Trapped in the Weeds (A bonus story by a guest author)


Every summer my wife’s family gets together for a long weekend at a lake in central Wisconsin. This year was much the same with the adults sharing several cabins and spending as much time on/in the water as possible.

We had rented a pontoon boat and spent the day swimming, snorkeling and fishing on the lake. As darkness approached we were packing up for our return to shore when someone accidently knocked a tackle box into the water. It was too dark to recover it so I marked the spot with the GPS on the pontoon boat so we could return the next day to find it.

The next morning I went to the resort office and rented a gas powered Hookah diving rig set up for two divers. When I returned to the dock one of my sister-in-laws Brianna (she prefers to be called Bri) was waiting at the pontoon boat. Bri said the rest of our party were either tired from the day before or they had gone shopping and asked if I would take her with me. Bri is an accomplished swimmer and snorkeler but had never been diving. As I never dive alone I agreed to take her along and teach her how to use the hookah but warned her that we must stay together underwater.

We soon arrived at the spot indicated on the boat GPS. The water appeared to be between 15-20 feet deep and the visibility was excellent. I noticed a number of weeds covering the bottom which may make our search much more difficult (as the weeds extended from the lake bottom to about 10 feet below the surface). I prepared the hookah rig and organized our equipment. Bri pulled off her tee shirt and shorts and was modestly dressed in a two piece suit with the top covering her to her waist and bikini bottoms.

I entered the water first and after donning my mask, fins and weight belt turned my attention to getting Bri ready. As she sat on the edge of the boat deck so I could help her with her fins I couldn’t help but notice her bikini bottoms were tight and I saw the outline of her crotch through the thin material. I guessed that she must have shaved her pussy by the way the suit fit and I’m embarrassed to say I got slightly aroused by the sight. I was glad I was wearing a loose fitting swimsuit so my erection was not obvious.

Bri joined me in the water and I spent several minutes making sure she was ready for the dive. We adjusted her weight belt to make her slightly negative in buoyancy, I showed her how to equalize the pressure in her ears, checked her mask for leaks and showed her how to clear her mask and purge her regulator. Satisfied that we were ready I reiterated to Bri that we must stay together as swimming in the weeds could be potentially dangerous.

We headed for the bottom with Bri holding my hand. As we started through the weeds she shifted positions to just above me and placed her hands over my shoulders and on my chest. She kept moving her hands all over my chest which was slightly distracting but we moved on. The going was slow and Bri stopped several times to equalize the pressure in her ears. At one point she motioned for me to go ahead with my search while she headed to a shallower depth to clear her ears. I motioned for her to come right back to me (following my bubbles) when she felt comfortable.

Several minutes went by and I grew concerned that Bri hadn’t returned. I swam up to the top of the weeds but didn’t see her anywhere. I began to feel uneasy and started searching for her. What I didn’t know was that Bri decided to go searching on her own and as she swam through a particularly thick patch of weeds she started to get entangled. Rather than relax and slowly untangle herself she thrashed about with the result of getting more and more wrapped in the weeds. While flailing about, she knocked her regulator out of her mouth and couldn’t locate it in the weeds and sediment she had stirred up. Panic stricken she kept twisting and twirling but she was caught fast. As the last of her breathold bubbled out of her mouth I saw her struggling below me. I swam quickly to her but she had already begun to drown.

I worked to quickly untangle her from the weeds and it seemed like it took forever. I removed her weight belt and rose with her to the surface as quickly as possible then swam over to an area where I could stand. Bri’s eyes were shut and she wasn’t breathing. I turned her on her back, removed her mask, checked her airway and began mouth to mouth breathing. After about 3-4 breaths she coughed and spit up the lake water from her throat and lungs. As she gasped for breath she began sobbing and crying from her near death experience. I turned her to face me and held her close as she shuddered about her brush with death.

She kept saying over and over how I had saved her life and how grateful she was I had found her (and that she had disobeyed my warning about splitting up underwater). She clung tightly to me for several minutes longer and in doing so wrapped her legs around my waist. The pressure of her hugs ground her crotch into mine and I found it becoming more difficult to not get aroused by her closeness. She soon felt my erection and rather than separate from me she hugged me even tighter and began to grind her pussy into my hardening cock.

I tried to push her away but she looked me straight in the eyes and said that I needed a reward for saving her life. As much as I argued that this was a bad idea she seemed determined to show her appreciation. She gave me a long and wet kiss as her hands massaged my chest and stomach. She then pushed slightly away and grabbing my hands placed them on her breasts encouraging me to fondle her.

She had very ample breasts and I could easily feel her hard nipples through the fabric. She softly moaned that she liked that so much and pulled the straps of her top down to expose her tits to the open water. I kept fingering her nipples and she told me to suck on each of them. By this time I needed no further encouragement as I licked, sucked and gently bit each breast. Without hesitation Bri reached down and felt my cock through my swimsuit. She remarked how large and thick it was and that she couldn’t wait to have it deep inside her.

As she stroked my growing cock I let my fingers slowly move down from her breasts and traced the outline of her pussy through her swimsuit bottoms. She let out a soft moan and slid her hand down to hold open the front of her suit so I could massage her cunt lips and clitoris. Her body shuddered as I slid my fingers between her wet lips and gently massaged her clit. She intensified her stroking my cock and gently squeezed my balls making me even harder. I slid one finger, then two into her wet hole while slowly circling her clit with my thumb. Her breathing was coming in gasps and she told me she wanted to be fucked underwater. We eagerly stripped each other out of our swimsuits and I couldn’t help but take in the beauty of her naked body and floating breasts. I retrieved her mask, weight belt and regulator and we soon dove to the bottom finding an area free of grass and weeds.

When we reached the bottom of the lake Bri turned to me and spread her legs wide as an invitation to fuck her at the bottom of the lake. As I eased my cock into her pussy I saw her wince a bit as my cock started to fill her, but as I patiently pushed inside her she tightened her legs around my waist as if to encourage me to push deeper. As I felt my cock enveloped in her warmth and wetness I pushed deeper and deeper. Bri kept moaning into her regulator and kept my hands on her breasts while I kneaded her mounds and fingered her nipples.

Our tempo picked up and soon I was pounding away at her tight cunt and she was matching each thrust while her breath came in gasps through her regulator. I began feeling that tingling in my balls and slammed my cock into her as I exploded and my sperm flooded the inside of her pussy. She reacted by having her own orgasm and screamed into her regulator as her body convulsed. We both came three more times at the bottom of the lake before we surfaced exhausted from our underwater liaison.

As we returned to the dock we both promised each other that there would be no mention of the drowning and lovemaking that took place that day. And by the way, we didn’t find the missing tackle box that morning, but we went searching for it the next two days and finally found it the morning we left the lake (bet you can’t guess why we needed another 2 dives to find it!!!!).

(by Substud aka Carl Ham)

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