Carl the scuba diver 3

It had been another long, frustrating day. Carl had dealt with a couple of clients who had proved to be difficult to please. Now he just wanted to relax with a cold beer.

The doorbell rang, causing him to get up off the couch. When he opened the door a woman in a business jacket, skirt and heels smiled back at him. “My name is Leanne Nielson,” she told him as she handed him a card. “I run my own realty. Would you ever be interested in selling your home?”

“No,” he told her gruffly. Then he paused as he had to rethink the matter before telling her, “Well, I hadn’t planned on selling it.” The truth of the matter was he’d actually been forced to start considering the matter several weeks ago since his business had been struggling lately.

“Are you sure? I already know someone who might be interested.” It was a little lie she hoped might get him to consider her as his realtor. Besides, she’d already come to the conclusion selling a house like his would net her a tidy sum.

“I’ll have to think it over. Goodbye, Miss Nielson.” Then he closed the door on her.

Leanne was not dissuaded in the slightest. She’d sensed there might be an opening. Perhaps she should come back and try again while wearing something more alluring. Maybe that would help convince him to list it with her. And with that she got in her vehicle, started it up and drove away.

Carl went back to his chair and sat down. He grabbed his beer and took another long drink. The bitch had certainly been attractive enough.

He looked at the card in his hand. May he should try to sell it with her after all. If his business continued to suffer then it wouldn’t be too much longer before he started missing house payments. Then they would take it from him without him getting anything for it at all.

As the evening wore on he found himself thinking about Miss Nielson. That outfit hadn’t hid her large breasts very well. It made his cock harden as he thought about her. Maybe a night out on the town would do him good.

He went out to eat, followed by a visit to a strip club. There was a nice bitch with a good rack who came on to him. She gave him a lap dance, paying him extra attention when he kept giving her twenties. But Carl finally called it a night and headed home before he got too drunk.

The next morning Carl had regrets over his visit to that club. Even though he’d enjoyed that stripper, he’d spent money on her he really couldn’t afford. She’d made him cream his pants and that was all he’d gotten out of the deal. It had been a nice evening, but one that in hindsight he probably should have spent alone at home watching TV.

It was almost 11 am when he got a knock at the door. He opened it and was surprised to see that stripper at his door. “Hi, Carl. You did tell me to stop in if I was ever in the neighborhood, didn’t you?” Then she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

“Well?” she asked as he stood there stunned. “Are you going to invite me in or not?” Carl appreciatively looked her up and down before apologizing as he let her inside.

“Nice house!” she observed admiringly. “You really do well for yourself.”

“I get by.”

She was in a light, white dress that did nothing to hide the black bra underneath her rack. He got a good look at her knockers and found himself starting to get hard. Damn!

“Mind if I use the little girl’s room?”

“Not at all,” he motioned with a smile. “It’s down the hall.”

“You’re so sweet.” Then she gave him a peck on the lips before she headed off.

She wasn’t gone more than a minute before Carl thought about his pool out back. Then he thought about drowning her in it. Before he knew it he had a raging boner, and he tried to put it out of his mind.

She came back about 5 minutes later. “Wonderful place you’ve got here.”

“You think so?”

“Yes I do.”

“So why did you come here?”

“I really like you Carl. I thought we could get to know each other a little better.”

At that point he strongly suspected she was interested in getting a little more money out of him. Perhaps he’d been a little too generous with his twenties last night. And telling her his name and where he lived hadn’t been too smart either.

He thought about his pool again. It made his cock stiffen in his shorts. She glanced down and caught sight of the bulge. Then she grinned as she told him, “Looks like you want to get to know me a little better too.”

He thought about his pool again. It made his cock twitch. Was it possible; could he do another one?

“Would you like to see my backyard?”

“I’d love to!” So he led her through the house to the patio door where he took her out back.

She gasped with delight when she saw it. “You have a pool?”

“I clean pools for a living. So I thought it would be good to have one. Well, it was mostly my wife’s idea before she ran off.”

“I’m so sorry about that.” Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again.

“Can I fix you a drink?”

“I’d love that.”

“Don’t go away. I’ll be right back.”

He went back inside and went straight for his little storage room where he usually kept his scuba gear to take out on jobs. He became greatly excited as he geared up. The thought of drowning this bitch had him hard as a rock.

When he was ready he walked back through the house to the patio door and out into the backyard. Her back was to him. When she heard the patio door slide open she turned to look.

“Why Carl!” she laughed. “What are you doing in your scuba gear? Do you want to give me a lesson?” Already she was envisioning a rich payday after her visit with him.

“I’m not going to give you a lesson,” he told her, his cock rock hard. “Instead I’m going to drown you.”

“Oh Carl,” she laughed with a dismissive wave. But as he approached her smile faded.

“Carl? What are you doing?”

“I told you I’m going to drown you. It really excites me when I drown big-titted bitches like you.” Then he pushed her into the deep end of his pool.

She let out a cry as she hit with a splash. He jumped in after her as she surfaced. Then he grabbed her and pulled her under.

She cried out as he pulled her dress down off her shoulders. Then he pulled her bra down as well, just so he could get to her mounds. She screamed and bubbled as she tried to kick free.

She managed to burst up to the surface. She barely had time to get a quick breath before he pulled her back down. He wrapped his arms around her and held on as she wriggled and squirmed in his grasp.

She shook her head at him, her eyes wide in horror. Her breasts wobbled as her chest heaved from trying to hold her breath. But she was too panicked and couldn’t hold her breath very long.

She spewed nose bubbles until she coughed and gurgled. Then adrenaline kicked in as she really thrashed about. He just held on tighter.

She suddenly gulped water. Then she began hitching and jerking as she inhaled, coughing up water and bubbles. Her breasts wiggled wonderfully as she spasmed and convulsed.

She coughed up little bursts of bubbles as she hitched and convulsed, all caught up in the throes of drowning. Then she went limp in his grasp as he creamed himself. Carl held her in his lap, admiring her form.

He completely removed her dress and bra. Then he let her go. She drifted up to the surface where she floated face down.

Carl pulled her back down and kissed her erect nipples. Then he pulled off her panties. He stuck a couple fingers into her slit and discovered she’d become lubricated in her horrific last moments.

He pulled down his shorts and exposed his cock. Then he thrust it into her cunt. She felt wonderful.

Carl spent the next half hour fucking her titties, pussy and mouth. When he was done he decided it was time to hide the body. The only thing he could think of was a trash can he used that was sealed and full of water. It would be a temporary solution until he figured out what to do with her later.

He stuffed her inside with a belt around her waist. She looked like she wouldn’t cause any problems in there for a while. Then he put the lid on her.

Leanne returned to Carl’s house that afternoon, hoping to work on him a little more. This time she was in her blue sun dress which showed plenty of cleavage. With her large “assets”, she figured she had a good chance of getting the listing.

She parked in the driveway and knocked on the door. Carl answered it, appearing not too happy to be intruded upon. But when he saw who it was and the outfit she was wearing his demeanor changed, just as she’d hoped it would.

“Miss Nielson. I didn’t expect you back today.”

“I’m sorry. I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by. Is this a bad time?”

He looked her up and down. The outfit she was wearing was awakening certain body parts again. He briefly thought of the drowned stripper hiding in his trash can before telling her, “Not at all, Miss Nielson. Would you like to come in?”

“Thank you; I’d really like that.”

He opened the door and she stepped inside. She looked all around and instantly liked what she saw. The place needed a woman’s touch of course. But its size and location showed promise.

Carl thought about trying to send her away. But she was probably here to try to get the listing. Maybe he could show her the house and then get her out.

“Shall I give you the grand tour?”

“That would be great… so long as I’m not being a bother.”

“Oh, no bother at all.”

She gave him her best smile as he showed her around the interior. She took note of every little thing. She was already imagining the commission she might receive with a property such as this.

Carl looked her up and down again. She was definitely an attractive bitch in that outfit, especially with that chest of hers. Once more he found himself thinking of his pool out back.

“What do you think of the house, Miss Nielson?”

“I think it looks lovely. I’m betting you could get a really good price should you decide to sell.”

“And you’d like to have the listing?”

“Well… as a matter of fact…”

Once more he thought of the pool out back. His clothes had barely dried in time from his last swim. But those breasts and that body of hers was making it hard for him not to want to drown her.

“Can I fix you a drink, Miss Nielson?”

“I’d really like that; thank you.”

He went into the kitchen, put some ice in a couple of glasses and then poured a couple of drinks. “Have you seen a lot of houses around here, Miss Nielson?”

“Not many people want to sell up here. I can’t blame them.”

“What made you knock on my door in the first place?”

“Your neighbors said you lived alone… at least they thought you did.”

“Wife ran off some time ago and left me with the payments. Business has not been good lately.”

“What business are you in if I may ask?”

“Pool service. I’ve even got one out back.”

“Really? Mind if I see it?” That made his heart skip a beat.

“Not at all.”

After putting the drink in her hand he took her through the house and out the patio door. She smiled when she stepped outside and looked the backyard over. The pool looked to be in great shape. Already she was mentally adding a few thousand more to her commission.

Carl was also doing some mental calculations. He was becoming aroused at the presence of this sexy bitch. He hadn’t planned on doing another drowning so soon. But this woman, her outfit and her large tits looked tailor-made for a fateful dip in his pool.

He felt the faintest twinge of guilt. Then he told himself it wasn’t his fault she’d come barging in wanting to sell his property. She should have known she was taking her life in her hands wearing something like that. Now he was going to enjoy drowning her.

“That’s a lovely pool,” she observed, putting her drink down on a patio table. “It looks like you’ve done a good job keeping it up.”

“It wouldn’t do if any of my pool customers came by and saw I had a pool that looked shabby. That’s why I keep my scuba gear up-to-date. I used it all the time.” Then he walked over to the gear he’d just used on that stripper.

“I see.”

She looked more closely at the bottom of the pool. She saw what looked like a dress and a bra. What the hell?

She turned to see him gearing up in one of his tanks. Then she laughed nervously. He just eyed her carefully.

“Something funny, Miss Nielson?”

“I’m sorry. Just seeing you gearing up like that, well… I’m sorry. It’s just so damned amusing.”

“I’m glad I amuse you, Miss Nielson.” Then he tested his regulator, purging it a couple times.

“Might I ask why you’ve put on your scuba gear all of the sudden?”

“Certainly, Miss Nielson. I intend to drown you in my backyard pool. Then I plan on having my way with your dead body.”

“You have a funny way with words, Carl.”

“I’m not joking, Miss Nielson. I fully intend to drown you. It’s the least I can do since you showed up in a sun dress like that. It’ll go transparent in the water while I’m drowning you so I’ll get to see your bra and panties before I take them off.

The smile froze on her face. For a moment she thought he couldn’t possibly be serious. Then he calmly walked up to her and pushed her into the water.

She let out a cry as she hit with a splash. Carl jumped right in after her. Then he wrapped her up in his arms from behind. She screamed a froth of bubbles, horrified at what was happening to her.

Carl held on tight, his hard cock pressing into her back. He was horny all over again. Even though he’d drowned that stripper this morning he was really looking forward to drowning this realtor as well.

She put up a sexy struggle, her legs kicking every which way. She simply couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Who the hell was this guy??

Carl got more turned on. She should start drowning any moment now. He couldn’t believe how hard his cock had become.

She spewed nose bubbles as she fought to break free. But Carl didn’t want her to get back to the surface where she might scream and alert the neighbors. So he held on tight.

He heard a gurgle as she suddenly hitched. Then she started coughing up bubbles. Her struggles instantly lessened as she started to drown.

Carl turned her around so he could look at her. He pulled her dress down and then pulled her bra off as well. She was still hitching, little bubbles leaking out past her parted lips as he reached up to squeeze and play with her boobs.

Leanne shuddered hard, her mind crying out in shock and horror. Then consciousness faded away. Her last thought was how wrong she’d been in choosing to see if she could get a listing from such a murderous man.

Carl creamed himself as he held onto her. Then he let her go. He watched her drift up to the surface where she floated face down. It was an incredibly erotic sight.

He pulled her back down to him before pulling down his shorts and briefs. He thrust his cock into her mouth and enjoyed fucking it. Then he fucked her titties. It made him harden right back up.

Carl turned her around and thrust his dick into her from behind. Then he gave it to her good and hard. It felt incredible fucking a drowned woman at the bottom of his pool.

He ended up leaving a deposit up her pussy. Then he let her go again. He watched as she drifted up to the surface and floated face down.

Now Carl had two bodies to dispose of. But there was always his buddy’s boat down at the marina. He would have to get rid of both vehicles as the stripper’s car was now in his garage. But he figured that might not be too difficult, not after the successful disposal of the last two women he’d drowned in his pool.

2018 (Dec 19 ’18)

(Inspired by preview pics from an H2O clip “Should have used a realtor” which I included for illustration purposes.)

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