A Revy firefight


A fanfiction written for a friend.

I’m still in awe over what happened. You see, we got into a firefight with that murderous assassin named Revy. Maybe I should say ‘I survived a firefight with that murderous assassin named Revy’.

I’m still not certain how it all started. All I know is she showed up and the bullets started flying in every direction. The next thing I know guys are hitting the ground all around me, bleeding out from lethal wounds.

The bitch was amazing, if not downright insane. She kept putting guys down all around me. It was crazy because it was only her and the bunch of us.

I’m not certain how she missed me. I suppose with all that gunfire it was impossible for her aim to be one hundred percent accurate. But for a while there it damn sure looked like she wasn’t missing very many of her targets.

She swore at us as she continuously fired those damned Berettas with both hands. She kept calling us shitheads as she taunted us. She told us if we were smart we’d all go running off to our mommies with our tails tucked between our legs before we shit ourselves or ended up dead.

I’m not sure what she was going for because it had the reverse affect. Maybe that’s what she wanted… to make us want to fight so she could kill more of us. It pissed a bunch of us off, because instead of pulling back like we probably should have, some of us pressed forward, only to get brutally gunned down.

For a while there I was starting to think withdrawing might be the more prudent course of action to take. After all, I wanted to live to fight another day rather than push my luck against her skill with those infamous Berettas. Then it was as though the tide of battle suddenly changed without notice or fanfare.

Emilio fired off several shots that made her cry out in anger before she put two in his chest. Marco fired in her direction from another location, causing her to spew an obscenity before her return fire put him down.  Then I heard her cry out, “You fucking shitheads! I’ll kill you for this!”

Rodrigo and I looked at each other and then rushed forward, approaching from opposite sides. That’s when I saw Leonardo approach from the left. He got a shot off at about the same time she fired back. He went down, but I was sure I’d heard a cry of pain.

I got there with my weapon at the ready, only to notice she was lying on the ground clutching her stomach. There was a wound in her shoulder that must have dislodged her gun. There was another wound in her left leg. I concluded Leonardo must have taken care of her ability to return fire before he went down as the only smoking Beretta I saw was just out of her reach.

She saw the danger as I approached. She tried to reach out for the Beretta. But I got there first and kicked it away. That’s when I noticed the other one lying several feet away.

Rodrigo rounded the corner, his weapon drawn. His face contorted in anger the moment he saw her. I was sure he was going to kill her right then and there.

He hesitated as she writhed and clutched at her wounds while panting heavily. She looked up at us in a grimace of pain. “Fucking shitheads! I’ll kill you both!” It was amazing the defiance she was able to direct our way despite the fact she appeared to be gravely injured.

I paused to take a good look at the infamous mercenary now that she wasn’t so dangerous. Her black top was cropped, exposing much of her midriff. Her nipples protruded through the top, making me wonder if the crazy bitch was even wearing a bra.

Her cutoffs barely covered her crotch. I noticed a creamy substance leaking down her inner thighs. I assumed it could only have come from her pussy.

Had the firefight aroused her? I had to admit I was certainly feeling an exhilaration from having survived. Then I saw Rodrigo was looking down at her, taking it all in – her toned stomach, her athletic legs, her rock hard abs and tight breasts.

“What are you… shitheads… looking at?? I’ll fucking… kill you!” But she had no weapon available that I could see.

“So this is the great Revy,” Rodrigo sneered. “Just look at her! The slut looks horny as fuck! Don’t worry, honey; I’ll take care of that for you while you’re bleeding out!”

“Stay away from me, you fucking shithead!” She tried to wriggle away as he unzipped his fly and pulled his pants down. Then he grabbed those denim cutoffs and forcibly pulled them down her legs.

Damn. Didn’t this bitch believe in the concept of underwear??

Just before he pushed his hardening member inside her, I got a good look at her pussy. It was wet and pink as though she was in a state of arousal. It looked like it was clenching, oozing more cream.

She cried out as she tried to avoid him… “Get away from me you fucking pervert! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” Then he thrust his way inside.

I found myself getting aroused watching him rape her. Perhaps it was the rush of surviving the firefight. I couldn’t blame him for using her, especially if he was as exhilarated at still being alive as I was.

She winced and cried out as he fucked her. I think it was due to the wound in her belly adding to her pain. Rodrigo enjoyed making her hurt as he fucked her harder.

He looked up at me and told me, “Cut that fucking shirt off, ok? I want to see her tits.”

“Don’t you fucking dare or… I’ll cut your balls off… and feed ‘em to you!” Her defiance made me angry.

I whipped out my knife. She yelped with pain, the blade digging into her flesh as I sliced her top off. That was ok because we weren’t about to take her to no hospital.

I got her top off in record time, shedding those empty shoulder holsters in the process. Sure enough; no bra. Rodrigo reached out and squeezed her tits as he fucked her.

Revy glared daggers at us as she tried spewing more obscenities. But she was beyond being able to put up any resistance. Her injuries were starting to catch up to her.

Rodrigo thrust this cock deep inside her, not caring a whit she was bleeding all over him. “Fuck; this bitch is tight!” He seemed to be thrusting his anger hard inside her.

She tried to resist him, tried to push him off. But her wounds had depleted her strength. There was a lot of blood.

She wearily called him more names… as though that was going to slow him down any. He just raped her all the harder. She was just a hole to be used now, no longer a human being. I wondered if she ever had any humanity in the first place.

“Damn! She’s really clenching around my cock! She must want it bad!”

“Fucking… shithead… I’ll kill you!”

I was amazed at her spirit. She still seemed to believe she could somehow obtain the upper hand through all this. “Fuck her mouth!” Rodrigo finally urged me. “Shut her up by fucking her mouth!”

“She’ll bite me.”

“Not unless she wants you to cut her fucking tits off with that knife of yours.”

At first she barred her teeth as she glared daggers at me while moaning in pain. By then I was definitely horny, especially from watching the way Rodrigo was really starting to pound her. So I pulled out my cock.

She made a biting motion with her teeth. I grabbed one of her tits by her nipple and brought my knife down as though threatening to cut it off at the base. She screamed in agony before grudgingly opening her mouth for me, her eyes spewing hatred.

I knelt down and rammed my cock hard down her throat. She gurgled a couple of times as she grunted from her rape and the pain of being shot in the stomach. All I had to do was hold my knife up any time she acted like she was going to do something stupid.

She grunted as we went at her, the two of us pounding her holes hard with our cocks. She looked mad as a wet hen despite her moans and grimaces of pain. Rodrigo rammed her good and hard as though really getting into it.

“Damn! Can you believe this shit? She’s fucking me as though she really wants it! This chick must know she’s about to die and wants to fuck! What a nasty, fucking whore!”

She grunted as though she wanted to spew another obscenity at him. But her mouth was full of cock – my cock. I thrust harder, gagging her with my dick.

We raped her like that until Rodrigo roared his release, leaving a load in her cunt. “Now it’s your turn,” he told me. I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime by not fucking the one and only Revy.

We switched places, and I rammed my hard dick inside her, getting her blood all over me. I figured it was worth it after all the men she’d killed this day, being one of only two men who’d survived. Besides, some of them had been my friends.

Rodrigo fucked her mouth as I pumped her cunt hard. She really was clenching around my cock, her cream oozing out as her body responded. I think a part of her liked it. It made me wonder what kind of a slut assassin we were dealing with.

I rammed her hard until I got the release I’d craved. I’m pretty sure she came right along with me, the murderous slut. Rodrigo was none too gentle on her mouth, gagging her until he nearly asphyxiated her.

We finally pulled out and zipped up. She lay there writhing and moaning as she clutched at her stomach. Clearly she’d lost a lot of blood. We finally stood up, panting like crazy after having our way with her.

She glared defiantly at us as she gasped, “I’m going to… kill you fucking… shitheads for that!” It was incredible the way she acted. It was as though she believed she was still going to win the day.

Rodrigo glared angrily at her. Then he pulled his weapon as I followed suit. “Not today, you fucking whore! This is for Leonardo!”

“And Marco,” I added, remembering the way he’d gone down.

She looked up at us and gasped in alarm as though suddenly realizing the great Revy was not immortal. For the one and only time I saw fear in her eyes. Then we fired point blank into her body, putting 3 shots each into her chest and boobs.

She jerked around from each shot that went into her. She went into spasms, her arms and legs twitching as blood welled up in her mouth. I was feeling the loss of my friends so I took careful aim. Then I put one right between her eyes. That put a stop to most of the hitches in her spasming body other than a few involuntary muscle spasms.

“You had a nice twat, bitch! I’ll bet you fucked around a lot the way you were clenching my dick. But I guess ours are going to be the last cocks you ever feel!” Then he put one in her cunt, making it bleed out along with all that cum we’d given her.

We looked at each other as though there was nothing more to say. Then we tiredly walked away.  Even now I’m still astonished I survived a firefight with that murderous bitch…

© 2017 (written for Revy Apr 18 ’17 by riwa)

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