(AF’s) Water Torture



Hope found herself in an uncomfortable situation. Her husband must have gotten himself into trouble again. Now this man was here and wanted to know where he was.

He’d tied her to a plastic chair in the garage, threatening her life if she didn’t tell him where he could find her husband. She suspected her husband would end up dead if she said anything. But she also thought he might kill her if she told him. Thus, it fueled a stubborn streak within her.

“Where’s your husband, bitch?”

“I ain’t telling you a damned thing!”

“I think you’d better tell me what I want to know.”

Her response was an obscenity-laced suggestion as to what he could go do with himself. She warned him her husband was going to kick his ass when he found him. But she didn’t tell him when that might be.

“Where’s your husband, you fucking bitch?” Then he grabbed her throat and choked her. Hope began to rasp for breath.

He brought her to the point where she nearly passed out. Then he let go. She gasped, “You’re going to be so fucking sorry you did that, asshole!”

He was growing angrier by the minute. She wasn’t being the least bit cooperative. He sighed as he considered what he could use as another form of persuasion.

From a previous visit he knew they had a pool down by the river. How long could she hold her breath? It might be interesting to find out.

“Come on, bitch,” he growled as he started to loosen her bonds. “Let’s try something else.”

He untied her from the chair. She tried to make a break for it but he knocked her down. Then he tied her arms behind her back before tying her ankles together.

He slung her over his shoulders and headed out the door. “Where are you taking me, asshole?”

“I thought you could use a little sunshine.”

“Very funny.”

He carried her down the slope of the backyard to the fenced-in pool. She rained a flurry of obscenities down on his head. Then she promised him there would be hell to pay once her husband got home.

“And when is that going to be, bitch?”

“How the hell should I know? All I know is you better not be here when he arrives!”

He sat her down on her ass. There was a length of PVC pipe lying nearby. He set up a nearby cinder block, asking himself how long she could hold her breath before finally telling him what he wanted to know.

Hope watched him at his task. “You think you’re going to scare me? I’m in this damned pool every fucking day, asshole.”

“Then you shouldn’t have a problem with this, should you,” he said as he tied her to the end of it.

She felt an erotic jolt of alarm. How far was this moron going to go? What the hell did he think he was doing??

He finished securing her to the pipe before coming around in front of her and looking down at her sternly. “I think you need to tell me what I need to know.”

“Fuck off and die!”

“No, I think you’re the one who’s going to die.”

“You wouldn’t fucking dare!”

She snorted derisively, shaking her head. Was this asshole really going to drown her? She tried to retain her bravado. But his words sent a chill running down her spine.

He picked her up, causing her heart to leap into her chest. Then he dumped her into the pool as she cried out, “You’re making a big mis-TAAAKE!”

She hit the water with a splash. Then he angled the PVC pipe downward. Hope went down with it.

She began to wiggle and squirm in a frantic effort to free herself. She shook herself as she kicked with her legs. But she was securely attached to that damned pipe.

She released air out of her nose as she concentrated on holding her breath as best she could. This asshole wasn’t really that stupid to drown her, was he? If she drowned he would never learn the location of her husband.

She kicked and squirmed, but the rope and chain securing her kept her attached to the pipe. She lost another burst of bubbles. Then she worked herself around until she was riding the pipe.

Her lungs began to burn; she was running low on air. Then she felt the pole dig into her ass and lift her upward. She felt a wave of relief wash over her as she was brought to the surface.

She gasped madly for breath. Then she angrily sputtered, “You won’t kill me! I’m the only one who knows where he’s at!”

Angrily he submerged her once more. She bubbled as she was angled toward the bottom of the pool. She wiggled and squirmed as she rode the pipe, fighting against the rope and chain that held her.

Hope twisted and struggled, angry she couldn’t free herself. What’s more, he kept banging that damned pipe up against her ass. It was really starting to piss her off.

Her dress rode up her body, giving the fucking pervert a good look. That’s what infuriated her the most. The situation angered her more than it alarmed her.

The burn in her chest intensified until she could feel her lungs start to heave. But he wasn’t bringing her up right away. It gave her a jolt of fear and arousal.

She was pretty certain he wasn’t going to kill her. After all, she had the information he needed. But he was certainly having way too much fun at her expense. It was infuriating.

Her lungs heaved insistently as she started losing little bursts of air. She was approaching the limits of her ability to hold her breath. And still the bastard wasn’t letting her up. Damn him!

He finally lifted her up for a breath. Hope gasped as he bellowed, “Talk, damn you!”

“Go to hell!” Then he lowered her back down.

This time it felt like he kept her down longer. She was furious at his treatment of her. She found herself hoping she might get a crack at him herself. Then she lost a big burst of air out of her nose as she mentally screamed at him.

She felt the pole come up against her ass again, raising her upward. It was about fucking time! Then her head came up out of the water.

She yelled an obscenity at him. Then she bellowed, “GAWDDAMNIT – I’M GOING TO KILL YOU MYSELF!” That was all she got out before she was submerged again.

She was becoming exhausted. It was getting harder to hold her breath. Her heart hammered in her chest.

She wiggled and squirmed, kicking and crying out. She wished her husband was here to kick this guy’s ass and get her out of the water. But he wasn’t home yet. All she could do was bubble as she struggled against the rope and chain that secured her to the pole.

Up at the surface, her captor finally reached the limits of his endurance. She’d sassed him and cursed him. But she hadn’t shown the slightest inclination of telling him what he wanted to know.

“I’m tired of this bullshit,” he said in frustration as he let go of the pipe. “She’s never going to tell me!” And with that he jumped into the pool with her.

Hope heard the splash as she saw him enter the water. A moment later she felt him untying her wrists. It was about fucking time!

Once she was free she figured she might have a better chance of dealing with him in the water. But she was out of breath. A moment later he grabbed onto her before she could get back to the surface.

Hope wiggled and squirmed in his grasp, trying to break free. But he clung tightly to her. The situation had taken a very ominous turn.

He grappled with her, knowing she’d been holding her breath for a while. But he figured it shouldn’t be too much longer. It was only a matter of time before she couldn’t hold her breath anymore.

All he had to do was hold onto her and wait her out. She’d really pissed him off with her sass. Now she was going to pay. Besides, he wanted to drown her using the personal touch.

She wiggled and squirmed in a frantic effort to break free of his grasp. Her lungs heaved in her chest. She fought and struggled, but he was just too strong.

He straddled her body and pushed her down onto the slope of the pool bottom. He stepped on her back, easily holding her down with his foot. She burbled and flailed, unable to wriggle out from underneath. Exhaustion was stealing away her breath and energy.

He wrapped his hands around her throat and started to squeeze, adding to her growing panic. It was bad enough her lungs were on fire. Having a set of hands around her throat instinctively made her want to inhale. She released nose bubbles as she lost her breath, her mind acknowledging maybe he’d decided to just get rid of her and be done with it.

She winced as he throttled her, fighting like hell to hold her breath while everything inside her told her to inhale. A couple of buttons to her dress came loose, her nipples hardening from the terror of her predicament. The sole thought on her mind was the knowledge she couldn’t breathe and that he was eventually going to drown her.

‘Eat pool floor, bitch!’ he thought as he forced her head down toward the bottom again. She kicked and flailed weakly. But the way she was losing air indicated it wouldn’t take much longer. He was filled with a murderous rage that would only be quenched by watching her drown in her own pool.

She bubbled wildly as she struggled in vain, losing more of her precious oxygen reserves. She was becoming weak and disoriented from lack of air. Her lungs felt like they might explode out of her chest at any moment. The sensation of hands around her throat made it all the worse.

Her lungs heaved in agony; oh how she wanted another breath! But his grip was firm around her throat. It was all she could do to hold onto what little breath she had left.

Her lungs were an inferno, her stomach convulsing. She was dimly aware her dress had ridden up her body. She would have been indignant if she hadn’t been on the verge of panic and desperation.

Hope finally reached the limits of her endurance. Her lungs were on fire, her chest heaving like mad. She so wanted to inhale… to get another breath.

She tried to hold it a couple seconds longer. Then his fingers eased from around her throat. He was just holding her down, making sure she drowned.

Hope lost most of her breath in a huge flush of nose bubbles. A moment later she gurgled as the urge to breathe finally overrode everything else. Then she began coughing and hitching as she tried to cough out what she’d just inhaled.

He felt her start to drown in his grasp. It was so exciting that it made his hardened cock go off. He creamed himself as he held her down while she spasmed and convulsed.

She hitched and gurgled, all caught up in the throes of drowning. It hurt like hell. She lost control of her muscles as she spasmed and convulsed until she finally went limp in his grasp.

In her last few moments of consciousness she wondered what would become of her husband. She hoped he would kick this guy’s ass once he found him. Then she wasn’t aware of anything anymore.

The life flickered out of her eyes as she shuddered from a death rattle deep inside her. There was no more movement on her part. In disgust her killer shoved her body away into the deep end.

Hope floated lifelessly at the surface as her killer stood up in the shallow end and walked toward the steps. He got a brief glimpse of her panties under the dress that had momentarily billowed up.

Hope floated lifelessly in the deep end of the pool. She stared downward with unseeing eyes. At least she didn’t have to wonder how long she could hold her breath anymore.

Her killer watched her drift around in the pool. He was still pissed she hadn’t told him anything. But he felt a great deal of satisfaction giving the bitch her come-uppance.

He’d even enjoyed a sexual release at the moment of her drowning. That had been an added bonus. But now he was going to have to find another way to locate her husband. At least he could leave the drowned wife out here in the pool as a message when the man came down looking for her.

2007; 2019 (written Oct 11 ’07; ed. Jan 25 ‘19 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Aqua fantasies “Mermaids in Peril Vol. 5” and are for illustration purposes only.)

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