Drew – Famous at the End

What brings a girl like me to sign up for “Famous at the end”? I suppose it was all the debts I’d racked up. I had a hard time keeping a job.

I tried a little prostitution, but that only helped me break even day to day without paying down my debts. Mom and dad had cosigned for a couple of loans. And they were going to be on the hook for a lot of money if something happened to me.

I called the special hotline to “Famous at the End” and told them what I was thinking about. I wanted to end it all with enough money to pay off my debts for my folks. I didn’t see any other way out.

When they asked what kind of an ending I wanted I told them I could masturbate in a bathtub until I drowned. I figured that was sure to get a lot of views. When they agreed I don’t know if I was more surprised or alarmed they’d accepted my proposal.

I told my folks I had a possible job offer out of town and wouldn’t be in contact for several days. Then I packed an overnight bag before catching a bus to Hollywood. It was all I could afford.

When I arrived I put in a call to a special number I’d been given. A half hour later a car came and picked me up. I was whisked off to the “Famous at the End” studio.

When I arrived I was taken directly to the people in charge. Robert and Cynthia Packmaster were co-directors. The first thing they did was ask me how serious I was. I just told them to give me the paperwork to sign and we could get on with it.

After signing, Cynthia asked more information about what I was proposing. I told her I would get naked in a bathtub and masturbate. I wanted to cum either right before I drowned or right at the moment I swallowed water.

“Can you do this on your own?” Robert asked carefully.

“I don’t know,” I replied, starting to feel the butterflies. “I suppose my body might fight it when I start to panic. So I might need a little help.”

Cynthia asked, “Would you prefer a male or female holding you down?”

“I’m not sure how much I’ll thrash about. Maybe you might want to get a male to help me.”

“How much money do you want?”

“Enough to pay off all my debts and leave my folks a little something extra.” Then I looked them both square in the eye.

“I’ll do anything you want to make it worth your while. The guy can even be naked while he’s holding me down. If he gets hard while he’s drowning me won’t that boost viewership?”

“I would certainly think so,” Robert said with a smile.

“I agree,” his wife added. “When can you get started?”

“As soon as you’re ready,” I told them both. “I want to do it now before I chicken out.”

“You realize we film these ahead of time and edit them to include the good parts, right? This won’t be live, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“That’s ok. I don’t want my folks to see it until it comes out.”

“I think we can time things to pay off your bills and get the money into a bank account for them on the date this airs.”

“Great.” Then I took a deep breath before asking, “So where’s the bathtub?”

Lawrence was put in charge of drowning me. He was rather handsome. I kind of wished we might have had time to fuck. But I was already starting to get the shakes.

Three cameras were strategically placed around the bathroom, including one up in the ceiling. Then everybody left except Lawrence, Robert and Cynthia.

“Put on a good show for us, Drew. The better it is, the more we’ll put into your parents fund.”

“I will, Mr. Packmaster. I want this to be great. I really need to pay off those debts.”

He looked me up and down, smiling at my body. “I think you’re going to do just fine, Drew.” His wife added, “Thanks for thinking of us, Drew. We’re going to make you “Famous at the End”.

“Gawd, I hope so!” Then they left me alone with Lawrence.

“Ok, let’s make this exciting,” I told him. “Let’s get started.”

“I’m going to do my best so you can enjoy as much of it as you can. Every now and then I want you to glance at one of the cameras. But try to make it natural, ok?”

I nodded as I caught my breath. Then he kissed me. It really gave me an erotic jolt.

He started to undress me, and man was that hot! Maybe he had orders to make it as erotic as possible. I just went with it as I wanted an orgasm or two before I went.

He kissed and undressed me until I was totally naked. I went to take his clothes off and he didn’t stop me. When his cock sprang free it was nice and hard.

I smiled at him as I knelt and took him into my mouth. I was able to look at one of the cameras as I sucked him. I really tried to give them a show, using some of the techniques I’d picked up during my prostitution days.

I got him nice and hard before he stood me up. We kissed again as we made out a little. Then he picked me up and carefully lowered me into the bathtub.

It had already been filled, and the water was warm and comfortable. He bent down and kissed me again. That’s when I was hit with a sudden burst of inspiration.

“Let’s make it like I’m holding my breath for you, ok? You can pinch my nose shut. That might help so I don’t come up sputtering all the time.”

He seemed to like that idea as he pushed my head under. He covered my mouth and nose so I wouldn’t get any water up my sinuses. It was really erotic, and it helped to distract me from the fact he was going to drown me later.

I came up the first time coughing a little as I tried to get used to holding my breath and him holding my nose. Water streamed out of my face. We just smiled at each other as I hoped they could use some of the footage of my first submerging.

The second time down I was able to last longer. I wanted to build up to it so I could give everyone who was going to pay to see this video a really good show. Then he let me back up.

“Hold me down a little roughly for this third attempt,” I whispered. “I think the folks might like that.” He smiled and nodded. His hard cock told me at least he was enjoying himself.

I went back down and he got a good grip on my head. He pushed my limits, and it was really erotic. I lost a few bubbles, but I came back up horny and ready to go.

“Let’s see how it goes,” I told him after he let me up for another breath. I smiled up at the camera with my best “come hither” look. Then I inhaled deeply as he pushed me back down.

He held my head as he pinched my nose shut. By then I was already turned on. So I reached down and started touching myself.

I made sure to give the audience a few well-placed groans as he held me down. The idea he was going to drown me was both frightening and arousing. But I realized my performance was important if my folks were going to get any extra cash. So I threw myself into masturbating while holding my breath.

Robert and Cynthia had given me some freedom as to how things progressed. They’d told me Lawrence was good at improvising. So I got the impression I was partly in control of my own demise.

I got myself going really good before my lungs started heaving. I gave Lawrence a look that said I wanted one more breath. He seemed to understand because he let me back up.

I came up gasping for air. “Gawd; that makes me hot!” I panted as I gave him a smoldering look. “I’m so horny right now.”

I looked right up at the camera in the ceiling with my sluttiest expression. I imagined I was talking to every male and female watching. Then I told them, “Now he’s going to drown me while I cum… and I’m so looking forward to it!”

I took a really deep breath before he pushed me under. Then I really started fingering myself. He added to my arousal by groping one of my tits while pinching my nose shut.

I swirled my finger over my nub before pushing a couple into my well lubricated slit. He groped and fondled me as he forced my head down. It wasn’t long before my lungs really started to heave as I lost little bursts of air out of my mouth.

I told myself this was it and there was no going back. I was really horny, and I wanted that orgasm. It was going to be my last, and I really wanted to enjoy it.

My lungs really started heaving; I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I furiously fingered myself until it swelled within me. Then it exploded like a fireball.

My back arched as I screamed my breath away. That’s when Lawrence pushed down on my head and one boob to keep me down. Instinctively I knew this was it.

Before I knew it my lungs were empty. My chest was on fire; I really wanted another breath. Instinctively I tried to rise up, only to feel him pushing me down.

I started to panic, and I really thrashed about. Water sloshed everywhere, but he wouldn’t let me up. Then I was aware of his fingers in my cunt, thrusting hard in and out.

I swallowed water, but I couldn’t get my head up. Then I hitched as I got water down my throat. I exploded in a wild panic as water went everywhere.

Lawrence kept fingering me while I was drowning until I felt another surge of hot pleasure flow through me. My chest hurt like hell, but for some reason a part of me felt wonderful. I hitched and jerked and swallowed water until I finally settled down.

I stared upward with my eyes open wide. I don’t think I was looking right at the camera. I hope they got a good shot of me.

Lawrence continued to finger me while pushing down on me. Then he put a hand in my stomach and pushed hard. I coughed up most of the remaining air in my lungs before he pushed again, making sure they were completely flooded. Then he slowly rose up to look down on me.

I don’t know what happened after that. Maybe the camera zeroed in on my face; at least I hope so. I hoped he’d enjoyed himself and I hoped my drowning was good enough to pay off my debts and leave my folks lots of extra cash to cover them for a while.

© 2017 (written Nov 9 ’17 by riwa)

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