Sacrifice to Ereshkigal Parts 1 & 2



It literally took her breath away. It was so horrendous, so medieval in its construct and purpose, that she could no longer think straight. Two crackling pots of flames illuminated the torture device before her, giving it an even more foreboding atmosphere of agonizing death.

It was opened wide, both pieces hinged together in three places. It was in the shape of a human body, almost like that of a metallic mummy. The right side was empty save for three dangling chains that were obviously designed to strap the victim in place – at the knees, lower chest and neck. But it was the blood-stained spikes protruding from the interior of the other side that had her immediate attention.

Zilpha panted heavily, shamefully aware of how wet she was down below. Her nipples were hard; her breathing heavy and labored. But still she could not think rationally… almost could not think at all. She could only stare in horrified fascination.

She looked at the spikes again and trembled as she studied the protruding pieces of sharp metal. They were stained with blood, having obviously penetrated a human body not so very long ago. Crimson droplets hung from the spikes as the flickering flames illuminated bloody stains trickling downward upon the interior wall. It looked like it had been used recently, making her shudder all the more from a mixture of shock and an arousal too humiliating to acknowledge.

Her eyes followed the dripping blood patterns downward. She saw the sloping marble floor at the feet of the hideous device. It was slickened with crimson, blood that appeared to be trickling outward along a narrow channel from the feet of the terrible device.

It slowly flowed until it dribbled into a granite half-basin that was attached to the end of the stone platform the tall, metal medieval torture device stood upon. A circular opening was cut into the bottom, keeping the basin empty of blood save for some coagulating puddles and stains. Had it been used on someone recently… a woman perhaps?

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” the male voice murmured reverently into her ear. “You said you wanted to see it and experience it for yourself. What do you think?”

“Bloody hell!” the attractive Brit breathed in awe. She became wobbly from the image and she struggled not to lose her balance in the 6 inch fuck-me heels provided to her. “It looks like… like someone was…”

“Someone was what, my dear?”

“Someone was inside.”

“A masterful illusion which helps add to the experience. It adds a sense of realism, does it not?” Then he paused before seductively whispering into her ear, “Would you like to step inside? After all, you paid good money for the experience. That’s why I’ve gone to all this trouble to present you in such a manner.”

“Bloody hell!” she breathed again.

She’d gotten here ahead of her sister Dorothy and had been told her relative would join her as soon as she arrived. Her excitement at seeing an Iron Maiden had overridden her thoughts about waiting for her sister. Now she wished Dorothy was here to see her reaction. The bitch would probably have a good laugh.

She got the shakes so bad that he had to grab onto her and hold her upright. It was already hard to breathe with the tight, black corset around her midsection. And her arms were tied behind her back at the wrists and elbows for dramatic effect.

She almost stumbled as he led her forward by grasping onto an elbow. She certainly needed some assistance just to step around the basin and then up onto the granite platform. Was it really necessary for her to be wearing these bloody heels??

He escorted her right up to the medieval torture device where he paused again, allowing her to soak it all in. She moaned softly, on the verge of a humiliating orgasm. Seeing such a device up close and personal was more arousing than she could possibly have imagined. Those blood stains looked so fresh!

He never said a word as he allowed her to quietly study the blood-stained spikes in greater detail. She saw they were arranged in horrifying perfection, designed to literally penetrate the legs all the way up. There were 3 spikes that crossed the torso dangerously close to the genitals… another three a few inches up… yet three more that would pierce her lower chest were she to be trapped inside.

The chest area was recessed but it would certainly not save her ample breasts. Three more blood-stained spikes waited patiently for their next set of mammary glands with three more installed for the upper chest. A woman’s most attractive assets would surely not be so attractive after five minutes inside the bloody thing.

Even the head area was not immune from the torturous spikes. Two were positioned in such a way that she suspected the poor victim would be pierced and blinded, left to die screaming sightless while trapped inside. It didn’t matter the metal device contained no openings of any kind to allow illumination from the flickering flames of the two pots.

“Are you ready, my dear?” her escort breathed softly into her neck, interrupting her observations. “Would you like to stand inside? You said you wanted the full experience.”

“Yes,” she whimpered in a quivering voice. “Bloody hell; yes.” She wanted to stand inside for a moment, just to fully experience what it must have felt like for a victim about to meet her doom from the many piercings.

He took her by the elbow and carefully turned her around until her back was to the interior of the empty side of the cruel device. Then he slowly pushed her backward inside the metal contraption. The instant she felt her flesh come in contact with cool metal behind her she climaxed powerfully, wincing with embarrassment as her body shuddered.

“Don’t worry, my dear,” he breathed softly as he smiled at her. “You’re not the first to orgasm like that. Several guests here have endured a similar experience.” She was glad Dorothy had not been here to witness it or she would not have heard the end of it.

Where the hell was her sister anyway?

“Now to chain you inside for the fully experience,” he told her with a smile.

He knelt and grabbed the lower chain, bringing it across her knees to attach it to the clip on the other side. She moaned weakly as the chain came in contact with her flesh. Then he reached out and took the second chain, wrapping it across her lower waist before fastening it as well. She writhed and squirmed, her breathing becoming heavy and labored. Her arousal was evidenced by her nipples which were painfully erect as she shivered like crazy.

He grabbed the upper chain and slowly brought it across her neck, carefully securing it. She let out a little cry as she really started to tremble. “Don’t worry, my dear,” he reassured her with a gentle pat on her shoulder. “Not much chance of you losing your balance now.”

He stepped back to admire her as she panted heavily for breath; her long, slender legs and full, heaving mounds. She was absolutely perfect. Ereshkigal, the supreme goddess of death and ruler of the Mesopotamian Underworld would no doubt be pleased at this new sacrifice he was bringing to her so soon after the last one.

“Are you ready, my dear?” he asked reverently. She was trembling like a leaf as she nodded. Then she blurted out, “Wait! My sister. I think… she would like to see me in here.”

“”I’m sure she’ll show up any second now,” he said reassuringly. Then he grabbed the door and started to swing it closed.

Zilpha began to hyperventilate, her eyes getting bigger as she tried to catch her breath. Experiencing this moment was beyond her wildest dreams. She’d never imagined one day she might get to stand topless inside an Iron Maiden like this. And with him almost closing the door on her she could just imagine how some poor female must have felt, trapped and ready to be pierced to death.

He slowly swung the door around until the spikes were almost touching the right side of her body. He stooped it before she was pierced. That’s when she went off again, screaming in orgasm as her pussy gushed from her release.

She winced, shuddering like crazy for several seconds before it finally passed. It left her dazed and breathless. He just at her as she panted weakly for breath.

Bloody hell! That had felt incredible! It had literally been the best orgasm of her life. Paying just to stand inside the Iron Maiden had been well worth it.

He peeked around the door and smiled at her. “Was it that good?” he asked innocently.

“It was unbelievable!” she panted. “Thank you ever so much. What an experience to tell my friends. I just wish my sister could have been here to see it. I’m ready to get out now!”

Strangely he didn’t open the door back up. Zilpha thought she saw something sinister in his eyes from the flickering flames of the two torches. Why the hell was he looking at her like that?

“I see I have chosen wisely,” he told her with a sense of pride. “Ereshkigal, the supreme goddess of death, appreciates your orgasm. Now you are ready to give her your very life.”

“My life??” Zilpha gasped in alarm. “What the bloody hell is this??”

She felt her stomach drop with a sickening lurch once he went back to pushing the door closed on her. A moment later she felt the spikes start to press up into the right side of her body. “Wait; what are you doing??”

“I’m giving you the full experience. The goddess will appreciate another sacrifice so soon after the last one.”

“Last one?? NO – IIEEEEEEE!”

Zilpha began to scream as he continued pushing on the door. This wasn’t what she’d paid for! She was only supposed to stand in here just to see what it felt like! She’d paid good money to see the Iron Maiden for herself, paying handsomely to stand within its deadly embrace. But she sure as hell didn’t want to serve as some sacrifice for…

Another scream was torn from her lips as numerous spikes punctured the right side of her body, drawing blood. As he put his weight into it, continuing to close it on her, she felt the spikes on the left side begin their deadly assault as well. Her breasts were pierced as her nerve endings recorded dozens of painful penetrations.

There were more punctures leading to more rivulets of blood. And still he pushed on the door. Dozens of spikes impaled her soft flesh as Zilpha shrieked for her sister to come to her aid.

Spikes penetrated her torso as well as her upper and lower chest. But there was no time to take stock of how many places it hurt. Now she saw the two ominous spikes coming right for her eyes.

She desperately tried to slam her head back as far as it would go, instinctively closing her eyes. But the spikes kept going. She prayed the bloody bastard would stop before…

Her screams intensified as both eyes were pierced, instantly exploding into soft mush to service her no more. Her breasts were on fire, her flesh penetrated in so many locations. She couldn’t believe how much it hurt.

As she shrieked in pain she climaxed once again, a painful climax that flushed hotly through her body. With her eyes destroyed she was instantly plunged into the horror of utter darkness. Her sense of vision was gone, increasing the other senses tenfold as blinding, searing pain became her intimate lover.

She screamed and screamed she felt his body lean against the door, driving the spikes ever deeper into her soft flesh. Cries of agony were ripped out of her lungs to echo all around inside her chamber of death. Instinctively her body writhed in pain and anguish in a futile attempt to escape more than 2 dozen separate penetrations.

She sensed rather than saw the door continuing to close as her ongoing screams reverberated in her ears. She felt the pain of dozens of punctures, felt the agony of her gorgeous mounds being pierced clear through. It was the worst thing she’d ever experienced.

She heard his voice one final time outside the chamber before the door fully closed. “Ereshkigal gratefully receives your sacrifice, my dear.” Then she felt him lean hard against the door until she heard the sound of it sealing shut, the spikes penetrating ever deeper into her flesh.

Blackness… agony… searing pain. There was nothing to comfort her suffering. The sound of her terrified shrieks were all that kept her company as she stood blinded and alone inside the Iron Maiden.

Her screams became more intense as her body registered each and every penetration. She tried to back up but she was already flat up against the back of the interior. What’s more, her bound arms actually worked against her, pushing her body forward into the many protruding spikes. She writhed and squirmed in vain, her breasts fully pierced as her punctured eyes drove her into madness.

She tried to thrash about, tried to discover some method of relief or escape as her blood began to pool at the bottom of the Iron Maiden. Soon it began streaming out along the narrow channel into the granite basin that awaited. Her heels shuffled around, causing her to slip a little. But she accomplished nothing. That’s when she began violently climaxing over and over again as she screamed and shrieked in agonizing darkness.

Blood flowed down her quivering body from multiple wounds, gathering upon the sloping floor to flow out through the narrow channel. In her agony she was certain her womanhood had been pierced, adding to her suffering. Her screams echoed even louder all around her as she wriggled about, multiplying her many pierced agonies exponentially.

Eventually she became aware of a great fatigue settling into her body. She was screaming herself hoarse. Her agonizing cries lessened as a result of blood loss.

She finally stopped struggling altogether, whimpering quietly. That’s when she noticed two distinct sounds: the sound of blood quietly dripping onto the floor from her puncture wounds and the sound of her dying heart thumping loudly in her chest, slowing down as it echoed all around her.

All of the sudden a bright, blinding light penetrated her enclosure. Was she hallucinating? Could she actually see again?? What was this??

To her utter amazement she saw a beautiful, naked woman slowly walk up to her. “Dorothy?” she gasped, her vision not fully registering. Then she saw it wasn’t her sister.

“Who are you?” she asked, the words echoing in her mind.

Amazingly the woman seemed to have heard her. “I am Ereshkigal.” It was a response that echoed back in her head.

“I am Ereshkigal. And I accept your sacrifice.”

To her utter shock the woman reached toward her, reaching for her until her hand appeared to disappear right into her chest. A moment later the hand withdrew. In its grasp was what appeared to be a beating heart.

Ereshkigal dramatically lifted the still beating organ up in her hand as though offering it back to her sacrificial lamb. Zilpha stared at it in complete and utter horror, shaking her head as she watched in wide-eyed terror. Her heart thumped slower and slower until it finally… stopped…… altogether…….

The last thing she heard in her mind were her ungawdly screams of pure terror…

2012; 2018 (written for Zilpha Jul 31 ’12; ed. Nov 24 ‘18 by riwa)

(Inspired by a poser render found at The render is included for illustration purposes only.)


Dorothy waited quietly in the dimly lit chamber. One flaming pot provided all the illumination she was permitted. The place gave her the creeps.

She couldn’t believe her sister had really wanted to come here. But she’d heard they had an operating Iron Maiden and wanted to see it for herself. Zilpha wanted her to come with her but she’d been running late. Apparently her overly-excited sister hadn’t been able to wait.

She stood uncomfortably upon her fuck-me heels. The tight black corset around her waist did nothing to hide her ample breasts. She didn’t know why she had to dress like this. But she’d been told it was necessary… whatever the hell that meant.

Zilpha was already off to see the device. She didn’t know why she wasn’t taken right away to see her. Something about this whole thing made her feel more than a little uneasy.

A sudden shriek knifed through the silence from somewhere not too far away, a scream that sounded vaguely familiar. It was an agonized cry, indicating a great deal of pain was involved. Dorothy started panting heavily for breath, trembling like crazy.

Those screams weren’t coming from Zilpha, were they? What was being done to her?? Coming to this place suddenly seemed like a very bad idea indeed.

The screams began to fade until they were gone. It left her standing there in an eerie silence. Dorothy nervously shuffled around on her heels, trying to be careful not to lose her balance.

Their so-called tour guide returned, a satisfied smile on his face. Zilpha was not with him. “Where’s my sister?” Dorothy asked nervously. “And what were those screams?”

“Screams? What screams?”

“Surely you must have heard them!”

“I heard nothing. But your sister is in good hands. She wanted to meet Ereshkigal.”

“Ereshkigal? Who the hell is Ereshkigal??”

“Would you like to meet her?” he asked with great interest as he gently took her elbow.

“Just take me to my sister, ok? Isn’t that why you had me dress down like this? Something about the rules of being down here. You did say my sister had to dress the very same way, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” he replied, the hint of a smile in his expression. “You’ll be reunited with your sister very soon. Come with me please.” Then he began to escort her down one of the passageways.

Dorothy wobbled on her footwear as they clattered on the stone floor. She grimaced a she blurted out, “Do I have to continue wearing these bloody heels, love? I can barely keep my balance in them as it is. And does this corset have to be so bloody tight?”

“All part of the experience, love,” he responded patiently. “It will make your participation with your sister fit within the rules of our establishment.”

“My participation?” she responded in confusion. “Participation in what?”

“Your participation in meeting Ereshkigal, of course. Your sister was introduced to her just a few minutes ago.”

“So when I meet this Ereshkigal person I’ll see Zilpha again?”

“I’m sure you two will soon be reunited.” But Dorothy’s suspicions were being further aroused. Now she wasn’t so sure she trusted this man.

He led her into an underground room lit with two of those familiar flaming pots standing on pedestals on opposite walls. What disturbed her was the iron cage that stood directly in the center of the room. It was a metal cage rounded in the shape of a human being with a chain going up into the ceiling. Behind the cage stood some sort of mechanism with numerous gears, a mechanism with some sort of clock face and a large pendulum.

“What’s all this?” Dorothy wanted to know, feeling even more uneasy.

“This is in preparation for meeting Ereshkigal,” he explained simply as he opened the cage. “…and your sister of course. They are engaged in a special ceremony.”

He grabbed her by the elbow and forced her toward the cage. It had a solid metal plate for her heels to stand upon. But she had no idea why the hell he wanted her inside.

“Hey; don’t put me in here!”

“But it’s necessary,” he told her patiently. “You must be purified before you meet Ereshkigal.”

“Purified? In here?? Bloody hell, love! How does one get ‘purified’ in this bloody contraption??”

“You will find out shortly,” he told her, closing the metal cage door and securing her inside. Dorothy barely had enough room to wriggle her arms in such a way so as to grab the cage with her hands.

She stood there perplexed as he walked over to the clock mechanism where he set the pendulum in motion. Then he turned and smiled at her. “It is begun,” he announced. “You will be purified. Then you will meet Ereshkigal.”

“But where’s my sister?” Dorothy blurted out in alarm. He just smiled at her as he walked out of the chamber. A moment later there was a loud rumble as a large granite slab slid across the doorway, sealing her inside.


Dorothy started hyperventilating as she looked all around. Then she became aware the cage was being elevated by the chain coming down from the ceiling. A moment later Dorothy was gently swinging back and forth. Somehow the mechanical clock was attached to the chain above her cage, lifting her up into the air.

“Hey!” she called out again, suddenly feeling alone and vulnerable. “Come back here! Is this it?? You can’t just leave me like this! Where’s my sister? Where’s Zilpha?” Her words echoed all around her inside the chamber.

She looked at the clock face, studying how it functioned. There only seemed to be a second hand and minute hand. The second hand went around and around while the minute hand slowly headed for the peak of the clock face where a 12 should have been.

What the hell??

She watched in growing alarm until the clock registered with both hands at the 12 position. There was a loud gong that reverberated all around her. A moment later she heard the sound of a granite slab opening.

For a moment she thought the door was opening back up. To her shock it was the floor sliding open beneath her. Instantly she was hit with a blast of heat.

“BLOODY HELL!” she gasped in horror as she looked down. Below her beyond the floor leaped the searing flames of an inferno, flames that tried to leap up at her. At the same time she noticed the chain wasn’t lifting her cage anymore. Now it was lowering her down into the flames.

“COME BACK” Dorothy screamed in the direction of the door. “GET ME OUT OF HERE! OHMYGAWD; YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I DON’T WANT TO BURN!”

In a panic she began screaming for her sister to appear out of nowhere to come rescue her. Her shrieks merely bounced off the solid walls back at her. She began hyperventilating as her surroundings became exceedingly warm.

The cage continued to drop until she saw she was descending past the floor of the chamber. She was being lowered into the fiery pit. She wriggled around inside the cage like crazy, setting it to swaying as she screamed in growing terror.

In a flash it occurred to her what the bloody wanker must have meant when he talked about her being ‘purified’ before meeting Ereshkigal. The whole chamber seemed designed to handle the great heat of the fiery inferno below. Was she going to be burned alive??

Her screams intensified as her cage continued to descend. There were flames all around her now, flames that licked at the bars to her cage… flames that began lapping at her soft flesh. She looked upward and cried out, writhing and squirming within the intense heat.

The flames increased all around her as she was lowered ever deeper into what felt like the very pit of hell. If this was her fate then surely her sister was dead too. Now she was about to join her. Did that mean this Ereshkigal bitch was some sort of underworld princess or something??

Her skin began to blister from the intolerable flames. Then she heard the mechanical clock gong deeply once more from somewhere above her. That’s when she saw the floor of the chamber start to close above her head, closing to seal her in with the flames. The little notch she saw cut into the floor indicated the only thing that would protrude out of her hell was the chain that now lowered her cage to the flames below.

Dorothy found enough voice to scream in agony, shrieking as the flames began hungrily licking at her flesh. Then she heard a loud thump of some sort as the ceiling closed above her. She was now entombed within the incinerator. That’s when her hair caught fire, lighting her up like a candle as flames leaped up from her head.

Her agonizing screams were drowned out by the sizzle of the pouring blood and liquid of her dying body. Her corset began to burn until it ultimately popped free, releasing her from its uncomfortable confines. But she was not comforted at all, not with flames all around her.

She inhaled fire, searing her vocal chords and silencing her forever. She writhed and wriggled, lasting a couple more minutes until she finally expired from third degree burns and blood loss. The cage continued to lower until her entire body was completely engulfed in flames, incinerating her heels.

Her flesh was burned away until her bones finally crumpled onto the floor of the cage. These continued to burn until they were reduced to nothing more than a pile of ashes. Only then did the cage start to rise upward as the floor to the chamber above reopened to the sound of that familiar gong.

In her last dying moments she saw a regal, naked lady approach from out of the flames. She smiled as she told her, “Now you are purified. I accept your gift.” Then consciousness mercifully faded away. What little was left of her body was returned to the surface world…

2012; 2018 (written for Dorothy Aug 3 ’12; ed. Nov 25 ‘18 by riwa)

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