My mother hangs my girlfriends


The first time I think she did it was when she hanged Carly out in the woods. I didn’t see her do it personally and I don’t believe Carly committed suicide. Who else could have done it other than mother??

I found Carly when I went out to meet her at our favorite place in the woods to make out and have sex. When I got there I discovered she was already there. She was hanging topless from a tree limb in her faded blue jeans.

There was dirt on her tits. It made me wonder if she’d been involved in some sort of scuffle. The way her hands were tied behind her back indicated she didn’t do it to herself. But I had my suspicions as there was only one other person I suspected of knowing where Carly and I liked to fuck.

Mother was outside hanging wet clothes on a line when I got home. “Hi, son,” she said with a smile. I got right to the point.

“Mother, did you hang Carly out in the woods?”

She appeared shocked I would even think such a thing. “That whore?? I wouldn’t dream of touching her, honey. You have no idea how many men she’s fucked. I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole!”

“Mother, she was my girlfriend! How could you?”

She stopped what she was doing and looked me right in the eye. “Honey, I have no idea what you’re talking about. But you can do so much better. A dead whore like that is no great loss. Now go do your chores.”

She caressed my face before kissing me on the lips. “Yes, mother,” I replied. Then I sighed heavily as I turned and walked away.

It was too bad; I really did like Carly. She was a great lay and did all the things I liked to do whenever we fucked. I was really going to miss her.

Three months later it was Ginger’s turn. She liked to have sex, and I really enjoyed fucking her. But I didn’t dare take her out to my favorite spot in the woods. I was afraid mother might find out.

Ginger rented a house with some other girls. When they were gone she would invite me over. We fucked in just about every room in the house.

Things were going great until mother found out. Ginger and I were doing it on an old mattress out in the garage when mom showed up unannounced. She was wearing all black when she barged in.

She had painted on this dark red lipstick – my favorite color. And she had this rope in her gloved hands. Boy, did she look furious.

“Nelson, what are you doing here with this whore?”

I didn’t know how to answer. She’d caught us both buck-naked. I was embarrassed as hell.

Ginger stammered, “Miss Foster, what are you doing here??” She rose angrily to her feet, although I had no idea what she thought she was going to do to my mother.

“I’m taking care of another whore who’s trying to get her hooks into my son!” she spat out. “That’s what I’m doing here!”

She surprised me by hanging me a length of rope. “Nelson? Be a good boy and tie her wrists behind her back!” She didn’t even acknowledge I was standing there naked with the start of an erection.

“Mother??” I stammered uncertainly.


“Yes, mother.” Always make it a point to be polite to your mom, no matter how angry she looks… well, especially how angry she looks.

I took the rope she gave me and tied Ginger’s arms behind her back. “Nelson, what are you doing??” she gasped in alarm.

“It’ll be ok,” I told her reassuringly. “Mother knows what she’s doing.” I hadn’t cum yet, but her pussy was still wet from our fucking.

“But NELSON??”

I finished tying her arms behind her back as mother tossed the other rope over a beam in the ceiling. Then she made a noose out of one end. She did it so fast it made me think she’d tied one before.

At that moment I couldn’t help thinking of Carly. I gave mother the stink-eye, confirming my suspicions she’d probably been the one to hang her. She was too busy with the rope to notice the look on my face.

“Fetch me a stool, Nelson,” she demanded. I obediently went into the house to find one, Ginger’s frantic protests ringing in my ears.

When I returned I saw mom had the noose ready. She told me to place the stool directly underneath, which I did. Then she took hold of the noose before grabbing Ginger.

“This will teach you to go whoring after my son!”

Ginger went deathly pale. She shouted, “NELSON, DO SOMETHING!! DON’T LET YOUR MOTHER HANG ME?!” I couldn’t believe how hard her nipples had become. And her pussy looked like it was dripping.

“Mother, please don’t hang her, ok?”

She looked at me for a long moment as though I couldn’t fathom how she was simply trying to help me. Then she smiled and nodded. “You’re right, honey. You should do this one.” Then she held the noose out in her gloved hand toward me as though offering it to me.

I looked at mother and then I looked at Ginger. “Don’t do it!” she sputtered, shaking her head in growing horror.

“But she’s my mother,” I replied meekly as I stepped forward.

I took the noose from mom and carefully looped it around Ginger’s neck. “Place the knot behind her left ear, honey,” she instructed. “If you’re going to do something you should always do it right the first time.”

“Ok, mother,” I responded as I adjusted the noose accordingly.

Ginger looked at me in shock, too stunned to cry out.  She writhed and whimpered as though she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. I calmly finished noosing her up like it was no big deal.

Mother nodded with a smile of pride I had done such a fine job. “Very good, honey. Now step her up onto the stool while I tie off the other end of the rope.”

“Yes, mother.”

I had to help Ginger up onto the stool. She was numb with shock, unable to make her legs function. I got a good look at her dripping pussy, and it made my cock harden and quiver.

She finally stammered, “Nelson, NO!” I just shrugged my shoulders. What else could I do? It was what mom wanted.

Mother tied off the other end and then walked back over to stand next to me. “It’s really better this way, honey,” she told me, still appearing oblivious to my nudity as well as my erection. “Now allow mother to show you what you do to whores like this.”

She kicked her foot out, catching the edge of the stool. She sent it skittering across the cement floor. Ginger barely got out a garbled cry as she fell before the noose grabbed her and choked off her voice, pulling her up short of the floor.

She started kicking and twisting, jerking around like a fish on the end of a line. Her mouth opened and closed as though she was trying to speak… perhaps to cry out. But she couldn’t get any words out.

She rasped and gurgled as her legs went every which way. Her face changed color as her tits bounced. Her nipples were really hard like they usually get whenever she’s getting ready to fuck me.

I just stood there and watched as though in a daze. Strangely seeing Ginger hang like that was making me horny. Mother noticed right away and grasped onto my erection with her gloved hand.

“Is my son becoming aroused?” she cooed at me. “Let mother take care of that for you, ok honey?” Then she knelt right in front of me and took my cock into her mouth as Ginger continued to kick and strangle.

I was numb; I didn’t know what to do. Seeing Ginger like that made me so fucking horny that I couldn’t think straight. Thankfully mother was right there taking care of my erection with her mouth.

Mom watched Ginger’s hanging out of the corner of her eye. Whenever she spasmed, mom would vacuum my cock with her mouth. Whenever she jerked and kicked, mother would bob up and down on my twitching cock. And when Ginger spread her legs and flashed her cunt, mother took me deep down her throat, grunting and moaning hungrily.

Ginger suddenly went into convulsions, and I heard this dribbling sound hitting the garage floor. That’s when mother cupped my balls and swallowed my cock, sending me over the edge. As Ginger pissed herself I ended up giving mother a big load of cum.

Ginger finally hung limp and lifeless. All she did was sway back and forth, twisting in place a little. That’s when mother swallowed my load with a smile before pushing me down onto the mattress on my back, telling me, “Now it’s mommy’s turn, honey.”

She lifted her black skirt until I saw she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She straddled me as she climbed on and impaled my cock with her cunt. Mother calls that place a ‘cunt’ a lot.

She rode me hard until I got all hard again. Mother was facing Ginger and she rubbed her titties, moaning excitedly. Then she told the corpse, “That’s what I do to whores who go fucking after my son, you bitch! I don’t care what you thought you could get out of him, much less fucking him like that! You had no right to do that to him!” Then she let out a loud cry as she orgasmed all over my cock.

We were exhausted when she finally climbed off. “Come on home, Nelson. Let mother take good care of you. After all, I can do better than this dead whore.”

“Ok, mother,” I said quietly as I got up. Then I went and got dressed.

Before I left I took one last look at Ginger who was now hardly swaying at all. Then I sighed heavily. She was a good lay and she had a great cunt. But I guess mother knows best.

Mom saw me looking at the dangling body and wrapped an arm comfortingly around my shoulder. “Did you like watching me hang her for you, honey? Maybe someday I can go out and find another whore to hang for you. Would you like that?”

I nodded as though that might not be such a bad idea. Then we left the garage together. Ginger was left dangling naked from the noose for her roommates to find when they got home.

2014; 2018 (written May 27 ’14; ed. Oct 6 ‘18 by riwa)

(Idea inspired by Dorothy. Pictures found on the Internet and used for illustration purposes.)

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