Holly’s Playboy Shoot


(A fanfiction of that famous photo shoot that took place many years ago.)

Bridget and Kendra were not happy despite the life they were living. Supposedly they had it all, living at the Playboy mansion as girlfriends of Hugh Hefner. But they had to share his time with Holly. And each one was developing an inner resentment.

Bridget was angry she was not getting any special photo shoots like Holly was. Even now a photographer was getting ready to take pictures of Holly down by the pool. It was a sore spot with her that was beginning to fester.

Kendra blamed Holly for not getting her a playmate of the month cover. It wasn’t Holly’s fault as she had no influence on who was chosen. But she seemed to be Hef’s favorite girlfriend, and rumors continued to swirl she’d been denied due to Holly’s influence.

Holly was indeed ambitious, playing a starring role in The Girl’s Next Door series. Bridget and Kendra both blamed her for taking more of the focus when the cameras were rolling. And it seemed she was working more and more behind the scenes for some of Hefner’s other projects, making herself indispensable.

Bridget was outside sunning herself in her skinny pink bikini, once more fuming Holly was getting all the attention. She didn’t want to be there watching the photo shoot taking place. It made her blood pressure rise to think Holly was getting yet another modeling gig.

It wasn’t long before Kendra came walking up in her light blue bikini. She too looked unhappy. “Did you know Holly is at the pool involved in another photo shoot?”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Bridget replied icily.

“That bitch always gets the good gigs, doesn’t she? You know Hef favors her more than us, right?”

“Don’t remind me.”

“Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

“Why should I be? The bitch would probably rub it in.”

“Want to go take a look?”

“Not really.”

Holly finished posing on a rock formation. She was naked of course, although she’d kept her crotch discreetly hidden. Then she saw the photographer’s assistant walk up and dump a load of chains onto the edge of the pool.

She dove into the water and swam over. Then she stood up next to the edge of the pool. “What are those for?” she asked curiously of the chains, feeling a twinge of discomfort.

“I was thinking about the idea of a shoot with you in chains underwater, that is, if you can hold your breath.”

“I learned to swim not long ago so I can hold my breath. What did you have in mind?”

“Here, let me show you,” he said as he patted the edge of the pool

The idea of being chained underwater intrigued her. But it sounded scary. The idea gave her a bit of an erotic thrill as she hadn’t heard of any other playmate filming underwater in chains. This might prove to be worth her while.

She sat on the edge of the pool as he explained what he was looking for. At first she was reluctant. So he suggested she try it with the chains dangling loosely around her body just to get a feel for things. That put Holly more at ease.

He draped them all over her until she was really weighed down. He wrapped several around her feet as well as around her wrists. Then he helped her off the side of the pool into the water.

“I was thinking of you lying on the bottom,” he suggested as she stood in water up to the bottom of her breasts. “We can call it ‘Hef’s Chained Love Slave’. What do you think of that?”

“I like it,” she admitted with a grin. “Let’s see how it works out.”

“Let’s try a few shots of you underwater holding your breath first. Then we’ll see how easily you can get back to your feet.”

“Got it.” Already she was finding this whole idea rather erotic.

“There she is,” Kendra pointed. From a distance they could see Holly standing naked in the water with chains wrapped around her. “I see the bitch is about to get more publicity.”

“I’d like to drown her ass in that pool,” Bridget grumped. “She gets all the attention while we get the leftovers.”

“Want to go over and watch the shoot?”

“I can see the bitch just fine from here.”

Holly dropped to her knees and posed while holding her breath. The photographer came underwater with his camera to take some stills. He was quite professional and was able to hold his breath longer than she could. It was a bit of an embarrassment, but at least it meant he would be able to stay down long enough to get the shots he wanted.

She came back up for a breath, finding it relatively easy to get back to her feet. It wasn’t nearly as scary as she thought it would be. In fact, it was proving to be rather enjoyable… and definitely erotic.

She went back down as he made her pose again. He snapped off a few more stills. Then they came back up.

“Let’s try one of you lying down on your side. Give me your best feature.” She smiled at him, knowing full well what he was referring to.

They went back down for another series of poses. She stretched out on her side, not at all concerned about having to hold her breath. For the moment she wasn’t staying down long enough for it to even be an issue.

She came back up to get her breath back. He used the LCD display to show her how the pictures were coming out. She liked what she saw and told him so.

“Let’s get another set,” he told her. “I’m thinking of you relaxing underwater with your arms over your head.” She nodded with understanding as she already had an idea of the pose he was looking. It was a standard Playboy posture whenever the ladies were being photographed.

She inhaled deeply and then stretched out on her side. The chains hung loosely; she wasn’t the least bit afraid. Then he came down and snapped several more of her as she posed.

When she came back up he showed her what he had taken. She really liked what she saw. She was already imagining what the pictures would look like out in the public arena. The other girls would be eating their hearts out.

“What next?” she asked.

When he motioned over at the side of the pool she gasped at the sight. There were several locks lying off by themselves. He smiled as he suggested, “Shall we see how it looks with the locks attached?”

She only had to think about it for a moment. “I love it!” she declared. This was turning out to be a daring photo shoot that would really show off her abilities.

He began attaching padlocks to her chains, including chaining her arms behind her back. Then he instructed her to go under again. Holly filled her lungs and then submerged.

She went into a couple of different poses as he snapped off several more stills. Then she came up and gasped for breath. He showed her how the new ones had turned out. She was pleased with the results.

About that time a familiar face came over to have a look as the photographer brushed the hair out of her face. “What’s with the chains?” Hef asked.

“I’m an escape artist,” Holly replied with a smile.

“Oh, you’re Houdini then,” he observed with a chuckle. “No, wait. I guess you’d be ‘Hoo-Holly’.” She laughed at his little joke.

He looked at the padlock hanging around her neck. Then he looked down on the ground. That’s when he bent down and began picking up the keys that were lying there.

“Hey! Don’t take those!”

“No problem. You can have them back once you come to the bedroom.” Then he smiled as he walked away with them, his libido having been influenced by her wet, chained nudity.

“But I need those back!” He just laughed over his shoulder.

They were out of sight when Hefner saw them and walked over to them. “You ladies spying on Holly?”

“What’s she doing?”

“She’s playing Houdini. The photographer’s got her all chained up in the pool.” Then he placed the keys in Kendra’s hand. “She might need these,” he chuckled before he headed on toward the mansion.

Bridget looked at the keys in Kendra’s hand. Then she looked at Kendra. Her companion just snorted, “So she wants to play ‘Escape Artist’, eh?”

The photographer patted her on the shoulder. “Why don’t we take a few more? He’s probably going to turn around and come right back.” She nodded as her pussy tingled at the predicament she found herself in. At least she was going to get a little sex out of this when it was all over.

She submerged for a few more pictures until he was finished. He showed her the latest stills. Again, she liked what she saw.

“I guess we’re done,” he said as he climbed out of the water.

“Hey; what about me?”

“Hef took your keys. I assume they’ll be making their way back to you at some point.”

“You’re just going to leave me like this?”

He was about to get back in the water to get her out when he saw a couple of girls walking up. The one in the light blue bikini held up something in her hand and called out, “Looking for these?”

“It looks like the keys have returned,” the photographer said with a smile. “It was a pleasure working with you, Holly. You make a great ‘Underwater Chained Love Slave’.”

“Thanks,” she said appreciatively as he gathered up his gear and left.

She watched as Bridget and Kendra came up to the edge of the pool. She saw what was in Kendra’s hands and asked, “How’d you get all those keys?”

“Hef left them with us,” Bridget explained. “He said you’re practicing to be an escape artist.”

“That old fart took them and left,” Holly replied indignantly. “Now get me out of here.”

“Get out of there yourself,” Kendra snorted as she tossed the keys into the water.”


“You said you wanted to be an escape artist.”

“I was just joking!”

“What: you can’t reach them? Can’t you hold your breath long enough?”

“I can hold my breath!” she retorted indignantly. “Bitches!”

“Suit yourself,” Bridget replied with a dismissive wave. Then they turned and walked away.”

“Hey, come back here!”

“We gave you the keys, Holly,” Kendra called back over her shoulder. “What more do you want?”

“You bitches!” But they just kept walking away until they were gone.

“Damn!” she sputtered, looking all around. There was no one to help her. Was she going to have to do this herself??

The keys she needed were scattered all around the bottom of the pool. What a pain in the ass! The least that bitch could have done was toss them together instead of all over the damned place.

She filled her lungs and then submerged. It was not easy to see underwater, making the keys harder to locate once she was submerged. Besides, she could only pick them up with her hands which were chained and padlocked behind her back.

She went onto her side and tried reaching behind her for the nearest one. But she couldn’t get it into her hand. She bubbled in frustration as she finally gave up.

She stood back up, only to realize she was now in water up to her neck. Damn! Did the bitch really have to toss them into deeper water like that??

Holly looked down to see where three of them were lying somewhat close together. Maybe if she went after them she’d be able to snag one of them. Maybe one would unlock the padlock to her wrists.

She bent forward and dove downward for them, the chains taking her right to the bottom. She had to roll onto her side as she felt around behind her. Almost immediately she snagged one of them.

She bubbled as she worked to get it into the padlock attached to her wrists. But it was hard going. Being an escape artist was not nearly as easy as she thought it would be just to open a stupid padlock underwater with a key.

Well this was damned inconvenient! Afterwards she was going to give those two bitches a good chewing-out, leaving her alone like this. Maybe one of the other girls would come by and rescue her.

She bubbled as she strained to work the key into the padlock. But did she have the right one? Did all these padlocks require different keys? What a pain this was going to be getting herself all unchained!

Holly fought with the lock until her lungs began to burn. She finally gave up and tried to get to her feet. But when she stood upright she discovered her face was just below the surface. Somehow she’d gotten herself into deeper water.

She grunted and bubbled as she jumped upward, trying to get a breath. She couldn’t kick with her legs and she couldn’t pull with her arms. She barely got her mouth up to the surface with a jump before she slipped back under.

She jumped up again, fighting back panic. She gasped up at the surface before submerging. The chains were just too heavy.

She looked around in growing alarm, trying to spot another key. She dropped to her knees and then back onto her side as she fumbled around with her hands. She thought one was right there within easy reach.

She brushed it with her fingers as she tried to scoop it up. But it scooted just out of reach. Her lungs were already burning; she needed another breath.

She struggled to get to her feet again, only to discover she was in even deeper water. She tried to jump up to get a breath but she couldn’t get her mouth above the surface. Holly cried out a froth of bubbles as she twisted and struggled.

She had to get back into shallow water! What was she thinking, trying to go after the keys like that?? She should have waited for someone to come by. But who would be coming out here? The lawn company had already gone home for the day so as not to interfere with her pool shoot.

She tried to jump up for another breath. But she fell a couple inches short. Her lungs burned as her chest heaved ominously.

She tried jumping up again as panic swelled within her. It seized her as she swallowed a little water. Then she began twisting and thrashing about as she inhaled deeply.

Her throat suddenly closed off, making her want to breathe all the more. But she couldn’t get up to the surface. Her mouth opened and closed as she gulped water until her windpipe opened back up. Then she was inhaling huge lungfuls of water as she slowly sank to the bottom of the pool, her body hitching and convulsing.

Holly spasmed and shuddered as she coughed up a mixture of water and bubbles. She was dimly aware her body had reacted with a small orgasm. She ended up flat on her back, one of the keys underneath her as she stared upward, a small trail of tiny bubbles scurrying to the surface. That’s when her time as Hef’s girlfriend came to an undignified end.

As for Bridget and Kendra? They said they’d left the keys for Holly to unlock herself. Then they’d been called away. They had no idea their friend would try escaping from the locks in water too deep to stand up in.

2018 (written Nov 15 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by Holly’s real-life photo shoot. Pictures were found on the internet and are used for illustration purposes.)

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