2 hanging shorts

Just for fun I thought I’d upload these two short stores inspired by pictures as a distraction from the elections. – riwa

The perks of a hangman

He comes for me in the morning. He is naked and his cock is at half-mast. I’m instructed to remove all my clothes. Then he ties my wrists behind my back.

He leads me through the mansion down to the basement. It’s his chamber of horrors and I feel my pussy moisten. What is he going to do to me this time? Whatever it will be, I know I am in for both pain and pleasure.

He goes over to a table and fetches a length of rope. I watch as he fashions it into a noose. Then my eyes widen in horror as he comes over and loops it over my head, snugging it tight.

My breath catches in my throat and I start to whimper. Is he going to hang me? What did I do??

He takes me over to a wooden frame. He’s used it before to tie me spread-eagled to whip me. But now it frightens me.

He goes over and fetches a stool, placing it directly underneath the crossbar. Then he forces me to my knees. He pulls on the rope around my neck as he thrusts his cock down my throat.

I’m more frightened in his presence than I’ve ever been before. I’m also perversely aroused. Is he going to hang me just like that? What the hell did I do??

He says not a word. He just thrusts into my mouth, grabbing the back of my head to guide me. My breath catches in my throat as I gag on his dick.

My nipples are hard; my pussy wet. What is he going to do to me? Is he really going to hang me??

He fucks my skull, grunting as he hits the back of my throat. Beads of sweat begin to break out all over me. Every now and then he pulls on the noose as though reminding me what’s to become of me after he cums.

I give him my very best effort. Maybe I can buy myself out of his decision to hang me. I tell myself he’s not really going to do it; that it’s just a huge bluff to scare me into a fearful arousal. But something tells me he’s serious.

I try to hold back, believing he’ll hang me once he’s cum. But I can’t help myself. I suck him like a pro until I feel him swell in my mouth.

A part of me thinks “No; not yet – I want to live a little while longer!” Then he pulls out and splatters my face. I wince as it gets into my eye and dribbles down my cheeks.

He pulled me to my feet and walks me over to the stool. He forces me to step up onto it. I whimper as I find myself trembling on rubbery legs.

He throws the free end of the noose over the crossbar above me. Then he pulls on the rope. I rasp for breath as I’m pulled onto my toes.

My mind screams “NO, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!” But I utter not a word. I’m not allowed to speak unless spoken to.

He ties the end of the rope off, leaving me trembling on my toes. Then he caresses me all over. My breasts heave in terror, my nipples painfully erect.

He reaches down and fingers my wet slit. I writhe and moan, looking at him with agony in my eyes. Then he tenderly kisses me.

I don’t know what to do; I’m both terrified and aroused. Should I return the kiss… show him I’m willing? My chest heaves as I try to get air down my restricted throat.

He runs a hand down my trembling body one last time. Then he puts a bare foot on the stool and pushes out from underneath me. The rope instantly takes my weight.

My eyes fly open in horror at the agony constricting my throat. My breathing is severely restricted. My legs flail for the stool which is nowhere within reach.

I begin to kick in ever desperate gestures. He steps back with a smile to watch my suffering. Is he going to take me back down? Or is he going to leave me here??

I struggle anew, reflexively jerking on the rope. My efforts cause the noose to tighten around my throat, which causes me to kick and struggle harder. Moments later I can scarce breathe at all.

My head feels like it’s about to explode. My tongue slithers out of my mouth in surrender. And still he stands there, watching and stroking. His cock has gotten hard again.

My mind keeps screaming no as I begin to hump and thrash about. My thighs come together, reflexively rubbing my swollen nub. Then it hits, the pleasure that always accompanies the pain.

For a moment there is blissful respite as rapture flows through my naked, quivering body. Then it is gone and the pain returns more than ever. I can no longer feel my legs.

I try to take a breath but it is impossible. My head feels swollen. My feet flutter as I try to kick. But I have exhausted myself and accomplish little.

He comes up to caress my breasts, fingering my swollen nipples. My toes wriggle, but I’m unaware of it. Then he reaches down and fingers my slit again. I cannot feel me clenching around his wriggling digits.

He gives me one last kiss on the lips but I can barely feel it. I want this agony to end. I endure one last humiliation as my bladder gives way, but I am aware of nothing but the faint sound of liquid dribbling onto the floor. Then consciousness mercifully ebbs away.

2018 (Jul 8 ’18)

(Inspired by the great render by enhjorning)

The hangman’s apprentice

The cart arrived, the driver reining in the horses. Destin dutifully walked to the back and produced his set of keys that would open it up. When he swung the doors open he gasped in shock at the lone occupant. It was Lizette, the girl he’d been courting.

For a moment he stood there in stunned silence. She stared back at him, her eyes open in shock. A moment later he heard his father clearing his throat as though urging him to get on with it.

Without a word he reached in and pulled her out. There was a lump in his throat as his heart raced. She whimpered softly, unable to comprehend what she was seeing.

He had to make himself remember his father’s training… “Take the condemned up the steps without a word, noose her up and then drop her. Everything has already been said and done back at the courthouse. You are not to say a word to the guilty as they will only beg for their lives.” He’d learned that lesson from the last one who had pleaded all the way to the end.

She whimpered again as he walked her to the steps. He felt every eye of the townsfolk on him. If he failed this one, both he and his father – nay, their entire family – would be shamed.

He so much wanted to speak to her, to ask her what she’d done that had brought them together to this moment. But what good would it do? Chances are it would only result in more pain and anguish.

They reached the top of the steps where he walked her over to the trap. Her gloved hands had been shackled in front. She started to reach out to him – out of affection or alarm he did not know. Then she thought better of it. After all, she could see in his face how much he hated what he was doing.

He brought the noose down and forced himself to coldly loop it around her slender neck. He had kissed that neck so many times before. Now he would never kiss it again, nor her soft, red lips that had curled into a sad little pout.

With trembling hands he pulled her dress down over her shoulders, exposing her breasts the way he was supposed to do with each female criminal to further shame them before sentence was carried out. She trembled as she blushed deeply now that he was seeing them for the first time. They had planned to become engaged in a few weeks when she would have willingly allowed him to feast his eyes on them to his heart’s content. But she didn’t want him to see them now… not like this.

Her nipples hardened when they were exposed before him. He blushed deeply. He’d seen them erect once before behind a loose garment she had risked allowing him to see her in that showed more than was proper for a lady.

A single tear rolled down her cheek as she trembled. The look in her eyes was crystal clear… “How can you do this to me??” But he said nothing, fully aware of his father’s watchful gaze as well as the gaze of all the spectators burning into his backside.

He so wanted to give her a last kiss. But he couldn’t risk it. He was performing his duty as his father’s apprentice. Any show of emotion would end his stint as a hangman-in-training once and for all.

He checked her one last time before walking behind her to the lever. She gasped as she closed her eyes for a moment. Then he pulled the lever almost angrily over the way the gallows was taking the girl he loved.

She fell through with a cry that was cut off when she bounced to a stop. There was a loud rasp for breath as she started to kick, the townsfolk murmuring with growing excitement. She began to swing back and forth, fighting to breathe as her hands came up to claw at the noose around her throat.

Some of the males in the crowd started to whoop and holler. There were cheers, cries and catcalls as well as a few vulgarities directed up at his dying love. He watched silently from his position by the lever, ramrod straight.

He had to force himself not to shed any tears. But he could not prevent the bulge that developed down below. It happened with each woman he hanged, especially since he had to expose their breasts. This just happened to be his third… and it was the most humiliating.

The condemned – he could not permit himself to think of her as Lizette anymore – kicked less and less until she gently swayed back and forth. Stray muscles twitched as her bare feet fluttered. A moment later her bladder gave way, its contents slowly streaming down her legs.

He looked at his father who nodded proudly. Then he solemnly descended the gallows. He went over to stand by his father who wrapped an arm around him before quietly whispering into his ear, “I’m proud of you son. That was very professional.”

They stood there together until the condemned was no more, gently swinging back and forth. The noise from the spectators died down as they started to disperse until he could hear the rope creaking a little. But something in his soul died that day. He would never be able to love another as he had loved Lizette.

2018 (written Jul 16 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the drawing I found and included.)

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