She-male Snuff Carnival chs 7-8

7 The Wedding Ceremony (Sep 12 ’11)

On the far side of the acreage, a group of people have gathered together. They sit in rows of chairs on the grass on either side of an aisle, facing a modest two-foot high stage with a purple curtain that completely crosses it, hiding whatever lies on the back part of the platform. They are all here to witness the joining of two individuals as one, even as the sounds of the carnival drift overhead.

The bride and groom stand in the middle of the stage between two wooden posts that support a large framed heart. The maid of honor stands next to the bride as the best man stands watch next to the groom. The foursome face a somber looking man in a long, flowing robe.

“My friends,” he begins. “We are gathered together to witness the union of this man and this woman. This is a very special time in their lives as they embark on a new journey together.” Then he faces the groom’s side of the wedding party.

“Who provides the sacrifice for this man?”

A nicely dressed couple moves up the grassy aisle with a bound she-male between them. She is wearing high heels and is dressed in a sheer, nylon body stocking the color of the dress the maid of honor wears. A gag is fitted between her lips so that her voice cannot interfere with the ceremony. “His mother and I,” the man responds as they present the frightened she-male.

The best man comes down, retrieves the bound she-male and takes her over to a post on the right side of the stage. A small amount of wood has been piled around it and a torch blazes nearby in a wooden stand. As mother and father take their seats in the front row the best man secures the trembling she-male to the post.

“And who provides the sacrifice for this woman?” the man in the robe asks the bride’s side of the wedding party.

“Her mother and I,” replies a male voice as yet another older couple march up the aisle with yet another bound she-male, one who is clad in the same attire as the one now secured to the post on the right.

The maid of honor comes down, retrieves the frightened she-male and takes her over to a similar post on the left side of the platform. There she is secured within a similar circular pile of wood, her eyes wide as she whimpers through her gag. Then the maid of honor rejoins the little group up on the platform.

The man in the robe addresses the couple. “Are you two prepared to take this new path in your life?”

“We are,” the couple answers solemnly. They can’t help turning and smiling lovingly at each other.

“You may now light the sacrifices.”

The best man walks over, retrieves the torch and hands it to the groom who steps off the platform and approaches the pile of wood and its frightened occupant on his side. On the other side of the stage the maid of honor hands the torch to the bride who also descends and pauses near her pile of wood and the she-male who waits with wild, frightened eyes.

The groom looks over at his bride and smiles. He recites the words he has been instructed to memorize… “May this sacrifice signify the flames of my love and passion for our new life together.” Then he solemnly lowers the torch into the wood until it starts to burn. His she-male starts to cry out into her gag in terror as she wriggles and thrashes about.

The bride smiles at him and then repeats the same phrase… “May this sacrifice signify the flames of my love and passion for our new life together.” Then she lights the wood as her she-male shakes her head and struggles to free herself, her eyes wide in horror.

The bride and groom return to the platform and hand their torches back to the maid of honor and best man who restore them to their proper locations. Then the foursome gather together to face the man in the robe. The two she-males wriggle and cry out as their respective piles of wood start to burn.

The man in the robe begins the ceremony by explaining the importance of the couple’s union together. As the fire begins to lick up the sheer nylons of the bodies of the two she-males he asks the bride and groom if they understand the new life they are about to engage in. Each one in turn responds with the words, “I understand and I accept.”

He then asks if there be anyone present who believes this union should not take place. When no one responds, he charges those gathered together as witnesses that it is a solemn union. When he asks the congregants if they will support this union they respond as one with the words, “We will.”

The two she-males are almost fully engulfed when the man in the robe asks who has provided the special sacrifice for the bride. “I have,” the maid of honor says solemnly.

She steps forward and pulls the curtain partway aside to reveal yet another she-male in that same sheer nylon color and in high heels. This one is noosed with her hands secured behind her back. She stands unsteadily upon a small stool with a gag in her mouth so as not to disturb the proceedings. She whimpers with fright, her man-cock hard and visible in her hosiery.

The man in the robe then asks who has provided the special sacrifice for the groom. “I have!” the best man answers solemnly as he steps forward to pull aside his section of curtain. It reveals yet another she-male in similar sheer nylon garb and heels standing noosed upon a stool with her arms secured behind her back and a gag in her mouth.

The maid of honor and best man look at each other as though gauging when to start speaking. Then they repeat their memorized words as one… “With this special sacrifice we stand together as witnesses in support of your union.” Then together they kick out the stools underneath each she-male. The best man’s stool nearly goes flying out to where those are sitting, and a small chuckle ripples throughout the assembled spectators.

Both she-males drop with a jerk, setting their nooses tightly around their necks. Then they start to kick and swing as their burning counterparts are by now fully engulfed, their muffled cries no longer audible above the crackling flames. Both of the dangling sacrifices cream their sheer nylons from their spurting man-cocks as they strangle in their nooses. The maid of honor and best man then return to stand next to the bride and groom.

The man in the robe continues the ceremony, allowing the bride and groom to read their vows to each other. “I do’s” and rings are exchanged as the ceremony draws to a close. Then he asks, “Is there one final sacrifice?”

“There is!” the bride and groom respond as one. Then the groom turns to his best man and asks, “Will you prepare my gift to my bride?”

“I will,” he responds.

The bride turns to her maid of honor and asks the same question, getting the same answer. Then both maid of honor and best man approach the remaining curtain and pull it completely down, revealing one last hidden sacrifice.

Two she-males in that same sheer nylon material and high heels kneel facing each other in matching guillotines, their arms bound behind their backs. They are so close together that between them a long, double-ended dildo fills both mouths at the same time so that they cannot cry out and disturb the ceremony. It is apparent they have been there the whole time. Now that they are revealed they begin to grunt and struggle, suspecting their time is growing terribly short.

The maid of honor steps behind the she-male on her side and begins to undress, revealing a sexy black, domination outfit. She is also sporting a rather wicked looking strap-on. Behind the groom’s she-male the best man also undresses, sporting a rather impressive looking cock. Both lean down, cut holes into the sheer nylons of their sacrifices and then begin to thrust hard into the grunting she-males’ asses, fucking them mercilessly.

The bride and groom separate, walking clear around the platform on their respective sides of the stage until they come together again near the levers to their respective guillotines. Then the man in the robe smiles before declaring, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!” The groom pulls her to him and kisses her deeply. Then both take up their positions.

“You may commit the final sacrifice,” the man in the robe tells them. As the two she-males grunt and whimper, their bodies rocking as they are continually fucked, the bride and groom grab onto their respective levers. They turn to face each other, grab a handful of hair of the she-male they are about to behead and then pull the levers together.

The blades whoosh down, severing both heads from their respective bodies at the same time. Both she-males cream themselves as their hardened man-cocks spurt their death-cum within their sheer hosiery. But the heads remain at the same height, the double dildo still impaled in each mouth. Eyes are wide in horror as both neck stumps now spew a spontaneous crimson flow.

The bride and groom lift the heads high to display to the assembly, causing the double-ended dildo to fall out of the open mouths of the she-males. The spectators politely applaud the ending of the ceremony. By now the burning she-males have slumped on their posts as the hanged sacrifices slowly sway back and forth with creamed, soiled nylons.

The maid of honor and best man pull out of the asses of the headless corpses. Each one retrieves a silver tray that lies at the base of each guillotine. The bride puts her head on the tray in the outstretched hands of the maid of honor as the groom puts his on the tray of his best man. Then bride and groom carefully step between the guillotines, careful not to step into the pooling blood.

The maid of honor and best man follow as the newly married couple step down off the platform and walk the aisle together. The best man with his exposed cock and the maid of honor with her dangling strap-on follow, both still in their domination garb. They solemnly carry the heads of the beheaded she-males on their silver platters, effectively ending the ceremony…


8 Guillotine demonstrations (Nov 8 ’11)

As it approaches 1pm, a crowd gathers around a stage inside the carnival. A working guillotine stands upon the stage, making the spectators buzz with excitement. A short distance away a cage full of mostly naked she-males fidgets nervously.

Promptly at the top of the hour a Master of Ceremonies ascends the steps to the platform. At the same time a couple of cloaked men retrieve a frightened she-male from the cage. They escort her to the base of the steps and patiently wait as the buzzing murmurs from the crowd dies off.

She is one of the few wearing anything at all. She is dressed in waist high purple pantyhose along with a set of heels that expose much of her feet. The black top she is wearing looks like several spider webs woven together, hardly covering her breasts at all.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” the MC announces with a flourish. “Allow me to personally welcome you to today’s She-male Snuff Carnival!” He receives polite applause in response.

“Are you thoroughly enjoying yourselves?” he asks enthusiastically. The crowd cheers and applauds.  “Are you ready to enjoy our guillotine demonstrations?” and the spectators roar their excitement. “Then let’s get started, shall we?” and he motions toward the first she-male standing anxiously at the base of the steps.

The crowd roars as she is escorted up the steps to the platform. Her legs are wobbly, her balance precarious.  Her cock is stiff inside her confining nylons from her terror, her nipples painfully erect.

“Normally an execution of this type would require the subject to be lying face down,” the MC explains with a smile. “But this is not a normal execution. We wish to demonstrate the many different ways one can enjoy beheading a she-male. My assistants will now show you one such way to dress up and then snuff a sexy lady-boy.”

The frightened she-male begins begging and whimpering as she is strapped down onto the bench. Her legs are spread obscenely, bent at the knees and strapped to the corners by her ankles, leaving her ass resting on the very end of the bench. As her head juts out beyond the path of the blade, the top half of the lunette is brought down, locking her neck into place. Her cock is now so hard that it tents her nylons as though trying to burst free.

She does not see the one assistant near her feet produce a disturbingly large butt plug. But she hears the oohs and aahs from the crowd. She whimpers and squirms, sensing something bad is about to happen to her.

Her nylons are torn near her anus, enough to produce a hole big enough to insert the obscenely large plug. She twitches and jerks in anticipation. Then he shoves it in deep and hard. She screams from the brutal violation, much to the delight of the excited spectators.

The other assistant produces an equally large rubber dildo, over a foot long and well over two inches in diameter. He tips her head back, forces her mouth open and slowly pushes it in, inch by agonizing inch. By the time he’s finished forcing it halfway down her throat, barely two inches are left sticking out of her mouth. Seeing the blade hang ominously above her only adds to her terror.

She grunts in agony, her eyes wide and her chest heaving as she struggles to breathe. Her nylons tent even more from her hard cock as her body wriggles in her bindings. The assistant near her head calmly walks over to the rope and grabs on, nodding his readiness to the Master of Ceremonies.

“Is everyone ready for our first beheading of the afternoon?” he asks loudly with a flourish. The crowd roars its approval. “Then help me count down from five!” he declares with enthusiasm.

The crowd begins to chant as the frightened she-male tries to shake her head… “FIVE… FOUR…” She grunts and thrashes about, her cock straining her nylons… “THREE… TWO…” She tries to scream as the crowd yells, “ONE!!!” Then the rope is jerked, popping the release that allows the blade to rush down.

The moment it severs her neck her cock explodes, creaming her nylons as the crowd goes wild. Her head bounces once off the floor of the stage before the assistant bends down to pick it up. Her eyes are open wide in terror as the dildo sticks obscenely out of her mouth.

Blood spurts out of her neck stump, a visible section of severed dildo still lodged in her throat. Her body thrashes about, reflexively bucking and humping against the bench. Then the assistant hands the barely conscious severed head to the MC who displays it to one and all by holding onto a handful of hair.

“The delightful thing about our she-male here is that her mouth is forced open for future use!” he proclaims. “You can even leave the dildo inside! Her head will look great on your mantel!”

The crowd cheers as the body is unstrapped from the bench by the two attendants, blood pooling on the floor below where the neck stump once was. It is carried over to the far side of the platform and laid out, blood still spilling out. The MC then hands the head back to one of the assistants.

He walks it over and places it on the stomach of the decapitated she-male so that it is facing the crowd. Her horrified expression sags in death as she is forced to look upward, the dildo sticking obscenely out of her mouth. Then the two attendants leave the stage to retrieve another subject as a third assistant quickly comes up onstage and resets the blood-dripping blade.

A second she-male is retrieved from the cage and brought over. This one is naked except for a pair of red fish-net stockings. Her cock is semi-hard and she is escorted against her will up on stage.

This one has a little more attitude as she puts up a struggle, much to the delight of the crowd. She curses the assistants who strap her down to the bench. Then a ring-gag is forced between her lips and strapped around her head. Drops of blood from the previous execution splatter onto her neck, boldly proclaiming what will soon be her fate as she looks up in fright at the dripping blade.

“We love a she-male who is feisty, folks!” the Master of Ceremonies tells the spectators. “It makes fucking her as we snuff her so much more enjoyable!” Then he gives them all a knowing wink.

“Of course you know the reason why we use the ring-gag, ladies and gentlemen. There will be no biting on MY stage!” The crowd laughs as the bound she-male tries to curse one and all through her ring-gag, struggling uselessly against the straps.

With a wave the MC tells the assistant to “feel free to shut her up!” In response he pulls open his cloak, showing that he is completely naked as he reveals a healthy, hardened 10 inch member. Then he grabs the she-male’s head, tips it back and brutally rams home his large fuck-tool.

She grunts and gurgles as his thrusting member chokes off her air supply. Then she stiffens and lets out a muffled cry as her ass is brutally violated by an equally large member belonging to the assistant at her feet. To add insult to injury that one also grabs her hardening cock and begins jerking it, much to the delight of the spectators.

Someone in the crowd starts to chant, “RAPE THE BITCH! RAPE THE BITCH!” The spectators pick up the cry, clapping their hands and stomping their feet in rhythm. The two assistants pick up the pace, fucking the bound, grunting she-male harder and faster.

The cry from the crowd slowly morphs into one of “SNUFF THE BITCH! SNUFF THE BITCH!” As if on cue the frontal assistant grabs the rope and looks down expectantly at the lady-boy. As she looks up at him with a mouthful of thrusting dick her expression changes. The hovering blade now terrifies her.

Gone is the defiance, replaced with a look of sheer horror. She grunts and struggles, trying to shake her head no. Then the Master of Ceremonies cries out, “HELP ME COUNT HER DOWN, FOLKS!”

As the crowd chants “FIVE… FOUR…” the assistant wisely withdraws his cock so that it only fills her mouth. “THREE… TWO…” and he smiles at the she-male who looks up at him in horror, her defiance long gone. “ONE!” and he jerks on the rope as his free hand hangs onto the woman’s head.

The blade whooshes down, flashing steel slicing cleanly through her neck. But her head barely moves, blood streaming down into a pool on the floor of the stage. He adjusts his grip, holding onto her head with both hands and savagely fucking her mouth as her skull remains impaled upside down on his thrusting cock. Her body bucks and jerks against the straps in its dying throes as cum suddenly spurts out of her cock, arcing in the air before splattering her tits.

The attendant in her ass roars his release, filling her rectum with his seed as her muscles reflexively clench his thrusting dick. At the same time the assistant fucking her mouth pushes his cock clear through until the top of it juts out of her bloody neck. Then his seed spurts up and then comes down, adding to the splatter upon her heaving mounds as the crowd roars its approval.

To the amusement of the spectators he rotates the head all the way around his thrusting member as the assistant to the rear finishes off fucking the she-male’s ass. Then he pulls the head off his cock and hands it to the Master of Ceremonies. The MC lifts it up by a handful of hair and displays it to the murderous, cheering throng.

Everyone gets a good view of the sagging expression as the light of life slowly fades out of her eyes. The mouth remains open in the shape of a large “O” from the large cock that had been thrusting through mere moments ago. The crowd whoops and hollers, cheering the efforts of the two attendants.

The Master of Ceremonies stands there displaying the severed head as the assistants unstrap the body of the decapitated she-male. They carry it over and lay it next to the body of the guillotine’s previous victim. Then one of them takes the severed head from the MC and places it upon the stomach of the lady-boy, the two heads almost mirroring each other’s horrified expressions as they look upward. The two assistants quickly descend the steps to retrieve yet another subject as the third attendant once more comes up onstage and efficiently resets the blood-dripping blade.

“Is everyone having a good time?” the MC asks with a flourish. The spectators cheer. Then a naked Latina she-male is retrieved and escorted over to the steps. By now the audience is in full bloodlust.

She is brought up onstage and roughly strapped down, whimpering pitifully as her cock hardens and twitches. A few drops of blood splatter onto her face from the hovering blade, and she cries out fearfully. “I’ll need some male volunteers for this one!” the Master of Ceremonies declares. Several members of the audience raise their hands.

The lady-boy is ring-gagged and almost ready when the announcer encourages the men to come up on stage and get in line. “We’re going to give this one the fucking of her life, boys!” he declares with a grand gesture. The males cheer as their female companions squeal with excitement.

The assistant near her legs motions for the first in line to go ahead and start fucking her ass as the crowd chants, “RAPE THE BITCH! RAPE THE BITCH!” The lady-boy’s cock gets even harder and is quickly grabbed and jerked by her rapist. Meanwhile several males congregate around her head and drop their drawers. They begin masturbating together as the other assistant encourages them to take turns thrusting into her mouth.

It isn’t long before a masturbated cock goes off, splattering her face. The man in her mouth explodes and cum overflows, dripping down her chin. Another cock explodes, matting her hair with spunk.

Two males masturbating in line are encouraged to come forward and cum all over the writhing, grunting lady-boy. They eagerly step forward and spurt their loads all over her heaving tits. Men who are struggling to wait in line are told to feel free to cum all over her body if they are unable to hold it back long enough to wait for the ass to become available.

The man fucking her rectum roars his release, leaving a deposit that is quickly jammed deeper inside as a new cock takes its place. Other men come forward and cum all over her stomach and tits. Near the front of the guillotine the frightened she-male’s face becomes coated as several cocks spew their loads.

The chant of the crowd soon changes to “SNUFF THE BITCH! SNUFF THE BITCH!” The assistant moves close to grab the rope as several men masturbate around her head. Others encircle her body, unable to wait much longer.

“THE COUNTDOWN, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!” the MC calls out over the din. Immediately the crowd begins the chant. The frightened lady-boy shivers in horror as blood drips down upon her neck from the blade waiting above her.

“FIVE… FOUR…” She grunts and whimpers, instinctively thrashing against the straps holding her down…

“THREE… TWO…” A large drop of blood ominously splatters onto her neck and she tries to scream…

“ONE!” and the rope is jerked, releasing the blade to fall along its deadly path.

It whooshes down, slicing cleanly through her neck as the crowd roars its approval. Her body instantly bucks and jerks about, her cock spewing an amazing amount of cum that arcs up into the air and then splatters onto her tits. She convulses in her death throes as her ass instinctively clenches onto the cock raping her.

Her head drops off the cock fucking her mouth and bounces off the bloody floor. The assistant dutifully picks it back up and holds it out at arm’s length, allowing the masturbating men a chance to spurt all over the dying she-male’s face. She takes several shots in the eyes and cheeks, a look of utter horror in her features as the man in her ass roars his release.

One of the women calls out from below the stage, asking for permission to be allowed to come on up and lick the cum off the she-male’s dead body. Several others voice similar desires. The Master of Ceremonies obliges by summoning for a table to be brought over for the bloodthirsty crowd.

The body is unstrapped and brought down off the stage to the table. Several females gather around and immediately start licking the cum off the naked flesh as men line up to continue fucking the decapitated she-male’s ass. Four women share the severed head, four sets of tongues licking hungrily.

The bodies of the other two lady-boys are requested and two more tables are brought over. The stage area is in full orgy as the spectators take part in sexually degrading the three decapitated subjects. No sooner does cum splatter one of the bodies than a female is right there to lick it right off.

Scant attention is paid to the platform, especially since it looks for the moment like the guillotine is being taken down. But the carnival patrons soon take notice when it actually looks like a second guillotine is being set up, one with a blade somewhat wider than the first. For a moment it looks like there might be two beheadings in the offing.

When construction is quickly completed, the Master of Ceremonies takes center stage and asks if the crowd would like to see one more. With a roar from the spectators he dutifully summons the assistants to go fetch one more subject. A forth she-male is quickly brought over from the cage, this one topless with sheer white, waist high nylons with spider webs on each leg.

At first there is confusion, especially when a second she-male is not summoned for the other guillotine. A moment later it becomes crystal clear as she is strapped down to the bench. The second blade is not placed for a second head but rather to cut the unfortunate lady-boy in half, severing her waist near the top of her nylons. The original blade hangs ominously over her head with blood continuing to drip down, indicating that her head is not to be spared.

The crowd becomes giddy with bloodlust as the ring-gag is strapped into her mouth. The frightened she-male grunts and whimpers as her erect cock tents her nylons. She stares upward in horror at the blade that awaits her, wincing each time a drop of blood splatters ominously upon her neck.

Her eyes are wide in disbelief at the cruel fate that awaits her. Not only is she to be beheaded, but they also plan on cutting her body in half!! She finds herself mentally praying she will be decapitated first.

Once again the MC asks several male volunteers to come up onstage, this time with instructions to masturbate and get themselves ready for the moment of truth. Then he asks if the two very helpful assistants should be allowed to enjoy themselves once again for their services. The spectators clap and cheer in agreement, causing the two attendants to take up positions on either end of the frightened, squirming lady-boy.

A hole is torn in the she-male’s nylons. Then the assistant at her feet thrusts hard into her ass, causing her to cry out in agony. The assistant in front quickly jams his cock down her throat, reducing her to grunts and groans. Several volunteers stand around stroking themselves, waiting to see what they’ll be doing next.

The horrified she-male is brutally raped, the crowd cheering on the two assistants. Every drop of blood that splatters on her neck from the dripping blade above is a cruel reminder of the fate that awaits her. Then the Master of Ceremonies raises his hands for attention. “ON THE COUNT OF TEN!” he declares, loud enough to be heard by one and all.

The unfortunate she-male shudders in abject horror, terrified as to what is about to befall her as the crowd starts to chant, “TEN… NINE…”

She struggles helplessly against the straps holding her down, trying to beg through a mouthful of cock to be released… “EIGHT… SEVEN…”

Her cock hardens in fearful arousal, straining inside her nylons while her ass-fucking rapist rubs it as the bloodthirsty spectators continue… “SIX… FIVE…”

A cock thrusts deep down her throat, cutting off her airway… “FOUR… THREE…”

She is terrified beyond belief, horribly aroused as she is brutalized in both ends … “TWO… ONE…”

…and then the blade over her midsection suddenly whooshes down.

She jerks and screams into the cock in her mouth from the sharp pain as the murderous crowd roars its approval. Her cock goes off a split-second later, creaming her nylons as she suffers through a pain no one should ever have to endure. Her chest and torso jerk and convulse from being severed in two. Then the bench she is lying upon is rotated into two sections by the two assistants, separated like she’s just been a part of some sort of magician’s trick.

She doesn’t feel the cocks that plunge into the bloody insides of her lower half. But she certainly feels them as they fuck the internal organs gushing out of her upper half. Then she hears the crowd chanting once more.

“FIVE… FOUR… THREE… TWO… ONE!” and the bloody blade above her head whooshes down.

A sharp pain that slices right through her neck. At least now she feels nothing below that so that she no longer feels her organs being ruthlessly fucked. But her sense of hearing still functions as she hears the roar of the crowd.

Her head tumbles and bounces off the bloody floor before it is picked up. Then cum spurts into her eyes from cock after cock, each one parading before her horrified line of sight. She cannot even blink the spunk out of her eyes.

Her head is lifted up into the air to bloodthirsty cheers. Then she is turned so that she can witness the damage being done. Her body is cut in half, lying in two separate sections. Vile, disgusting carnival patrons fuck her ass, neck stump, and upper and lower halves in two groups. Several men spurt all over her naked, convulsing torso as women swarm up onstage to lick it off.

She cannot curse them and she cannot scream. The look of horror is frozen on her face. Blood is everywhere as she is turned to face the audience where she acknowledges the decapitated bodies of the three who have been up on stage before her. Then her expression sags as she mercifully fades away.

“That concludes our guillotine presentation for today!” the Master of Ceremonies proclaims. “Feel free to enjoy yourselves for awhile with our four lovely young subjects!” There is applause as he comes down from the stage. But the perverse orgy of necrophilia continues with the four bodies…

2011; 2018 (written for Sessha Nov 8 ’11; ed. May 16 ‘18 by riwa)

(Pictures are for illustration purposes only.)

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