Hanging Rusty

I chased her down throughout the mesas and canyons of the southwest. She was a slippery little devil. But I finally caught up to her in New Mexico in Apache territory.

She was on her horse when she took a shot at me and missed. I took a shot at her mount and didn’t. From that moment on she was on foot.

“You bastard!” she yelled as she took cover. “You’re going to pay for that!” Then she emptied her revolver in my direction. It was a waste of bullets as I ducked behind a low mound, so it didn’t do her any good.

“What’ll it be, Rusty?” I called out to her. “Do I leave you out here for the Apaches to collect? Or do you give up? They might be interested in a feisty thing like you! The wanted poster says dead or alive, you know, so it makes no difference to me!”

“I give up – I give up!” Then she stood up in her blouse and jeans.

I foolishly stood up to collect her, only to hear the sound of a Winchester firing as she took several more shots at me. I fired in anger before I ducked back down. The bitch narrowly missed me.

I heard a cry followed by “All right – all right; you got me, asshole! Stop shooting!”

“Let me see it, Rusty!” A moment later the Winchester came flying out.

“Anything else you’re packing?”

“I’m wounded, ok? Come get me!”

“You try anything and I’ll blow your fucking head off!”

I circled around from a different direction. Then I tossed a boot at her. It landed off to her left.

Quick as a flash she threw a knife in that direction. That’s what I thought. So I rose up and put one in the ground at her feet.

She jerked with a start before an obscenity flew from her lips. Then I took aim at her head. “Are we done here, Rusty?”

“Yeah, we’re done. You got me in the shoulder, you bastard.” Then she showed me the wound.

“I didn’t know you were left-handed.”

“You weren’t supposed to know.”

I slowly walked up to her. But I still didn’t trust her. “Take it all off, Rusty.”

“You’re joking.”

“Do I look like I’m joking? Do it or this one will go right between the eyes.”

“Alright, asshole.”

She did as she was told, removing all but her footwear. I’d heard the stories but I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t she know this was no place for heels?

“Anything else?” she asked as I walked up to her. I could feel a bulge growing down below. “What’sa matter, bounty hunter? Does that mean you’re glad to see me or what?”

She took a sudden kick at me. I barely dodged her heel in time. Then I tackled her to the ground.

She snarled obscenities as I took the length of rope dangling from my gun belt and tied her wrists behind her back. Then I checked her shoulder. I could tell it hurt, but it was mostly a flesh wound.

I tore her shirt into strips and used it to tie her ankles together. “Don’t go away, Rusty.” She spit another obscenity my way as I went to get Flame who was now grazing on a tuft of grass.

I brought him over and tied him to a nearby tree. I removed the saddle and blanket, dumping the saddle while spreading the blanket out on the ground. That’s when Rusty charged me, somehow having shed the shirt around her ankles, the wily snake.

I tackled her to the ground again before slapping her face hard. Then I started to undress. I could tell she was outraged.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I think you’re going to be too much work taking back to Dodge City while you’re alive. So I’m going to fuck you before I kill you.”

“You bastard! You can’t do this to me!”

“Yes I can, Rusty.”

She tried to fight me. But I threw her flat on her back on my horse blanket. Then I climbed on top her.

“Rusty, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“Let’s do it the hard way, asshole!”

“Suit yourself.”

I rolled her over and pulled her up onto her knees. Then I forced myself into her cunt from behind. Strangely it was wet and dripping.

“Excited I’m going to fuck you, Rusty?”

“Fuck off!”

“No, I think I’ll just fuck away instead.” And with that I really started giving it to her good.

She let out a cry; she was nice and tight. I wondered how many cowpokes she had fucked and then killed, robbing them before riding off to find someone else to fuck and murder. Had she encountered me under different circumstances I might have fallen for her charms and been victim number 7… or was it number 8 by now?

She cursed me as I fucked her good and hard. I buried her face in the blanket to muffle her obscenities. Then she started grunting.

“Enjoying yourself, Rusty?” I cackled.

“I only enjoy fucking real men.” Her voice was muffled, but I could make out every word.

“Close enough for me,” I sneered as I fucked the shit out of her.

Before giving her my seed I pulled out and pushed my cock against her sphincter. She deserved my load in a more appropriate location. I felt it tighten up, but I just kept on pushing.

She cried out, “No – don’t!” But I paid her no mind as I pushed my way inside. Then she let out another cry as I fucked her ass.

This time her gasps turned to moans. What the hell was this? Was Rusty an anal whore?

She begged me to stop but I refused. She was nice and tight and she was clenching like a good saloon whore. She shook her head as she fell to pleading… “No… you can’t.” Then I rammed her good and hard as I unloaded deep inside her.

She let out a wail of misery before she stiffened. Then she shuddered hard. I slowly slid in and out until she came down from her high, panting like crazy.

“Damn you! You weren’t supposed to… do that!”

“Do what, Rusty?”

“Give me an orgasm, damn you! No one’s ever fucked my ass like that before. It’s the only way I can cum. You weren’t supposed to find out.”

“I guess that makes me a bad boy, Rusty. Now let’s get you all noosed up.”

“You’re not going to hang me, are you?”

“They’ll hang you back in Dodge, Rusty. But I don’t think you’re going to let me get you that far. So let’s do it now, shall we?”

I could have shot her right then and there. I was sorely tempted; she’d certainly given me ample reason to plug her. No one would have minded me bringing back a bullet-riddled body. But I wanted more out of her.

Still naked, I removed my lariat from Flame and formed one end into a noose. Then I tossed it over a branch to the tree. Rusty looked at me all wide-eyed and panting for breath.

“What do you think, Rusty?” I asked as I looped it over her head.

“You can’t! You wouldn’t!”

“I can and I will. You’ve been a pain in the ass this whole time, Rusty. I don’t think anyone is going to mind if I haul you in dead, even with a rope mark around your neck. Beats a hail of bullets, don’t you think?”

“You bastard!”

I hefted her up onto Flame’s bare back. She tried to kick me again before urging Flame to break free of the tree I’d tied him to. But he wasn’t going anywhere.

I quickly tied off the lariat to the trunk. Now if she got Flame to move it was going to cost her dearly. I finally had her attention.

She looked down to see my cock had gotten hard again. “You’re certainly enjoying this, aren’t you, asshole?”

“I certainly am, Rusty.”

“Eager to watch me swing naked?”


For the first time since I’d been chasing her she seemed to soften a little. She began panting for breath as her nipples hardened right up. Then I untied my horse from the tree.

“Ok, Flame. There’s a nice tuft of grass a few feet ahead of you. Go right ahead and enjoy yourself. There’ll be a little extra something there waiting for you.”

I pulled a cube of sugar from my pocket as a reward. I knew he’d go right for it as soon as I tossed it. That’s when Rusty gasped, “Wait!”

“Why? You got some last words you want to say to me, Rusty?”

She panted thoughtfully for a moment. Then she asked, “What’s your name? I suppose I ought to know the name of the man who fucked me and who’s about to hang me.”

“Jack. Jack Ford, son of Sam Ford, the guy you shot and robbed back in Abilene.”

She actually lowered her head as though she was a little remorseful. “I’m sorry about that, Jack. To be honest I think you’re doing the right thing. If our roles were reversed I know I’d hang you like this sure as shootin’. Besides, I’ll probably fight you all the way back to Dodge City until one of us kills the other. I won’t be able to help myself. It’s just who I am.”

“That’s kinda what I figured, Rusty.”

“Tell you what I’ll do, Jack. I’ll give you a private show. This one is just for you and your dad, ok? I don’t feel like hangin’ in front of a large crowd anyway, not with all those women watching as well as those impressionable young’uns. Just a small request though.”

“What’s that, Rusty?”

“Make it worth my while?”

I thought about it for a moment as I gave her naked, trembling body a long look. Then I smiled at her. “I think I can do that, Rusty.” And with that I tossed the sugar cube into that tuft of grass.

Flame caught sight of it right away and began to walk forward. Rusty let out a cry as she tried to hold onto him with her legs. But she just slid off his backside and began to swing back and forth.

She rasped and gurgled as her face went red. It was satisfying as hell watching her swing naked. Her nipples were really hard, her pussy wet and winking as my cum leaked out of her ass.

She danced for a good three or four minutes until she exhausted herself, a foot occasionally lashing out in my direction. I wasn’t about to get close enough for her to kick at me with those heels. She wasn’t going to die with any boots on, but I guess this was as close as she was going to come.

When she settled down I moved in, parted her legs and started licking her cunt. She had such a sweet flavor for being such a bloodthirsty whore. She stopped resisting and kinda went with it.

In our last few moments together I began to find myself growing fond of her. She grunted as she wrapped a leg around me, trying to draw me closer. She wasn’t getting any leverage, so it wasn’t helping to ease the strain around her neck. But I got the impression she liked what I was doing to her.

She began humping my mouth as her pussy winked and clenched. My cock was hard and dripping as she shuddered in my grasp. Then she was cumming in the noose… and I was cumming too.

She was defiant to the end, going so far as to spray me with her fluids. She even peed on me before she hung limp. I just kept on licking as I chuckled, “Ok, Rusty. I’ll let you have that one. But I get what’s left.”

I untied the rope and lowered her just enough for my cock. Then I tied her back up. “Now it’s my turn, bitch” and I proceeded to fuck her cunt and ass while she dangled from the noose. After all, Flame was hungry and I’d missed giving him his daily dose of oats three days straight during the long, arduous chase.

I took my time and enjoyed her body now that she wasn’t fighting me anymore. Afterwards I took her down, spread her out on the blanket and fucked her again. When I was done I found a sandy spot not too far away and buried her possessions along with her corpse.

It was the only time I never took a criminal back to collect the bounty. She paid me in full that day on the tree and the ground. I kind of think she would have approved, bitch that she was…

(Jul 11 ’18)

(Inspired by the picture included for illustration purposes.)

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