Blowjobs before execution

Three short stories of blowjobs before the execution.

Getting a new secretary

I usually go through about two secretaries a year. That’s because my work on Santamos Island allows me to execute willing victims. So I hire female secretaries for that very reason.

Jayne saw my ad on the Internet for a secretarial position with unusual benefits. Pay is double what the normal secretary might receive. And there are certain sexual “benefits” that go with it, if you know what I mean. When I need a new secretary, it’s because the current one is about to “pass away”.

I wanted to make sure Jayne was fully aware of her duties if she decided she wanted to work for me. She told me she understood my rules and my “sixth-month consequences”. But she was still willing to come.

I paid for her ticket to fly out for an interview. She revealed to me she was excellent at typing and dictation. She even had a good recommendation from her last boss, which also worked in her favor. There was only one test remaining.

I have a private cabin on the Island where I’m granted a little leeway with the authorities. I brought Jayne out with me where I introduced her to Carly. Carly was “on her way out” so to speak.

Jayne watched in awe as Carly undressed for me in my execution room. Carly wanted to go out wearing her favorite attire. So I allowed her to clamp a small, gold chain to her nipples, a chain I’d given her previously for three months of loyal service.

Carly wore sheer stockings clipped to her garter. When she was ready I got naked before I noosed her up. I already had an erection when I tied her wrists behind her back.

Jayne watched in awe as Carly took me into her mouth and started sucking. Carly had learned over the last six months just the way I like it. And this time she really gave it her all.

I allowed her to dictate the pace of her blowjob. She spent ten minutes working me up to a fever pitch. Then I unloaded in her mouth.

She moaned as she hungrily swallowed every last drop. Then I raised her to her feet. I brought in a chair for her to stand on, which she dutifully climbed aboard with a smile.

She panted for breath; she was naturally a little anxious. But I could tell she was excited the way her pussy dripped. She smiled as she told me, “It’s been a pleasure serving you, Mr. Lathrum.” Then she stepped off the chair.

She gawked as the rope took her full weight, and she swung back and forth. I smiled as I stroked myself. Then I instructed Jayne to “Please place the small bucket sitting nearby directly under Carly’s fluttering toes”. Her eyes were wide, but she did as she was told.

Carly’s struggles began to lessen after a few minutes. It was a wonderful dance, and I thanked her for her service. By then drool was spilling off her lips onto her tits.

She quivered until she hung limp. I went up to her and felt her up, enjoying fingering her breasts and wet slit. She quivered and shuddered until she began dripping urine down her legs to fall into the waiting bucket.

I stroked until I shot my load onto her crotch. Her toes still wriggled a little as stray muscles fired. Then I turned to Jayne and smiled.

“As you can see, I now need a new secretary. Carly served me well, but her time was up. I often grow fond of the women I work with. But I tend to get a little too attached at times. This is my way of making sure our relationship remains physical and professional.”

Jayne came over and inspected Carly’s naked body. She asked permission, which I granted. Then she began feeling her up.

“Incredible,” she breathed. “Absolutely incredible. And you say this is what happens every six months with your secretaries?”

“More or less,” I told her with a smile. “I once got a little too attached to a lovely lady’s skills. She gave great dictation and loved anal. I delayed the inevitable an extra three months. She was the one who had to remind me I needed to execute her. I think she was looking forward to it.”

“I see,” Jayne panted breathlessly.

She said nothing for the longest time. I thought for sure she was going to back out. Then she said, “Is that secretarial job still open?”

I smiled as I told her, “It sure is.”

“When can I start, Mr. Lathrum?”

“There’s a number on my desk in the den. The authorities need to be notified to come pick up the body. Then you can meet me in the bedroom. As you may have surmised, I have further needs.” By then my cock was hardening again.

“Right away, Mr. Lathrum.”

She looked down at my erection and licked her lips. She caressed Carly’s naked body one last time. Then she went off to make the call. That’s when I knew I was going to have another six enjoyable months ahead of me.

(Sep 19 ‘18)


I was in her backyard pool. She was wearing a light blue bikini. I was wearing my birthday suit. That was her idea. I think she had plans for something sexual. I had plans for something else.

It didn’t take much. All I said was “Vinny’s not happy with you. Play your cards right and I’ll give you a mouthful of cum before it’s over.”

She looked at me in shock. Then she stammered, “V-V-Vinny?” I just nodded my head.

“Shit!” and she tried to get away from me. I just grabbed her and pulled her back. She wasn’t going anywhere.

She really fought me. That meant she was underwater quite a bit. But it was her choice whether she wanted to do this the easy way or the hard way. Besides, her struggles and bubbles were really making me hard.

She was a slippery little minx. But she couldn’t get away. There was a ton of bubbles as I struggled to hold onto her.

I decided to go ahead and make her do this naked. It would look like she’d come out for a swim and shed her bikini along the way. So I grabbed for her top.

She screamed and struggled. But I got it off her. Then I held her under and groped her breasts. They were nice and firm as she bubbled for me in protest. Such a shame.

Next I went for her bottoms. I decided if I was going to drown her then I wanted to see the whole package. After all, why not?

She put up another struggle, but she was underwater so much I figured she would soon wear herself out. I kept at it until I finally pulled them down off her legs. They were such nice legs. And what a sexy twat.

I thought about raping her. But I decided to give her a break. A blowjob would be just fine before I did the deed.

I held her head under and pulled her face toward my erection. Right away she started making biting motions. I waggled a finger at her in warning. If she wanted to try my patience, there were far worse ways to die then drowning.

She made biting motions once more. Again I waggled my finger at her in warning. When she started to cry out in bubbly protest I slammed my dick home.

She grunted as I rammed it down her throat. She was still struggling a little. At least she hadn’t tried to bite me yet.

Bubbles poured out of her nose as I fucked her face. Her struggles were really making me hard. So I decided to prolong this for a little while.

I pulled her head up by a handful of hair. She gasped before she started to curse me. She managed to get out, “YOU SON OF A–” That was all she managed as I forced her head back down in a flurry of bubbles.

She gagged up bubbles as I enjoyed fucking her mouth. She settled down a little as she stopped fighting me so much. I appreciated that.

I gave her boobs a squeeze – nice and firm. She grunted her indignation. I pulled her up for another breath, allowing her a quick gasp before I forced her head back down.

I had a good grip on her hair. She tried to pull out of my grasp, but it was no use. She wasn’t going anywhere.

She grunted up another sexy mouthful of bubbles. Her struggles and the way she was bubbling was keeping me nice and hard. Her mouth wasn’t too bad either.

I gave her a good, hard skull-fucking as I held onto her hair. My cock kept hitting the back of her throat. She grunted and gurgled as she gagged up bubbles. It was sexy as hell.

I pulled her head up for another breath of air. She inhaled sharply before I forced her right back down. Hearing her gasps for breath was quite arousing.

I found myself wondering when would be a good moment to drown her. I decided I would do it the moment I filled her mouth with my spunk. I hoped it would be just as good for her as it was going to be for me.

I thrust hard and deep, noticing she was starting to struggle. She wanted up again. I decided one more breath of air for her ought to just about do it.

I pulled her head up and she gasped loudly. “YOU MOTHERF–” and back down she went. I decided this would be the one.

I thrust nice and slow, taking my time to enjoy the moment. She actually settled down and put some effort into it. Maybe she hoped I would show her some mercy if she let me cum in her mouth.

I heard her grunts and bubbles as her breasts started to wobble from the strain. I knew she was getting close. But then again, so was I.

She started beating against my legs with her fists as I fucked her mouth harder. She began grunting up bubbles in earnest. We were both getting close.

She really started grunting and pounding against my legs. Then she hitched as she swallowed water. A moment later she started thrashing about as I held on tight.

I fucked her mouth as she continued swallowing water. She finally began to settle down, her hair swirling all around her head. When I pulled out of her mouth some of my cream came out as well.

She just stared at my cock with a vacant expression as more cream swirled out. Stray bubbles slipped out of her nose. Her nipples were quite hard. I wonder if she enjoyed it a little. At least I hope she did.

(Sep 19 ‘18)

Frat house orgy

I’m a whore and I’m proud of it. I love sex and can’t seem to get enough of it. In fact, that’s how I make my living.

One afternoon I got a call from a frat house calling itself Phi Omicron Ro Nu. They were planning an orgy and wanted a whore who was up for anything. They also said a meal was going to be served later.

The idea of being the lone woman at a sex-crazed frat house immensely turned me on. I loved the idea of servicing all those horny students. The price I was quoted was triple what I would have been willing to accept. Hell, I might have even done it for free.

They said there might be some special conditions including bondage and roleplay. I replied I was up for virtually anything. I was open to oral, anal and even watersports, if you know what I mean.

We agreed on a price and a time of seven pm. I was really looking forward to it. So I began to change into something I figured the guys would like, something that would be easy enough to remove.

When I arrived I saw how many were waiting for me in the downstairs meeting room. There were all shapes, sizes and races. It made me so fucking horny knowing I was going to get to enjoy all those cocks.

They brought out some paperwork for me to sign so there would be no liability on their part. I assumed it was to protect them from claims of rape or sexual abuse. Sometimes those things happen, and I couldn’t blame them for covering themselves.

After I’d signed (without reading the full content), the guys all came over and started pawing me. It got me all worked up seeing how eager they were to get to it. I smiled as I poured on the charm, telling them how lucky I was and that I was looking forward to fucking each and every one of them as many times as I could.

Darrel seemed to be the guy in charge. He smiled as he told me he was the one who’d called. I told him I recognized his voice and that I felt lucky as hell all his frat boys wanted to fuck a sexy bitch like me with a few extra pounds on her. He just smiled and said they were all going to thoroughly enjoy me.

He said they wanted to start with a little bondage. I told them I was agreeable. So they led me upstairs.

A couple of guys got some rope and started tying me up pretty good. My ankles and knees were secured so I wasn’t going anywhere for a while. The fact I was about to become their helpless plaything made me so fucking wet.

They pulled down my top and exposed my breasts, running some rope around them as well. Then they attached a couple of clothespins to my nipples. I just smiled as I told them a little pain made it sexy for me and that it wasn’t going to bother me in the slightest.

One of the guys retrieved a black blindfold and wrapped it around my head until I couldn’t see. “We’re going to start you out with some anonymous frat house blowjobs, Betty. How does that sound?”

“Sounds scrumptious,” I replied with an erotic quiver. I was horny and eager to get the party started.

The first cock was pushed against my lips. I opened my mouth and started to suck. It was a nice, tasty start to my night of fucking.

“Damn, you’re good, Betty,” the guy said with a groan. I just loved the way he thrust into my mouth. It didn’t take long until I got my first protein shake of the evening.

I got two more before Darrel came in. I instantly recognized his voice the moment he spoke. But it sounded like he’d brought something heavy into the room with him which he thumped right in front of me.

“Ok, Betty. This is where it starts getting good.” Then he shoved his dick into my mouth and really started fucking my face. I was in heaven.
I could tell he was getting ready to cum. He finally pulled out and spurted all over my cheeks. It’s good the blindfold was on my face or I might have gotten some in my eye.

“Ok, Betty; we’re going to rest your neck now for the next batch. Just bring it down right here.” Then he pushed my head down.

I willingly complied until I felt my head and neck resting on something solid. It didn’t feel like it was metal… more like some sort of wooden support. I was appreciative, as being bent over sucking cock after cock was making my neck and back a little sore.

“Ok, Betty; get ready. Open your mouth, ‘cause here comes the next one.”

I opened my mouth in preparation for the next cock I was going to get. I couldn’t help wondering if it would be big or small. I didn’t care; I was determined to pleasure them all.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain run through my neck, immediately followed by the sound of a loud thunk. I felt funny, like I was tumbling in the air. My head hit something, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was.

What the hell happened? I couldn’t feel anything below my neck anymore! All my arousal and horniness seemed to have just disappeared!

I couldn’t see so I had no frame of reference. I heard Darrel tell me, “Well done, Betty.” I smiled… or at least I think I tried to. But I was so confused. I couldn’t even speak!

I felt weightless as I stood up… or maybe I should say I was lifted up as I couldn’t feel my legs underneath me. Then the blindfold was removed. The first thing I saw was a body jerking around on the floor with blood spurting out of its severed neck. Amazingly there was no head!

For a moment I couldn’t figure out who it was. But it was most definitely a female. She was tied up just like I had been and… HOLY HELL: IT WAS ME!!

I tried to scream, but my lips wouldn’t move. Then I felt something in my neck. A moment later the tip of this cock came out of my mouth. My head was being fucked in reverse by somebody’s dick!

Darrel smiled as he came up to me. “Welcome to our necro party, Betty. You’re going to be the star. Afterwards we’re having a big barbecue tomorrow… and you’re going to be the guest of honor. Then your head will be put in our special display case.” That was the last thing that registered as consciousness faded away.

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