Morning executions – the Houdini tank


I knew this day was coming. I’d hired myself out to him, knowing full well how it would end. Now I was going to be executed.

For those of us with little hope of bettering our situation, we’re allowed to sell ourselves into slavery. It’s a good life for the most part. But there’s a high turnover rate. The men who own us usually grow bored after a while, disposing of us so they can hire a new slave to break in.

I was told there would likely be very little warning. Master might have me executed on a whim. But life was good and I accepted my situation by making the best of it and enjoying all the benefits it had to offer.

Last night I was summoned into his chamber. There was more sex than usual. He used me in virtually every position imaginable.

The orgasms were glorious. But as the night wore on I began to have suspicions. Why were we fucking so much? Did he have something special in mind for me? Or was I being paranoid?

In the morning he was gone when I woke up. I dutifully cleaned myself up and got ready for the day. At ten he summoned me.

I got naked for him before I was taken down to his basement. When we got there I found a Houdini tank lying on its side. Right away my hands were tied behind my back. So we were going to play more drowning games, eh?

Extra rope was used to secure me. He ran the rope up through my crotch before wrapping it around my waist. It ran up around the back of my neck when he was finished.

A heavy metal ball was attached to my ankles. Then he tipped the tank upright with me inside. That’s when I felt that familiar jolt of fear and arousal.

There had been many sessions down in his dungeon before. This was not the first time in the Houdini tank. But this time I had a premonition something bad was going to happen.

My tank was placed in front of a small metal platform. My breasts hardened as I became short of breath. Then Master touched the glass.

“We’ve had a good year, Miriam. But our time has come to an end. I’ve invited some friends over to watch you drown.”

My eyes widened in horror as he strung a hose to the top of the tank. Then he turned the water on. It would take some time for the container I was in to fill. So it was to be a slow, painful drowning, eh?

He left me alone to contemplate my final minutes. I could not believe he was finally executing me! I’d hoped I would be the one that would soften his heart in order to keep me around a while. I guess it was a foolish hope.

The water had reached my waist when his guests began to enter. They all had glasses of champagne as they gathered around to watch. I counted four men and three woman.

They all came over to look at me, inspecting the tank I was in. Had Master told them I was going to drown in here? Even now I wanted to believe it was just another show for their amusement.

He’d put me on display countless times before. Perhaps he would relent and spare me. The water was comfortable, not at all what I’d expected. For an execution I fully anticipated cold, bracing water that would leave me short of breath and hasten my demise.

Master came in and mingled among his guests. He asked how they were doing and if they were looking forward to my performance. He acted as though I was just a thing to be used and then tossed away.

I heard one of the Mistresses ask what my drowning was going to look like. He told her there would be bubbles and lots of thrashing around. She seemed to get quite excited at the idea.

A couple of the guys smiled at me as they watched the water rise. I could not help but notice their arousal. Bulges became distinct in each set of trousers.

“I see she’s getting close,” Master told his guests. By then I was forced to tip my head in order to breathe. My heart raced as I trembled with fear and a perverse arousal.

I could see Master’s growing erection as well as he climbed onto the metal platform. In times past he would pull me up for a breath of air before torturing my lungs. Perhaps he would do so again. It was my only hope.

The water rose until I was forced to hold my breath. Master has subjected me to drowning games many times before. Thus my breath-hold times have steadily increased. Perhaps that was why he’d chosen this method to dispose of me. He was always so excited the way I struggled underwater.

I waited patiently as the water continued to rise. The seconds ticked by as his guests observed closely. They kept a respectful distance, making sure all could see what was about to happen to me and that no one blocked another’s view.

The strain in my lungs grew worse. I t felt like I’d been holding my breath pretty close to two minutes. Would he drown me right away? Or would he torment me first?”

He suddenly reached down and grabbed the rope up near the back of my neck. He pulled me up for a quick breath. I knew better than to waste the opportunity.

I filled my lungs before he dropped me. Bubbles spewed out of my nose. My heart skipped a beat as my breasts pressed against the front of the glass. I knew he wanted me to put on a good show.

His guests edged closer for a better look. I could feel the familiar stirrings of panic and arousal. How many times had I previously cum in this tank? How many times would he let me cum before he decided my time was up? Was he really going to drown me??

I could not prevent myself from rubbing my thighs together. The rope through my crotch was both agony and ecstasy. I could tell by the expressions on the faces of his guests how much they were enjoying the show.

How many times would he lift me up for a breath? Had I already gotten my last one? There was no way of knowing.

“How long can she last?” one Mistress asked.

“A long time, actually,” his voice replied from behind me as I released bubbles out of my nose. This was not just an execution, but a performance I was expected to give them all.

I strained for all I was worth until my stomach began to ripple. I swallowed my breath back down as I struggled not to inhale. The agony was terrible, yet erotic – a form of asphyxiation I’d learned to climax to over and over again.

“She will cum right before she loses her breath,” I heard Master tell them. That’s when I knew what was required of me. He always waited until seemingly the very last moment before pulling me up.

I strained; I struggled; I fought to conserve my air in my lungs. At the same time the rope dug cruelly into my crotch. I was not sure how much longer I could hold out.

I felt panic start to swell within me. Was he really going to drown me this time? There was enough evidence that indicated “yes”, although I still held out hope.

I lost a burst of bubbles before it overtook me, a hot wave of pleasure. I writhed and bubbled, my legs bending as I brought my thighs together. The Mistresses “oohed” and “aahed” as a stain appeared in a set of trousers before me.

I felt him pull on the rope behind my neck, pulling me up for a breath. I gasped deeply, panting like crazy at the rush of air down my lungs. “Well done, my pet,” Master told me from behind with pride. “You’ve earned a faster drowning.” And with that he let me go.

I hit the bottom, losing more bubbles out of my nose. I strained for all I was worth to hold my breath. But I was already tired, the orgasm having taken away my energy reserves.

The strain returned, much quicker than before. His guests took another step forward. My eyes opened wider in alarm.

Was this it; was he really going to drown me now? It was hard to imagine him giving me up like this. On the other hand we’d fucked special last night, well into the early morning hours. It was easy to believe he really meant it this time.

My stomach rippled as my chest heaved. The burn in my lungs got worse, even as I released a few bubbles to lessen the strain. It helped for a moment, only for the agony in my lungs to return.

I released more bubbles, watching his guests observe my every move. I could not help pleading with my eyes. But there was no mercy to be seen in their excited faces.

I released more bubbles, but it did no good. My lungs heaved noticeably. The Mistresses had looks of rapture on their faces.

The orgasm that hit was more intense than before. I writhed and bubbled as my knees bent. The pleasure momentarily blotted out the agony. Then it returned in a rush.

My lungs screamed, my stomach rippling as my chest heaved. I anxiously awaited master’s hand to reach down, grab the rope and pull me back up.

I waited in vain.

I swallowed a little mouthful of water. My lungs heaved again as more bubbles spewed out of my nose. I gulped as I swallowed again, but I simply could not hold my breath anymore.

I gulped water as air spewed out of my nostrils. Then I inhaled deeply. Instantly my body was wracked with painful convulsions.

I tried to cough all that water back up. But I only succeeded in swallowing more. I began hitching and gurgling in agony, unable to believe it could hurt so bad.

Master’s guests eagerly leaned forward as one as I drowned in front of them. I kept gulping water as my lungs heaved in protest. Then I felt another massive wave of pleasure crash over me, my thighs reflexively rubbing together as my knees bent.

It was gone in an instant, although I thought I heard one Mistress remark, “My gawd; she just orgasmed again!” The pain returned in a rush as I kept trying to breathe, only to pull more water into my lungs. I fought over each mouthful until my body finally shut down.

I hitched gently as though I was still attempting to breathe. I felt my bladder give way as a warmth filled the water at my crotch. There was another small wave of pleasure that enveloped me. Then my vision began to constrict around the edges until I was aware of nothing at all as I gently swayed back and forth in Master’s Houdini tank…

2018 (written Oct 7 ’18 by riwa)

(Pictures are from and are used for illustration purposes.)

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