Snuffed by latex sheet

Snuffed by latex sheet – a quickie

Melissa was foolish to fall into my trap. Now I had her… and it was time to snuff her bothersome ass. Binding her arms behind her back I grabbed a latex sheet. She was defiant to the end.

“Ok, bitch!” I told her. Let’s see how long it takes for you to suffocate, shall we?” She frantically started wiggling and squirming but it did her no good… although her tits looked nice as they wiggled about.

I tightened the latex sheet and was rewarded with her frantic muffled gasps for breath. She squirmed and struggled even harder, unable to breathe.

“Time for you to die, bitch!” I sneered at her, pinching a part of the latex. “What’s the matter, bitch? …can’t breathe?” She began whimpering, squirming in a frantic attempt to free herself.

For a moment she really struggled. Then she abruptly went limp, no longer resisting me. The bitch was dead; she would never bother me or my operation again!

(written for Melissa Feb 17 ’08 by riwa)

(Pictures are from and are for illustration purposes only.)


One of her special moods

Mistress Chastity was in one of her special moods again. She doesn’t have them very often. But when she does it means an unsuspecting young woman is slated to be snuffed.

These little executions don’t happen for public consumption, although she does record them for sale to her patrons. She just likes them to be private little affairs. And she prefers me to be involved.

I had my suspicions when she came up to me around ten pm on a week night. There hadn’t been any public executions on the stage for a couple of days. By now I had learned to recognize that look in her eyes.

She came up to me and smiled as she asked, “Would you happen to have some time for me, my dear boy?”

“Anything for you, Mistress.” After all, I owed my position as Club co-owner to her.

“Excellent. I’m feeling rather dangerous tonight and I’d love your participation. You know how much I enjoy watching you.”

I smiled and nodded. At the same time I felt my cock beginning to stir. I could imagine how she wanted to use me, and I became aroused at what was to come.

She led me to the foyer where she told the desk clerk she was going out to pick up a random woman in line. Letitia nodded with understanding. Then I escorted Mistress Chastity outside.

Right away there was a clamor from the women in line hoping to get inside. But the voices quickly died off, replaced with loud whispers of “Look! It’s Mistress Chastity!” and “It’s Mr. Rick, the Club owner!”

“Good evening, ladies!” I told them with a smile. Mistress got right to the point.

“Is there anyone out here interested in living dangerously? I can promise you a good cock and a wonderful cunt to lick. But if you come inside, rest assured you’ll be taking your life in your hands.”

There were some murmurs as though some of the ladies had suddenly become hesitant. But a handful came to the front of the line. I don’t know if they had a death wish or were just eager to get inside. Maybe they liked the idea of a night of risky thrills.

“How about you?” she asked a blonde with hair down to her shoulders. “Why do you want to come inside?”

“I live for thrills,” the young woman declared with a lustful smile. She was wearing a black vinyl top with shoulder straps, a garment that unzipped from her cleavage down to her stomach. A short, red vinyl skirt with vinyl boots that almost came up to the hem of her skirt completed the ensemble.

“Even for a place such as this? Do you know we haven’t had a good execution in a couple of days? I’m feeling particularly… sadistic tonight.”

The young woman appeared to think it over for a moment. Was she contemplating the risk she would be taking if she came in with us? Then she smiled as she told us, “I can’t very well say no to the owners of the Club, can I?”

“On this night I grant you permission to say no.”

“Thank you, Mistress. But if it’s all the same with you I’d like to come inside and see what the night has in store for me.”

“What’s your name, honey?”

“Cali Sparks.”

“A very fitting name should you end up in my electric chair tonight.” Then Mistress laughed pleasantly as I took Cali’s hand and pulled her under the rope.

Some ladies clapped for her. Others murmured what a lucky girl she was. But I heard one woman comment aloud how they were never going see her come back out alive. She seemed to know exactly why we were out here.

Mistress thanked the bouncer at the line for doing a good job, giving them both a lingering kiss for their efforts. Then we went back inside with Cali. Mistress took her right up to Letitia who promptly handed over a pregnancy sensor.”

“Last chance to back out, my dear girl.”

“Oh no, Mistress. I’m at your disposal.” Then she inserted the sensor into her navel, barely wincing at all when it poked through her skin.

“’Disposal’ is such an interesting choice of words, don’t you think?” Mistress smiled at her with all the charm of a cobra. Cali smiled back and said she was ready for anything.

We took her inside the Club. But she didn’t get the tour. Mistress wanted to get right to it.

We took her right down to Chastity’s playroom where Cali was ordered to strip. “You don’t waste any time around here, do you?” she observed as she removed her outfit.

“Not with someone as delicious looking as you, my dear girl,” Mistress purred.

We entered the Jacuzzi room and climbed into the water. Then we all started making out with each other. Mistress kissed her a lot, touching her all over while commenting on how sexy she looked.

We finally got down to business. Chastity wanted to watch her suck my cock. Cali went right to it as I sat on the edge of the tub.

Mistress gave her a minute to get into it. Then she smiled as she told her, “Oh no, honey. I suppose I should tell you Mr. Rick likes his cock to be sucked underwater. I take it you can do that, can’t you? He likes the drowning bubbles you know.”

Cali looked at her as though she’d finally become a little unnerved at her situation. But she quickly recovered. “Of course; I forgot.” Then she smiled at me and licked her lips.

I sat down in the water. Then Cali submerged to suck my dick. Mistress smacked her ass from behind, enjoying the way I was being serviced.

Cali sucked cock underwater for several minutes. Naturally I allowed her up for a breath every now and then. But Chastity kept urging me to keep her down longer and longer until the bubbles came up as I pushed her limits.

Each time she came up gasping for breath. I didn’t let her stay up for air very long. Mistress was becoming quite aroused seeing me force her and the way the bubbles were coming up.

After a while she asked if she could have a turn. I let Cali up and spun her around. “Mistress needs some attention,” I told her matter-of-factly.

Chastity parted her legs as Cali dutifully dove in and went to work by licking underwater. Mistress kept her hands on the girl’s head, forcing her to eat her out. “Such a wonderful slut!” she panted. “What a heavenly tongue!”

She looked at me sitting there stroking and shook her head. “Where are my manners? My dear boy, you must enjoy yourself while she’s pleasuring me!”

I smiled as I knelt behind Cali. I pushed my dick right into her pussy. She was well lubricated and it went right in.

I started fucking her as Chastity kept the woman’s head submerged into in her crotch. She gasped and moaned as I made my thrusts. “So wonderful to watch you enjoying yourself, my dear boy!”

Mistress kept her down longer as I fucked her harder. Eruptions of bubbles came up. Then Chastity pulled her head up for a breath. “Maybe you’ll cum as he drowns you. I know I’d certainly love to witness that.” Then she pushed her head back down.

Cali bubbled as I fucked her harder. “Fill her with your seed, my dear boy. See if you can pop her sensor. If that doesn’t work, we can always drown the slut.”

I thrust good and hard, my balls starting to swell. Chastity began panting breathlessly as more bubbles came up. I wondered if she really wanted to drown her or if this was just the start of our evening.

“Make me cum, you sexy bitch! Make me cum or you’ll never breathe again!” More bubbles came up as Cali redoubled her efforts.

I thrust good and hard until the poor girl screamed her climax as I filled her with my spunk. An eruption of bubbles came up, causing Mistress to stiffen. “Yes!” she gasped, panting like crazy. Then she allowed Cali to come up.

The poor thing came up panting like crazy. “You may catch your breath, my dear girl. Well done.” Then Mistress kissed her as the two made out while Cali took up a seat right next to her. I just sat there and watched until my cock got hard again.

After drying off we adjourned into the main room where Mistress strung Cali up by her wrists. She was pulled up into the air until her toes could not touch the floor. Then Chastity proceeded to flog the woman.

Cali got several lashes across her breasts and tummy before Mistress liberally applied the whip to her ass. Then she demanded I relieve myself since my cock had gotten hard again. I went behind the dangling woman and slid my dick up her cunt while Mistress pinched and tweaked her nipples while slapping her face.

Cali writhed and moaned as she dangled there. Mistress choked her while I fucked her from behind. The poor bitch climaxed again, cumming all over my cock as I left another deposit deep up her cunt.

Mistress needed another licking so I freed Cali from her bondage. Chastity sat in a chair while the bitch knelt and licked her out again. Mistress told me to strangle the bitch while she was putting her tongue to good used. So I wrapped a sash around her throat and pulled.

Cali gagged and gurgled as she kept on licking. Mistress loved seeing how red her face had become. It had the effect of making her squirt all over the poor bitch’s face. But cumming meant I didn’t have to strangle Cali anymore, at least not for the moment.

Once more it was my turn to be pleasured. This time Mistress wanted me to take Cali’s ass. And she wanted her to suffer in the process.

We went into the adjacent bedroom where Cali’s hands were tied behind her back. I laid flat on the bed where a noose dangled overhead. Mistress noosed the bitch and then had her straddle my cock, impaling her ass on it while she sat impaled in a reverse cowgirl position.

Chasity took up a chair and rubbed herself while pulling on the rope. Cali gawked and gurgled as she was strangled while riding my dick. Her ass clenched wonderfully.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum again. Chastity told me to let her know once I’d left another deposit deep up the young woman’s ass. Then she pulled on the rope, almost lifting Cali up off my body.

The poor bitch gurgled and shuddered while I fucked her ass. She clenched wonderfully as her face turned red. Mistress was so turned on that she had another orgasm just watching. It was enough to trigger another release of my own.

Cali was let down to compose herself again. We took another break while Mistress made out with the sexy young woman, running her hands all over her while kissing her deeply. But Cali’s wrists remained tied behind her back. She was only allowed to receive and not give, other than returning a few kisses.

It soon became my turn again. Mistress wanted to watch me choke the poor bitch with my cock. So I rammed it down her throat while she knelt and sucked with her arms tied behind her back.

After a while Chastity wanted another licking. So she sat on the bed. I knelt Cali over the end of it so her tongue could reach that wet, juicy twat. Then I fucked her cunt from behind as she serviced the Club co-owner.

Mistress wanted the poor bitch to be choked while she was being eaten out. So I wrapped my fingers around her throat and asphyxiated her while I fucked her from behind. Chastity loved it so much that she climaxed all over that probing tongue.

Afterwards it was time for my pleasure again. So Cali ended up on the bed flat on her back. I fucked her in the missionary position while Mistress sat in a chair and watched while rubbing another one out.

Chastity begged me to choke the slut until she couldn’t breathe. So I wrapped my fingers around her throat. The harder I choked her, the more Cali’s cunt clenched around my thrusting manhood. Her face was red, her tongue sticking out as I left another deposit deep up her fuck-hole.

She was given another break to catch her breath. “Had enough, my dear girl?” Mistress asked sadistically. Cali shook her head no and said she was up for anything we wanted to do to her.

“Excellent. I believe she’s ready for the saddle.”

We escorted Cali back out into the main room. She was taken over to a saddle device with two thick, vibrating posts. I helped her astride the thing and then secured her wrists behind her back to an additional rope which stretched them back behind her.

Mistress operated the controls, making poor Cali writhe and groan. It was similar to a sybian, although elevated up off the ground with posts to be impaled upon. Mistress often loved putting women on it just to watch them orgasm over and over again.

Chastity took her through three different cycles, powering up the device until it ripped orgasm after orgasm out of her. Each time she would power down, only to turn around and start the process all over again. Mistress can be quite sadistic when she’s forcing orgasms.

It was after that third orgasm when Cali’s sensor popped. She stiffened as she looked down at her navel. There was a look of alarm in her features. Surely she must have known this was a possibility after fucking me unprotected, right?

Mistress smiled like a cougar eyeing its doomed prey. “What bad luck, my dear girl. But what a wonderful night we’ve had. I’ll always cherish the time we’ve shared together… that is, until the next girl I bring in from out in line to snuff for my pleasure. Now, my dear boy… would you be so kind as to use the latex?”

I went over and picked up the red sheet lying off to one side. I came back and smiled at Cali as her face registered her alarm. “No hard feelings?” I asked as I wrapped it around her face.

“Snuff her; snuff the bitch!” Chastity gasped excitedly. I pulled hard as Mistress cranked up the power. Cali writhed and squirmed on the posts, struggling to breathe.

Mistress cranked the power all the way up. “Snuff the whore!” she gasped deliriously. I pulled tight on the latex, making sure Cali could not get any air.

She writhed and struggled, fighting to live. But I held on tight. Mistress kept gasping “Yes – yes – YES!”

Cali suddenly shuddered as her pussy squirted. Then she went limp. Mistress wet herself again from an intense orgasm.

I was hard again as I slowly pulled the latex sheet away. Cali stared with unseeing eyes, her mouth frozen open and her tongue peeking out. Her face had darkened from not being able to breathe.

I was so aroused that I went over and picked Mistress up off her chair. I sat down and then brought her back down in my lap facing away from me, impaling her cunt on my cock. Then I wrapped my fingers around her neck and began to choke her.

“YES!” she rasped as she really started to ride me.

I hissed into her ear, “One of these days I’m going to snuff you. You know that, don’t you?”

I squeezed until I cut her breath off. She shuddered in my lap, cumming all over my dick until I shot a little load up her cunt. Then I let go of her throat.

She panted like crazy, wheezing for breath as she lay back against my chest. “My dear boy, I do believe… that was our best one ever! Miss Sparks gave us one hell of a performance, wouldn’t you agree? I think she might even become one of our best snuff sluts on DVD.”

From there she made arrangements to have the body taken down to the kitchen so the Club would have some delicious girl-meat to serve as a tasty snack. The sensor was carefully removed and cleaned up before being sent back to the foyer. Chastity just loved those special sensors that would go off after a certain amount of time, guaranteeing a snuff slut on one of those nights when she was in one of her special moods.

2018 (written Dec 13 ’18 by riwa)

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