Lastday hanging parties

Note: A repost. Last time I posted these stories separately. This time I’m grouping them together so you can decide which style of hanging you enjoy more: consensual, semi-consensual or non-consensual.

(Inspired by the novel Logan’s Run by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson and by the movie of the same name.)

Before Carousel became the predominant method of ending a person’s life, there were hedonistic Lastday parties. Some individuals went willingly, some went grudgingly… and some were forced simply because their Lifeclocks were blinking red. Here are three of their stories…

Consensual Camilla 4

I’d been practicing with a noose for a year now with a guy I met named Steven 7. He loves attending Lastday parties, especially where hangings are involved. And the bulletin boards are always full of Lastday party notifications. After all, it’s customary to attend, not only to send the person off but to celebrate life with much carousing and merry-making. And the making out at these parties is simply to die for, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The first time I saw a hanging was a year ago at a Lastday party. Elizabeth 8 was a friend of mine and we’d made out many, many times before. She was beautiful and outgoing and I admired her for that. But she wanted her Lastday to be special.

She invited a bunch of us over for a party, and let me tell you… it was wonderful! She put foam mats out all over the floor so we could all make out with whomever we wanted to. Making out is full penetration of course… unless two girls are doing it together. But our culture just calls it “making out”. It sounds a little better that way, don’t you think?

Anyway, we were all wildly making out, you know? Liz was making out with almost everybody – men or women, she didn’t care who. Then at the height of the party she made her grand presentation.

She was totally naked when she stepped onto the pad over the extermination pit and then looped a noose over a beam up above. Of course I should say that every one of us was naked by this time. Then she asked a guy to tie her hands behind her back before noosing her up. She said hanging was like making out only it was much better because the good vibes were so much stronger. Good vibes are those sensations you get when the making out reaches a certain point. Sometimes a girl will even scream when she gets them.

Steven 7 was the guy who noosed her up. It was the first time I saw him and we connected shortly after that. Anyway she asked him to bring her up onto her toes. Then she wanted us all to come up and touch her body all over before she hanged.

I was quite surprised to see Steven 7’s erection when he noosed her up. He seemed to get quite hard about it. I like how seeing someone’s death has that kind of effect on a guy. Anyway he made sure she was on her toes like she asked. She made the sweetest, most wonderful gasping sounds as she strangled before us all.

Well we all came up to admire her like she asked, putting our hands all over her and touching her anywhere we wanted to. Let me tell you; it really seemed to give her the good vibes, you know? Her breasts were happy and she trembled and gasped as though she was really having a wonderful time of it. Several even put their fingers in her wet, vibe hole until she really wriggled and squirmed. When her eyes rolled and she started to shudder, several of the ladies started cheering, “GOOD VIBES – GOOD VIBES!”

It was at that moment Steven 7 opened up the pad to the extermination pit below her feet. Liz fell through although it was barely more than an inch or so before the rope pulled her up short. Then she really started gasping and kicking.

I tell you, she was putting on a wonderful show! Her eyes rolled and I saw juices spew out of her vibe hole. She was really having the good vibes. I was actually intrigued by this thing they called hanging.

“Everyone on the mats for making out!” Steven 7 shouted. Then of all the girls in the room, he picked me out. He stretched out on a mat with a good view of Elizabeth 8 while I rode his vibe-stick to several room-spinning good vibes.

Liz actually seemed to dance on air for us all. Several times her knees came up and I could tell she was having the good vibes over and over again. She finally settled down and her face turned a really neat shade of red and then purple. Her neck got long; I didn’t know they could do that in the noose! Then she wet herself. Steven 7 later told me that usually happens with the noose-dancers when they do the Lastday dance. He calls them noose-dancers.

We left her up for 30 minutes, all the while making out with each other and celebrating her life and death. Then the rope was cut and her body fell through the opening into the extermination pit below. There was a big whoosh and we all cheered knowing she was gone.

Well from that day forward I knew I wanted to do the Lastday dance when the Lifeclock crystal in the palm of my hand began blinking red. I was so excited I could hardly wait. I connected with Steven 7 again and again and he showed me all the joys of hanging.

He noosed me up many times and I had a lot of good vibes from dancing on air. But he made sure I didn’t go too far. I always reminded him I wanted to make it to my Lastday party so I could put on a good show for everyone. I just loved how much fun we all had seeing Elizabeth 8 hang and I wanted everyone to have that kind of fun at my party.

My Lastday finally arrived and I couldn’t have been more excited. I invited everyone I could think of to attend. Steven 7 helped set out all the making out mats and soon we were ready to party.

People showed up and everyone was in a good mood. We all started making out with each other; I even let Steven 7 make out with anyone he wanted to. Besides, he had another year before his Lastday party and I wanted him to make another connection and maybe hang another lucky girl.

I finally told him I couldn’t wait any longer. I was eager for the good vibes and I wanted to hang so much. So he noosed me up on the pad over the extermination pit and then tied my arms behind my back. I love being tied up because it makes me feel all helpless and it makes the good vibes so powerful.

You have no idea how wonderful it was having everyone come up to touch me all over. Several of them fingered my vibe hole as I strangled on my toes and it gave me really good vibes. But the vibes I wanted most were the ones where I hung from the noose and danced for everybody. I couldn’t wait!

I could hardly stand the excitement when Steven 7 finally came up to me. He gave me a big kiss and he rubbed my happy breasts one last time. Then he loudly proclaimed, “THE LASTDAY OF CAMILLA 4!” Then he opened the pad above the extermination pit.

I only dropped about an inch or so; I didn’t want to die in the pit. The good vibes hit almost immediately and I began to dance up a storm. I saw Steven 7 connect right away with a new girl and they both made out on a mat right where I could see them. I could tell right away they were enjoying my show.

I kicked and danced, putting on a good show as the rope strangled me. I was having good vibes after good vibes; especially since Steven 7 and I had done a lot of practicing together. Knowing he would get to hang someone else before his own Lastday party was a great comfort to me.

The more it hurt the harder I danced. Then I was hit with a good vibe to end all good vibes. I finally hung limp, too tired to dance anymore as everyone cheered.

This time Steven 7 asked them all to come back up and touch me again. I think several fingered me, noticing how wet I was. But I was beyond feeling the good vibes. I had reached the point where I didn’t care anymore. Then I wasn’t aware of anything at all but the face of oblivion.

They left my body up for a half hour as they all made out with each other, celebrating my life and death. Then Steven 7 cut the rope, dropping me through the opening into the extermination pit below. My body hit the searing flames and I exploded into glorious nothingness.

Semi-consensual Serena 6

I met Steven 7 during Camilla 4’s Lastday party. I didn’t know what hanging was until I saw it that day. Camilla 4 really kicked hard in the noose and she put on quite a show for all her guests. Then he cut the rope, her body dropped into the extermination pit, and that was that.

Steven 7 connected with me and we did a lot of making out together after that day. He was really good at it and I certainly had a lot of good vibes when we made out with each other. But he sure seemed focused on that noose thing. He even wanted me to try it out on my Lastday party which was coming up in a few months.

I told him it looked painful when Camilla 4 had done it on her Lastday and that I wasn’t too sure about it. But he told me the good vibes were unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I sure liked the sound of that; all us girls love the good vibes. I just didn’t know if I wanted to go in a noose is all. I was planning to step off into the extermination pit and I figured that would be that.

Well he kept pressuring me, telling me how much fun I would have. He also told me how hard it made him. We would talk about it and then he would get an erection and soon we would go back to making out again. If it made him that hard then I was beginning to think maybe I should go ahead and hang for him on my Lastday.

He kept wanting to hang me for practice but I wouldn’t let him. I told him he would have to wait until Lastday. But he kept asking me about it and begging me to hang for him until I finally gave in and told him I would.

I don’t know what made me say yes. Maybe it was knowing how hard he would get. After all, I did enjoy pleasing him. But the closer my Lastday came the more reluctant I became.

The day finally arrived and he invited everyone he knew. There were certainly more people there than I was comfortable with. Still, a part of me figured it was his day to see me die just as much as it was mine. So I figured that hanging for him was the least I could do.

We all started making out on the mats he put out. He was so happy… and oh, so hard knowing he was going to hang me soon. He told everyone how special I was to hang for him and that it was going to be quite a show since it would be the first and only time for me in the noose, unlike Camilla 4 whom he had hung many times before her Lastday.

The closer the moment came the more nervous I got. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hang after all; it looked quite painful. Camilla had really kicked and I wasn’t all that certain I wanted to go through with it anymore, especially not in front of everyone. I told Steven 7 how I felt and he reassured me he would take special care of me.

The time finally came and I was nervous as a girl making out for the very first time. I stepped onto the pad to the extermination pit below and I found myself thinking how I wished it would suddenly open up and swallow me whole. But it never did.

Steven 7 noosed me and then he went to tie my arms behind my back. I asked him if that was necessary; I was already getting quite scared and I wanted my arms free. He said it would enhance my good vibes and that my having good vibes was the main reason for doing the Lastday dance in the first place, right? I nodded reluctantly.

Steven 7 pulled on the rope and the noose pulled me up until I was standing on my toes. Right away I began to shuffle around on my feet, struggling just to breathe. I didn’t think I was going to have good vibes of any kind. I was scared and I wanted back down in the worst way. I just wanted to fall into the pit like most people did.

Steven 7 was so hard; in fact all the guys had an erection. And all the girls had happy breasts. I felt a little better knowing I was the reason for all that hardness and happiness. Then everyone came up to me and started touching me all over!

It was scary but it felt pretty good. I’ve never been so excited or so scared in all my life. All those hands touching me, and those fingers checking my vibe hole? It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

Steven 7 backed everyone away from me. Then he motioned toward me as he proudly proclaimed. “I PRESENT TO YOU THE LASTDAY OF SERENA 6!”

I felt a jolt of panic and I wanted to tell him I’d changed my mind. But I could barely speak and the rope was strangling my breath away. Then the pad dropped away beneath my feet and I was suddenly doing my Lastday dance.

It hurt bad… hurt like you wouldn’t believe. My legs kicked as though I could not control them. The harder I kicked the tighter the rope got around my neck.

Steven 7 found some girl and I saw them wildly making out as I hanged there right in front of everyone. In fact everyone was making out. I guess I was the star of my own show… but it hurt so bad I just wanted it to end.

All of the sudden I felt it rush within me. Then I was kicking and jerking and gurgling for all I was worth. Several of the girls screamed, “GOOD VIBES; SHE’S HAVING GOOD VIBES!!”

They were unlike anything I had ever felt before. But the pain just seemed to get worse and worse. Soon I could barely breathe at all and I just wanted it to be over with.

All of the sudden I felt good vibes to end all good vibes. These were big ones, bigger than I had ever felt before. When they were done I just hung limp, too exhausted to do anything else. But I was still alive… and it hurt really, really bad.

Steven 7 came up to me and rubbed my body with his hands. He even fingered my vibe hole. He smiled, telling me how wet I was and that he always knew I would have the good vibes before it was all over. He was right about that of course; I’d had really  good vibes.

“I told you I would take care of you special, Serena,” he told me. Those were his final words to me. Then he cut the rope, telling everyone in the room, “SAY GOODBYE TO SERENA 6!”

I heard the goodbyes fade away as I plummeted into the extermination pit. It was a great relief, for I knew the pain would soon be over. It got really, really hot and I experienced a new pain unlike anything I had ever felt before. Then there was a whoosh and all my cares were over. But at least Steven 7 and everyone there seemed to enjoy my hanging.

Non-consensual Nina 9

I never liked the idea of Lastday. The Lifeclock crystal in my hand has always been a painful reminder of the shortness of my life. I never thought for one minute it was the least bit fair to make us willingly step into those extermination pits. And I hate fire.

Naturally I presented my objections to anyone who would listen. But they all thought I was crazy. They said Lastday was a celebration of life and death. I always snorted at them in disbelief how they could go so willingly to their deaths.

Each change in my Lifeclock crystal made me more and more fearful. I dreaded the day I would have to report to an extermination pit or attend my very own Lastday party. When my crystal changed from steady red to blinking red I knew my days were about over. So I became a runner. But there was no place to go.

Sandmen came after me, chasing me down to take me to one of the extermination pits. There was talk of giving them weapons; one day they might actually be able to shoot someone like me on sight. It was only a matter of time before they caught me, especially since they were making plans for a grand Lastday celebration they wanted to call Carousel. That place scared me most of all.

When I ran I had no friends and no place to hide. The blinking red crystal in my palm would give me away should anyone see it. So it was only a matter of time before I was finally caught by a couple of ruthless Sandmen.

They had me by my arms and were taking me to an extermination pit when they saw a notice for a Lastday party being held nearby. That meant there would be a pit right there for them to throw me in. So they told me that’s where they were taking me as it was the closest location to find a pit. That’s when I really began to fear for my life.

When we got there I was horrified at what I saw. Everyone was making out on mats while a naked woman was up in the air with a rope around her neck. She was strangling and her legs were kicking wildly to the appreciative moans and groans of everyone making out.

“This will be perfect,” one of the sandmen said to the other. “This will teach her not to run.”

“NO!” I begged. “PLEASE! I WANT TO LIVE!”

“Your crystal is blinking red,” the other one scolded me. “You tried to run. You must suffer the consequences.”

One of the men making out on a mat on the floor saw us and rose up with his girl. “Sandmen!” he proclaimed with a friendly wave. “You are welcome here. Come and join our celebration of the life and death of Karen 5.”

“We have a runner here,” the one explained. “Her Lifeclock is blinking. She must be exterminated.”

“They we shall hang her after we finish enjoying Karen 5,” the man declared with a smile. “My name is Steven 7. You are welcome.”

“NO!” I cried out in terror. “You are all crazy to be here! Don’t you see what a waste of life this is??” Everyone just laughed at me. I should not have been surprised. Many were making out, all caught up in the throes of good vibes.

Karen 5 finished kicking until she hung limp and lifeless. Steven 7 and many others got up to go touch her naked body, even her happy breasts. They even fingered her vibe hole. She barely moved at all; her face had turned horribly blue. And her neck had lengthened terribly.

Steven 7 retrieved a knife and cut her rope. I saw her drop, disappearing into the extermination pit beneath her dangling body. Instinctively I let out a scream of horror. But I was the only one to do so. The others just cheered her death.

“Come,” Steven 7 motioned for me. “We just happen to have another noose for you. We shall celebrate your life and death by giving you a fine hanging.”

“But I don’t WANT to hang!” I protested. It looked awful. But the Sandmen pushed me forward, telling me I was going to hang on my Lastday and that I had no choice in the matter.

I tried to resist them but the others helped until there were too many of them. Soon I was naked, being dragged toward the extermination pit. “BUT I DON’T WANT TO BURN!” I screamed in terror. Fortunately the pad closed over the opening so that I would not fall through. But I was afraid it might open up again at any moment as I was stood upon it.

“You will hang… and THEN you will burn,” one of the Sandmen cackled mercilessly at me.

A rope was thrown up over the beam and then looped around my neck. Then my arms were tied tightly behind my back. I was helpless, terrified my death was at finally hand.

“Come, friends,” Steven 7 urged. “Come and give her a proper sendoff.” Then everyone came up to me. They started rubbing me and touching me all over. Some even put their fingers into my vibe hole. It was shameful for me.

“Onto her toes!” Steven 7 said with great enthusiasm. I could see how erect he had become. Was he looking forward to seeing me hang?

The rope around my neck suddenly pulled me up until I was shuffling around upon my toes. I had a very hard time breathing as everyone continued to touch me. Even the Sandmen became unclothed before coming up to me and putting their hands all over my trembling, naked body.

“The mats!” someone proclaimed. There was a great rush to grab a girl and take her to a mat. Even the Sandmen were encouraged to find someone to make out with. Then the pad opened up directly beneath my feet.

I was sure I was going to fall to my death and burn in the pit. I opened my mouth to scream. But the rope pulled me up short and began to strangle me. A moment later my legs took on a life of their own as I started to kick for all I was worth.

I kicked and kicked as I swung back and forth in the rope. It was a pain unlike any other pain I had ever felt before. I was terrified and wanted to be released, although fearful of falling through the opening into the pit below me.

I have made out before so I know what that feels like. But this time I experienced that feeling in a totally unexpected way as my legs continued to kick. My knees drew together and suddenly I was experiencing good vibes like I had never felt them before, right there in front of everybody.

One of the females noticed and shouted out, “GOOD VIBES, EVERYONE! SHE’S FEELING GOOD VIBES!” Oh how shameful it was as everyone watched and cheered me on. Couldn’t they see I was strangling to death??

The two Sandmen were really making out as they watched me. Their eyes did not leave my naked body and it was very shameful. I could not help myself as I actually endured a second set of good vibes.

I did not think it was every going to end. I guess my body finally became tired of fighting against the noose. Then one of the Sandmen retrieved the knife from Steven 7.

I was barely breathing as he came up to me, his hardness all wet from that female’s vibe hole he had been using. He told me, “Now it’s the extermination pit for you, runner.” Then he cut through my rope with but a single slice.

I tried to scream; I did not want to fall into the pit. But I made no sound as I fell, although I was screaming in my head. The air got warm… then it got hot… and then it became unbearable.

I experienced great pain as I drew closer to the flames. I tried to scream again, my whole body in agony. This was it; I was facing my Lastday against my will. Then everything I ever knew ended with a great whoosh and I was no more.

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