Water-Babies Part I


Water-Babies Part I

Nora: We drive in silence as James takes us out into the Nevada desert. The place is thirty minutes away and has a great view of the city. I’m really looking forward to coming out here again.

We’re civil to each other, but James has always been good at that. I must admit: it’s one of his better qualities. I suppose if I was forced to sit down and think about it, I would be able to identify more of his good traits. But I don’t want to.

I would have come out here alone. But Wilma put her foot down and said no way. She told me I got away with it last time, but that it can’t happen again. This time I had to come out with my husband.

Wilma is my best friend. Her husband Ford is a damn sexy man. And yeah, I’ve fucked him before.

I really need this trip we’re taking out to see the Rileys. They are wealthy and have this great place outside the city. I’m drawn to it because they are water-babies and have several pools and hot tubs on the grounds. I’m looking forward to getting fucked underwater by one of their swinger friends.

James: My desire to come out here is not as strong as it was when we first discussed it. I suppose that’s only natural when you’re in the middle of a big ol’ fight with your spouse. This one has been going on for quite a while.

 We haven’t had sex in four months. But I get the distinct impression Nora has gotten some on the side. I’m almost to the point where I don’t care anymore. Much of this has been all about her anyway. Sometimes it’s hard just being in her presence.

 From the few pictures I’ve seen, this place we’re going to is supposed to be incredible. I’m intimidated as hell knowing we’re driving into wealth. I’m not sure how we’re going to fit in.

 Supposedly there are going to be swingers present, as well as a lot of pools to do it in. Does this mean I might have a crack at getting fucked in the water? I don’t know for sure. But I figure I’ve gone without sex long enough that it’s a chance worth taking.

 I’m not as outgoing as Nora. But I’m still coming out here with her. She told me if I play my cards right I could get lucky.

 I’ll admit to being attracted to her best friend Wilma. I have been for as long as I’ve known her. And since Nora told me Wilma will be there with her husband Ford, I have hopes of spending some underwater time with her… if only she’ll have me.

 I do have my reservations about the whole thing. What if the people don’t like us? What if I don’t feel a connection with anyone? It’s pretty hard to fuck unless you like the person you’re with and can feel something of a spark.

 Nora set this up a while ago. When we had our fight, I half expected her to shut it down. But I think she wants to get fucked just as much as I do. And since we’re not getting it from each other, I’ll see if I can find someone here who wants to get it on with me underwater.

We pull up and James parks the car. Then we head for the main door. I feel an erotic jolt remembering my last visit here.

It was without James because of our long-running feud. Of course I had a ball without him. So I’m nervous they’re going to expect him and I to be together in the same pool. I sure as hell hope not.

The front door opens and out comes the Rileys. Gene is muscular and attractive. I got to fuck him in the water the last time I was here.

His wife Donna has got a body that makes me jealous of those C tits and that nice ass of hers. James might get lucky with her if he plays his cards right. I plan on getting lucky with her husband again later on in one of their pools.

They come right up to us and welcome us with open arms. They tell us Wilma and Ford have already arrived. I’m looking forward to being in the water with them.

I was tempted to ride over with them just to make James drive out here alone. But I’m afraid he might have turned around and gone right back home. If that would have happened I’m not sure Wilma would have let me stay since they want us out here this time as a couple. I got away with being single last time I was out here, but apparently not anymore.

I’m here for one thing and one thing only: cock and lots of it. Pussy does nothing for me. I mean the girls were all attractive the last time I was out here. But all I want are cocks to play with.

Last time I let a couple of ladies kiss my body and rub me all over, which was kind of fun. They even played with my tits a little. I’ll admit it gave me a bit of a thrill. But I’m not into pussy licking or kissing females.

We go inside and are taken right in to a “meet and greet” room. There are five other couples waiting for us. My best friend is standing there with her husband. So I walk up and give them both a big hug as I eye Ford suggestively.

The Rileys are warm and welcoming. Donna has a great smile and a sexy body with brunette hair down to her shoulders. I find myself sizing her up as we go inside.

 Will there be a chance to hook up with her later? How good is she in the water? I’m looking forward to the opportunity of getting into a pool with a sexy woman for some erotic fun.

 We’re led into a big room with more couples. They all smile and wave as they come over to greet us. Nora goes right over to her best friend as I get a drink in my hand and warm hugs all around.

 We start talking about the hot Nevada desert we just drove through and how they have such a nice place. I tell them a pool party sounds great as it’s been a really hot summer. Sandra Levinson tells us it’s why they’ve all gravitated to the Riley’s since they have this great place with plenty of water to go around.

 When I ask how much water is on the property, Donna Riley offers to show me around. I go off with her, her husband Gene, and two other couples. I leave Nora behind to fend for herself.

 Apparently she wants to hang around with Ford and Wilma anyway. I don’t care in the least, so long as we’re separated. I feel much better once I’m away from her.

 There’s a distinct tension in the air when we’re together. It makes me wonder if the other couples can feel it. Nora’s best friend Wilma knows all about our current situation. So maybe she’s warned everybody ahead of time about us.

 I’m a little concerned the way Nora and I are not going to be together as a couple. I don’t know how it’s going to affect our visit or if it will make the others uncomfortable. So far everyone’s acting like it’s no big deal.

I’m relieved when the Rileys take my husband away along with two other couples. As far as I’m concerned, the less I see of him in the next several hours the better. All I want to do is play with these guys. And it’s ok if the girls and I swim around naked in the water since it will probably get the guys all worked up and ready to fuck.

We go to a private room where we sit and talk. I join Wilma and Ford on the couch as we discuss the weather and my last visit. Then Joyce Burrows brings up what must be on everyone’s mind when she asks if James is going to enjoy himself.

I give her a shrug, not wanting her to worry as I tell her, “He swims at the Y during lunch, Joyce. And sometimes he swims after work. I think he’s looking forward to fucking in the water every bit as much as I am.”

“Sandra tells me she’s seen him there a time or two and has said hi.”

“Oh really? I didn’t know Sandra had seen him there at the Y. He’s probably going to like her, knowing how much she loves doing it in the water.”

I didn’t know about Sandra seeing James at the Y. Maybe that’s another reason why Wanda invited me to come for a return visit to a swinger’s party. I suppose she had to insist I bring James along this time.

I hungrily lick my lips as I eye Joyce’s husband Tom. I remember the last time we fucked in that deep pool. The orgasm I had was intense, and I’m looking forward to another one. It’s been a while.

“I’ve got a fun little game for the deep pool I think you’ll enjoy, Nora.”

“I’m ready, Joyce,” I tell her with a smile as I lift my glass in a toast. “Lead the way” and once more I look longingly at Tom. That’s when we all stand up and head out.

I get Wilma alone and quietly whisper, “We’re not going to run into James, are we?”

“No, he’s with the others on the other side of the house.” Then she sighs as she gives me a disgusted look.

“Nora, why don’t you two patch things up already? You guys are great together! Why do you think I mentioned this place to you six months ago? They probably should have banned you both from coming! Hell, you can almost cut the tension in here with a butter knife!”

“Just get me some cock, Wilma; ok? After we’ve both fucked our brains out I’m sure we’ll mellow right out; don’t you think?”

“I sure hope so, Nora.” But she acts like she isn’t so sure, judging by our continuing issues.

We head outside to a nice pool with clear water that bottoms out at about five feet. But I thought I got a glimpse of a deeper one on the other side of the building. Do they have more than one pool out here??

 I wore a set of Speedos under my clothes that run part way down my upper legs. Nora told me there would be water and swimming and fucking, and to come prepared before we went home for the evening. She told me she was wearing a bikini under her clothes before we left. So I did the same with my Speedos.

 The ladies strip out of their clothes into extremely sexy bikinis. Donna Riley has a skimpy black number that shows a ton of cleavage. Sandra Levinson strips down to something hot and pink. Laura Williams is the shortest of the three with a set of B cups similar to the size of my wife’s. Her breasts are perfect handfuls contained in a lime green bikini.

 There’s a little hoop with a net I see floating in the middle of the pool with a ball drifting nearby. “I thought we would play a game of hoops,” Gene Riley explains. “First team to five gets to make out with the losers.”

 I’m paired with Donna Riley and Bart Williams. Bart’s wife Laura is with Sandra Levinson and her husband Melvin.  Win or lose, I’m looking forward to making out with either Laura or Sandra.

 The game is informal as we toss the ball around while trying to hit the basket. When I get the ball, Laura and Sandra jump all over me. It’s sexy as hell so I deliberately hold onto it a few seconds longer, enjoying their warm bodies against mine before passing it off.

 There is lots of laughter before Laura finally hits the winning shot of our first game. Gene sits back and watches as his wife Donna makes out with Bart Williams. Bart’s wife Laura starts kissing Sandra Levinson’s husband Melvin. I get to lock lips with Sandra.

 All the making out around me is arousing. No one is kissing their spouse. I get the impression I might have more fun here that I had previously anticipated.

We reach the deep pool with the observation window down below. I’ve discovered it’s an incredible feeling being watched as I swim naked. It’s even more incredible if I’m being watched while I’m fucking underwater. I don’t know whose idea it was to put in a window at the bottom of the pool. But I love it.

When we get there I see Art Giddings bring over a box of goodies. In it are these phallus looking objects with what looks like a set of balls for weight. I also see these breast shaped objects with some rather lengthy nipples sticking out.

“Here’s how the game will be played,” he tells us. “I’m going to toss all these objects into the water. They’re weighted, so they’re going to sink right to the bottom. On go, each one of you will have to dive down and pick one up using only your mouth. You’ll have to bring it back to the surface and then go back down to get another one. Of course the guys will be bringing up boobs while the girls will be bringing up cocks.”

His wife Irene smiles as she looks at the contents in the box. “I always like something shaped like that in my mouth,” she muses, experimentally putting a phallus between her lips.” I remember her from my last visit as being rather slutty, with that short blonde hair and those boobs of hers which must be sized D at least. Then again, most of the ladies acted slutty after inhibitions were lowered.

I know you do,” her husband jokes knowingly as we all laugh. I’m so horny I’m tempted to dispense with the ice-breaker and get right to the fucking.

“Shall we go topless?” my best friend Wilma suggests. Her attitude makes me think she’s interested in fucking as well.

Ford smiles as he gives us an even better offer. “How about if we all dispense with the suits and go nude? We all know each other here. I suspect it won’t be long before things start heating up anyway; am I right?”

“I can live with that,” I declare as I quickly shed my clothes. My yellow bikini brazenly comes right off. I end up naked and horny as can be.

“Men versus women,” Art tells us as he dumps the boobs in one area and the phalluses in another. “Whichever team brings up all the objects first gets to make out with the loser of his or her choice.”

“I’m all for that!” I laugh as I give Ford my most “come-hither” smile.

“I’d better join you,” Art observes as he strips out of his clothes. “To make it fair, one of you ladies needs to sit out to make it a three-on-three.”

“I will,” his wife Irene offers with a raised hand.

Chuck and Joyce Goodwin kiss each other before separating. I wouldn’t mind a little of Chuck’s cock myself, now that I notice it’s starting to harden a little. Gawd, I’ve missed these people and the last time I was here!

“Ready?” Irene declares. Joyce dives right in head first without even waiting. “I guess that’s a go,” Wilma laughs good-naturedly as we all dive in head first after her.

I swim right down and zero in on the nearest phallus, pulling hard with my arms while kicking with my legs. I see the way they are weighted at the balls as they point upward. I lose a burst of air as I open my mouth. I clamp down on one with my teeth and lips before hauling ass back to the surface.

It’s a sexy contest, especially when we start having things in our mouths. The guys finish first, probably because they are less buoyant than we are and it’s easier for them to swim down. Art comes over to make out with me and claim his winnings.

“Maybe we’d better split this up,” Irene laughs. She swaps Chuck with Wilma so we all have at least one guy and one girl on each team. Once she hollers “Go!” we all jackknife downward.

All those naked bodies going down with bubbles coming out of their mouths and noses is a sexy sight. I’m almost tempted to take Chuck’s dangling cock into my mouth and take him back up as my prize. But I settle on the nearest phallus, grabbing it between my lips and then hauling it back up.

We lose again, perhaps because there are two girls on my team. This time I get to make out with Wilma’s husband Ford. I’m so turned on kissing him in the water that I hump his hardening cock with my crotch.

 The next round Gene suggests the women take their tops off. I like the idea and the ladies all agree. Bouncing boobs are a great distraction.

 The game gets a little out of control as we start grabbing each other while the ball is still in play. I try to act like I’m involved in the game. But getting a handful of sexy body or a brief grab of tits or ass is really erotic.

 Each time another game ends, there is more making out. And each time it looks like people are starting to get carried away. My cock is hard, but I’m not the only one. No one seems to care, especially since there is so much grabbing and tugging of penises by the wives.

 Melvin’s team wins what turns out to be the last game. “A treat for the winners!” Donna declares. Then she takes a breath before immediately submerging to suck his cock. Sexy bubbles come up as he smiles appreciatively.

 I smile at Sandra as I tell her, “As the gracious loser, what can I do for you?”

 She smiles and then suggests “How about a little licky-licky?” as she spreads her pussy lips with her fingers. In response I take a deep breath and submerge to slip between her legs.

 She squats on my face as my tongue probes her sweet treasure. Her head slips beneath the surface. Then I hear her moan sexy bubbles as she adjusts her position on my face. Nearby I hear Donna grunting up bubbles with a mouthful of Bart’s cock as she sucks hungrily.

 I’m astonished the way everyone is so free with each other. I’m also turned on beyond belief. I give Sandra my best effort as I rub her ass. I’m rewarded with sexy moans and bubbly cries.

 I stay down for a couple of minutes, noticing Donna has been down with Melvin for a similar length of time. I conclude that all these folks are definitely water-babies. This could turn out to be one hell of an outing. Grudgingly I have Nora to thank for insisting I come out here with her.

It isn’t long before our game sort of falls apart. But no one seems to care. Ford eats me out underwater while Irene comes down to suck on his cock. We make for a hot little threesome.

Nearby I see the others have paired off. Wilma sucks Chuck Goodwin’s cock as Art licks out Chuck’s wife Joyce. We all moan and bubble underwater, and it really turns me on.

My thoughts turn toward James, and I wonder what he’s doing. I assume he’s in the other outdoor pool, but it really doesn’t matter. As long as he’s having fun I don’t have to think about him. Being in this pool away from him allows me to have some undistracted fun of my own.

We all finally surface and get out of the pool. I was this close to cumming from Ford’s tongue. But I got to watch Wilma get a mouthful of cum underwater, which was really hot to see.

We rest up and talk for a few minutes. Then Wilma stands up and smiles. “We have another game to play,” she says, giving Art a knowing look.

I watch curiously as he goes into the building, only to return with another box of goodies. Then Wilma smiles at us as she asks, “All right. Who wants to volunteer?”

“Me,” I declare with a smile as I lift my arm. “If it involves orgasms, I’m in all the way.”

“That’s Nora for you,” Irene observes with a chuckle. She must be remembering my last visit.

Wilma pulls out a couple of ankle weights and proceeds to put them on me. I feel an erotic jolt when Art goes to the pool shed and returns with hoses and a compressor. It looks like it’s snuba time.

“Here,” Wilma tells me as she hands me a dive mask. “Put this on, Nora.”

I start to put it on, only to stop and stare incredulously. The damned thing has been blackened and is absolutely useless. If I put it on I won’t be able to see a damned thing.

“What the hell is this??” I gasp.

“You’ll find out.” It’s Wilma’s voice in my ear, seductive yet sinister. “Better put it on before it’s too late.”

I get it over my face just in time. Then I get a push in my back from behind. That’s when I go tumbling head first into the water with a splash.

I can’t see a thing. The other splashes I hear indicate I’m not alone in the water. But that’s not what’s bothering me. It’s the ankle weights dragging me downward as I claw in vain for the surface, bubbles spewing out of my mouth.

We all sit around the pool taking a break from our playtime. “That was fun,” Donna declares.

 “It sure was,” Sandra agrees.”

 Laura asks, “So tell us, James. What fantasies would you like to see acted out while you’re here with us today?”

 “Well, I love to make women cum underwater,” I reply with a smile.

 “You can scratch that one off then,” Sandra gasps appreciatively. “No wait; I’ll help you do that one again if you don’t mind. Gawd; your tongue is so hot!”

 Everyone laughs as I blush a little. But I find myself relaxing more and more with these folks. This is going to be a fun afternoon.

 At that moment I find myself thinking about Nora. My face clouds as I remember our ongoing feud. I can’t even remember what started the whole damned thing to begin with.

 Melvin notices my annoyance and asks, “What are you thinking, James?”

 “You all have been great so far. I don’t want to spoil anything during our visit. But my wife and I are, uh…”

 “Yeah, we kinda noticed,” Gene responds. “We were hoping all this sexy fun we’re going to have might help matters.”

 “Maybe I shouldn’t say this,” I reply conspiratorially. “But now that you mention it… I was kind of thinking about having a little sexy revenge on Nora.”

 The guys perk up as the girls go “Ohhhh!” Sandra smiles playfully as she asks, “What did you have in mind, James?”

 “Well, Nora doesn’t have any lesbian tendencies. I was just thinking it would serve her right. Maybe it would melt her a little if some of you ladies were to fuck her and make her cum. I think that would be hot.”

 There are more “Ooohhhh’s” and a few knowing chuckles. Everybody starts looking at everybody else. There are looks on their faces indicating they all know something while I’m the odd man out.

 Gene looks at me and smiles. “James? Maybe we can help you out there. Wilma let us in on some of the stuff going on between you two. So we kind of prepared a little surprise during your visit. I think they might be getting it ready for us right now over in the deep pool. Would you like to see it?”

 “Damn, Gene. Now you’ve got me curious.” There are more chuckles.

 “Let’s go show him, Gene,” Sandra says as she grabs my arm.

 The girls start to giggle as the group leads me back into the building. All of us are still buck naked. But that doesn’t bother me so much. Instead I find myself wondering what the hell they’ve got planned.

© 2017 (written Sep 16 ’17 by riwa)

[Quick note: surgery went well and the doctor says they found no cancer. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Happy spring, everybody!]

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