The breath-hold chamber


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It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in the underwater research facility. Janet had the afternoon off and was wandering about the halls in a frayed white t-shirt over her dark-blue one-piece. She was restless and bored, a combination that had often gotten her into trouble in the past.

She was walking down a hall when she looked over and spotted a familiar looking chamber with a flooding tube inside. Dr. Frederick Crocker called it his drowning chamber. Janet simply referred to it as the breath-hold chamber. After all, one had to hold one’s breath before succumbing to drowning, right?

She paused to look thoughtfully through the glass at the tube. There was a couple feet of water left inside. Apparently someone had forgotten to drain it completely. She’d never been inside, although she’d helped Dr. Crocker conduct a couple of experiments with the chamber using some of the other girls at the facility.

She folded her arms and stared longingly at it. She’d fantasized about going inside on many occasions. The idea of holding her breath while being brought to the brink of drowning was something that always appealed to her.

She stared at it as she remembered the last experiment she’d assisted with Dr. Crocker involving that one girl in the chamber. She’d held her breath for the longest time before her lungs had given out. But the good doctor hadn’t drained the chamber right away.

Watching her drown had been disturbingly erotic. But she’d maintained her professionalism long enough to help get the girl out of the chamber and down to the infirmary. The girl was treated and later released, apparently with no harm having been done to her.

Janet continued to stare, feeling a strong pull to step inside and try it out. She looked all around, but the place was deserted. There was no one in the vicinity to spot for her.

Her curiosity got the better of her. She stepped into the chamber and looked all around. The computer sat quietly on the table as though awaiting her input, quietly beckoning to her.

Janet went over to the valve and turned the wheel, draining the rest of the water out of the tube. Then she turned to look at the computer. That’s when a delicious idea began to germinate in the back of her mind.

She looked down at the water draining out of the tube. She thought about that girl who’d drowned inside. From all outward appearances she’d enjoyed an orgasm while she was drowning.

Janet sighed with longing as her pussy started to moisten. The more she thought about it, the more it appealed to her. It would be easy to program it so she could slip inside and take it for a little erotic spin.

It wouldn’t be that hard. After all, she’s operated the computer before. It was only a matter of setting the controls. The computer would do all the work. All she would need to do was get naked, climb inside and then get off while holding her breath.

The more Janet thought about it, the more it appealed to her. It would be safe enough if she set the controls properly. What could possibly go wrong? Besides, Dr. Crocker wouldn’t mind. And if she got caught – which she wouldn’t – she could simply tell him she was testing the controls.

She went over to the computer and brought it to life. The operating instructions to the breath-hold tube came right up, causing Janet to study them intently. The more she thought about getting in and holding her breath, the more aroused she became.

She could set up her own little breath-hold session. It wouldn’t take much effort as she could easily plug the numbers in herself. Besides, a good breath-hold orgasm was just what the doctor ordered, especially on a quiet, boring Saturday afternoon.

Janet activated the tube by plugging in her breath-hold numbers. She was easily capable of 2 minutes. 2:30 might be pushing it, but it would make for a fun challenge.

She was sure she could manage it. It would be more than enough to make her cum. Didn’t she owe it to the good doctor to test the system to make sure it was in good working order?

Janet quickly shed her clothes before putting them in a pile on the table next to the computer. She activated the tube, giving her plenty of time to climb inside before it started to fill. Then she turned the wheel to open the valve. It would allow the water to flood the tube the moment the computer kicked in.

Inhaling with excitement, Janet stepped inside. She was careful to seal herself in. She wanted to make sure it didn’t flood the outer chamber by mistake. That would be a mess she would NOT want to spend the rest of her Saturday afternoon cleaning up.

Janet waited patiently, feeling an erotic shudder ripple through her. A voice in the back of her head told her what she was doing wasn’t wise. She really needed a spotter.

Maybe she should wait until the good doctor was around. He would probably allow her to try it out. And she wouldn’t mind him watching her do it naked. That would have turned her on seeing his expression while she held her breath. But Janet ultimately decided she wanted some orgasmic alone-time. Besides, she was being careful plugging the numbers in.

She heard a beep from the computer, activating the tube. There was a mechanical sound followed by the rush of water up into the glass cylinder. Janet felt an erotic shiver ripple through her.

She’d done it now; she was here for the duration. The computer would not drain the tube until it had completely run through the cycle she’d programmed into it. She was stuck in here, a feeling that increased her arousal.

The water rose quickly, and she gasped with delight. It was a little cool, but she actually wanted it that way. Cool water really made her skin tingle.

Her nipples hardened right up. Janet couldn’t help caressing her breasts. Then she fingered herself as the water level approached her crotch.

The water rapidly filled the tube, causing Janet to gasp with excitement. It was already up to her chest. It made her nipples harden even more.

Janet tipped her head back with growing excitement. If she remembered correctly, she would have to hold her breath for a full minute before the water drained enough for her to get air. That was what she’d programmed into the computer.

She inhaled sharply before the water level rose above her mouth. It kept on climbing as she held her breath. To help distract herself she continued touching her pussy, enjoying how good it felt.

This felt incredible! No wonder that girl had climaxed in here! It made her mind run wild with all sorts of ideas and scenarios.

For starters, she imagined being tortured for information. If she didn’t answer the questions correctly she would be forced to endure longer and longer periods of holding her breath. Perhaps they might even drown her! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Janet fingered herself as the seconds ticked by. How long had it been? Had she figured it right?

It wasn’t long until a tendril of uncertainty tickled the back of her mind. Had she miscalculated! It had been a week since she’d last held her breath in a pool. Was she that out of practice?? She thought she’d made the first run not as long…


The sound from over by the computer startled her. It was followed by a mechanical sound. Janet became aware of the sensation of water draining out of the tube.

She’d programmed the first breath-hold to be shorter. She patently waited for the water level to reach her head until it eventually fell below her mouth. Janet inhaled quietly, panting for breath. Her pussy throbbed, eager for a release. Damn; that felt good!

Janet took long, deep breaths in preparation for the next one. She’d set the computer to increase her time at 30 second increments. That meant the next one was going to be a 90 second breath-hold.

She felt an erotic jolt over the possibility she might have miscalculated her abilities. Surely she could do 1:30 easily enough. The computer would keep her under longer with each additional cycle.

After 45 seconds the computer beeped again, the rest interval she’d given herself between cycles. The water, which had stopped just below her breasts, immediately began to rise. Janet felt another erotic jolt as she prepared to hold her breath a second time.

The water climbed rapidly. She inhaled deeply just before it reached her mouth. Then she was holding her breath once more as the level quickly rose up above her head.

She groped her tits as she fingered her pussy. She realized she was flirting with danger if she couldn’t hold it long enough. But that was part of the thrill.

She looked up and saw the water rise until it completely filled the tube. This was it; she was trapped until the computer finished its cycle. Janet trembled with excitement as she held her breath, solitary bubbles trickling out of her nose.

Several erotic thoughts raced through her mind as she continued touching herself. Someone was torturing her lungs; perhaps the good doctor, watching her struggle to hold her breath. Janet felt an erotic jolt at that scenario, almost wishing he was here right now.

What would happen if something went wrong? What if the power cut out? What if the computer crashed?

What if the tube refused to drain? What if someone came in, saw her inside, and deliberately smashed the equipment just to watch her drown? Those erotic thoughts contributed to her growing excitement, making her wriggle and squirm as her arousal intensified.

She looked up at the ceiling as her stomach began to ripple. Was it 90 seconds yet? What if something had gone wrong? What if she’d made a mistake entering the number? Janet felt another erotic jolt as…


There was a familiar mechanical sound. She could feel water draining out of the tube. She was going to make this one just as easily as the last.

Janet held her breath, her lungs not quite heaving as the water level dropped. She resisted the urge to leap up for a breath. It wouldn’t be much longer anyway.

The level dropped below her mouth, allowing Janet to gasp loudly for breath She could feel her heart thump loudly in her chest. Damn; that had been a good one!

The next cycle was scheduled for two minutes. It was going to be so damned erotic! Janet firmly expected to have a good cum before it was over.

She panted quietly, looking out through the glass. No one walked by in the hallway to look in on her. She was all alone in here where anything could happen…


The mechanical sound returned as well as the sound of water coming back into the tube. That’s when Janet’s heart leaped into her throat as she began having second thoughts. Was programming it for two minutes really such a good idea?

What if she couldn’t make it? But she’d made two minutes several times before. It was certainly too late to worry about it now. Besides, two minutes should be a piece of cake. Worrying would only…

She inhaled just in time as the water reached her lips. It continued to rise upward until she felt another erotic jolt. Janet tipped her head back and smiled as the water level reached her forehead and continued upward.

‘Two minutes,’ she thought. “I’ve got to hold it for two minutes or I’ll drown in here.’ The thought was so erotic that she almost orgasmed right then and there.

The water level climbed up until it topped out, leaving no air pocket of any kind above her. This was it; she would have to hold her breath until it drained. There were no two ways about it now. She was here until her two minutes were up.

Ominous thoughts began rushing through her mind. What if she’d miscalculated? What if today she couldn’t hold it for two minutes? What if she swallowed water or drowned and nobody came to let her out?? The thoughts were disturbing as well as being frightfully erotic.

Janet fingered herself harder, concentrating on bringing pleasure to her nether region. She thumbed her button while fingering her pussy, concentrating on the wonderful tingles she was receiving. But the ominous thoughts kept invading her mind, thoughts that only further aroused her.

Janet looked up at the ceiling of the tube, confirming there was no emergency pocket of air to be had. After all, the tube had been deliberately designed that way. Otherwise it would be so easy for a participant to panic and shoot upward to breathe when the goal was to focus on holding one’s breath… pushing one’s limits.

She looked upward in growing alarm. How long had it been? Was it two minutes yet??

Damn, she’d really done it this time, hadn’t she? Janet had faith in her abilities. But there was always that little niggle of doubt, a feeling that this time she might really have done it to herself.

Janet concentrated on her pussy; she was so damn close! She was almost there, especially with the thoughts going through her mind. Just a little bit more and she would…

Janet suddenly cried out, losing a burst of air as she was totally enveloped in a hot wave of pleasure. She winced and shuddered, her senses dimming. Then she heard the beep of the computer along with that mechanical noise and the reassuring sound of water draining out of the tank.

Her chest heaved as her lungs burned. But the tube was draining now. If she could only hold it a few seconds longer.

The water dropped below her mouth. She gasped loudly for breath. Damn; that was closer than she’d anticipated. But it had been a good one, giving her a wonderful release.

Janet believed it had all been worth it. Then she looked down. The water level wasn’t dropping any lower than her breasts. That’s because she’d set the timer to a challenging 2:30.

Janet swallowed hard. Why the hell had she done that?? Had she really wanted to push herself that much?? She knew she could do it; 2:30 was well within her range. Still… what the hell had she been thinking??

45 seconds later the computer beeped again. That made the water start to rise. This one was going to be an erotic challenge.

Janet wasn’t sure what had made her set the machine for 2:30. But she had no other options as this was definitely happening. She would just have to concentrate.

Did she really want to push herself? Was she tempted to risk drowning like that girl had done in that last test? Or had she concluded she was up to the task of going 2:30 without air?

There was no use agonizing over it now. The decision was made once she’d plugged the numbers into the computer. She must have locked in the 2:30 time as an afterthought.

Janet took long, deep breaths to get ready. She kept telling herself this was going to be a cinch. After all, she’d done 2:30 several times before. Hell, she could do it in her sleep. Today shouldn’t be a problem; right?

The computer suddenly beeped; her 45 seconds of rest were over. She heard that mechanical noise followed by the sound of water entering the tube. It wouldn’t be long before she was holding her breath again.

Janet felt an erotic shudder as the water level rose. Her pussy was swollen and throbbing, her nipples incredibly hard. Either she was going to successfully hold her breath or she was going to drown in the attempt.

The water reached her chin, and she took a couple of deep breaths. Then she tipped her head back and inhaled deeply. A moment later the water rose up past her forehead on its way to the top of her tube.

For a moment she thought about kicking up to get an additional breath. But Janet decided not to. After all, this was designed to push her limits; right? There was no use cheating over a few seconds of air, was there?

Janet composed herself as she settled in for a long breath-hold. A couple of bubbles dribbled out of her nose before she told herself not to do that again. After all, she might need each and every molecule of air before this one was over.

Her pussy throbbed, causing her to reach down to finger herself as she groped her tits. She was going to cum big-time on this one. Wasn’t that why she was in here to begin with?

She closed her eyes and settled in, mentally wishing there was a clock somewhere to remind her of the time she had left. She realized to her chagrin she could have set something up to show on the monitor and then turn it facing the tube. But she hadn’t thought that far ahead. Besides, wasn’t it all the more erotic not knowing how much longer she had to hold her breath?

Janet felt a burn in her lungs, causing her to release a few bubbles out of her nose. It eased the strain a little, allowing her to concentrate on holding her breath while fingering herself. She could feel an orgasm coming on strong.

She tried not to trigger it right away. After all, cumming too soon would cause her to lose much of her breath. She would be forced to finish her time underwater on empty lungs.

She began to feel the strain as her lungs heaved. That’s when those erotic doubts began creeping in again, intensifying the eroticism of her situation. She could tell she was going to cum really, really hard.

Her lungs burned; how close was she to the end? There was a fire in her chest; how long did she have left? Had she somehow miscalculated? Was she about to drown without the benefit of Dr. Crocker’s presence, much less his ability to record the experience?

Her chest heaved again; oh gawd, how long had it been?? She looked up at the ceiling but the water level didn’t budge. What if she was going to drown in here??

Her lungs heaved once more as it suddenly swelled within her. Janet winced and shuddered, her breath exploding out of her mouth as she was hit by a devastating orgasm. It flowed hotly through her body, leaving her dizzy and disoriented.

Janet moaned weakly, trying to regain her bearings. Then her lungs heaved insistently. She was still underwater…


Janet heard that mechanical noise along with the sensation of the tube draining. She began to fidget as her lungs screamed at her. She looked upward, anxiously watching the water level drop.

Her mind screamed, “HURRY – HURRY – HURRY!” Then it was at her lips. She tipped her head back and gulped down huge lungfuls of air.

Janet panted heavily, her pussy throbbing like crazy. That one had cut things a little too close. But that second orgasm had felt wonderful.

Janet felt weak in the knees. She reached out to brace herself inside the tube. She was still a bit wobbly, but at least it was over.

It had been both scary and arousing, making her orgasm that much more intense. Then she looked down at the water in the tube. Why wasn’t it draining?

Janet stared in confusion. Why the hell wasn’t it draining?? She thought she’d set the system for 2:30.

Janet went back in her mind to the moment she’d punched in the instructions. She’d given it 30 second intervals all right, anticipating it going all the way to 2:30. But had she given it a cutoff number? She couldn’t remember!

Janet went pale as she looked at the water level just below her breasts. Hadn’t she set a cutoff time? Hadn’t she programmed it to drain away? In her excitement to get inside the damned thing had she forgotten the most important instruction of all??

She reached for the opening but it was sealed tight, making it almost indistinguishable from the rest of the glass. She thought it wouldn’t open anyway unless the tube was drained of water. That meant the system was going to kick in soon, giving her a breath-hold cycle of three minutes. In her weakened condition from having just cum, could Janet hold her breath that long??

There was that familiar beep from the computer along with that corresponding mechanical noise. Then she felt the water filling the tube again. Janet began to fidget anxiously as she looked all around for some assistance… some way out… something to get her out of the mess she’d gotten herself into.

She began to hyperventilate as it swelled within her once more from her fearful excitement. Was she going to cum again? If she did she would never be able to hold her breath the entire 3:00.

Janet began pounding on the glass, calling out, “Doc? Doctor Crocker? SOMEBODY? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE??”

All too soon the water level reached her mouth. This time she rose up with it, allowing herself to drift upward as she panted heavily for breath. She knew there was no way in hell she could hold it for three long minutes. She was simply too out of breath… too weakened from her recent orgasms

The water level rushed relentlessly toward the ceiling of her tube, taking Janet right along with it. She was forced to tip her head back when she bumped into the ceiling. Then she gasped deeply…

…and that was it. It would now be three minutes before she could breathe again. But what good would it do if she made it? She would never able to make 3:30, much less 4:00.

Janet’s eyes got big as saucers as she began to pound upon the glass again. Surely someone would hear her, wouldn’t they? Surely someone would come running. Wasn’t there a security camera somewhere watching her every move??

She frantically looked all around. But she saw nothing. She scanned the chamber beyond the tube, but detected nothing out there either.

She was all alone. And this time she was going to drown for sure. Janet had never felt so scared… nor so unbelievably excited.

Almost immediately her lungs began to heave. But so soon?? She grunted and whimpered, losing air out of her nose and past her parted lips.

She tried to tell herself she could make three minutes. But who was she kidding? There was no way in hell she was going to make this one!

What the hell had she done, setting herself up to drown like this?? Had it been a dreadful mistake by not paying close attention to every little instruction, missing a very important detail? Or was it something deeper? Deep down, did she really want this for herself? Was that why she’d been so careless??

Her stomach rippled as her chest heaved. Her lungs were on fire; it was much too soon. She needed to hold her breath much longer. But it felt like she was already out of air. What’s more, she could feel another massive orgasm coming on strong.

Janet fought like hell to hold her breath. But deep down she knew it was a losing battle. At 3 minutes or whether she somehow lasted to 3:30… the results were still going to be the same. She’d gotten careless plugging in the numbers. Now she was going to pay for that mistake.

Her chest heaved again, her lungs becoming a raging inferno. She was going to inhale at any moment. Her pussy throbbed from a terrible ache, one that demanded to be quenched.

She imagined Dr. Crocker standing there watching her. She could just see him smiling at the knowledge she was about to drown. Had he always wanted to watch her drown?

Janet’s lungs finally gave out as she gave in to the inevitable. Almost immediately she convulsed in reaction as she began coughing violently. She inhaled again… convulsed again. Then she was coughing and convulsing, almost doubling over in agony… and she was cumming so very, very hard.

Her vision dimmed as she was overtaken by a wave of pure bliss. She became weak and disoriented. Then awareness returned, the awareness of an agony in her lungs, a great pain in her chest. She was drowning for real.

There was pain like she couldn’t believe. Yet she had never cum so hard. Her only regret was that Dr. Crocker was not here to enjoy her suffering… to enjoy her drowning. She just knew he would have enjoyed watching her!

Janet shuddered once more as her bladder gave way. She experienced a final, smaller orgasm, one that rippled pleasurably throughout her quivering body. Then consciousness slowly faded away in a haze of pain and pleasure, leaving her staring with lifeless eyes as her mouth gaped.

She did not hear the computer beep and start to power down. Nor was she aware of the water suddenly draining out of the tube…

Janet awoke in a warm bed in the infirmary. She felt like she’d been beaten up by a hundred wonderful orgasms. She also felt like an elephant had recently sat on her chest.

Her vision was a little blurry; she could only see shapes. Then it slowly improved. One shape coalesced into the image of Dr. Frederick Crocker standing there staring down at her.

“Are you ok, Miss Wamsley? You gave us quite a scare.”

“What happened?” she asked, blushing at how she must have been discovered: completely nude in the tube inside the breath-hold chamber.

“Apparently you decided to do a little breath-holding without anyone keeping an eye on you. That wasn’t a very smart thing to do, Miss Wamsley. It’s a good thing the machine was set to shut down and send out a notification the moment the volunteer drowns. Next time feel free to ask someone for assistance. We’ll gladly oversee your time and progress.”

“I’m sorry, doctor; it won’t happen again.”

“Quite all right, Miss Wamsley. I should have understood who was working for me and the temptations you might have succumbed to. I’m just glad you’re ok.”

He turned and headed toward the door. But he paused when he reached it, turning around and smiling knowingly at his patient. “Oh by the way,” he added with a look of amusement. “Did you enjoy yourself, Miss Wamsley?”

Janet blushed deeply. “Uh yes, doctor. Yes I did.”

“At least you had a good time. So long as you enjoyed yourself and no harm was done.” Then he turned and strode out of the room, shaking his head and chuckling to himself.

2014; 2019 (written for skip Apr 9 ’14; ed. Feb 20 ‘19 by riwa)

(Posers courtesy of skip and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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