The Forfeit

Note: SusanCoquin recently did some great renders, but left the interpretation of the story up to us. This is how I imagined it.

The Forfeit

Aiesha looked at her iPhone and scowled at the caller ID. She did not want to talk to her. But Evelyn was going to keep pestering her until she answered.


“You owe me a life, Aiesha.”

“The hell I do!” and she disconnected the call.

Ten seconds later her phone buzzed again. She saw it was Evelyn. Damn her!


“You owe me a life, Aiesha.”

“The hell I do, Evelyn! I was under no obligation!”

“That may be true. But my sister voluntarily took your place after you left.”

“That was her choice, Evelyn.”

“You owe me a life.”

“Stop calling me!” and she disconnected again. When the iPhone buzzed ten seconds later she refused to answer it.

Over the next several days her iPhone kept ringing. Aiesha saw it was Evelyn calling over and over again. She screamed in frustration as she tossed it across the room. It bounced off the sofa and landed harmlessly on the floor.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She shouldn’t have gone to that Suicide Club with her best friend Evelyn and her sister Paige. She shouldn’t have played.

When she lost she couldn’t face the noose. She’d fled in front of all of them. Later she’d learned that Evelyn’s sister Paige had apparently sacrificed herself to fulfill the contract and to salvage Evelyn’s honor.

That wasn’t her fault. Paige shouldn’t have done that. Then she sank into the sofa and started to cry over the loss of her best friend.

The calls kept coming. Occasionally she would answer one. But she always received the same message… “You owe me a life, Aiesha.”

Over the next several weeks the guilt and shame continued to build. Aiesha missed her best friend terribly. She couldn’t believe how much she’d become a part of her life and how much she missed her presence and influence.

She logged into her computer and began looking into the game they’d played. She found links to several hanging poker sites. She read up on the matter and saw how most of the females bravely went to their deaths if they lost. The few that didn’t were shamed and shunned along with their friends.

Her iPhone buzzed again. Tears welled up in her eyes when she saw who it was. “Hello?”

“You owe me a life, Aiesha.”

“You’re not going to stop bothering me about this, are you, Evelyn.”

“You lost, Aiesha. Then you failed to carry out your obligations. You left me and my sister to fulfill your part of the contract.”

“Evelyn, I’m sorry. I just… I just couldn’t!”

“You lost, Aiesha. Then you wronged everyone. You wrong me and you wronged my sister.”

Aiesha was sniffling. “What… what can I do to make it up to you?”

“You can hang, Aiesha. You can pay with your life.”

“Do you really want my life, Evelyn?”

“Yes I do.”

“Evelyn, is that the only way to make things right?”


“But I… the shame! I don’t want to hang in front of everyone!”

“Then you can just hang in front of me. You owe me that much.”

Aiesha paused to collect herself. Then in a trembling voice she said, “All right, Evelyn. Have it your way. You can have my life if you want it that much.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, I do. I’ve missed you so much. Name the time and place. I’ll make the arrangements from this end.”

“Are you sure about this, Aiesha?”

“I’m sure. I’ll hang if that’s what it’s going to take to see you one last time.”

“I’ll make all the arrangements, Aiesha. I’ll even make sure there’s a coffin for you.”

“A… a coffin??”

“Are you going to back out on me again?”

“N-no, Evelyn.”

“I’ll be in touch.” Then the call ended.

On the last day of her life Aiesha drove to the location Evelyn had sent her. It was supposedly a meeting room where hanging games occasionally took place. She got the shivers when she parked, wondering how Evelyn was going to dispose of her car. She decided it probably didn’t matter.

She got out and went to the door. It opened up to reveal her best friend waiting for her. Evelyn seemed a little surprised. “You actually showed up, Aiesha. I wasn’t sure you were going to make it.”

“I told you I would, didn’t I?”

“You told me you wouldn’t back out when we went to that meeting, remember?”

“I’m really sorry about that, Evelyn. And… and I’m sorry about Paige.”

“I was humiliated, Aiesha. Paige saw how much it hurt me and volunteered to hang in your place. I didn’t want her to do it. But what could I do? Besides, the ladies all accepted her sacrifice in your stead.”

“I should have hanged when I lost.”

“Yes, you should have.”

Aiesha looked all around. “There’s nobody else here, is there? I… I only want to hang in front of you.”

“No one but you and I, Aiesha… except for a couple of guys waiting in a back room to take care of the final details.”

“Final details?”

“Disposing of your body of course. I told you I’d make sure you had a coffin, didn’t I?”

Aiesha gulped and nodded. “Ok, Evelyn. I… I suppose we should get this over with.”

“Follow me.”

Her friend led her inside. They went straight to a back room that looked like a place to change out of one’s clothes. Inside were a couple of packages waiting for them.

Aiesha pointed before asking, “What are those for, Evelyn?”

“It’s what we’re going to wear for this auspicious occasion. You don’t want to hang nude, do you?”

“Gawd, Evelyn! You wouldn’t make me hang nude, would you? They wanted me to do that back at that meeting!”

“Lord knows I ought to. But I’m not going to make you hang nude Aiesha. Instead I bought you something to wear… something for us both to wear for this special event.”

Aiesha gulped nervously. “You bought me something to wear?”

“Unless you want to hang nude for me.”

Aiesha shook her head as she carefully opened up her package. Inside was some sheer lingerie that would virtually cover nothing. To her it was almost as bad as hanging nude. Included was a set of black heels.

“I have to… you want me to wear this??”

“Not unless you want to hang nude for me. The choice is up to you.”

“I, uh… I guess I’ll wear this.”

“Good choice. I bought a matching outfit so you won’t feel like you’re the only one in lingerie. After all, I want to look just as sexy as you will when I watch you hang.”

She looked over at Evelyn and saw the contents of her package. The attire looked similar. Evelyn looked back at her and then started to undress.

Aiesha took a deep breath as she examined her lingerie. “It’s pretty sheer, Evelyn. Don’t I even get a pair of panties?”

“You won’t need em where you’re going. I hope you like what I picked out for you. After all, you’re going to be buried in it.”

Aiesha gasped in horror. Her friend’s attitude had certainly changed since that fateful meeting back at the club. Maybe it was all her fault for making her lose her sister to the noose.

They both changed quietly. Afterwards Evelyn demanded she model it for her. Aiesha turned in place, her face red with embarrassment.

“Looks good on you. You’re going to look great in that while you’re hanging, Aiesha. Now let’s go.”

They went upstairs to a large circular room with several alcoves with tables and windows. There was an opening up in the ceiling that made Aiesha wonder. Evelyn led her to a particular alcove stocked with pillows on the cushions. On the table were a couple glasses already filled with something.

“Sit down, Aiesha. Let’s have a little wine before you hang.”

She gulped and nodded as she sat down. She grabbed the glass in front of her and took a drink. Then she looked all around before asking, “Where’s… where’s the noose?”

“Up in the ceiling. The guys will be here in a moment to make sure everything’s all set. You’re not going to chicken out on me, are you?”

“No, Evelyn. I agreed to do this, remember?” Then she took another drink to steady her nerves before asking, “Will this put you back in the good graces of that hanging club?”

“Hanging my sister kept me in their good stead, Aiesha. You’re just finally paying off your part of the contract. You’re paying off your forfeit.”

Aiesha took another sip of her drink. There was movement out in the main area. She shuddered but decided not to see what was going on. She didn’t want to acknowledge she would soon be hanging to death out there.

She took a deep breath to compose herself. “I’m so sorry, Evelyn. And I’m sorry you lost Paige. Back then when I realized I had lost? I just… I just couldn’t. I lost my nerve.”

“You hurt me, Aiesha. I trusted you. I never thought you’d let me down.”

“I’m sorry about all that, Evelyn. But at the time I just…”

“Lots of ladies have had to face their own mortality at the moment of decision. You told me before we went you would have no problem if you came up on the short end of things.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have fled like that.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.”

Aiesha was sorry she had not gone through with it back then. Now she felt a mixture of fear and arousal. She suspected a lot of it had to do with the attire she was wearing. The fabric was making her nipples harden. And she could feel her pussy quivering as well.

“Why did you pick this for me to wear, Evelyn… for us to wear I mean?”

“I knew you didn’t want to hang nude, Aiesha. But I wanted to see you in something sexy. So I went and picked out something I would enjoy seeing you in. And I picked out something I wanted to wear while watching you hang.”

Aiesha looked her up and down. “You, uh… you look good in that, Evelyn.”

“You look good too, Aiesha. That outfit is going to look great on you while you’re dancing in the noose. I fully intend to enjoy watching you hang, Aiesha. And the sexier the outfit as you strangle to death, the better.”

“Evelyn, do you really mean that? You’re really going to enjoy watching me hang??”

“Do I deserve anything less?”

Aiesha lowered her head. “I suppose not,” she murmured sadly.

A male voice spoke up from somewhere nearby. “All set, ladies.” A moment later they heard two sets of footsteps walk out of the room.

Aiesha froze as a surge of panic swelled within her. She’d previously heard movement along with the sound of a mechanical hum. Was it now time for her to hang??

Evelyn caught her expression and scowled. “Going to back out on me again, bitch?”

“No, Evelyn. I’ll… I’ll go through with it.”

Evelyn nodded in the direction of the main room, the flicker of a sinister smile at the corner of her lips. “It’s all set up for you, Aiesha. Go ahead… take a look at the noose you’re going to be dancing in.”

Aiesha sat there panting heavily for breath. “Go on!” Evelyn urged. “You might as take a good look at it. Besides, we ain’t got all day.”

Aiesha gulped as she slowly got up out of her seat. She walked out into the main room. That’s when she saw the noose dangling there above a wooden platform that had been rolled in on wheels.

She inhaled sharply as her fear intensified. She stood there staring at it, unable to fathom how it would soon claim her life. Strangely she felt a perverse sexual stirring, her nipples hardening as her pussy moistened.

She looked at the open coffin sitting next to the platform. Was that really for her?? She panted for breath, her body screaming for her to run. She had to force herself to stand firmly in place.

“You find the cuffs?” Evelyn’s voice called out from the alcove. “They should be right there for you.”

Aiesha gulped and nodded. In a quivering voice she asked, “Do you w-want me to do this n-now?”

“No better time like the present, Aiesha. You’re not going to back out on me at the last minute, are you?”

“I s-said I wouldn’t.”

“Good girl.”

Aiesha went over and picked up the metal cuffs. They felt cold and foreboding in her hand. Then she walked over to the steps to the platform.

She started to step up, her heart pounding in her chest. She couldn’t help looking at the coffin lying there, coldly proclaiming her body would soon be inside. She couldn’t believe the whole damned thing had finally come to this.

“Let me see you cuff one wrist, Aiesha.” Evelyn was looking out around the corner of the alcove at her.

She nodded as she cuffed her right wrist with a trembling hand. “And now the noose,” Evelyn said as she got up and came into the room from the alcove.

Aiesha reached the top of the platform. She took hold of the noose. It felt coarse in her hand. She was trembling as she started to bring it down over her head.

“Around your neck, Aiesha. Loop it all the way around your neck.”

Aiesha brought the loop down until she felt it touch her throat. She inhaled sharply, unable to believe she was actually going to hang herself. There was no mercy in Evelyn’s expression. Apparently the experience at that meeting had hardened her former friend.

“Snug it tight, Aiesha. Make it nice and tight around your throat.”

She looked at Evelyn for any sign of compassion. But there was none to be found. Her best friend was long gone. In her place was a cold, hard bitch who seemed eager to watch her dance.

She tried to harden her gaze as she pulled the noose tight around her neck. There was nothing left to do now but go through with this. Her life was forfeit the moment she’d lost way back at that meeting. Evelyn was simply here to collect the final payment.

“That’s right, bitch,” Evelyn smiled cruelly. “Make it nice and tight. That coil’s going to be your new lover now. It’s going to strangle the very life out of you, Aiesha. And I’m going to stand right here and enjoy watching your every move… your every kick… every gasp for breath as you fight that noose.”

Aiesha caught sight of Evelyn reaching down to finger herself. Was the bitch really going to get off watching her hang to death?? It humiliated her, especially since she couldn’t stop trembling… couldn’t stop the perverse arousal she was now experiencing.

“That’s right, bitch,” Evelyn said as she watched her snug the noose around her throat. “Nice and tight. You’re in for a nice, slow hang, Aiesha. And I’m going to enjoy every single moment of it. I want you to suffer the way my sister suffered, bitch.”

Evelyn fingered herself as Aiesha made sure the noose was not loose. It shamed her the way her former friend was sexually touching herself. The idea of providing sexual pleasure while suffering in the noose was more humiliating than she could have possibly imagined.

“Ok, bitch. Now the cuffs. Arms behind your back. It’s the proper pose for a submissive noose-slut like you, right?”

“Evelyn, must I?”

“Going to back out at the last minute, bitch?”

“N-no, Evelyn.”

Aiesha slowly brought her arms behind her back. She reached for her cuffed wrist to locate the dangling metal. She grasped it and fumbled with it around her left wrist until she felt it clatch tight.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” Evelyn purred. “You look good standing there with a noose around your neck. I’d say I picked out the perfect outfit for you to wear, don’t you think? You look so damned sexy now that you’re going to hang for me, Aiesha. I bet you feel sexy too. Feeling sexy now that you’re going to hang, bitch?”

Aiesha winced with horror and shame. “Evelyn, I think I… I don’t… I don’t want to hang!”

“Oh, but you’re going to hang, bitch. You’re going to make up for what you failed to do back at that meeting, am I right? You’re going to hang for Paige and you’re going to hang for me. You got that, bitch?”

Evelyn continued fingering herself. Aiesha looked so damned sexy standing there ready to hang. This was something she was really looking forward to.

“Ok, Aiesha. There’s nothing left for you to do now but step off. Aw, come on! What’s the matter? Don’t you feel the least bit aroused by all this? I know I sure as hell am! I’ll bet your pussy is dripping like crazy, am I right? I’m so looking forward to watching you hang, bitch!”

Aiesha looked over and saw the coffin waiting for her. She couldn’t believe how frightened she was. Yet she felt a strange sexual arousal that was both thrilling and humiliating.

“Do it, bitch! Step off and give me a performance to remember! I want to see if you can dance and suffer as good as the performance my sister gave! C’mon now; don’t be shy!”

Aiesha hesitated. She couldn’t make her feet move. Her heart hammered in her chest as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Step off, bitch! Do it or I’ll fucking hang you myself! Show me you’ve got the guts to step off the way my sister did!”

Aiesha took a deep breath to compose herself. Then she tentatively stuck a foot forward. “Yes!” Evelyn declared triumphantly. “Hang for me, you fucking bitch!”

At the last possible moment Aiesha tried to pull her foot back. But she’d gone too far. She stepped off until the noose took her full weight.

Her eyes flashed in alarm at how much it hurt. Her hands flexed anxiously behind her back as her legs began to scissor. “That’s the way, bitch!” Evelyn cried out happily. “Now give me a good dance, you sexy bitch!”

Aiesha let out an “URRK” as she tried to catch her breath. Her nipples felt so hard she thought they might pop off. Now it felt like her pussy was dripping like crazy.

She couldn’t believe how much it hurt. This wasn’t at all what she’d expected. But then again, she hadn’t known what to expect.

Her head tipped to once side, strands of hair hanging up in the rope. The noose was really squeezing her neck. She rasped and gurgled as she struggled to make it stop.

“Can you feel it now?” Evelyn breathed rapturously as she fingered herself. “Can you feel the noose making love to your neck? It’s a demanding lover, bitch! It wants you, body and soul!”

It hurt more when she kicked. So Aiesha tried to hang limp. But that didn’t help at all. The noose was relentless with its deadly grip.

Her arms jerked behind her back as she fought the constricting coil. She rasped and gurgled as she struggled to breathe. The more her head went over, the more strands of hair came seemingly to life.

Evelyn was enthralled. “Yes, bitch; I love it! I love the way your hair is getting all hung up. And the way you’re dancing and jerking? Damn, bitch! You should have hung for all of us back at that meeting while you had the chance! You definitely would have given us one hell of a show!”

Aiesha began jerking spasmodically, hopping in the noose. It made her lingerie ride up until her pussy became more exposed. It looked like it was winking as it glistened with moisture.

“Damn, baby!” Evelyn declared as she shamelessly fingered herself. “Do that noose dance for me! Can you feel your lover’s embrace all the way down to your cunt? It looks like one hell of a ride!”

Aiesha’s eyes began to glaze over as her tongue slowly protruded. She couldn’t get any air; why couldn’t she breathe?? The coil was making her hump and kick as though her body had a mind of its own.

Evelyn panted for breath as she continued touching herself. “Can you feel that rope bite into your throat, bitch? Can you feel it trying to claim you? Feel the way it cuts off your lifeline, bitch? Damn, baby; that is one hell of an erotic dance!”

Aiesha stretched her legs straight down. Then she gurgled as she arched her back. She hitched and jerked as she tried to pull a decent breath of air into her lungs.

She threw her chest out, kicking and swaying. “Yeah!” Evelyn crowed triumphantly. “Throw those tits out; show me that rack! Damn, bitch! This is one of the best hangings I’ve ever seen! You suffer like you were born for the noose!”

Aiesha’s feet cocked and curled as her arms jerked less and less behind her back. She hitched and gurgled as she convulsed and suffered. Her nipples protruded painfully through the material of her lingerie. And her pussy continued dripping from her breathless agony.

For a moment her thighs came together. It was like she was trying to rub her clit. Was the sexy bitch trying to orgasm in the noose??

Evelyn gasped as she excitedly grabbed her crotch, furiously fingering herself. She had no idea Aiesha would be able to give her such an erotic dance. A moment later she winced as it flushed warmly through her quivering body.

Aiesha wondered when it would all be over. Her lungs were on fire; she could not get a breath. And she could not feel anything below her waist anymore.

Stray muscles twitched as her brain frantically sent messages. She quivered as her tongue slowly protruded. When was it finally going to stop hurting??

“Almost gone, bitch?” Evelyn panted as she stepped forward. Then she reached out and fingered the dying woman’s dripping crotch.

“You’re wet, honey. Did you enjoy an orgasm as you strangled to death? It sure looked like it. Damn, you’re really lubricated down there! But you don’t seem to be clenching. Are you gone, baby? Is it all over? Damn, bitch! You were so fucking good suffering in that noose for me!”

Evelyn stood quietly as the rope creaked. Aiesha’s body gently swayed back and forth from her exertions. A foot twitched as a nerve rippled along an inner thigh. Otherwise there was no sign of life… just agonal spasms.

A stream of urine dribbled down Aiesha’s legs. It began to pool onto the floor. It was the perfect ending to a perfect hanging.

“Hell of a show!” Evelyn told her as she gave her a double thumbs up. “We’re all square now, Aiesha. Your forfeit is paid in full. Allow me to take a few pictures to show that club your hanging, just to let them know you finally fulfilled your part of the bargain.”

She got her iPhone and snapped off several shots. Then she smiled at the dead woman. “I would leave you up for a while to enjoy the moment. But they’re going to need this room, Aiesha. At least you’ll get a nice burial out of the deal.”

Evelyn carefully slid the coffin in place underneath the body of her former friend. Then she grabbed the remote and activated it. The noose began lowering Aiesha downward.

Evelyn paused to make sure the feet went into the tail end of the coffin. Then she carefully lowered the body. She took her time as there was no use making any more work for herself than was absolutely necessary.

She paused for a moment to give the corpse a last, admiring look as it partially dangled in front of her. “Damn, baby! Even going into the coffin you look sexy as hell. I told you you’d be wearing that outfit when they put you in the ground. It looks good on you!”

Evelyn continued to lower Aiesha’s body until she got it all the way into the coffin. She worked the noose off from around her former friend’s neck. Then she used the remote to send the rope all the way up into the ceiling.

There was a distinct red line around Aiesha’s throat where the rope had tightened to snuff her sweet life away. Her tongue protruded as her nipples remained erect. Her pussy glistened with moisture.

“You look good, Aiesha,” Evelyn told her. “And you did well. I told you this makes us square, and I meant it. Your hanging was perfect; you don’t owe me a thing now.”

She stood there for a moment looking down at the corpse in the box. “Any last words you have for me? Care to describe what those final moments felt like? Was it as painful as it looked? Did you suffer? Did you get to cum? What… not going to tell me? Suit yourself. I’ll make sure to tell everyone you finally fulfilled your end of the bargain. It took a long time, and you sure as hell embarrassed me. But like I say… now we’re all square.”

Evelyn took a few last pictures of Aiesha in the box. Then she headed for the stairs to go back down to the changing room. She could care less what they did to Aiesha’s corpse. Obviously those guys would come back and take care of as they saw fit.

2019 (written Jan 6 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by Susan Coquin’s great renders which are included for illustration purposes.)

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