Two lethal sisters


Two lethal sisters

(inspired by the picture)

The two sisters had done everything together – sharing a guy in a threesome, sharing another woman, making out with each other, attending a swinger’s party. But there was one thing they hadn’t tried before.

Leila told Keiko she wondered what it would be like to take the life of another. Her sister admitted she too had been thinking about that very same thing for some time. So they spent some time discussing how they would do it.

They lived outside the city, so disposing of the body would not be a problem. But how would they snuff this person? And who would they choose?

They ultimately decided a female would be safer to begin with. They could lure her to their place for any one of a number of reason: sex, money, drugs, whatever it took. Besides, they suspected a female might be a little more trusting.

The second question they had was how to do it. Would they shoot her; stab her; hang her; drown her? There were plenty of options to consider. That’s when Leila suggested they do it during a sexual act… perhaps strangling a woman while fucking her. Keiko instantly loved the idea.

The first thing they did was go into town at night trolling for a suitable subject. At first they considered picking up some woman off the street. But they wanted to have fun with her and they weren’t sure some drugged up hooker would give them the high they craved. They wanted someone different.

They found themselves in a Tampa bar checking out the nightlife, wondering if there might be someone in here they could take home. That’s when they caught the eye of what looked like an attractive MILF with large boobs. She soon came over to their booth and asked if she could join them, even going so far as to offer to buy them a drink.

She said her name was Terrie. Then she asked them what they were doing there. Leila decided to cut to the chase by telling her they were out trolling for some sexy bitch to take back home to fuck.

At first Keiko was angry her sister had been so blunt. To her immense surprise Terrie told them she was interested. They said they lived out of town, but Terrie was welcome to spend the night with them. They could bring her back the next day if she wished. Terrie bought it hook, line and sinker.

That night they found out just how hot of a fuck Terrie was. They also found out she enjoyed asphyxia games during sex. At one point she appeared to make a dangerous move on Keiko by strangling her, only for Leila to choke her out at the last minute. The unconscious bitch soaked them with her juices from a mammoth orgasm.

While she was out they both agreed this was the one they wanted. But Leila suggested they do it the next morning out on their deck. They could tell Terrie how much they loved fucking outside in the nude in the warm morning air. She would probably buy it and want to take part.

When she awakened they fucked her all night long until thoroughly exhausting her. It was a hell of a lot of fun for them as well. But they couldn’t wait until the next day to snuff the sexy bitch.

Terrie woke up the next morning horny as hell and ready to fuck again. So they wasted no time taking her outside onto their deck. That’s when showed her the shackles they had in place for some domination games.

Terrie said she was game, suggesting one of them could try them while she enjoyed doing all the fucking. But when she saw them both putting on strap-ons, she knew what they had in mind. She decided it would be so hot being fucked by these two bitches first. Then she would decide when to make her move to strangle first the one and then the other.

They locked her into the shackles and started in on her, fucking her in both ends. Keiko fucked her cunt while Leila gave her a good skull-fucking. Terrie loved it and ended up cumming a couple of times while she was kneeling. Then they switched.

“My sister wants to have your ass now, you sexy bitch,” Keiko told her, squeezing her throat as Leila thrust her strap-on up Terrie’s butt. “I think we’re going to enjoy this every bit as much as you are.”

Leila thrust harder as Keiko choked Terrie out. But their crazy victim seemed to like it. She shuddered hard, experiencing a monster orgasm the harder Keiko choked her.

While Terrie was recovering from her orgasm, the two sisters tossed a coin. “I win,” Leila gasped excitedly.

But when Terrie asked her what she’d won, the sister smiled knowingly at her as she told her, “Oh, you’ll find out.”

Keiko got behind her to fuck her pussy as Leila got in front of her. At first she made Terrie deep-throat her cock until the sexy bitch could hardly breathe. “You going to do it that way?” Keiko asked aloud.

“No, I want to use the hands-on approach.” And with that Leila pulled her strap-on out of Terrie’s mouth before wrapping her hands around the stupid slut’s throat.

“You love erotic asphyxia, baby?” she cooed at her. “Let’s see what you got.” Then she began to squeeze her neck as her sister started fucking the shit out of her cunt.

Terrie’s eyes rolled as she rasped and gurgled. The harder Leila squeezed, the more excited their victim seemed to become. With a confirming nod from her sister, Leila squeezed even harder.

Terrie began to buck and shudder as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Then she was cumming and cumming. But Leila’s grip tightened until she couldn’t breathe anymore.

Her body reacted as she really started fucking the strap-on being shoved up her cunt. Her eyes rolled again as she started to orgasm. Then she went limp in Leila’s grasp as the deadly sister kept up her lethal grip.

“Fuck; is she still cumming?” Keiko asked.

“I think so. Fuck the bitch harder!”

“But she’s dead! Didn’t she realize we were killing her?”

“I guess not, the stupid whore! So let’s have a little necro fun with her, ok? We should have added that to our discussion the other day.”

“You’re right of course!” And with that Keiko thrust good and hard up Terrie’s cunt with her strap-on. For good measure Leila thrust hers into Terrie’s mouth as the two deadly sisters impaled her in both ends.

Terrie’s corpse suddenly shuddered again. “Isn’t she dead?” Keiko asked in surprise. “Didn’t you choke her to death?”

Leila put a couple fingers to her neck and checked for a pulse. “Dead as a doornail, sis. This bitch has got no life left in her.”

“So why the hell is she cumming?”

“Damned if I know. Let me try that end!”

They switched ends so Leila could fuck her cunt while Keiko pushed her strap-on down the dead woman’s throat. They fucked her hard until the body seemed to shudder once more. “Damn, this corpse just orgasmed again!” Leila gasped excitedly.

“Got to be some reflex action, sis! Try her ass! I’ve got this toy buried down her fucking throat, so I know she can’t be breathing or anything!”

Leila pulled out of Terrie’s cunt before shoving the wet dildo up the dead woman’s ass. Then she started fucking her hard as Keiko began pinching and twisting dead, erect nipples. Terrie’s body spasmed again.

“Well I’ll be damned! This bitch did it again!”

“Maybe it’s because you pinched her nipples.”

“Maybe. Let’s switch ends again!”

The sisters switched, allowing Keiko to fuck both holes as Leila rammed her strap-on down Terrie’s dead throat while enjoying molesting her tits. Amazingly, Terrie’s body spasmed yet again. “Damn!” she gasped. “This bitch is hot even in death!”

“I just came from fucking her dead ass while she was shuddering!” Keiko gasped.

They fucked the corpse for a couple of hours. Terrie finally stopped responding. But it did not prevent them from enjoying her holes a little while longer.

When they were through enjoying her corpse, they loaded her naked body onto one of their two all-terrain vehicles. They drove out naked on the back of their property to a swamp five miles away. There they tossed the dead body into the water. Not a minute later their favorite inhabitant of the swamp came up, grabbed the body with its huge jaws and hauled Terrie away.

“Looks like Wally wants to play with her before he makes a meal out of her,” Keiko observed with a smile.

“Glad we could be of help, Wally!” Leila called out with a smile and a wave. “Maybe if you’re good we’ll bring back another sexy bitch for you to play with!” Then the two lethal sisters drove their ATVs back to the house to begin considering their next victim…

(Jun 20 ’18)

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