Going out in style


Bertrand Chowsman found an unlocked window to the basement. He crawled inside and worked his way through the building until he came to the back door and let the three actresses inside. He still could not believe they really wanted to do this.

“Are you ladies sure about this?” he asked, still finding the whole thing hard to digest.

“Are you sure that thing will work?” Peggy Antwerp replied with a question of her own, motioning at the equipment he’d brought along.

“Ladies, I’ve been taking quality photographs for five years now. I can’t help it if nobody wants to hire me.”

“Well, nobody wants to hire us either,” Gwen Ustich lamented, the shortest of the three. “I guess it didn’t matter how many times I fucked Mack on his casting couch. He had nothing for me. All he wanted to do was fuck me.”

“Same complaint here,” Dorothy LePerch added with a sigh. “It’s been months of nothing but broken promise after broken promise.”

“At least you’re going to be famous now, Bert,” Peggy told him with a smile. “Your photographs will be the talk of Hollywood.”

“I don’t know,” he replied dubiously. “Who the hell am I going to show them to? Who’s going to believe me? Won’t they throw me in jail?”

“Just think of the stink you can cause if they threaten you with jail time,” Gwen reminded him.

They quietly moved through the darkened building to the stage. Bert and Peggy had little lanterns they’d brought along to help illuminate the way. They finally found the switch for the stage lights and turned them on, illuminating it with a soft glow.

The three girls looked around wistfully. “Well, we finally made it here,” Dorothy observed with a heavy sigh.

“Yeah, but it’s going to be a one-time performance to an empty house,” Peggy replied sadly.

“Bert here will make sure we’re famous,” Gwen told them. “Let’s look around back. Bert, you said we’d find what we needed behind the stage, right?”

“Should be back there somewhere, ladies.” Then he shook his head as he helped them with their search.

They rummaged around in back until they found three lengths of nylon rope used for hefting displays into the air. Meanwhile there were plenty of metal frames and beams dangling from above to hold the curtains and displays in place. Bert found one that looked promising.

He snooped around some control panels until he found a lever that looked like it might work. He pulled it and watched as the metal bar came down. It looked like it would work just fine.

The ladies stood under the bar with their ropes in hand. Each one quietly began to form one end into a noose. “Thirteen loops? Gwen asked softly, her voice betraying her wavering nerves as she glanced at her companions.

“What does it matter so long as they work?” Peg acknowledged her companion’s noose and said it was coming along just fine before going back to her own. After all, they’d agreed to personally prepare their own ropes.

They finished the nooses before checking each one to make sure they functioned properly. Then they tied them off to the metal bar Bert had lowered. “Better check the weight, girls,” Peg said quietly.

She pulled on her rope as the others pulled on theirs. They tried to lift their legs up off the floor of the stage, seeing if the bar could hold their combined weight. It swayed and creaked a little, but otherwise it seemed strong enough. Besides, the ladies didn’t weigh all that much.

“Do we need chairs, Bert?” Dorothy asked uncertainly. Bertrand went back over to the lever and moved it in the opposite direction. Sandbags behind the backdrop lowered, causing the bar to rise back up.

“No, girls,” he told them quietly. “I think this will do it. Lever down; bar comes down. Lever up; bar goes up. It looks like there’s enough counterweight to keep you aloft.”

“Lucky guy,” Peggy told him with a smile. “I guess you get to serve as our executioner.” But Bert hadn’t paid attention to her words as he was checking around other switches.

He threw one out of curiosity to see if it meant what was marked. The sound of applause suddenly rang out all around them. The girls turned to look at the empty rows of seats in astonishment.

“What the hell was that, Bert?” The sound abruptly died off.

“I guess some actors need fake applause to get the audience to stand up and clap, Peg. I guess everybody has an ego to stroke.”

“Including us?” Peggy observed sadly. The others looked at her but said nothing. Each one secretly harbored the pain of not getting to experience for themselves the thrill of a cheering throng.

“I like it,” Gwen finally told him. “Can you play it while we’re hanging?”

“Great idea,” Dorothy added with a smile, feeling her mood lighten. “We’ll finally get the cheers we rightfully deserve.”

“Girls, really. This is totally insane.”

Bert came out, only to discover the stage was empty. He looked all around in confusion. “Now where the hell did you ladies go?”

“Back here, Bert,” Peggy called out from behind a partition “We’re changing into proper attire for our last performance. You can get your equipment ready while we’re back here.”

“Crazy girls,” he muttered to himself, shaking his head as he went and got his camera ready on its tripod.

He couldn’t believe it when they’d originally sought him out. At first he’d hoped it was a legitimate proposition that might propel him on his way to something substantial. He couldn’t believe what they wanted him to do for them. The only reason he was even going through with it was the fact they’d given him their life savings, a tidy sum considering what they had left on hand and what they were proposing.

He was stunned when they came out from behind the partition. All three were completely nude. He tried to stutter something as they came forward, but the words failed him. He had no idea he would be treated to this!

“Well, Bert?” Peggy asked, pirouetting before him. “What do you think?”

“Damn, girls! Why aren’t you in show business?”

“Producers, directors, casting agents – I tried everyone,” Dorothy sighed. “At least now I’ll be noticed with your pictures floating around out there. Make sure every newspaper in the country gets a copy, ok?”

“We’ll finally be famous,” Peggy added with a wistful sigh.

“Get a shot of us with our nooses,” Gwen directed. “Show everyone we did this on purpose.”

“Ok, girls. If you say so.”

Bert went behind his camera and lined them up. All three grabbed each other’s hand and held it up in unison with their nooses in view. They posed until he snapped off a couple of pictures.

“Ok, ladies. Now what?”

“Now we hang of course,” Peggy told him with a smile. She’d been feeling a little anxious. But now she was starting to get into it. Or maybe she just wanted to get it over with before she changed her mind.

“Just like that?”

“Just like that,” Dorothy told him. “Although I was wondering…” She paused as though considering something.

“Wondering about what?”

“Shouldn’t we have our arms tied behind our backs? To show the industry how they held us captive to a system that never did what it promised?”

Gwen and Peggy looked at her for a moment. Then they nodded in agreement. It seemed rather fitting actually.

“Sounds good to me,” Peg verbalized for them all. “Can you find a little more rope to tie our arms behind our backs with?”

“Girls, I don’t know about all this. Do you really want to go through with this?”

“You took our money, Bert. Aren’t you going to honor our last request?”

He looked at Gwen for a long moment. He hated to see her beauty destroyed with something so cruel as a noose. But they seemed determined to go through with it.

“I’ll go look.” Then he went behind the backdrop again as the ladies began whispering amongst themselves.

He emerged with three small lengths of rope. “Will this do?”

“Perfect, Bert,” Peggy observed with a smile.

She nodded at her two companions. Then they all got down onto their knees. Together they obediently brought their arms behind their backs.

“Girls, you, uh… you don’t have to be on your, uh… oh never mind.” Then he began securing each woman’s hands behind her back.

“Ok,” he said as he finished binding Dorothy’s wrists together. “Anything else?”

Gwen suggested, “How about another picture with us bound and on our knees?”

“Good idea,” Dorothy added. “It will show us in our proper role of subservience. Besides, I don’t know how many times I found myself in this position trying to suck my way into a movie role.” The other ladies nodded as they murmured their agreement at her observation.

Bertrand went behind his camera and adjusted the focus. Then he snapped the picture. “Got it?” Peggy asked, sounding both nervous and excited.

“I got a picture of you three on your knees with the nooses above your heads.”

“Perfect,” Gwen said to him.

“There’s just one more thing, Bert.”

“One more thing, Dorothy?? Ladies, this is hard enough for me as it is. You have no idea how much it pains me to hang you like this!”

“Does it really bother you, Bert?” Dorothy asked with a coy smile. “It looks like you might not be so bothered after all.”

“What?” In response she just smiled and licked her lips at the bulge she saw in his pants.

Gwen saw it too. “I think you’re right, Dorothy. He seems excited at the prospect of watching us hang.”

“Shouldn’t we tip the executioner with a last blowjob?”

“Good idea, Peg,” Dorothy said with a smile. “How about it, Bert? Interested in giving the condemned their last meal? Might be your last chance.”

“C’mon, Bert,” Gwen added. “It’s not like we haven’t done it before.”

“Uh… ladies I, uh… oh hell.”

He slowly pulled down his pants and briefs, displaying an embarrassing erection. He looked to be a good six and a half inches. The ladies all smiled and licked their lips.

“Ok, Bert. Bring it on over. We’re in the appropriate position, and as our executioner you’re certainly entitled to a little extra compensation.”

“Aren’t you ladies frightened?”

“Of course we are,” Gwen told him. “We just need a little something to focus on right now as a distraction. Besides, you really do look like you’re going to enjoy this. I hope you’ll ‘salute’ us with your cock as we hang for you.” The other ladies chuckled at her remark.

Bert stepped up to Dorothy first. She gave him a good sucking before he moved over to Gwen. She eagerly bobbed up and down on his cock before he pulled out and gave Peggy a turn.

He went up and down the line, allowing them to hungrily suck his dick. It was shameful and yet terribly erotic. He couldn’t believe these three would-be actresses were sucking his cock before getting ready to hang for him.

“I’m about ready to cum. Who do I give it to?”

“Give it to Dorothy. It was her idea.”

“Bert, make me wear it for all the times I had egg on my face after sucking to get a part and then not getting a damned thing.”

Dorothy gave him a good sucking until he began to gasp. He pulled out and spurted all over her face. She moaned like a whore as the other two jealously looked on. Peggy couldn’t help muttering, “Lucky bitch.”

Bertrand helped them to their feet. He had to lower the bar a little more so he could get the nooses around their necks. He saw how they were going to be hanging pretty close together.

His hands trembled as he began looping each coil around each neck. He cinched Dorothy up last. She thanked him for the privilege of sucking him and then wearing his cum on her face with pride. She told him she hoped they all put on a good dance for him and to get as many pictures as possible while they were still kicking.

Peggy told him, “Now take one more picture with the ropes around our necks please.” Bert nodded before going back behind the camera. They tried to smile for him as they nervously stood in place. But their faces faltered just a bit now that they were so close to the end.

He snapped off the picture. “I got it, girls. Anything else?”

“Now hang us, Bert,” Dorothy instructed. “And play that applause for us, ok? We want to go out in style.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do it, Bert!” Gwen declared, bucking up her courage. Peggy just nodded solemnly. “And keep your pants down so we can see your hard cock,” Dorothy added with a lustful smile.

He sighed heavily before heading over to the lever. They all stiffened with anticipation. A moment later the applause began.

All three tried to stand proudly at the faux adulation they were receiving. It was surreal for them to be standing naked onstage to an empty auditorium. It was going to be even more surreal the moment they found themselves hanging in midair.

Bert pushed the lever upward. The bar rose up, pulling the ropes with it. The three naked ladies were taken off their feet right up into the air.

Bertrand made sure they were a couple feet off the floor before he rushed back to his camera. The bar began to sway as Peggy and Dorothy began to kick while Gwen’s feet fluttered for solid footing. So far it was holding their weight

He focused on the image and then started taking pictures as they bumped into each other while struggling in their nooses. He was forced to separate the conflicted Bertrand Chowsman from the professional Bertrand Chowsman. After all, these ladies wanted good photographs. And he’d made a promise to them upon taking the last of their cash.

Gwen finally joined the dance as her legs began to kick. All three jerked and swayed, bouncing off each other as their legs went every which way. The bar jerked from their gyrations, making Bert stiffen with apprehension. But it seemed to be holding their weight just fine.

His cock had hardened back up, shaming him to no end. But this was what the three ladies wanted. Their beauty and sincerity made him want to do his very best for them. He just hoped it might shame someone in Hollywood who had previously dealt with these fine ladies. But he doubted it would have any lingering effects on any of the production studios…

Peggy had no idea it would hurt this much. But she’d agreed to go through with it like the others. She caught sight of Gwen struggling next to her and concluded her new-found friend was suffering every bit as much as she was.

Looking down she caught sight of Bert’s erection as she kicked and struggled. He seemed embarrassed by it as he kept his head behind the camera, snapping picture after picture. But he seemed to be deriving some sort of sexual pleasure out of it, judging by how hard his cock had become.

Peggy thought that was appropriate. All the studio heads had derived pleasure from her body. In a way she thought this was rather appropriate for the situation. It felt like the proper sendoff for a woman like her who had fucked to get into the door, only to be rewarded with spurting cocks and crushed dreams…

Gwen kicked and struggled, her arms jerking helplessly behind her back as she bounced off the bodies of her two companions on either side of her. It was getting harder and harder to pull in a breath of air. But she felt a strange warmth begin to blossom from within, manifesting down in her crotch.

Deep down she was glad she had sucked Bert’s cock along with the others. He deserved it for all the trouble they’d put him through. She hoped nothing bad would happen to him over this. She also hoped their pictures would be seen by the whole world and that they’d become way more famous after they were dead than when they had been alive.

She kicked and struggled as her throat closed off. It hurt like hell. Then she felt a hot flush as her body responded in orgasm. It seemed to soften the agony she was going through…

Dorothy did her best to put on a good show for Bert and the others. She kicked and twisted as the bar jerked them around, causing her to bounce off her shorter companion. Gwen’s legs briefly wrapped around her before letting go. Then she gurgled at the agony she was experiencing.

She heard the cheers echoing from the rafters. It made her kick a little harder. They were finally getting the applause they all deserved.

A surge of excitement fought through the pain to crest within her as her thighs rubbed together. There was a strange mixture of pain and pleasure flushing through her body. But it hurt so bad she was willing to accept any pleasurable feelings she might happen to experience.

She was glad she was wearing Bert’s cum on her face. Judging by his erection it looked like he was enjoying the show. And since this was the only production she would ever star in…well, along with her friends… she wanted it to be the best show ever. Then her throat closed off and her body responded by fighting even harder to breathe…

Bert’s cock stiffened noticeably as he focused on taking picture after picture. Gwen Ustich’s bladder suddenly gave way as urine trickled down her legs off her toes onto the floor. She seemed to be going first, and he tried to capture the moment on film.

Next to her Peggy Antwrep seemed to be rubbing her thighs together, or at least trying to. She dolphin kicked as she grunted her agony. Her face was turning a disturbing shade of purple.

On the other end of the bar Dorothy LePerch suddenly jerked hard as fluid spewed out of her crotch. It didn’t appear to be urine. She had actually sprayed from an orgasm that was part pain and part pleasure.

The ladies finally began to settle down, no longer bumping into each other. Peggy’s bladder gave way as she gently swung back and forth. Then Dorothy began dripping fluid off her toes as well.

The ladies had jerked against the bar, causing them to swing wildly. Now they began swaying together as though in synchronous unison. Bertrand snapped a couple of pictures, catching them in one with their legs slightly off to the right as though they were doing a synchronous pirouette.

They settled down until their ropes creaked as they gently swung back and forth while the faux applause continued. Bertrand snapped off a couple more photos. Then he quietly gathered up his things before pulling his pants back up.

For a moment he didn’t know what to do as he stood there looking up at them. He finally decided to leave them dangling for the morning crew to find. He even left the applause turned on so it would be playing in the background when their bodies were discovered. It would be a fitting tribute to three woman whose lives and careers had been crushed in the cruel place known as Hollywood.

2018 (written Nov 15 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture manipulated by Quidam Martin.)

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