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“Beth?! What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”

Donna was blindfolded and was being led God-only-knew-where. It was hard maintaining her balance on her black high heels. Her heart beating wildly with anticipation as she wondered what her best friend Elizabeth was up to.

She’d made her remove her blouse before tying her arms behind her back at the wrists. It left her in a black skirt and red lingerie bra. She hadn’t anticipated she would end up feeling so exposed.

What the hell was this? Was this another one of Beth’s crazy stunts? What was she up to this time??

“Would you just relax!” her friend giggled. “You are so tense right now.”

“Shouldn’t I be?” But her friend giggled again.

Beth sounded like she was having fun over all this. It made her squirm even more. “Would you just calm down and enjoy yourself? Stop being so nervous. You’re going to get a real kick out of this; trust me! I know I’m sure going to!”

“Elizabeth? It’s hard for me to stand!”

“Shhh! We’re almost there.”

“Almost where? What are we doing in here? Someone’s going to catch us in here for sure!”

“It’s a Saturday, you spoilsport. No one’s around; I checked. No one’s going to catch us this time. Besides, I already came here earlier and checked the place out. Everything’s all set.”

“’Came here earlier? Checked the place out? All set for what? And why did you have to blindfold me??” Donna was aroused, but her unease was growing with every passing second.

“C’mon, Beth; I don’t wanna trip over something in here! You’re not going to get us in trouble again, are you?”

“We’re not going to get into trouble! And you’re not going to trip over anything, ok? I’ve got you, don’t I?”

As if to confirm the pronouncement of reassurance she felt Beth tighten her grip on her arm. She was being blindly escorted along. But escorted toward what?

Once more Donna found herself wondering why she always kept going along with her best friend during these crazy ideas she kept coming up with. Last time it was an impulsive skinny dip together in a public pool. That got them both kicked out of the establishment and had almost resulted in a fine. Now they’d broken into an empty warehouse simply because Elizabeth had promised her an extraordinary experience.

“Damn you, Beth! You’d better not get us both in trouble again or I’m going to KILL you!”

“Will you just relax already? It’s going to be fun!”

Her friend might have seemed nervous. But Elizabeth was terribly excited. She was on the verge of fulfilling an obsession, about to bring a long-held fantasy to life. And she was going to allow her best friend Donna to help her with it.

She couldn’t think of anyone else she’d rather share this special moment with. Besides, Donna was the perfect candidate. She was naïve, innocent and sexy as hell. She was going to be great!

Elizabeth led her unsuspecting best friend into the section of the warehouse she’d prepared earlier that morning. She felt an erotic jolt hit her hard when she caught site of her setup once more. Everything was in its place, all ready to go.

She gave a sharp little intake of breath. This was really going to happen! She found herself trembling with growing anticipation.

Donna sensed something wasn’t right. “Beth? You sound like… is something wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Elizabeth breathed excitedly, her body quivering as she looked around reverently. “In fact everything is just right. You’re really going to love this!”

It really was too bad she’d had to do this behind her friend’s back. She’d wanted Donna to see this before it was time. In fact she’d had this little fantasy Donna might have appreciated the effort she’d put into her setup. But that wasn’t likely.

She was certain her best friend would have freaked has she known. That’s why she’d been forced to take precautions. They were necessary to keep her girlfriend in the dark until the very last moment.

Donna’s feet wobbled in the heels, causing her friend to grip her arm tighter. She couldn’t see a damned thing! “Elizabeth?? Where the hell are we? C’mon, Beth… take off the blindfold already; you’re scaring me!”

Elizabeth inhaled sharply. Hearing the anxiety in her friend’s voice made her heart skip a beat. Her girlfriend’s fear was palpable, delicious and intoxicating.

Thankfully the poor thing couldn’t see anything, especially what she’d set up for her. It made her tremble excitedly, giddy with anticipation. She had no idea Donna’s fear would only add to the whole situation.

“C’mere,” she breathed, pulling Donna over and situating her in a certain spot. “Right here, baby… just stand right here.”

“Elizabeth?? What’s going on?”

“Shhh! Just stand right here, baby. Everything will be revealed soon enough.” And with that she reached upward.

Donna was frightened, nervous and aroused. Her friend was being damned secretive about something. For some reason it was starting to worry her. What the hell was Beth getting her into this time??

She did her best to stand still. But she found herself trembling on her heels. The whole thing was making her quite unsteady.

Elizabeth had begged her to wear them. So what the hell was her best friend up to anyway?

“Here. Let me just get this around your neck, ok?”

“Around my neck? Elizabeth; what are you…?”


Donna felt something settle around her throat. It felt like a coil of rope. What the hell was this??

“Elizabeth?? What the hell are you…?”

“Ok – ok; you can take a look now.”

The blindfold was lifted up and removed. Donna blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. Then she looked at their surroundings.

They were in a corner of the warehouse, a place they’d snuck into a couple times before. This time her eyes was drawn to a digital camera on a tripod a few feet right in front of her. At her feet was a three-legged stool about a foot and a half tall. A small rope attached to one of the legs and led straight to the tripod.

Donna was reminded of the sensation of a rope around her neck. She looked up to see it run all the way up through an iron eye-bolt in the ceiling. It threaded back down toward a cleat on the nearby wall.

“Elizabeth??” Donna breathed anxiously, her voice quivering as her legs started to buckle. “What’s g-going on? What are you d-doing?”

“I’ve had this fantasy for a long time now… more of an obsession really. I finally worked up the nerve to carry it out. You’re going to be the star.”

“The star?? Star of what?”

“Your own hanging, Donna. I’m going to hang you. And I’m going to record it so I can watch it again and again long after you’re gone.”

Hang me?? But why??”

“I told you. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to hang another woman. And the more we hung out together, the more I thought about what it would be like to hang you. You remember how I talked about all those pictures I saw on the Internet, right?”

“Yeah, but… I never thought you were serious about it!”

“For a long while I wasn’t. But over the last couple of years it’s become something of an obsession with me. Every time I see you I keep picturing you swinging from the end of a rope. Sometimes it was almost more than I could bear, and I would have to take a hot bath and masturbate. Now I just have to do something about it while the opportunity here has presented itself.”

“Opportunity?? Beth, you can’t be serious!!

The moment was almost at hand. Elizabeth was so excited she had to pause and take a deep breath just to regain her composure. “Here, baby,” she cooed in a trembling voice as she adjusted the noose around her trembling friend’s neck. “Let me fix that for you, ok? After all, we don’t want your hair getting in the way now, do we?”

As she took the slack out of the rope she gently pulled the dark brown strands out of the way, strands that were hanging well past her friend’s shoulders. Moments later the noose had unobstructed access to her girlfriend’s slender throat. It caused the frightened woman to whimper with fear.

“There, that’s much better now, don’t you think?” Then she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Elizabeth??” Donna gasped, trying to fight back tears. “Don’t D-DO this! If you w-wanna go s-streaking through a p-public park then I’m w-with you!” But her girlfriend was eyeing her with a strange, almost rapturous look.

“If only you could see what I see,” her friend panted. “You look so fucking hot with a noose around your neck. This is driving me crazy, baby! I gotta do it NOW!”


“Relax, baby; you’re going to love this!”

Elizabeth moved over to the wall where the rope came down to the cleat. “Now I want you to step up on that stool for me. Can you do that for me? Here; let me help you.”

Elizabeth leaned into the rope, taking out the slack. Donna gawked in alarm as the rope around her neck pulled her upward. She tried to cry out as she struggled to maintain her balance on her heels while stammer, “B-B-BETH???”

“Now you know why I wanted you in those heels,” Elizabeth said cheerfully. “They’re going to look so fucking hot as you kick and dance for me. I thought about doing you naked, but this will work for now. C’mon… be a good girl and step up for me. I know it’s not easy in those heels. But you can do it.”

To further encourage her reluctant friend she leaned even more into the rope. Donna gawked and gurgled as the noose started to lift her upward. It hurt so much that she instinctively started to step up onto the stool… anything to relieve the tension around her neck.

Her bound hands jerked helplessly behind her back. She was terribly unstable on her heels, almost losing her footing. She managed one trembling step upward and then the other before shuffling her feet, just barely stabilizing herself.

“Beth, please!! I can hardly keep my balance!”

“You won’t need to for much longer, Donna. Gawd; I almost wet myself with excitement when you stepped up onto that stool. Now just hold still for a sec, ok? Let me get this rope tied off again.”

Elizabeth made sure the slack was all taken out. Donna rasped as the noose tightened ominously around her throat. Beth wrapped the free end several times around the cleat so it wouldn’t loosen.

When she finished she almost ran over to the camera and the tripod; she was so excited. “Gawd – you look great!” she breathed reverently, intently studying her best friend as the poor woman quivered in the noose.

Donna shuffled around on her heels, struggling to remain upright. The rope was so snug around her throat that she instinctively stretched upward to make it easier to get her next breath. She couldn’t believe her best friend was actually going to hang her!

The scene was so erotic it was all Beth could do to keep from orgasming right then and there. “Damn, baby! I should’ve brought a mirror so you could see yourself! I don’t even have a compact!”

Elizabeth curled her lip unhappily, wishing her friend could see herself. A moment later her excitement returned. “Gawd, baby! Are you as excited as I am? I can’t believe I’m about to live my fantasy! Aren’t you the least bit excited?? That would be so hot if you were looking forward to hanging every bit as much as I’m looking forward to hanging you!”

“P-p-please g-get me d-down! Elizabeth, I d-don’t wanna h-hang!”

“Maybe you’ll get into it once you’re dancing on air, Donna! You’re going to love this, baby – TRUST ME! I think you’re really going to get a kick out of it!” She couldn’t help giggling at her pun as she stepped behind the tripod.

She eagerly turned her camera on and checked the LCD display so she could properly center her best friend into the middle of the video. A moment later she snapped a couple of pictures. The flash startled her intended victim, making poor Donna cry out in alarm.

Elizabeth checked the pictures. They appeared to look just fine. “Donna, I’m telling you: these look great!”


“Hang on, baby; I’m almost ready!”

Beth made a few final adjustments. Then she reached down and grabbed onto the rope that led to the footstool her best friend was now violently trembling upon. Donna’s eyes flashed in horror.

Up ‘til now she was praying her friend was playing a horrid prank. How far was the crazy bitch going to carry this through?? She was really starting to scare her!!

Elizabeth had to catch her breath. Then she grinned at her noosed friend. “I was going to strip you naked, but I just can’t wait any longer. I’m so wet down below that I gotta do this right now or I’m going to cream my panties! I hope you understand!” Then she leaned forward conspiratorially.

“Are you ready, baby? Are you as excited as I am right now? Or are you scared?”


“Tell me you’re scared, baby. I want to know how frightened you are. Tell me… it’s such a fucking rush!”

“G-GAWD, B-BETH – I’m TERRIFIED! Don’t D-DO this to me! Beth… PLEASE! You’re S-SCARING me!”

“Gawd, that’s so hot! I’m so excited I think I’m going to cum the moment I take the stool away! Damn, Donna! I was kind of hoping you’d be terrified. That should really make you kick up a storm!”

She paused dramatically as though catching her breath. “Now give me a good dance, Donna! Then she started pulling slowly on the rope to the stool.

Donna’s eyes went wide in horror as she started shaking her head. She cried out as she felt her link to the floor of the warehouse start to slide out from underneath her. She shuffled her heels as she tried to maintain contact with the stool. But it slid easily on the smooth, cement floor.

She gawked as her heels slipped once. Beth gasped with delight as she continued pulling the rope attached to the leg of the stool. Then she gave it a cruel jerk.

The stool abruptly scuffled out from underneath her. Donna dropped, causing her to hit the end of the rope with a jerk and a “GAWK!” She couldn’t believe her bitch of a girlfriend had actually done it!

Her feet stretched downward, toes pointing at the floor as her heels fluttered for something to stand on. The stool was well out of reach as she kicked toward it. Then her body exploded in a flurry of activity.

She started to kick in a frantic effort to find something to stand on. Her body twisted and gyrated as she struggled in the noose. That’s when Elizabeth’s long awaited pent-up orgasm exploded inside her.

She let out a cry as her body was assaulted by wave after wave of intense pleasure. It was so damned hot watching Donna kick in the noose. She was so overwhelmed with arousal that she almost knocked the camera over.

Donna felt intense agony in her neck as she swung back and forth. The noose was fully supporting her weight as her feet splayed out and then kicked erratically. She was unaware her neck was starting to lengthen.

Her body started to rotate, her hands flexing helplessly behind her back as she gawked and gurgled. There was an intense burning in her chest from lack of oxygen. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before in her life.

She pleaded with her eyes for her best friend to cut her down. But her friend looked maniacal… like a woman possessed. There was a look of pure bliss in her expression as though she was drunk.

Donna couldn’t believe it. It was as though her best friend had become someone totally unrecognizable. Elizabeth had morphed into a complete stranger, touching herself all over as though she was gyrating in some form of hypnotic trance. Her eyes were open wide, glazed over in rapturous wonder. She even looked like she was having a small seizure.

Donna’s mind screamed, “Elizabeth… PLEASE! GET ME DOWN FROM HERE! I DON’T WANNA DIE!” She opened and closed her mouth in an effort to cry out. But she couldn’t make the words come to the surface. They were hung up somewhere in her throat, just beyond the coil of rope slowly constricting her windpipe.

As full-blown terror overwhelmed her, the horrible realization of her impending death set in. Donna’s body erupted in an explosion of frantic movement. Her legs kicked wildly, setting her to swaying and swinging in the noose even more. Then she gawked and gurgled, twisting violently in a frantic effort to draw just one little breath of air into her tortured lungs.

Elizabeth could only watch in wide-eyed wonder. The young blonde struggled to remain standing as she watched her best friend perform a wonderful dance of death. The orgasmic sensations in her body didn’t seem to be subsiding at all! As soon as she felt one start to fade away Donna would either jerk, gurgle or kick wildly again, triggering yet another series of intense explosions of pleasure inside her.

She couldn’t believe it! It was far better than she’d ever thought possible, far more than she could have hoped for! She should have hanged Donna long ago!

“You look so fuckin’ hot!” she breathed appreciatively as poor Donna twirled and swayed in the noose. “Gawd – you’re giving me such a great dance!” Then her best friend jerked and spasmed again in the clutches of the rope.

It set off yet another intense orgasm within her. “Oh GAWD – oh FUCK – oh GAWD!” Elizabeth gasped as the erotic sensations once more coursed wildly through her body.

It was becoming increasingly harder to pull any kind of air into her body. Donna kicked with greater urgency in a frantic attempt to get another breath. Deep in her loins she felt a surge of something sexual swell within her.

Each gasp for air was painfully brief, incredibly short-lived. Each one left her starving for more. She discovered that with each kick there was a hint of slack in the rope, immediately followed by a greater constriction of the rope around her neck.

Her breath came out in short little rasps and gurgles. Each attempt to intake another breath was worse than before. The pain around her neck was unbelievable, the fire of breathless agony in her chest unbearable.

Donna’s thighs rubbed together until something exploded deep inside. She felt the heat of something warm and pleasurable. But it literally took the life out of her.

Elizabeth almost lost her ability to remain standing. “Fuck, baby; did you just cum??” Then she gasped as her eyes rolled in orgasm. Knowing her best friend has just climaxed in the noose made the whole thing ten times better than she could have possibly imagined.

Donna suddenly hung limp, having expended all of her energy. She swayed helplessly in the noose, her hands flexing uselessly behind her back. Her lungs heaved in her chest as they screamed for a decent breath of air.

Her head felt like it was going to explode. She was getting to the point where she could barely feel her legs anymore. Her nipples felt like they were going to pop right through her bra.

Donna tried to breathe but was unsuccessful. The noose had completely closed off her windpipe. With the sudden realization there was no more air forthcoming, her softly swaying body suddenly jerked and hitched in protest, erupting one last time in a series of desperate kicks as her lungs struggled to pull air into her body. One high heeled piece of footwear went flying through the air.

Elizabeth gasped wildly for breath, having finally come down from her series of continuous orgasms. Then Donna went off once again in a flurry of jerks, spasms and kicking legs, setting her body to swinging wildly once again as she lost a heel. Elizabeth barely managed to breathe out an “OHMYGAWD – THAT’S SO FUCKIN’ HOT!” Then another excruciating orgasm exploded inside her, ravaging her body.

Elizabeth collapsed into a heap on the floor. She somehow managed to maintain direct eye contact with the swinging body of her dying friend. The whole damned thing was so much more than she could have possibly bargained for.

Donna was dimly aware of the intense agony in her body as her systems began shutting down one by one. With a final shudder she stopped fighting altogether. She swayed softly as her vision began to cloud.

She was conscious enough to feel a flush of pleasure as an orgasm went off inside her. It sent warm waves flushing through her tortured body. A moment later her humiliation was complete as she lost control of her bladder. Urine completely soaked her thong before dribbling down her legs, dripping off her exposes foot and her remaining heel.

She hung limp in the noose, consciousness fading fast. Her body slowly turned in place until she caught sight of Elizabeth lying in a heap on the floor. Her best friend was looking at her, her eyes wide as she gasped heavily for breath.

For a moment she wondered if Beth had somehow fallen and hurt herself. Then her vision failed, even as she tried to open her eyes to see better. Donna hung limp, barely conscious as all feeling stopped below her waist.

Her lungs tried to scream one last time in her chest. Her body twitched and shuddered with small, involuntary spasms. A death rattle burbled up from somewhere inside her. Then her eyes glazed over as consciousness abandoned her. Drool fell off her tongue as it protruded out of her parted lips.

Elizabeth could only watch in awe as her best friend expired in the noose. She saw the bodily twitches, heard the guttural rattle. It elicited a low moan or rapturous pleasure out of her own throat as one final orgasm caused her to stiffen, then shudder.

Unable to prop herself up on the floor of the warehouse any longer, she went totally limp. Elizabeth sagged in a heap, never taking her eyes off her friend’s dangling corpse. Donna’s body slowly rotated while swaying back and forth like the motions of a dying pendulum.

She finally became still, her body slowly turning in place. Urine dripped off her remaining heel. A spasm rippled through one of her legs as her head hitched.

Beth was awestruck. “Gawd, baby; that was great!!” Then she struggled to get to her feet.

She felt dizzy, weak all over. She swayed like a drunken sailor as she slowly walked up to the body of her best friend as it hung in the noose. Then she reached out and gently touched the fabric-covered breasts of her best friend. Donna’s nipples appeared to be painfully hard.

“Was it good for you too, baby?” she purred as she lovingly caressed her dead friend’s tits through the material. “Gawd – I gotta see this!” And with that Beth began undressing her with trembling hands.

She started with Donna’s bra, unclasping it until it hung loose, exposing her dead friend’s sexy boobs. Then with a quiet reverence she began softly caressing those lifeless mounds. They were warm to the touch, both nipples fully swollen.

Once more it triggered an orgasm within her, albeit a small one. Elizabeth stiffened and then shuddering as a warm wave of pleasure washed through her. Then she caught her breath before moving further down Donna’s dangling body with her hands.

Beth slowly pulled Donna’s skirt down until her soaked thongs came into view. There was a distinct smell of urine and a whiff of bowel. But there was also a strong, feminine smell.

Allowing the skirt to fall to the floor, she reached out and lovingly touched her friend’s thong, discovering how wet and sticky it was. There was indeed a mixed smell of cum and urine. Elizabeth smiled at the thought.

“I thought you might cum, baby. I’m so glad. It was such a turn-on seeing you orgasm in the noose.” Then she lovingly stroked the dead woman’s soaked thong.

Elizabeth reached up and caressed Donna’s breasts once more. Then she sighed with great pleasure and satisfaction. “You were great, baby. But I gotta leave you now. You have no idea how much this has meant to me. I’ve got it on video, and I swear I’ll treasure it forever!”

Kissing a couple of fingers, she placed them gently upon Donna’s parted lips. Her friend just stared off into space with lifeless, unseeing eyes. Elizabeth sighed once more before walking over and gathering up her camera equipment.

Looking around, she decided that it would be a nice gesture to leave her precious Donna hanging just the way she was. It occurred to her someone else with an obsession such as hers might discover the body and derive great pleasure from seeing it dangling in midair. “Call it my gift to whomever finds you, baby,” she told the corpse with a contented sigh as she headed for the exit, her gear in tow…

2008; 2018 (written for Donna Jan 4 ’08; ed. Dec 8 ‘18 by riwa)

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