Water Babies Part III


My growling stomach awakens me from my slumber. Nora is out like a light. I quietly climb out of bed without disturbing her.

 I slip into the shower and rinse myself off, trying to be quiet so as not to awaken her. When I come out I look around and see our clothes have been brought in and folded in piles on a couple of chairs. I get into mine and then slip out of the room.

 I pick up the smell of food and follow it to the dining room. It looks like everyone is sitting there eating. I’m warmly welcomed despite having brazenly fucked a couple of the wives here earlier in the day.

 I sit down at the table where Bart Williams asks if I took a nap. I tell him Nora is still sleeping but my stomach woke me up. “We can take care of that for you,” Sandra Levinson says with a knowing smile as she sends me a plate of food and something to drink. She looks different with her clothes on, but she acts as though nothing sexual happened between us earlier.

 Everyone is warm and friendly. I was concerned about having awkward feelings upon seeing them again after our wild orgy out in the pool. But they act as though it was no big deal.

 With my arrival the discussion turns to what I thought of the afternoon in the water. I tell them it was quite erotic, something I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams or fantasies. There’s good-natured laughter all around the table.

 I’m careful not to eat too much. I don’t want to be full in case there’s a serious attempt at round two. What’s interesting is the way the ladies act like it doesn’t bother them in the slightest over the way they’ve had different sexual companions earlier this afternoon.

 With the sun going down it’s suggested we have drinks outside. I like the idea and follow them out. We all sit around on the patio, sipping on our drinks while talking to each other.

 Joyce Burrows wants to know what I thought about seeing my wife at the bottom of the pool with her hands cuffed to the ladder and not being able to see. I tell her I found it more erotic than I could have imagined, especially the way the ladies took turns licking her out. I chuckle as I tell her, “I didn’t know she was bi, but you certainly gave her something to think about.”

 I find myself thinking about our feud which dampens my attitude. That’s when I tell everyone, “I want to thank you all for your kindness. I’m really sorry about the way Nora and I have been, well… not exactly getting along with each other.”

 “I sort of let everyone know about you and your wife,” Nora’s best friend Wilma replies. “I hope that was ok. I thought it would help if everyone understood the situation.”

 “I’m glad you did. I didn’t want to spoil such a great place and such wonderful people with our, uh… issues.”

 “You haven’t spoiled anything,” Gene Riley assures me. “In fact we were a little concerned we weren’t being hospitable. We wanted to make you feel welcome.”

 “Well, you certainly did that,” I tell them with a laugh, eyeing Sandra and Donna in particular.

 “I’m going inside to clean up,” Donna says to everyone. “That way I’ll be indoors if Nora wakes up and is hungry.”

 “I’ll help you,” Wilma adds. They get up and go inside as their husbands stay behind.

 “You took to sex underwater pretty damned quick, James,” Laura Williams tells me with a smile. “Do you and Nora do much back home?”

 “We have a hot tub, and we’ve done a little in the water. But what happened this afternoon was far more than our meager sessions. And to be honest, it was far more erotic.”

 “Oh? How’s that?”

 I look at her for a moment, but she seems genuinely interested. “Well, take pussy licking for instance. I don’t think Nora likes it very much… or at least that’s what I used to think before we came here. I once took video of me licking her out underwater in our hot tub. I licked her underwater for two minutes, but in the video she looks bored as hell.”

 “Bored?? The way you lick??” Sandra can’t believe it.

 “Two minutes?” Joyce repeats in surprise. “Really? Damn, boy! That sounds kind of hot!”

I wake up to discover James is no longer in the room. But I find my clothes in a pile. I decide a quick shower might be good before I get dressed. And I’m getting hungry.

After I shower I put my clothes back on. Then I head down to the kitchen. That’s when I encounter Donna and Wilma having coffee at the table.

Wilma sees me and smiles. “Have a nice nap, Nora?”

“You exhausted me,” I reply with a smile of my own.

Donna asks, “The good kind of exhaustion or the bad kind?”

“The good kind.”

“Even with all we put you through?” Wilma asks with a knowing look in her eye.

“I was helpless, so what could I do? I must admit I really enjoyed myself.”


Donna offers to fix me a plate of food. I accept, so she goes to the kitchen. She returns with a plate along with a fork and spoon. That’s when I realize how hungry I am.

The three of us talk about the afternoon. But there’s nothing brought up about James or my ongoing fight with him. For that I’m glad.

It occurs to me he might have observed what was happening to me while I was in the water. So I ask, “Do you know if James was watching while I was helpless in the pool?”

Wilma smiles as she tells me, “Oh, he was in the water having his own kind of fun.”

Donna adds, “Sandra and I were seeing to his ‘needs’ you might say while the three of us watched you. We had an air hose we were sharing down there.”

“So what did he think?” I ask hesitantly.

They look at each other for a moment. Donna finally says, “He seemed ok with it.”

Wilma looks at me and frowns. “You really need to let go of whatever it is you two are fighting over. It looked like you had a good time, and so did he. You might enjoy yourselves more if you could put this behind you.”

“Wilma, to be honest I can’t even remember what we’re fighting about. I’m not sure James does either.”

“Then why don’t you set it aside?”

“Because he was wrong.”

“How do you know if you can’t remember?”

“I remember he was wrong back then.”

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure… at least I think so.”

They both look at me and shake their heads. I feel self-conscious as I take another mouthful of food. Damn.

Donna suggests we adjourn to the sun room. It has a limited view outside. She tells us we’ll be able to see some of what’s going on should anything interesting happen out there with the others. So I take my plate of food and follow them out of the dining room.

Joyce and Irene are intrigued at my ability to hold my breath while eating pussy. Melvin and Bart also say they’ve worked at holding their breath while licking. But they’re not sure they can match my two minutes.

 Out of curiosity I ask Sandra, “Did I last that long in the water with you and Donna?”

 “I don’t know for sure,” she says with a smile. “We can always find out.”

 Gene says he can time us if we want to try. Melvin and Bart both say they’re game. A moment later Joyce and Irene start to take their clothes off. Laura says she wants in on this too as she starts to undress.

 “Three guys and three girls,” Tom says with a smile. “Damn! This night is going to get good.”

 I look at Melvin and Bart who are both stripping out of their clothes. I shrug my shoulders as I follow suit. The women step naked into the large Jacuzzi tub, and we soon follow them in.

 “Pick your girl,” Gene tells me with a chuckle.

 Laura smiles as she asks, “Can’t they can rotate between us?”

 “Works for me,” Irene remarks, smiling as though she’s looking forward to it. It looks like Sandra is sitting this one out for now.

 I kneel in front of Joyce as Bart settles in front of Irene on my left. Farther down Melvin takes Laura. No man is doing his own wife, but apparently the husbands don’t seem to mind.

 “Ok, guys,” Gene says as he checks his watch. “I’ll count you down. We’ll see how long you can lick without a breath.”

 I smile at Joyce who smiles back at me and invitingly spreads her legs. I take long, deep breaths to get ready. When Gene calls out “GO” we all take a deep breath and submerge.

 I move in and start licking out Joyce. She has a tasty pussy, and I take my time with my tongue. The goal is to stay down for as long as possible, so I go slow and easy.

 She puts her hand on my head as I lick and nibble. It isn’t long before I hear moans above the surface. It’s arousing as hell hearing the ladies getting off on our tongues. In no time at all my cock starts to harden.

We’re just sitting down at a small table when we look out the window to see three women getting into the water naked. Three guys follow them right in. Each guy kneels in front of a female.

“What’s this?” Donna wants to know as she perks up with interest. Wilma looks on as though she’s also curious. It looks like Gene has a watch and is timing them.

The guys submerge together. A moment later it looks like they’re working on the pussy of the one sitting right in front of them. I recognize James as the one who is right in front of Joyce.

“Damn!” Donna blurts out. “We’re missing out!”

Wilma adds, “I wonder what started all that?” I shake my head as I take another bite of food. But my eyes never leave the scene.

We see three sets of bubbles come up. The women all have their heads tipped back. They seem to be enjoying what’s happening to them.

“An underwater pussy licking contest?” Donna muses thoughtfully.

Wilma looks at me as though gauging my reaction. “What do you think, Nora?”

“I, uh… I don’t know.”

For the moment I really don’t know. My eyes are on Joyce and how she’s reacting as James licks her out. She really seems to like what he’s doing to her.

“They’re still underwater,” Wilma observes. “Must be some sort of contest. I wonder what the winner gets.”

“Probably an underwater blowjob,” Donna chuckles. “Looks like fun.”

She turns to look at me questioningly. “What are you thinking, Nora?”

“I don’t know for sure.” Then I take another bite of my food.

 It’s such a turn-on hearing the girls gasp and moan. I glance over to see Bart has risen up. Melvin and I both come up at about the same time.

 “That’s a minute twenty for you two,” Gene calls out. “Not bad at all.”

 “Switch!” Joyce gasps excitedly. I think she wants another tongue in her twat.

 “It’s ok with me,” I tell the guys. So we shift our positions. Melvin takes Irene, I take Laura, and Bart gets Joyce.

 Laura gives me an eager look as I take long, deep breaths to prepare. “Ready, guys?” Gene asks. Then he blurts out, “GO!”

 I take a deep breath and submerge. Laura parts her legs for me and I go right in. In about twenty seconds I have her moaning.

 I heard gasps and groans as Laura puts her hand on my head. She humps my face as I try to pace myself. I want to last longer if I can.

 I hear groans as the guys on either side of me lick the pussies in front of them. The women really love what we’re doing to them. I had no idea my mention of licking Nora’s pussy underwater would lead to this impromptu contest. But I’m really enjoying myself although my cock is hard and throbbing.

We watch from the sun room as the guys come up and change partners. Gene gets ready to time them again. It looks like this time James will be working on Laura.

I’m reminded of the way I was licked out tied to the pool ladder earlier this afternoon. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. It occurs to me I might get it more often from James if only I gave him a little encouragement.

“Wow; look at ‘em go!” Wilma gasps. I can tell she’s getting all turned on. It looks like her husband Ford is smiling out there, even though he’s missing out.

Laura tips her head back and cries out as she grabs James’ head. Bubbles come up from her crotch as he gives her a really good licking. It’s never been a strong sexual activity for me. But for some reason my pussy really starts to tingle.

“Gawd!” Donna pants breathlessly.

“That’s so hot!” Wilma adds.

“Yeah,” I breathe quietly. “It certainly is.” They both turn and eye me for a moment. Then they smile before turning back to watch.

I ask myself what there is about what I’m watching that makes it so hot right now. Seeing it in porn has never done a thing for me. But right now I find it such a turn-on.

Is it because I’m watching James get another woman off with his tongue? I look closer at Laura’s face and see how blissed out she is. The more I stare, the more turned on I become.

They’re down longer before they start coming up one at a time. James comes up last. Laura gives him a deep, soulful kiss, probably as her way of saying thanks. Maybe I should be jealous, but I find myself kind of turned on at the way he pleasured her.

Gene tells me I came up at a minute forty-eight. Now Irene wants a shot at my tongue. She looks so excited as she tells me, “Get your ass over here, James!”

 I move in front of her as we all swap partners again. Gene says, “It definitely looks like James has the lead on this, guys. He must be practicing in his hot tub back home.”

 I laugh with everyone as the guys and I start taking long, deep breaths to prepare. Irene looks like she’s really looking forward to this. But I am too. I’ve enjoyed two different pussies so far, but I’m anticipating hers to be just as tasty.

 Gene yells, “GO!” and we all take a deep breath and submerge. Irene’s legs are spread so I have easy access. I move in and start nibbling on her clit, letting my tongue explore between her labia as bubbles dribble out of my mouth.

 The moans start up again as we all go at it. I’d love to make Irene cum if I can. I think the other guys preheated her, so I might have a chance.

 I hear a trio of gasps and moans at the surface as I take my time working her up into a lather. Irene grabs my head and forces my mouth against her pussy. I nibble on her clit some more as my tongue starts to poke and probe.

 She lets out little gasps as I tongue-fuck her sweet opening. Her thighs come together as she holds me in place while I release bubbles into her pussy. I just want to stay underwater for as long as I can while giving her pleasure.

 I hear grunts and moans from the other guys along with the occasional burst of bubbles. I can tell they’re enjoying themselves every bit as much as I am. Then Irene’s moans start to intensify as she humps my face a little harder.

We watch as the women down in the water writhe and moan. Poor Sandra looks like she’s in agony missing out on all the fun. She looks like she’s touching herself while she watches.

I look at Irene, wondering if James might make her cum. What will that look like? And how will I feel about it?

Right now I’m feeling strangely aroused. Donna and Wilma gasp and pant as though they’re all caught up in watching what’s happening. A part of me wishes I was down there experiencing it. Then I tell myself I’m glad I’m not there so as not to spoil the mood.

Joyce starts gasping and crying out. Irene looks like she’s humping James’ face really good. Then we all hear a cry as she stiffens and shudders.

Laura glances right and left as she gasps “Fuck – fuck – fuck!” Joyce lets out a cry of her own as she cums hard. But it’s Irene I’m watching as she writhes and cries out.

The ladies all end up gasping and panting. Melvin comes up first, followed by Bart. James comes up last, and for some reason I feel a sense of pride he stayed down the longest.

“Damn, that was hot!” Donna breathes.

“Lucky bitches!” Wilma adds.

“He made her cum!” I pant to no one in particular. “Gawd; he really made her cum!”

The ladies turn to look at me questioningly. I just shake my head in amazement. “He really made her cum! Why the hell was it such a turn-on to see him make her cum??” They both chuckle knowingly at me before turning back to watch.

 Gene tells me I made it to two ten. Irene grabs me and pulls me to her. The kiss she gives me is long and hard.

 I hear Gene tell everyone, “Ok, James; we believe your two-minute story. Damn; that was hot. I guess James wins.”

 “What do I win?” I ask curiously. I’m just glad I got to pleasure all three and got to help make Irene cum.

 “I say we switch places,” Joyce announces. “The guys held their breath licking us out. I say we hold our breath sucking cock.”

 “I’m in!” Laura declares enthusiastically.

 “Me too!” Irene adds as she motions to change positions with me.

 I can already tell how much she wants to suck my dick. It’s a hell of a turn-on, being as how Nora doesn’t like giving blowjobs very much. I’m really looking forward to this.

 She kneels in front of me in the water where she reaches out and grabs my cock. “Damn, he’s already hard! This is going to be fun!”

 Melvin’s sitting right next to me, but Laura’s already submerged and is blowing him underwater. Sexy bubbles come up, indicating she’s not wasting any time.

 As for Joyce, she’s already underwater blowing Bart. Gene looks like he doesn’t know what to do with his watch. Irene grins at me, loudly gasps, “Mine!” and then goes under to get started.

 Bubbles come up as she latches onto my cock with her mouth. She goes nice and slow, teasing me at first. Then she starts to work up a rhythm, taking me deeper and deeper as more bubbles come up.

 Next to me the guys are gasping as they push down on the heads of Joyce and Laura. Irene is so talented that I don’t know what to do with myself. I lie back against the edge and let her do her thing as I try not to cum prematurely, her talented mouth and tongue working me over as more sexy bubbles come up.

 I watch as all three guys receive blowjobs while the girls hold their breath underwater. I shake my head in wonder. How can they suck those things the guys use to relieve their bladders??

Wilma and Donna both watch. They are clearly turned on at the moment. I’m not really sure I get it, especially since I remember not sucking a lot of cock during my last visit.

I look at James and watch his reaction. He looks like he’s really turned on by what Irene is doing to him. I see three sets of bubbles coming up in the crotches of the three naked guys.

At this moment I’m still not really sure I get it. But it’s clear James is enjoying the blowjob he’s receiving. Irene’s really sucking pleasure into my husband.

The women pop up at different times for a breath and then go right back down one after the other. It looks like the breath-hold contest has been set aside. Sandra looks like she’s eager to join the playful activity.

“I don’t get it,” I finally admit, blushing my embarrassment.

“Don’t get what?” Donna asks.

“How you can suck on something that pees?”

“Simple,” Wilma says with a smile. “It’s to give pleasure to our men. The cock that pees is the same one that goes into your pussy. You don’t want him to stop fucking you over that, do you?”

“Well… no. I guess I… I don’t know… there’s just something about it that seems… gross?”

“Disgustingly fun if you ask me,” Donna says as she excitedly watches the action down below. “It looks like Irene is really giving your James pleasure.”

“Yeah, it sure does.”

I see Sandra say something to Gene who smiles and nods his head. He goes over to a small cabinet nearby and opens it up. When he returns he’s got one of those blackened masks as well as a set of handcuffs.

I watch as she adjusts the dive mask down over her face so she cannot see. Then he slowly strips her out of her clothes while the guys all watch. When she’s totally naked he cuffs her arms behind her back.

“I got a present for you guys!” he laughs at the inhabitants of the Jacuzzi. “It seems Sandra is feeling left out and wants to play.” Then he flips her over into the Jacuzzi.

She lets out a cry before hitting with a splash onto her back. When she comes up sputtering Melvin, Bart, Joyce and Laura are right there to start touching, fondling, poking and prodding. Joyce pushes her down to make her suck on Bart’s cock underwater as everyone laughs and applauds.

“How can she do that?” I ask nervously. “I’d have a hard time, uh… giving up control like that.”

“You gave up control in the pool as I recall.”

I look at Wilma for a long moment before replying, “Yeah, but I didn’t have any control over that.” She just laughs.

Sandra’s definitely become the center of attention. Irene grabs her when she comes up for air and forces her to suck James underwater. He smiles, looking as though he’s really enjoying himself.

I find myself reeling with jealousy and a certain sadness. It looks like they are all having fun out there. It occurs to me Sandra is being treated similar to what happened to me earlier today – being blind, helpless and pleasured. I realize I really liked when it was done to me.

I feel the conflict rise up within me at what I’m considering. Then I consciously make my decision. In a somewhat timid voice I tell Donna and Wilma, “I want to learn how to do that.”

“Do what?”

“Suck cock… and maybe, uh… learn how to give up a little more control.”

“You really mean that?” Wilma asks dubiously. I nod my head. I feel sad James is enjoying himself over something I’m not normally willing to give him. I want to see what I can do to improve on that score.

Wilma looks me right in the eye as though she doesn’t believe a word of it. “Tell me you want to suck cock and be taught a lesson like they’re doing to Sandra out there.”

I take a deep breath to compose myself. Then I nervously tell her, “I want to s-suck cock and be taught a lesson like they’re doing to Sandra out there.”

“You really mean that, Nora?”

“I mean it, Wilma.” That’s when I decide that I really do truly mean it.

“Go get our husbands, Donna. Let’s see if Nora here is willing to put her money where her mouth is… or should I say ‘put a cock where her mouth is?” Donna looks at me with a wicked smile that sends erotic shivers down my spine before she gets up to go fetch their husbands.

© 2017 (written Nov 15 ’17 by riwa)

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