Water Babies Part II


I know I’m in trouble the moment I feel feminine hands clasp handcuffs onto my wrists. Instinctively I start to struggle as I’m dragged backward. Then I hear metal clanking onto metal.

I try to pull my wrists away but they won’t come free. I feel around above me and discover I’ve been handcuffed to the bottom of the pool ladder. Unless someone gives me air, I could find myself in real trouble down here. It gives me an erotic jolt like you wouldn’t believe.

It isn’t long before I hear the sound of people breathing from regulators. It sounds like there might be more than one hose down in the pool, although I’m not quite sure. Then I feel one being pressed against my lips.

I open my mouth to receive it, careful to clear it before I swallow water. I made that mistake during my last visit and it really sent me into a coughing fit. It turned out to be a lesson painfully learned.

I hear a regulator being purged nearby. A moment later I feel a flush of bubbles rush up my naked, quivering body. I moan into the reg in my mouth as I dry-hump the water in front of me.

A mouth grabs onto my left nipple and starts licking and sucking. Almost immediately I feel another mouth clamping onto my right nipple. I hear sexy moans from what sounds like a couple of females sucking on my tits, turning me on until I can hardly stand it.

Hands reach down to rub and caress my crotch. Normally I prefer male hands and the male anatomy down there. But there isn’t a damned thing I can do to stop it regardless of gender.

I feel more hands until I suspect a couple of the husbands have joined in. I hear the sound of breathing from a nearby regulator before someone jerks on the one in my mouth. I fill my lungs right before it’s pulled away. I’m forced to hold my breath until it’s returned.

I feel feminine lips kissing and licking my inner thighs. I moan and bubble as I mentally tell them “Just give me some damn cock, ok?” Whoever the female is, she just keeps right on kissing me.

She gets closer and closer to my quivering womanhood until I’m both concerned and aroused. I start humping, but I don’t know if it’s from a growing sexual excitement or because it’s my body’s desire to push her away. The way she’s getting closer to my pussy means I’m pretty certain she’s not going anywhere.

I’m self-conscious in my nudity as we reach the basement. We turn the corner and there it is. Amazingly I see an observation window looking out into the deep pool.

 Right away we all notice a naked woman has been handcuffed to the bottom of the ladder, ankle weights helping to keep her down as bubbles dribble out past her lips. Joyce and Irene are licking her nipples while Wilma is planting bubbly kisses close to her crotch. All of them are naked as well.

 I can’t see her face from the darkened dive mask. But I’m pretty sure it’s Nora. How the hell did they manage to get her like that down there??

 I stare in disbelief as voices around me observe how hot it is. I murmur something about not knowing until now my wife and her best friend are both bi. Sandra laughs as she stands right next to me with an arm around me.

 She tells me they already knew about Wilma. But they don’t know yet if Nora is bi. She purrs into my ear that we’re all going to find out soon enough.

 I watch as Nora humps Wilma’s mouth while her sexy best friend appears to lick her out. A regulator gets passed around. But Nora and Wilma are the last ones to get a breath. Wilma is having too much fun to stop licking. And Nora is forced to hold her breath while a tongue probes her intimate treasures.

 “Turned on?” Sandra purrs into my ear.

 “Hell yeah.”

 “Mind if I enjoy your cock?”

 “Go right ahead.”

 She turns me sideways so we can both watch. She kneels and takes me into her mouth. It’s a double erotic whammy getting my cock sucked by another woman while watching my wife get her cunt licked as she’s forced to hold her breath while being handcuffed at the bottom of the pool.

 Nora humps against Wilma’s tongue even harder. Then she cries out a froth of bubbles as her body shudders. I’d recognize that orgasm anywhere.

 A reg is stuffed back into her mouth. I see a flush of bubbles before she starts inhaling and exhaling. Wilma gets a reg for herself as Irene goes in and licks poor Nora’s pussy.

I’m embarrassed as hell the way a woman licked me and made me orgasm with her tongue. But it was incredibly erotic. I can’t fault anyone for doing it since the orgasm I had was deep and profound.

A regulator is returned to my mouth, and none too soon. Unfortunately I don’t get much of a rest as another tongue starts in on my pussy. I hump against what feels like a feminine face, moaning in lust while wondering if all these orgasms I’m about to endure are going to kill me.

Nearby I hear the grunts and moans of others. Are they watching what’s being done to me? Or are they simply fucking each other? Around here it’s hard to tell.

I suddenly remember the pool I’m in and the observation window nearby. Are the other couples watching? Have I now become the center of attention?

Where’s James during all this? What is he doing… or better yet: who is he fucking? Could he be watching from the other side of the observation window? Strangely the idea of him watching me gets me all steamed up.

I feel fingers spread my pussy, opening me wider. A moment later I feel a large phallus slowly being pushed inside. I moan in anguish, unsure if this is something I’m going to survive. Then I feel a warning tug on the regulator, causing me to take a huge breath before it’s snatched away. Gawd; I think I’m going to be fucked with a toy while being forced to hold my breath!

 I watch as sexy, naked Joyce begins fucking my wife with the phallus. She sucks on Nora’s clitty, thrusting slow and deep while Irene and Wilma fondle, kiss and caress her body. My cock twitches in Sandra’s mouth as I get turned on even more.

 Joyce becomes more aggressive with her thrusts as Nora humps the toy inside her. Sandra takes me deep as though knowing just how aroused all of this is making me. She’s sexy as hell kneeling naked as she sucks me like a pro.

 Joyce latches onto Nora’s clitty with her lips and really starts working it while she brutally fucks her with that toy. Nora’s head goes from side to side as she starts losing bubbles. Irene and Wilma tend to her nipples.

 Nora starts humping Joyce until I’m certain she’ll never be able to hold it back. Seeing my wife about to cum is too much for me. I gasp a quick warning… “I’m gonna cum, Sandra!” In response she takes me deep into her mouth.

 Nora screams her breath away in a froth of bubbles as she shudders hard. Now it looks like Joyce might be cumming too as she fucks her with that toy. I can’t stop myself from pumping a load inside Sandra’s sexy mouth.

 When I’m finished cumming, Sandra takes me out of her mouth and smiles wickedly. I’m embarrassed as I stammer, “I’m sorry – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I tried to warn you.”

 “You did warn me, baby. And I got a tasty mouthful of cum. Now I want to ask if you want to go for a swim with me… maybe enjoy a hot fuck in the water while watching your wife?”

 “Gawd, that would be so hot!”

 Sandra stands up, takes my hand and leads me out of the basement. I notice Laura and Gene are the only ones left behind. They’re furiously fucking each other while looking out the observation window. The others have long gone.

 We go upstairs to the edge of the large pool. I look down to see Nora still handcuffed to the bottom of the pool ladder. She’s sucking on a reg in her mouth, but it looks like she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

 Sandra gives me a crash course on using the regulator so as not to drown myself. I take a dive mask and pull it down over my face just to be on the safe side. Then with her by my side – and me now wearing a couple of ankle weights – the two of us jump into the water buck naked.

I get the regulator again and suck down a huge lungful of air. Holding my breath while getting fucked with that toy was more arousing than I thought it would be. I’m pretty sure it was one of the other women who did it to me.

Hands caress my body as I hear the sound of regulators bubbling. This bondage thing caught me totally by surprise. I have to wonder if this was Wilma’s doing. She’s always believed I’ve carried on this feud with James for far too long.

I suppose she might have a point. I just don’t think she understands how pissed off I am with him right now. Strange how I can’t remember what we were originally fighting about. Maybe she thinks I have this bondage treatment coming.

I start to calm down as I get my breath back. Then I hear more people in the water. I try to peer in the direction of the grunts and bubbles. But the blackened dive mask frustrates my vision. I have no idea how many hoses might be strung down into the water.

I feel another erotic jolt as more hands start pawing me again. I groan weakly; gawd, not again?? They’re going to kill me with pleasure down here!

I feel mouths on my nipples, and I shiver with wildly erotic tingles. Hands reach down to rub my crotch, making me wriggle and moan like crazy. I start to breathe deeply, afraid the damned regulator is about to be taken away again.

 Sandra and I move around the bottom, touching and grabbing and pawing each other as I breathe from the hose. A glance over at Nora reveals Wilma and Ford are now pawing her while sucking on her nipples. It’s strange the way seeing them do that to her is such a turn-on.

 I see Melvin Levinson licking Laura Williams out underwater, blowing bubbles into her pussy as she breathes from a hose. I point them out to Sandra and then motion… “Can I do that to you?” I figure it’s probably ok. But it’s always better to check first.

 She nods eagerly as sexy bubbles come out of her mouth. I give her the reg and then position her horizontally on her stomach. That way she can float in place while facing Nora at the ladder.

 She spreads her legs for me as I begin mouthing and licking her, the dive mask interfering a little. She moans and bubbles as I use my tongue on her. Then Donna Riley swims over and begins caressing her boobs.

 Over at the ladder Nora is humping like crazy. Irene Giddings joins Ford and Wilma by going between my wife’s legs and licking her out again. I can’t believe how turned on I am.

 I’m at the bottom of the pool in the middle of an underwater orgy. All these naked people around me are incredibly sexy. Bodies writhe as I hear moans while witnessing lots of bubbles.

 Sandra hands the regulator to Donna who takes it and refills her lungs. Donna ends up on her back underneath her in a 69. Then she reaches down, grabs for my cock and tugs on it.

 Sandra licks Donna as I lick Sandra. The three of us have made our own sexy triangle, moaning and bubbling. It is a fantasy I never thought possible.

 Donna removes the reg and hands it to me. I take it from her and put it between my lips, catching my breath while fingering Sandra. Donna tips her head back and takes my cock into her mouth while she’s upside down being licked out by Sandra.

 I moan as I inhale deeply. There’s a woman with her head tipped back sucking my cock, floating directly underneath the one I’m pushing my fingers into. Then I look up to see Ford pushing his cock into my wife who is still secured to the bottom of the pool ladder.

 The reg is pulled out of Nora’s mouth, causing her to spew bubbles. Then he starts giving her a nice leisurely fuck. My cock twitches in Donna’s mouth as I stare in erotic disbelief at my wife getting fucked underwater by her best friend’s husband.

The pleasure is just not letting up, not that I want it too. I’ve got mouths sucking on each nipple while another female is licking me out again. At this rate I’m starting to wonder if I might be a little bisexual with all these females licking my pussy.

The mouth leaves my cunt, and I get a breather. But it doesn’t last long. A moment later I feel a cock slowly pushing its way inside me.

The regulator is taken away as I moan and bubble. I see I’m going to have to endure this on one breath. Then whoever is fucking me moans into what sounds like a reg in his mouth as he starts to thrust.

Who’s fucking me right now? Is it Ford? It kinda feels like Ford. Am I getting fucked by Wilma’s husband? Is she down here watching him fuck me??

More bubbles trickle out of my mouth as I shake my head from side to side. It feels so incredibly good! It occurs to me I could drown down here if I’m not careful. But at this rate I don’t think I would care that much since I would probably orgasm my way into oblivion.

 Donna alternates between sucking my cock and rising up to lick out Sandra in their 69. It’s arousing as hell. And seeing Nora getting fucked by Wilma’s husband is more of a turn-on than I thought it would be, especially since it’s happening underwater.

 He takes his time with my wife as I pass the reg off to Sandra. Donna really licks her out before reaching for my cock. She tips her head back and takes it deep down her throat as bubbles trickle out of her nose.

 She groans as bubbles come out around my dick in her mouth. It’s super sexy. Then Sandra passes the reg off to Donna before separating herself and heading for the surface.

 I let Donna suck on the regulator as I turn her around like I did to Sandra. I want to lick her pussy. I also decide to risk ditching the dive mask before diving in and eating her out.

 She drifts horizontally on her stomach just like Sandra did. She watches Ford fuck my wife as I keep her from floating upward. She moans and bubbles, her legs parted as I tongue her sweet muff.

 Sandra returns and takes the reg from her. Then she pulls Donna’s face down into her muff. Donna moans as she eats her out, sexy bubbles coming out of Sandra’s pussy as I continue my feast on Donna.

 Sandra moans into the regulator as she humps against Donna’s probing tongue. I give Donna the licking of her life, enjoying the way her moans increase until she finally goes off on me. Sandra gives her back the reg to help her catch her breath.

 They moan together before they turn around and approach me. This time I get the reg to catch my breath. That’s when they take turns on my cock as I suck on the regulator.

 Amazingly I’ve got two women blowing me underwater. And my wife Nora is getting fucked underwater by her best friend’s husband. Is it possible I’m dreaming?

 Both sexy women turn and face Nora and the ladder, Sandra on the bottom and Donna lying on top. Sandra reaches back for my cock and tries to impale herself on it. Since the invitation is open, I accept by pushing into Sandra’s pussy as Donna reaches down under her sexy partner and starts groping her tits.

It’s incredibly arousing getting fucked while being attached to the bottom of this ladder. I can’t go anywhere; I just have to accept it and let it happen. Since the ankle weights are keeping me from floating upward I’m virtually helpless to stop anyone from coming over to enjoy groping and pawing me.

Without the reg in my mouth, I’m forced to hold my breath. That makes it even hotter. I guess it’s true that a little asphyxia adds to the experience of getting fucked, especially being forced to hold my breath underwater.

I can sense other activity going on around me. But it’s hard to make out what’s being done to whom. Besides, I’m more focused on feeling a cock thrusting in and out of me at the bottom of the pool.

I hear exhalations from regulators as well as the occasional grunt or moan. Maybe I’m not the only one having fun down here. But how many other couples are involved?

Are they fucking each other while watching me? Is there an orgy going on I’m not aware due to this blackened dive mask? Sometimes I wish I could see what’s going on. But not being able to see and being helpless down here seems to have heightened my other senses.

It’s the craziest thing. I slide my cock into Sandra on the bottom and thrust into her for a bit. Then I pull out and slide my cock into Donna who’s right on top of her. The two sexy, naked ladies moan their enthusiasm as we all watch my wife getting fucked.

 We make sure to pass the regulator around between the three of us. There are other couples in the water using other hoses. But we’re focused on our own pleasure. So the three of us settle into a rhythm as we watch my wife get shafted while we’re all getting the air we need.

 Donna reaches down around Sandra’s body and gropes her boobs as I fuck her hard. She cries out and bubbles as Sandra sucks on the reg. Then Sandra hands me the regulator.

 I place it between my lips before I pull my cock out of Donna and push it into Sandra’s pussy. Nearby I see Melvin Levinson fucking the shit out of Laura Williams. She grunts and moans into the reg in her mouth as she gasps, “Fuck me – fuck me – FUCK ME!”

 She cries out as she appears to stiffen. Then she appears to experience an incredible orgasm. Seeing her cum underwater nearly sets me off.

 I look over to see Ford fucking Nora harder and faster. She starts to moan and bubble just how much she wants it. He sucks hard on the reg as he holds on tight to her hips and really gives it to her good.

 Somewhere nearby I hear someone begging to be fucked underwater. That’s when my lover picks up the pace. It feels so good that I feel deliciously helpless as he thrusts into me… helpless, yet incredibly turned on.

By now I’m pretty sure there are others in the pool. But being fucked while holding my breath feels so good that my senses start to tunnel inward. Now I only want to focus on what is being done to me.

I’m not sure, but it feels like it might be Ford. I grunt and bubble as he fucks me harder. Then it starts to swell within me.

My pussy tries to suck him deeper inside me. I feel like I’m running out of breath as my lungs begin to heave in warning. But that just makes me want him to fuck me even harder.

I become dizzy and disoriented, aware of nothing but my aching lungs and this cock ruthlessly pounding me. It swells within me until I can no longer hold it back. Then it explodes with a violent eruption as my pussy clamps on tight to the cock thrusting hard inside me.

Nora starts to go nuts as Ford fucks her good and hard. It looks like he’s going to make her cum. It’s such an incredible turn-on that I really start pounding Donna with my cock as I gasp into the regulator.

 She cries out a bubbly “FUCK ME, BABY; FUCK ME!” Then Nora goes off as Ford thrusts good and hard inside her. Donna goes off a couple seconds later with a flush of bubbles as her pussy squeezes tightly around my cock.

 Sandra moans lustfully underneath Donna as she watches my wife orgasm. Nearby it looks like Laura won’t be much longer. Then Donna taps me, so I pull the reg out of my mouth and give it to her.

 When I pull out of her pussy, Sandra turns around and sees I’m no longer fucking Donna. She takes me into her mouth, hungrily sucking my cock. I can’t believe she’s tasting my cream mixed with the taste of the pussy I just pulled out of.

 When I look over at Nora I see she’s acting kind of funny. Wanda comes down with the keys and quickly frees her from the cuffs. Then she, Irene and Ford haul her up to the surface. Sandra finishes sucking me dry before the three of us head for the surface well.

 I’m not really sure what happened. One moment I was cumming hard. The next, I think I sort of lost it. I came so hard I think I passed out.

When I start to come back around I find myself being hauled up to the surface. My head comes up out of the water and I take a very weak breath. I’m helped out of the pool where I’m stretched out onto the ground.

I hear one female voice declare, “Fuck; that was awesome.” Another pants, “Gawd, did you see her cum down there?? That must have been a big one!” Then I think I sort of pass out again.

I’m vaguely aware of being carried in someone’s arms as another dries me off a little. I think it’s James, but I’m so out of it that I can’t be sure. I reel from orgasmic aftershocks as I seem to go in and out of consciousness.

Donna leads me into the building and down a hallway. Nora is in my arms, her eyes glazed over. She gasps and moans, so I know she’s not dead. Then I hear a soft murmur of “Oh gawd” as she shudders again.

 We’re escorted into a guest room where she tells us to rest and relax for as long as we want. She says supper will be ready in a couple of hours or so if we’re hungry. But we don’t have to leave the room if we’re tired.

 I thank her as she closes the door behind her. Then I lay Nora out on the bed. She moans again as her eyes open and settle on me.

 She smiles a little as she murmurs, “How are you?”

 “I’m ok, Nora. How are you?”

 “I’m tired. No, I’m exhausted actually. That was… incredible.”

 I’m tired as well, so I decide to climb in and lie down next to her. Her arm comes over me as she turns and snuggles against me, sighing contentedly. A few minutes later we’re both fast asleep. I don’t even remember the reason we were fighting…

 © 2017 (written Oct 23 ’17 by riwa)

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