Teri and the Pensioners


Teri got a call from someone by the name of Albert. He said he was setting up a special birthday party for a friend of his. Could she come and perform?

Teri asked what he was looking for. Albert told her he wanted a woman who would come over and entertain for a couple of hours. “Entertain in what way?” she asked carefully as the caller sounded rather dubious to her.

“We’re pensioners” was the reply. “So there won’t be any fucking or anything like that. We might like to do a little groping and touching and poking and prodding. We’re a bunch of old men looking for one last thrill for Derek on his 90th birthday. Can you come over this evening? What do you charge?”

Teri had a soft spot in her heart for old codgers. She figured she could go over for a couple of hours and entertain them. She certainly doubted they could get it up at their age.

She had very few worries as she considered the matter. What was the worst they could they do: gum her to death? And since they were pensioners she doubted they could afford very much anyway. Why not go over and give them one last thrill.

“I’ll tell you what. I can come over tonight for $500. And I can bring some items with me so you gentleman can have one last fantasy. How does that sound?”

She turned out to be at the far edge of his price range. But he figured they could afford it. She agreed to the arrangement and they set a time for her to show up. Then the call ended.

Teri smiled as she made preparations. What would it hurt to turn on a few old guys? She could take some toys with her to play with just to give them a thrill. She just hoped they liked buxom redheads with soft, silky hair.

She gathered up a bunch of toys she thought she might allow them to use on her. She put them all in a bag, smiling inwardly to herself. She wondered if any of them had a heart condition. Wouldn’t that be a hoot putting on a show where one of them keeled over from all the excitement? She decided it wouldn’t be her fault since they were paying for her to come over.

With her bag ready and time drawing near she went to work on her makeup. It sounded like they wanted a stripper, so that’s what she intended to give them. She wanted her makeup and outfit to get them all wide-eyed and slobbering when she made her appearance.

She started by applying thick bronze eye shadow along with thick black eyeliner. She painted her lips a bright red, coating them in lip gloss so it would hold for a while in case there was a lot of kissing. Then she attached long, false finger nails painted a bright red.

She did her toenails in red as well, wondering if the birthday boy had a foot fetish. She sprayed herself heavily in her strongest, cheapest perfume. Now she looked and smelled like a whore.

A pair of sheer black stockings went up her legs. She used a sexy black garter to clip them up. She was wearing a pair of lacy black lingerie that had a hole cut in them to expose her pussy. Then she put on a tight, black corset that held up her boobs without covering them.

She put on a slutty red and black shirt that exposed her cleavage. A frilly black skirt down below did little to cover herself. A nice pair of fuck-me heels completed the ensemble.

Teri looked at herself in the mirror and decided she looked perfect. Then she checked her time. She’d planned it almost perfectly. If she left now she would get there with a couple minutes to spare.

As she drove over, Teri wondered if these guys had any extra money on them. Would she get a good tip if she put on a really slutty show? She was determined to find out. Hell, the old geezers could keel over any day now. Why not give them one last thrill while seeing if she could work a few extra bucks out of them?

She parked in the driveway and knocked on the door. Albert was the one who let her in. He was 92 and looked every bit of it. She decided this was going to be the easiest $500 she’d ever made.

He led her into a living room with three other males. She put her hand out and he placed five one hundred dollar bills in her palm. Then he motioned, “That’s Derek the birthday boy over on the couch.”

“How do you do, Derek?” Teri said, giving him her most lustful smile.

“Today’s his 90th birthday.”

“I hope you’re having a very happy birthday, Derek.”

“I am now that you’re here,” he said, his eyes flashing excitedly.

“Sitting in that corner chair is Jack. He’s 87.” Teri smiled at the balding, wrinkled old man. He may have been younger in age, but he actually looked older than Derek.

“And over here is Lew,” Albert said with a wave, gesturing at a man sitting in a chair with wooden arm rests. “Lew is 82, the youngest of the bunch.” Lew politely doffed his English golfer’s cap at her.

Teri licked her lips. This was going to be so easy. “So where do you want me to perform?” she asked, hefting her bag. “I brought some goodies along with me.” If she played her cards right she might get a generous tip out of the deal.

Albert went over to the dining room and retrieved a couple of chairs. Then he hollered at his friend, “Let her use the couch, Derek!” The birthday boy hastily stood up and took one of the chairs his friend offered, sitting down so they could all face her and watch her strut her stuff.

Teri started by slowly working herself out of the long coat she was wearing. Four sets of eyes bugged out… and she hadn’t even warmed up yet. Then she worked herself out of her blouse and skirt until the guys were really getting an eyeful. She couldn’t help smiling inwardly at their reaction.

She went around to each one, giving them all a sexy lap dance by grinding against them. A couple of bulges became noticeable. She smiled as she enjoyed the effect she was having on them.

She finally stretched herself out on the couch and started touching herself all over, making sure to stretch her legs and show off her painted toenails peeking out through her heels. Then she reached into her bag. It was time for the real show to begin.

She pulled out a flesh colored vibrator and started lewdly sucking on it. Then she turned it on and applied it to her clit. Soon she was gasping and moaning.

“Any one of you nice gentlemen want to help me? The birthday boy perhaps?” Then she held out the buzzing vibrator in his direction.

Derek jumped to his feet and rushed over. He took the vibrator and rubbed it back and forth over her clit. “Yeah, that’s the way. Fuck; that feels good. Sometimes a girl’s just got to cum, you know?”

She showed him where to hold it against her as the other three leaned forward and watched with great interest. Soon Derek had Teri writing and moaning. “Now stick it inside me, birthday boy,” she purred.

He thrust it in and out. Teri gasped and moaned as her juices started flowing. “I hope you boys don’t mind if I cum all over your couch.”

“Oh not at all!” Albert gasped eagerly.

After she climaxed she thanked him before Derek went back to his chair. Teri stood up and took a pair of red silk stockings out of her bag. She proceeded to run them back and forth all over her body. Then she laid out on the couch and invited someone to rub the stockings all over her.

Lew jumped up as he wanted to do that. He took the stockings from her and used them to caress her exposed tits and dripping crotch. She gasped and moaned the way he teased her with them.

She reached into her bag and brought out a dildo while Lew continued to drape the stockings back and forth over her body. She sucked on it before rubbing it across her swollen clit. Then she invited Albert to come over and fuck her with it while Derek and Jack watched.

Albert went over and took the dildo from her with trembling hands. He pushed it into her wet slit as Lew continued running the stockings back and forth over her body. Teri panted excitedly as she untied the laces to her corset until it folded open, fully exposing her chest and stomach.

After another orgasm and the pensioners returning to their chairs, she stood up in front of the foursome. She brought out another pair of stockings – this time in sheer white – and began dancing with them, sexily draping them all across her body. She even worked them back and forth through her crotch, gasping and moaning over how erotic it felt.

This time she went over to the chair with wooden arms where Lew was sitting. He got up for her so she could sit down before inviting the guys to come over and run the stockings all over her. Jack picked up the vibrator and used it on her as Derek and Albert rubbed her naked body with the stockings.

“Boys, you sure know how to make a slut feel horny. Why don’t you check my bag of tricks and see what else I have in there?”

Another dildo and vibrator were discovered. Now each of the guys had a toy to use. Jack and Lew used the vibrators on her nipples while Albert stuck a dildo into her mouth which she lustfully sucked on. Derek was given the privilege of fucking her slit with the other dildo.

Teri moaned her pleasure. This evening was turning out far better than she could have possibly imagined. As far as she was concerned the cums were an added bonus, something the guys were actually paying for.

After yet another orgasm, Albert was the one who went to the bag and found the metal and Velcro cuffs. He brought them over with a smile. Teri just grinned at him.

“You boys wouldn’t be thinking about tying up little ol’ me, would you?” The idea of being bound and pleasured gave her an erotic thrill. She was certainly glad she’d packed them when she’d agreed to come over.

Lew started in by slowly removing her heels and stockings, thoroughly enjoying her feet. Then he went to work soft-cuffing Teri’s ankles to the chair legs. She just smiled and giggled over how erotic it all was.

Albert took the two sets of metal cuffs and cuffed each of her wrists to a back chair leg, stretching her arms downward. Derek got the idea of tying her knees to the upper chair legs with her sheer white stockings, parting her legs so her dripping pussy was fully exposed. Teri wasn’t sure she liked that, but she figured she could always buy another pair.

With Teri sufficiently secured, the guys went to work. This time they started pawing and touching her all over. Teri felt hands on her boobs and fingers in her dripping snatch.

The toys came out again. This time Teri got a dildo and a vibrator both shoved up her cunt at the same time. It was a little uncomfortable but it still felt good, and for these guys she was willing to go with it.

The other dildo was shoved down her throat, almost gagging her. Then the other vibrator was brought out and used to vibrate her nipples. Teri writhed and squirmed, groaning into the phallus between her lips as they pawed her body.

Lew finally took a stocking and wrapped it around Teri’s neck. He pulled on one end and then the other, making the silk swirl back and forth around her throat. Teri moaned again, unable to speak since the toy had been left in her mouth for the time being.

As Derek fucked her pussy with the dildo and vibrator, Lew pulled harder on both ends of the stocking. “I’ve always wanted to do this,” he observed. Teri’s eyes flashed uncomfortably. But she avoided shaking her head as it wasn’t too bad… at least not yet anyway. Then another orgasm swelled within her until she climaxed again.

“How do you like her?” Jack asked the birthday boy who was running his hands down her legs and touching her feet.

“Hell, she just had another orgasm. What did you do to her?”

“Nothing much,” Lew said with a smile, having let go of the stocking. “I was just strangling her is all.”

“Really? Let me have a go at that.” And with that Jack grabbed onto both ends of the stocking and pulled for himself.

Teri’s eyes widened a little more. This time being strangled was starting to hurt a little. She wriggled in the chair, grunting into the toy now uncomfortably protruding out of her mouth.

“Damn; she really likes it! She’s wriggling and fucking the toys in her cunt end everything!”

“She likes it??” Albert said in surprise. He couldn’t believe it.

“Find out for yourself. Go ahead and fuck her while Jack strangles her.”

Derek moved aside as Albert knelt and grabbed onto both toys. “Ok, Jack; strangle her good.” Then he began thrusting hard as his friend pulled on both ends of the stocking wrapped around her throat.

Teri’s eyes opened wide again in alarm. She grunted as the toys were thrust much harder up her cunt. Now she felt uncomfortable the way the stocking was constricting around her neck.

Her hips thrust out as she instinctively fucked the toys in her pussy. “Damn; she really likes it!” Albert observed.

“Help me out, Lew,” Jack exclaimed. “I don’t think I have enough strength!”

Lew went over and got a red stocking because he liked the color. He wrapped it around Teri’s neck. Then the two pensioners started to pull together on their separate stockings.

Teri’s eyes opened wider as she grunted in alarm. At the same time Albert thrust good and hard into her pussy. “Damn; this whore really likes it!”

“I thought all whores liked to be strangled,” Jack observed as he pulled harder.

Jack and Lew pulled on their red and black stockings as Albert fucked her pussy with the vibrator and dildo combination. Derek grabbed the other vibrator and rubbed it all over Teri’s erect nipples. She grunted and trembled before she shuddered hard, her eyes rolling.

“Damn, guys!” Albert gasped. “This whore just squirted down here!”

“She did?”

The strangling stopped as they released their grasp to take a look. Teri panted through her nose, grunting that she now wanted the toy out of her mouth and wanted to be set free. It was time to wind this down and go home before things got out of hand.

“What a mess,” Derek observed. Then he grinned as he asked, “Think we can make her squirt again? I was using the vibrator on her nipples while you two were strangling her and Albert was fucking her pussy with her toys. I think she really liked it!”

“I don’t see why not,” Albert replied with an enthusiastic smile. “Why don’t you fuck her while Jack vibrates her tits? Lew and I will strangle her really good to see if she cums again.”

Teri grunted as she shook her head no. They ignored her as Albert grabbed the ends to the red stocking while Lew grabbed the ends to the sheer black one. Then they pulled hard as the birthday boy really fucked her pussy with the dildo and vibrator while Jack concentrated on vibrating her nipples.

Teri grunted in growing alarm. It was getting harder and harder to breathe the way they were strangling her. But she couldn’t resist the affect her asphyxiation was having on her as her pussy clenched and throbbed from the toys fucking and vibrating her winking hole.

Albert and Lew pulled hard on the stockings around her neck. Teri gawked as she tried to breathe through her nose. This was becoming deadly serious! What the hell was wrong with these people??

She began to shudder in the chair, trying to twist and shake herself free. But she was too tightly secured. She grunted and moaned as her body responded until she suddenly sprayed her climax again.

Derek blurted out, “Damn; the bitch jut soaked me!”

“Happy birthday, Derek,” Albert laughed. “Grab another stocking and help us out up here!”

Derek grabbed the other sheer black one that had adorned her leg and pulled it tight around Teri’s throat. Then the three guys pulled together on their separate stockings as Jack took over the spot down between her legs. He grinned as he grabbed the toys and savagely fucked her with them.

Teri shook her head again, trying to indicate she wanted them to stop. She didn’t like the direction this was going and she could hardly breathe. But the guys were too excited, wanting to see if she would squirt again while she was being strangled.

Derek, Lew and Albert pulled on the ends of their stockings as Jack viciously fucked her pussy with the vibrator and dildo. He shoved them in just as hard and as far as they would go. Teri tried to scream, but she was being seriously strangled.

She began to buck as though she was trying to fuck the toys up her holes. Then she winced as she squirted again. “Damn, she just got me too!” Jack laughed. “This whore can really cum!”

“What do you want to do now?” Albert asked the birthday boy.

Derek just grinned. “Jack, get that other red stocking and get up here. Let’s see what happens when the four of us strangle her together. Leave the toys in her mouth and cunt.”

Teri blinked in horror as she tried to shake her head. Jack retrieved the other sheer red stocking she’d played with earlier. Then he wrapped it around her throat before the four of them began pulling on their individual stockings with all their might.

Teri’s eyes opened wide as she tried to cry out. But she couldn’t spit the dildo out of her mouth. Now she could feel herself getting dizzy as her air was cut off.

She could feel a tingling in her arms and legs as though they were going to sleep. But her pussy was clenching as her hips thrust outward. She violently fucked the toys in her cunt as she tried to breathe.

Lew wanted to know, “What do we do if we kill her, Albert?”

“We drive her car back down Black Canyon and run it off the road as though she had an accident. I say we let the birthday boy decide. What do you say, Derek?”

“I say we snuff her!” he decided with a happy cry. “I’ve never snuffed a whore before!”

“Then happy birthday, Derek! Let’s snuff the whore!” And with that all four pulled just as hard as they could.

Teri couldn’t believe it! She shook her head as she tried to breathe. But she couldn’t get any air through her nose down her throat. She felt her chest heaving, her lungs screaming in breathless agony.

She began to shudder as her body reacted. But she was too tightly secured. “Harder, boys!” Albert declared, and they all redoubled their efforts.

Teri began bucking in the chair as her eyes rolled, drool spilling off her bottom lip onto her tits. A moment later she sprayed her orgasm. It was immediately followed by a stream of urine leaking out as she sagged lifelessly in the chair.

“Damn!” Albert panted as they all released their stockings. “I didn’t think we were ever going to kill her!”

“She really squirted!” Jack observed. “Damn, just look at that mess!”

He knelt down, grabbed the soaked toys and began fucking the corpse with them. There were faint muscle spasms and squishing sounds. “Is she cumming again?” Lew asked.

“Can’t be; she’s dead.”

“Maybe it’s a reaction to the toys inside her,” Jack observed. “She’s still warm; might as well enjoy her.”

They set her free from the chair before carrying her over and laying her out on the couch. For the next hour they used the toys on her mouth, ass and cunt. When they were done they got her dressed and back into her vehicle.

Lew drove her car to Black Canyon road as Jack followed behind in theirs. They put her behind the wheel and then pushed her off into a deep ravine. Then they went home, patting themselves on the back for giving their friend one hell of a birthday.

(written for Teri Sep 4 ’18 by riwa)

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