.)

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