Dec 31, 2018 Update

The second half of the year has been interesting. The good news is I managed to make two trips up to see mother this year. We found a way to air out the interior of the house because of her smoking. She was so appreciative I stayed with her that she has now decided not to smoke in the house anymore. That is a sacrifice on her part and I greatly appreciate it.

She’s had her share of health issues. She banged her leg and she even received a spider bite. But the leg is healing and the spider bite is no longer affecting her. Her main focus is on the medications necessary for her heart and some other glands. She worries me, but she tells me she is getting along as best she can.

I guess I was feeling guilty about not having health issues of my own. So I decided to go all out the second half of this year. I started with a painful kidney stone lodged where it shouldn’t have. I ended up passing 4 of them. Next was the discovery of a gallstone. That, too, was painful. I’ve been forced to adjust my diet, and on a side note I’ve lost about 9 pounds. It’s amazing what you can do when your body complains if you eat the wrong thing.

Not content with stones, I had a chunk of skin removed. They discovered melanoma. In January I’ll have a biopsy to see if little melanoma villages have sprouted up all over my insides. That would be no fun at all. And yes, my mind went to unhappy places when I was first told what they found.

Not to be left out, I had two cavities filled in December. Then my body decided to take a break when I got a Christmas cold. The only present it gave me was congestion. But I’m feeling much better now.

So that was the exciting part of my year. I hate to be one of those older people discussing his health issues. So I won’t discuss them anymore. Instead I’ll tell you I’m working at getting some older stories reposted. I have a lot to go through, but I’ve also reposted a lot. I had no idea I’d written so much. I guess that means I’m going to need more self-discipline for next year to get all these stories re-edited and re-posted.

I hope your year was a lot less “eventful” than mine was if you know what I mean. I hope the holidays were special and that you created many wonderful memories with friends and family. I appreciate you coming and finding a story to read and enjoy. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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