Farrah – Famous at the End

I’m not sure when the idea takes hold. Maybe it’s one of those drowning scenes on the show Famous at the End. Or maybe it’s the competitive thrill-seeker running through my veins.

It occurs to me I could do it in our pool out back. But I don’t want this to be your typical drowning. I want it to be something different. And I want to show the viewers it was all my idea and that it’s all me.

It takes weeks of looking at the rock waterfall before an image comes to mind. My excitement increases as I imagine what I could do to myself and what it would look like. It’s only a matter of rigging things up and then setting my demise in motion.

I pick a time when Brian will be at work. He knows I’m a thrill-seeker, but he might want to put a stop to this. I don’t know if he’ll get off on it or not, but I can’t take any chances he might say no and try to stop me.

After he leaves, I get right to work. The camera and tripod are quickly set up and focused. I pose in the water near the rock wall, taking a few timed stills to make sure I have the angle just right.

I set up a GoPro underwater from a different angle. I have to trust Brian when he edits and splices all this together. But the note I leave insists I want to do this and that I want my episode to be one of the most watched in the history of the show. I think he loves me enough to give me what I want.

Hooking up the rope from above takes some doing. But I final get it set up. I test it several times to make sure it can hold my weight.

I test things to see how long it will take for me to get into my drowning contraption. I’ll have to turn on both cameras to record everything ahead of time. Brian will get to deal with splicing the footage together when he gets home. I hope it turns him on. Hell, I hope he takes the occasion to enjoy fucking my mouth underwater when he finds my corpse.

Everything is set when I pause to have a drink to steady my nerves. I tell myself I can always back out. But an image of that last drowning on Famous at the End comes to mind. I’m sure I can do better than that bitch.

I go out to the backyard and turn on the camera on the tripod. I check the focus one last time. Then I go underwater and turn on the GoPro down there. I have it propped up and secured, so I hope it captures me in the violent throes of drowning.

I’m wet as hell when I climb onto the rock wall. I secure my feet in the straps to the ring hanging down from the rope. I’m all set.

I decide to go topless, so I’m still wearing my bottoms. I want this to look somewhat classy. I’m not entirely sure how drowning yourself can look classy, but I’m doing my best.

The last thing I do is secure a nose clip over my nostrils. I know it looks crappy. But I wriggle and squirm uncomfortably when I get water up my nose. It’s always been that way; I can’t help it.

The cameras are recording; it’s time to get this show on the road. I lower myself into the water, bending myself at the waist. So far so good; everything is working perfectly.

I hold my head up out of the water with my arms. I’m not going to be able to stay like this forever. The burn in my stomach means I’m either going to have to drown myself or climb out of this contraption.

I take a breath and then lower my head until I’m hanging upside down. Then I pull myself back up. It is just a test run, but it works just fine.

I don’t think that show has ever had anyone drown themselves upside down before. That means my drowning will be unique. And doing it at home by myself should guarantee some good ratings.

I take another deep breath and then down I go. I bend myself at the waist, keeping my arms behind my head. I want to give Brian some footage he can splice in however he wants.

I come back up and catch my breath. I think that looked pretty cool. The only thing that makes me wince inwardly are these damned nose clips. But I plan on removing them at the appropriate time.

My nipples are hard, my heart racing. Do I still want to do this? I can chicken out of I want. But the idea of Brian playing my drowning on that show is such a fucking turn-on. I can’t believe how hard my nipples are and how horny I am. I hope the cameras can pick it up for the viewers when they see this.

I take another breath and go back down, hanging upside down. I relax as I imagine what my drowning is going to look like. Again I find myself hesitating a little. But I know I’m going to have to make a decision soon. My stomach won’t be able to stand the burn of keeping my head above water.

I rise up for another breath, keeping my arms propping my head up. I catch my breath as I calm myself. I want this to look deliberate… as though I intended this the whole time.

Back down I go for another long breath-hold. I want to give the viewers what they’ll be tuning in to see – some crazy bitch drowning herself. I want my episode to be popular.

For a moment I wish Brian was here to fuck me before I drown. But I decide I can’t have everything. Once more I lift my head back up to the surface, panting for breath as I support my head with my arms.

It occurs to me I don’t have to do this. I can get myself out if I want. But I’d better hurry as the burn in my stomach is going to make it harder and harder until the decision is made for me.

The idea of drowning myself with everyone at home watching starts to become an obsession. My body is tingly, my pussy throbbing with desire. It’s time to do this.

I take a deep breath before I lower myself back down into the water. I hang upside down, relaxing as I let my arms sag I decide that was my last breath; I’m not going back up.

It’s so quiet and peaceful down here. I’m tempted to masturbate, but I resist the urge. This is a drowning, not porn. Besides, I can feel it welling up inside me. I’ll probably explode in orgasm the moment I suck water.

It isn’t long before I feel those gentle heaves in my stomach. They radiate outward, racing to my pussy as they flow into my chest. My arousal intensifies as my breasts start to bounce from those gentle convulsions.

The need to breathe grows stronger. I have to fight the urge to rise up for another breath. But I know that burn in my stomach will be painful, and it might force me back down. Might as well stay down and make this look as though it’s deliberate.

I consciously look in the direction of the camera on the tripod out of the water. As my chest heaves again I deliberately pull the clip from my nose. Water immediately rushes into my sinuses.

The burn makes me jerk around, my body wanting up out of the water. I cough up bubbles as I force myself to stay down. Then I start to thrash about.

Instinctively I open my mouth, knowing my body will reflexively try to save itself. I get a mouthful of water, and my windpipe locks up. Then I really start thrashing about.

I don’t even think about trying to bend myself upward to breathe. I just twist and jerk and bubble like crazy. It hurts like hell, but in the back of my mind I find myself hoping I’m putting on a good show for the viewers.

I jerk and thrash about, coughing up more bubbles as my windpipe opens back up. Then I’m doubling over as I keep gulping water. At that moment I’m dimly aware that I’m cumming like I’ve never cum before.

The pain lessens as my body is hit with aftershocks. I tremble and shudder as stray muscles hitch. My last thought is the hope Brian splices together a great drowning for all those folks out there. Then the life winks out of my eyes, and I dangle there until my boyfriend comes home and finds me.

2018 (written May 21 ’18 by riwa)

(Pics found on the Internet and used for illustration purposes only.)

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