Cuffed and Stuffed


This is a bonus story for the end of January. Normally I post a JP illustrated story to UWFetish. But I wanted to write one for all my readers here. I hope you enjoy it.

The long day at the aquadome was drawing to a close. George made sure the last of the guests were out. Then he went around making sure everything was turned off and ready for the morning crew.

He was in the back when he heard a splash. George muttered an obscenity as he rushed out and headed for the pool. Who the hell had stayed behind and avoided being seen?

He saw ripples in the deep end and looked down. Then he rolled his eyes and shook his head. Mika had slipped into her wetsuit and was engaging in another little after-hours swim. Damn her!

He noticed the ankle weights she was wearing. He cursed under his breath, thinking he’d gotten them all and locked them away. She must have had a set with her he had missed.

She came up to the surface and smiled at him. “Hello, George. Just getting in a quick dip in my wetsuit before you lock up.”

“But I’m already locking up, Mika.”

She grinned impishly. “Then I guess you’ll just have to catch me and punish me, won’t you.” And with that she took a deep breath before allowing the ankle weights to take her to the bottom.

George felt his cock stir in his navy blue Speedos. So Mika was going to be difficult again, eh? She was always teasing him, toying with him while challenging his authority.

He strongly suspected she had a thing for him. But he’d never done anything about it. Now here she was again, teasing him by enjoying a late night swim while keeping him from going home.

His cock hardened as he thought about it. She’d previously made a few lewd remarks about checking out what was in his Speedos on several occasions. Maybe it was time to do something about it.

She stretched out on her back on the bottom near the pool drain and blew bubbles up at him as he looked down on her. Her braided pigtails laid out on either side of her head. He smiled at the way her figure tightly filled her pink and black wetsuit.

He went behind the counter and retrieved something he thought might come in handy. Then he started the compressor to the air hose. If he was going to do this, a source of air might come in handy.

He unlocked the storage locker and pulled out another set of ankle weights along with a belt and dive mask. He shook his head again, wondering how he’d missed the set Mika was now wearing. Then he headed back to the edge of the deep end of the pool.

He attached the ankle weights and belt before fitting the mask over his face. He put the reg into his mouth and tested the flow. Lastly he tucked the item he’d brought along into his Speedos before he stepped off the side of the pool.

He caught Mika by surprise when she saw him descend. She grinned as she swam toward him. Without even making a request she pulled the reg from his lips before fitting it into her mouth.

She breathed deeply as he motioned… “Isn’t it time for you to get out and go home?” She grinned as she playfully shook her head. He pulled the reg from her mouth, watching her spew bubbles as he put it back between his lips.

She reached out and grabbed for the bulge beginning to show in his Speedos. He grabbed for her but she scooted out of reach. She bubbled playfully before she returned, going for his bulge again and then changing tactics by snatching the reg out of his mouth.

She bubbled playfully before she put it between her lips and breathed deeply. George snatched the reg back from her, putting it back into his mouth. Once more he signaled… “Isn’t it time for you to go home?”

She smiled as she shook her head no, her braids waving back and forth. She came up to him and brazenly grabbed his Speedos. He tried to stop her but she succeeded in pulling them down far enough to expose his erection.

‘So that’s what she’s after,’ he said to himself. ‘I thought so. This time she’s decided to go after what she wants. So I think we’re going to play this my way.’

Mika worked the Speedos all the way off his legs. Then she grabbed his erection before reaching for the regulator. He backed away, forcing her to come after him for her next breath.

When she grabbed it and put it into her mouth he knelt down and reached for his Speedos. He put his hand inside to retrieve what he’d brought with him. It was time to teach her a lesson.

Mika thought he wanted to put his Speedos back on. That wasn’t in her plans at all. She grinned as she tried to brush them away, getting down onto her knees to wave them out of his reach.

She was caught by surprise when he suddenly produced a set of handcuffs. So that’s what he’d been reaching for this whole time?? At that moment she realized the game had suddenly changed.

Before she could react he clatched a cuff onto her outstretched wrist. Mika grunted into the regulator in her mouth in shock as George pulled her arm toward the white grating to the pool drain. She let out a bubbly cry, shaking her head in alarm when she realized what he was up to.

She put up some resistance, but her efforts were half-hearted. Deep down she actually loved the idea. It gave her erotic tingles something fierce.

It didn’t take long before he had her cuffed to the grating. She glared at him in faux anger. How dare he cuff her to the pool drain like this??

He smiled as he reached for the reg in her mouth. Now she realized just how important it had become. It was her only lifeline.

She tried to pull away and protect it. But she was tethered to the drain and couldn’t go anywhere. He successfully pulled it out of her mouth, causing her to spew bubbles.

He gave her a nasty smile as he put it between his lips to take a breath. Then he rose to his feet. He shook a finger at her… “Naughty-naughty. Now look what you’ve gotten yourself into.” She bubbled back indignantly.

‘Not so clever now, are you,’ he thought with amusement. His cock hardened right up at the sight of her pulling against the handcuffs holding her to the drain. Seeing her helpless while struggling to hold her breath was a real turn-on.

She looked at him and pleaded with her eyes for the hose. Then she tapped her lips with the fingers to her free hand, indicating her situation… “I need that regulator, George.”

He looked down at her with amusement. Then he shook his head. She bubbled in alarm, pulling against the cuffs in growing anxiety as a surge of erotic tingles flowed through her.

She motioned again for air as his cock pointed right at her face. She saw how hard it had become. She wanted it in her mouth, but right now she really needed another breath.

George smiled at her predicament. Then he pointed at his erection again before tapping the reg in his mouth… “Well, you wanted to see it. Now you can suck on it if you want another breath.”

Mika looked at him indignantly before shaking her head, her braids flowing back and forth. She lost a few more bubbles as her chest began to burn. She’d certainly gotten herself into it this time.

Once more he pointed at his erection. She gave him a dirty look as though indignant he would even suggest such a thing. Inwardly she was thrilled at the opportunity to finally get to suck his cock.

She leaned forward and licked the head of his quivering dick. She blew little bubbles at it to tease him. Then she kissed the tip as her chest heaved ominously.

Her lungs strained from her breath-hold. Her stomach was rippling; she was almost out of breath. She really needed another hit off that regulator.

She looked up at him as she touched her mouth again with her fingers… “I need that reg, damn you!” He just shook his head. Once more he pointed at his erection as though she hadn’t done nearly enough to earn another breath.

She grudgingly took more of his cock between her lips. She’d been waiting for this moment for a long time. She just hadn’t counted on him changing the rules on her like this.

She savored the taste of him in her mouth. Then she lost more bubbles out of her nose before she pulled off his erection and tapped her lips again. He grudgingly pulled the reg out of his mouth and handed it to her.

She frantically purged it before sucking on it and breathing deeply. He smiled as he reached for her hand, bringing it toward his cock as though indicating… “You’re not nearly done yet, Mika.”

She jerked her hand away although inwardly enjoying the game they were playing. In response George popped the reg out of her mouth before putting it back between his lips. She gave him another dirty look.

He pointed down at his dick with a nasty smile. Mika knew she didn’t really have a choice in the matter, not if she wanted to breathe from his hose. Besides, she’d been eagerly awaiting this moment for a long time now.

She grabbed it with her free hand and put it into her mouth. She began sucking on it carefully, once more savoring how it felt between her lips. She had no idea she’d get her chance to suck it under such ominous, yet erotic circumstances. Being handcuffed to the pool drain only added to her arousal.

She finally pulled it out of her mouth before touching her lips… “I need the reg again.” George shook his head before motioning… “Keep sucking.” She bubbled indignantly before she took it back between her lips, trembling with arousal over the way he was ordering her around.

Her lungs began to burn while she vacuumed his quivering shaft. She came off his cock and motioned… “I need the reg now!” In response he reached down and flipped her pink dive mask up off her face.

“Hey!” she bubbled indignantly, blinking her eyes. Then he grabbed her by the back of her head and impaled her mouth. Mika groaned as she trembled with arousal while he thrust his cock deep down her throat.

Her stomach rippled as her chest began to heave. The tightness of the wetsuit clinging to her naked body made her all sweaty and horny. Her pussy throbbed as she squirmed at her dilemma.

She tried to push him away… “No more; I need air, damn you!!” He just shrugged and backed away. Now the reg was well out of reach.

She felt an erotic jolt as she waved him to come back. He stepped closer where she grabbed his cock with her free hand. Then she went back to sucking him, this time more aggressively.

She lost another burst of air out of her mouth and nose. Before she could pull off and tap her lips he was already removing the reg from his mouth and handing it to her. Thankfully he’d seen how out of breath she was.

She crammed the reg between her lips, frantically purging it before taking a deep breath. Damn; that was close! She didn’t think he wanted to drown her. But he was certainly enjoying torturing her lungs.

He motioned at his dick… “Get back to sucking!” She shook her head no as she took another deep breath. He simply reached down and pulled the reg out of her mouth, causing her to spew bubbles again as he put it back between his lips.

He motioned… “Now suck!” She indignantly stuck her tongue at him before shaking her head. That’s when he grabbed her braids and thrust his dick hard down her throat, brutally fucking her face.

Mika gagged up bubbles as she tried to push him away with her free hand. But she quickly gave up. It gave her such an erotic thrill the way he was using her like this.

He thrust deep as though enjoying the way she gagged and grunted. It wasn’t long before her lungs began to burn again. Once more she tried to tap her lips with her fingers. That just made him thrust even harder.

“Oh fuck; he’s going to push me!” Mika felt a hot wave of arousal flow through her. Her lungs began to burn as he fucked her face.

He moaned as he grunted through the reg in his mouth. George felt like he was getting close to a release. Either she was going to take his load on this breath or…well, there was no point in considering the alternative, was there?

Mika began to struggle. Her chest heaved as she tried to gulp her breath back down while trying to swallow cock. She was becoming anxious… and incredibly aroused.

One hard thrust and he was cumming into her mouth. Mika could barely contain it all. Wisps leaked out around the seal her lips made as she tried to swallow it all.

Afterwards he thrust nice and slow, enjoying the after-suck while not allowing her to spit it out. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He took the reg from his lips and waved it teasingly in front of her face before she snatched it away and crammed it into her mouth.

She groaned weakly. That had been close… and damned erotic. She could still taste his cum in her mouth and on her lips. Then she watched in alarm as he grabbed his Speedos before swimming up to the surface… “Hey wait; where are you going??”

She saw him climb out of the pool. Then she was all alone on the bottom. What the hell was he doing??

Mika felt another erotic jolt. What was going on?? He was going to come back, right? Surely he wasn’t going to leave her down here for the morning crew to discover, was he?

What if the compressor quit? What if he pulled the hose out of her mouth? What if they found her drowned down here in her wetsuit??

At that moment the worst possible thing happened: the compressor cut out. Mika tried to pull in another breath. But there was no air to be had.

She grunted in alarm as she tried to breathe while pulling in vain against the cuffs. She was going to drown down here if she didn’t get free! Where the hell was George??

Was he in another part of the building? Had the compressor failed from loss of power? Or had he deliberately turned it off??

She wriggled and squirmed as her lungs began to strain. She pulled against the cuffs with all her might. But she couldn’t pull her wrist free.

She was hot in her suit, the sweat making everything all squishy. Her pussy was soaked as it throbbed with a terrible ache. Her lungs heaved again, which finally set her off.

Mika winced and shuddered at the intensity of her orgasm. George wasn’t paying attention and the compressor had failed. Now she was going to drown down here in her wetsuit.

She was vaguely aware of a splash from above. There was a presence in the pool with her. Her vision returned to see George in his Speedos working a key into her cuffs.

The one on her wrist popped right open. Then he gave her a boost. She shot upward, kicking like hell for the surface as air spewed out of her mouth and nose.

She burst up gasping loudly for breath. Then she swam over to the ladder. George popped up and held on to her as he gave her a sly smile.

“Damn you, George!” she panted. “I nearly drowned down there!”

“I was watching you the whole time. Maybe next time when it’s closing time you’ll go home like you’re supposed to?”

“Maybe next time you’ll just have to punish me again for staying too long?” She gave him a sly grin as though she’d enjoyed what he’d done to her down on the pool floor.

“Get out of here; I want to close up for the night.” Then he grabbed her ass and pushed her up the ladder out of the water. She giggled as she headed for the locker room. She needed to ditch her wetsuit and take a quick, refreshing shower to wash the arousal off her body.

2018 (written Oct 19 ’18 by riwa)

(Poser renders courtesy of JustPaul.)

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