Sinking Orgasms

Janet finished zipping herself into her transparent, tight latex outfit. She pulled a white swimcap down over her head, tucking her hair underneath. Then she headed out the back door.

She stopped long enough to pick up a weight belt from the shed. Then she headed down to the dock. Her zodiac floated at the ready.

She checked to make sure she’d remembered to stow the handheld depth finder on board. Janet was in the mood for some erotic play in the water. But she wanted to know how deep it was below her.

She started the motor and headed out. Normally it wasn’t a good idea to be going out alone. But Janet had done this several times before.

She didn’t consider herself to be a reckless kind of gal. She always took precautions. She just had to make sure she didn’t miscalculate or overestimate her abilities out here.

She checked the depth finder until there was twenty feet of water below her. Janet shut off the engine and threw a small anchor over the side. With the slight breeze it would keep the zodiac from drifting away.

She attached a weight belt around her waist. She looked around and realized she hadn’t brought any dive fins with her. But that was ok as she usually liked to go without them.

When she was ready she sat on the side of the zodiac, taking long deep breaths. On the last one she slipped off into the water with a quiet splash. The belt took Janet right to the bottom.

The water became cooler the deeper she sank. She felt the pressure intensify against her body. It made her tingle the way her tight latex hugged her curvaceous form. The fact that it was transparent made her feel sexy.

She reached the bottom, her feet pressing into the sand beneath her. She looked up and saw the zodiac above her. Then she began swimming back to the surface.

She popped up and gasped for breath. She took a few extra moments to fill her lungs. Then she stopped all movement, allowing the belt to take her back down.

She released bubbles out of her nose as she submerged. The way the latex clung tightly to her body really turned her on. It felt wonderful the way it rubbed against her naked flesh.

When she reached the bottom she began rubbing her crotch. She found her swollen nub and rubbed that part of her body through the material. It triggered even more erotic tingles.

She writhed and bubbled with pleasure. This was how she liked to hold her breath, weighed down at the bottom of the sea. It allowed her imagination to run wild with all sorts of scenarios in her head.

When her lungs began to burn she began kicking her way back to the surface. It took a little work, but she was a good swimmer. She spent a lot of time in the water when she could, working on her swimming skills and her endurance.

She popped up to the surface and took a really deep breath. Almost immediately she allowed the weight belt to pull her back down. She brought her arms behind her back and clasped her hands together. Then she began wriggling and squirming, imagining she’d been tossed over the side and left to drown.

She reached the bottom where she allowed herself to fall onto her side. She wriggled and squirmed, trying not to touch herself. But she brought her thighs together, enjoying how the latex felt between her legs.

She was getting close when she changed her mind. She kicked off the bottom and swam back to the zodiac. Then she grabbed the side and launched herself out of the water back into the craft.

She pulled up anchor before starting the motor. Then she headed further out. Once more she put the depth finder to use.

At thirty feet she shut off the engine again before tossing the anchor over the side. Then she sat on the edge of the zodiac where she took long, deep breaths. On the last one she slipped off with a splash.

Down she went, the belt steadily taking her deeper. She felt more pressure as she passed the depth of her last location. Then she reached the bottom of the sea.

Janet began rubbing her crotch with one hand while caressing her breasts with the other. The tingles returned, making her horny again. When she began to run out of breath she kicked herself back to the surface.

It got warmer as she swam upward, pulling with her arms while her legs propelled her. Bubbles streamed out of her nose until she surfaced. She stayed at the waterline a few moments longer to get an extra-long breath. Then she stopped treading water, allowing the belt to take her down again.

Down she went, bubbles streaming out of her nose. It felt exciting the way the belt took her straight to the bottom. The pressure returned, and with it those erotic sensations all over her body, especially those down in her crotch.

She touched herself all over, rubbing between her legs. She loved how sensitive her nipples had become. This was how she liked to get off, at the bottom of the sea in one of her tight latex outfits.

She felt the warning spasms in her chest and she launched herself upward again. She pulled hard with her arms as her legs kicked. More bubbles spewed out of her nose.

She burst up and gasped loudly for breath. One deep breath and back down she went. She wanted to use her imagination again.

Once more she brought her arms behind her back. Janet wriggled and squirmed as she imagined she’d been thrown overboard and left to drown. She grunted and bubbled as the pressure increased.

The water grew colder as it hugged her latex. She reached the bottom, writhing and bubbling. Once more she chose not to touch herself.

She rubbed her thighs together, enjoying how good it felt. She felt the strain return to her lungs and it sent her back to the surface. She pulled with her arms as bubbles streamed out of her nose.

It was a little harder swim, being as how she was breath-holding a little deeper. But she was prepared. The challenge and the added strain in her lungs made it all the more exciting.

Janet popped up and gasped for breath. She was tempted to go right back down. But once more she changed her mind.

She swam to the zodiac and climbed aboard. As she got her breath back she pulled up anchor. She started the motor before picking up the depth finder. Then she headed a little farther out.

At forty feet she stopped again. She saw another boat off in the distance. Someone else was either out for a pleasure cruise or was doing some scuba or freediving. It made her smile at the thought she might have an audience out here, especially being in her transparent latex that showed everything.

Janet tossed the anchor over the side. By now she’d gotten her breath back. But she hadn’t cum yet.

This time she launched herself over the side as though being thrown overboard. She hit the water with an unceremonious splash, her arms behind her back. Then the weight belt took her down.

Janet bubbled and struggled as though fighting her imaginary bonds. She felt the excitement return the deeper she went. The pressure increased, tightening the latex around her tingling body.

The water was cooler once she bottomed out. Janet lay on her side as she writhed, struggled and bubbled. The sensations felt incredible.

She couldn’t help herself as she brought her arms around. Then she began touching herself. The sensations intensified until she felt herself getting really close.

Janet suddenly launched herself up off the bottom of the sea. She kicked herself upward, pulling with her arms as more bubbles spewed out of her nose. As she neared the surface she powered herself upward with a little extra effort.

She burst up out of the water and gasped loudly for breath. Then she let the weight belt pull her right back down. Once more her arms returned behind her back.

Janet imagined the drowning scenario once again. She writhed and bubbled as though struggling to break free. The quick breath at the surface added a delicious element as she hadn’t been able to fully catch her breath.

Her cheeks bulged before she released a big burst of air in a large “POOF”.  Then she was cumming… cumming and squirting inside her latex. Janet shuddered at the pleasure of depth as the pressure against her body added to her enjoyment.

She finally headed back to the surface, kicking with her legs as her lungs began to burn. Now her pussy was wet and sticky, adding to the sensations underneath her latex. Squirting in her outfit had only made it all the more slippery and erotic.

She lost her breath, her lungs heaving as she approached the surface. She burst up and inhaled deeply. Then she allowed herself to sink again.

Down she went as she threw her arms behind her back. She wriggled and squirmed, losing air out of her mouth as she rubbed her thighs together. This time the pressure along with the sensation of not having enough air in her lungs did the trick.

Janet let out a bubbly cry a few feet from the bottom. She was cumming and squirting again when her feet came in contact with the seabed. Then she launched herself back up toward the surface.

This time it was harder to make the swim back. There wasn’t much air in her lungs from her brief moment at the surface. Her chest heaved as a jolt of erotic concern rippled through her body.

She could feel how wet she was under her latex. She could feel another orgasm coming on strong. What would happen to her if she couldn’t quite make it back to the surface?

She pulled with all her might as her lungs emptied. Then she burst up gasping loudly for breath. She slipped back under before popping up again.

Janet swam over to the zodiac and tiredly climbed aboard. She panted heavily, her body tingling like crazy. She decided she wanted one more orgasm like that before she headed back.

She pulled up anchor before starting the motor. Then she headed even farther out. She waited until there was fifty feet of seawater below her before she shut down the engine.

Janet tossed the anchor over the side. She looked around and saw that boat was a little closer. Was that a dive flag sticking up off the stern? Was it possible someone might get to watch her down below?

Janet sat on the edge of the zodiac as she took long, deep breaths. The idea of putting on a show in front of someone made the situation that much more erotic. She crammed as much air into her lungs as she could. Then she went over backward with a splash.

Janet allowed the belt to pull her down to the bottom of the sea. She felt the pressure increase as the water got colder. Her latex outfit felt all wet and slippery as it clung tightly to her body.

She released bubbles out of her nose as she continued to sink. Now she was really tingling. This one was probably going to satisfy her most of all.

She touched bottom and immediately headed back to the surface. She pulled hard with her arms while kicking with her legs. Bubbles streamed out of her nose as she rose.

It seemed like a much longer swim, although she was only ten feet deeper than her last location. It took a little more effort, but she still made it with relative ease. Then she burst up and took a quick breath before letting the belt take her right back down.

Once more she brought her hands behind her back as she sank. Janet wriggled and squirmed, bubbling as she rubbed her thighs together. The drowning scenario returned to her mind the deeper she went.

It was a long way down. The moment her feet touched bottom Janet wasted no time touching herself. Her fingers added just enough sensation to her nub through the material that she went off.

Janet shuddered in orgasm, her body quaking as bubbles spewed freely out of her mouth. It felt incredible! Fifty feet deep and cumming was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

When it passed she felt all weak and satisfied. Then she launched herself back up toward the surface. But it didn’t take long before she realized just how exhausted she’d become.

The harder she swam, the more it felt like she was swimming in molasses. Had she lost that much energy?? It was becoming a more challenging swim than she’d anticipated.

She thought she was getting closer to the surface. But she felt so tired. A moment later her muscles simply gave out.

Janet’s eyes opened in alarm as she sank to the bottom, the weight belt pulling her down. She reached for the clasp to release it from around her body. But strangely she was having trouble popping it open. Maybe she was going to drown for real.

She tried to hold her breath as she prepared to make one last run at it. Her feet touched the bottom and she bent her knees. Then she launched herself upward.

It was either pull with both arms or struggle to get the clasp to open. Janet chose to use both arms while kicking as hard as she could. But she was getting tired; exhaustion was setting in.

She was twenty feet from the surface when she realized she wasn’t going to make it. Then the belt began to pull her downward. Almost immediately she could feel those erotic sensations swell a thousand fold.

Damn! Skip was going to kill her for this! At least she was going to go out with a bang.

Her lungs heaved again as it swelled within her. Janet began hitching and spasming as she neared the bottom. Then her feet touched the seabed. She believed this was where she was going to stay.

She went off in orgasm, squirting like crazy inside her tight, transparent latex. It felt like she just kept cumming and cumming and cumming as she looked up at the surface. It was too bad she didn’t have an audience down here to watch her cum and drown.

She had severely miscalculated cumming at fifty feet without dive fins. Skip was going to be furious! But the pleasure she felt was unbelievable.

Janet felt like she was in a dream as she saw a shadow approaching while her lungs screamed at her. Was that Skip coming to get her and chastise her for her mistake?? Her lips opened as she bubbled her breath away. Then she felt a regulator being pushed between her lips.

Janet cleared it before she took a deep breath. A second one helped clear the fog she was experiencing. Then she found herself breathing easily as she was being carried to the surface.

She got another few breaths before releasing her remaining air. She didn’t want any issues rising too fast with compressed air in her lungs. She wasn’t sure who was getting her to the surface, but she sure was grateful.

She was still bubbling when she reached the surface. Her rescuer was wearing a shorty wetsuit, his arms and legs exposed. He helped her grab onto the zodiac where she panted weakly for breath.

He removed his reg before asking, “Are you all right, miss?”

She nodded before gasping, “Yes I am. Thanks.”

“What were you doing so deep out here without dive fins that you couldn’t get yourself back up? You know that’s not a good idea, don’t you?”

“I was… I was…” Then she blushed before telling him, “I was just enjoying myself. I guess I got a little carried away.”

“Well don’t ever do that again, ok? It’s dangerous.”

“I won’t. I should have known better. I’ll remember next time.”

She caught him eyeing her closely. She could tell he was staring at her transparent outfit. It gave her another surge of erotic tingles knowing he could see everything. Then he helped her back into the zodiac before he turned and headed off to his boat.

2019 (written for skip Feb 10 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by Skip’s renders)

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