Stealth jerk (male themes)


Note: a bonus story for the guys. I hope you had a good 4th of July.

I slip unnoticed into the water in my oval dive mask, white Speedos and yellow bottle of spare air. My buddy Alex also wears a mask. But his red, mesh thong doesn’t really hide anything.

My white Speedo won’t hide anything either once it gets wet. But I’m not thinking about that now. I’m thinking about sneaking up on him.

I easily slip under the surface from the weight belt around my waist. I leave the pony bottle hanging from the belt. I don’t want the sound of my exhalations giving my presence away. Besides, it will allow me to stay on the bottom for an extra couple of minutes.

Alex takes a deep breath and slips back under. His back is too me. I find myself hoping he’s masturbating and that he’s too distracted to notice my approach.

I’m constantly on alert. It’s possible he’s waiting for me, hoping to use my underwater fetish against me. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I quickly move closer, knowing I have to strike quickly. In a flash I get him in a headlock. The weight belt pulls us both to the pool floor 12 feet down.

He grunts and bubbles as he struggles against me, indicating I’ve been successful. I reach for the spare air and place the mouthpiece between my lips. Then I grin triumphantly as I refill my lungs.

He reaches behind but he can’t dislodge me. My cock is hard in my Speedos. I quickly pull them down my legs, freeing my erection. As I press it into his backside I pull down his mesh Speedos and grab onto his hard member, wanking him excitedly.

He grunts in alarm as I’ve caught him in a compromising position. I’m breathing freely from the bottle as he struggles to hold his breath. He tries to squirm free but I maintain my grasp on him.

He tries to brush my hand away. But I continue stroking him. In seconds he starts to shoot his load into the water. I pump the cum out of his cock as mine throbs incessantly, demanding a release as well.

I can’t stand it anymore. I ease my grasp on him long enough to grab my own cock and jerk it vigorously. As he struggles in my grasp – almost out of breath – I explode into the water, spurting my load.

I remove the bottle from my mouth and jam it into his. I listen to him gasp madly for breath as we stand on the pool floor. He moans, exhaling heavily from the bottle.

I finish pumping my cock, jerking every last drop out of it. My headlock becomes more of a hug as I watch him fill his tortured lungs with air. It’s strangely erotic watching him catch his breath.

My cheeks puff as I realize I need what he’s receiving. I jerk out the last ribbons of my cum before making a grab for the bottle. He instinctively fills his lungs before I can rip it out of his mouth and cram it into my own.

I hang onto Alex as I inhale deeply. Almost immediately I discover there’s virtually nothing left, certainly not another decent breath to sustain me. My eyes fly open in alarm.

My next attempt to inhale proves fruitless. I allow the bottle to fall from my lips. Instinctively I push against him, trying to force myself up toward the surface.

I fail to consider the belt around my waist. And I can’t kick very well because my Speedos are halfway down my legs. I grunt in alarm as I futilely try to kick myself back to the surface.

Alex grabs my ankle and easily pulls me right back down. My cock is instantly hard again as I realize the trouble I’m in. He can tell by my expression that I’m out of breath.

This time he’s the one who twists me around, wrapping an arm around my chest. Bubbles spurt from my lips. Doesn’t he know I’m out of air??

I grunt and struggle, desperately trying to get away. He presses into my backside the way I did his. I feel his exposed cock has hardened again.

It’s incredibly erotic. But my lungs are straining in my chest. I try to break away, but he holds on tighter as the weight belt keeps us both down.

He suddenly wraps his legs around me and we both nearly go over backward. Then his hand comes around and finds my cock. As he starts jerking it I struggle in a vain attempt to pry his hand off my member.

He starts to hump me with his cock until I grunt and bubble like crazy. He’s pulling the same stunt on me that I pulled on him. Then his other hand comes around to cup my balls.

I moan and bubble as my lungs scream at me. Alex’s hand-job is incredible. But I need to get to the surface. My cock throbs in his hand, and I feel like I might cum again.

As he continues stroking my cock my hand instinctively comes up and covers my mouth. Alex cruelly pulls it away, an action that sends a horrific jolt of arousal flooding through me. Then he covers my mouth with his own hand. My bubbles seep through his fingers as my lungs heave.

I reach between us for his cock but can’t grasp it. I try to pull his hand off my mouth, anything that will give me the distraction I need to get away. My lungs are on fire; I’m going to inhale any moment now.

My back arches as my cock swells, his hard dick humping my backside. All of the sudden he removes his hand from my mouth. With one swift yank he pulls my dive mask off my face.

Instantly my cock explodes in his hand as he jerks me hard. I grunt and bubble from an incredible release. He milks me a few seconds more until I’m sure I’m going to drown.

He suddenly frees the weight belt from around my waist. Then he gives a mighty shove. I’m on my way to the surface, even though my Speedos are still down around my knees

I pop up gasping madly for breath. He surfaces next to me, a big, stupid grin on his face. “That’ll teach you!” he chuckles. But I know it won’t because I’m already thinking how to get back at him at the bottom of the pool.

2011 (written for a friend Jan 14 ’11; ed. Nov 29 ‘18 by riwa)

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