Helga’s comeuppance


Helga summoned Nikola to her residence. She knew the Polish swine dared not refuse her. She was slated to be executed, but Helga had pulled some strings to keep her around a bit longer.

She’d engaged in an impromptu wrestling match in her bathtub several days before, offering the women her life if she won. Of course the Polish subhuman had never stood a chance. Now she lived in a squalid shack, serving at the beck and call of her Nazi overlord.

Nikola was good for one thing and one thing only. She was adept at pleasing her Nazi host. It was a good thing as Helga virtually held her life in her hands.

She showed up and was promptly told to take all her clothes off. Helga was already naked, the bath drawn and filled with bubble bath. She wanted to feel pleasure. And this untermenschen would give her that pleasure or her life would be forfeit.

“Into the tub with me, schweine!” Nikola nodded as she carefully stepped into the tub. She knew full well what was expected of her.

The Polish woman reached down into the water and picked up some bubbles. Then she started rubbing them on Helga’s breasts as her Nazi captor returned the favor. Her host wasted no time, starting in with the taunts she reserved special for this… creature.

“You know I should have you shot,” she snorted. “You live at the pleasure of my whims.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the younger wonan replied with humility.

“I should turn you over to Garon and Paulos. You know they run the mortuary down the street.”

“I know, Mistress,” she replied submissively. She’d heard this so many times before.

“You live because you give me pleasure. Once I tire of you, Garon and Paulos will have their way with you on a table before you find yourself in an unmarked grave.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You still know your place. That is sehr gut.” Then she smiled wickedly.

“Soap my leg, you swine. Show me how much my legs entice you.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Nikola did as she asked, knowing the consequences of failing to obey.

“On your knees, bitch! Worship my body!” Nikola got on her knees, running her hands up Helga’s naked body. It was humiliating, especially since she felt sexual stirrings from her humiliation.

“My arsch, you schweine! Lick my arsch like an untermenschen who knows her place!” Nikola obeyed, kissing and licking the quivering opening. Helga felt jolts of pleasure from the Polish tongue.

Her execution was being delayed, but the Nazi bitch could not help herself. Where else was she going to find a woman who know how to please her the way this one did? Still, it was fun to toy with her.

“Pleasure me, bitch! Give me reason to prolong your life!” In response Nikola ran a finger over her pussy and arsch.

She owed her an unpleasant death. After all, there was a certain humiliation from allowing one such as this to bring her sexual pleasure. But Helga found the woman’s abilities hard to resist.

“Turn around. Show me those muscles which failed you in the task of extending your life.” Nikola turned around and flexed her arms as Helga rubbed her backside, enjoying the view.

“Now show me your arsch. Show me your pussy. Show me where you deserve to be raped!”

Nikola bent over the edge of the tub, allowing her mistress full access. Helga touched, poked and proded. “A fine arsch for such an untermenschen. Garon and Paulos will enjoy it at the mortuary when your time with me has come to an end.”

She turned the woman around and made her face her. “Now Worship my tits, bitch! Lick my titten!”

Again Nikola did as she was commanded. She was ashamed to admit she found it pleasurable. She knew this bitch held her life in her hands and that she was living on borrowed time. But it was better to serve than to lie in an unmarked grave.

“Does my untermenschen still cum? Let us find out!” That is when Helga produced her vibrator and held it against the Poles nub.

Nikola stiffened as the buzzing toy did its job. It was humiliating to be pleasured in this manner by a woman who was eventually going to have her killed. But pleasure was pleasure.

Helga cackled as she made her turn around. Then she vibrated her from behind. She pushed the toy in the Pole’s cunt, enjoying her moans. It was such a thrill humiliating her in this fashion.

“Now your arsch!” Helga declared triumphantly. “Let us make this piggy squeal!”

The toy was thrust none too gently up her ass. Nikola writhed and whimpered. It was embarrassing as hell. But there was nothing she could do about it.

The cruel Nazi vixen fucked her until she let out a humiliating cry of orgasm. Then Helga gave her the toy. “Now it’s my turn, schweine! Pleasure me or I’ll have you shot!”

Nikola took the toy and rubbed it back and forth over the Nazi’s breasts. The nipples hardened considerably and Helga gasped with pleasure. So this slut was still able to please her, eh? Perhaps she might let her live another day. Or perhaps she would force her down into the water to enjoy drowning her before giving her corpse to Garon and Paulos to play with.

Helga stood up, ordering the Polish bitch to pleasure her cunt. Nikola rubbed the buzzing toy over the exposed crotch. It left the Nazi gasping for breath.

“More… more… make me cum, you schweine!”

Nikola stuck her tongue out and began to lick. Helga responded breathlessly. “I see the untermenschen can still put her tongue to good use. That is sehr gut.”

Helga turned around and stood against the wall. “Pleasure me, you Polish schweine! Pleasure me or I will drown your arsch!”

Nikola brought the toy up against her slit. Helga loved what it was doing to her. But today she was in a particularly cruel mood. “Not good enough, untermenschen! You will drown for this! Now make me cum!”

“Schweine! Lick my arsch! Lick it or I’ll have you executed immediately!”

It was humiliating to lick the Nazi whore in such a manner. Nikola trembled from a sense of disgust and arousal as her tongue flicked out, causing her tormentor to moan with pleasure. But she knew her life depended on it. She was at the whim of this sadistic bitch and was forced to obey.

“Fuck me, damn you! Make me cum, you schweine!” Nikola pushed the bussing toy against the woman’s opening and slowly inserted it.

Helga gasped and moaned. It was fun tormenting the untermenschen. But the Pole certainly knew how to bring the orgasms out of her. She shuddered hard as it flushed warmly through her body.

She panted for breath. Then she told Nikola to lick her arsch while fucking her again. She wanted another one, and she wanted to degrade the bitch in the process.

Nikola used her tongue to lick the clenched opening as she used the toy on the women. Helga began to writhe and moan. That when the submissive Pole wondered if now was as good a time as any. She could not keep up this degradation much longer.

She left the toy buzzing in Helga’s cunt as she turned and reached over the edge of the tub for her clothes. If only this would work as she’d been told. She had her doubts. But she no longer wanted to be this bitch’s plaything any longer. And if all went well she’d brought one other item she would use in revenge.

“What are you doing? Get that tongue back in my arsch!”

“My apologies, Mistress. I slipped.” She was rummaging around in her clothes; had she left it behind?? No, there it was.

“Put your tongue in my arsch or I’ll drown you right here and now!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Her hands were trembling as she brought it up. It had two prongs that looked like they were aligned almost perfectly. Then she heard Helga bellow, “MAKE ME CUM, YOU SCHWEINE!”

Nikola pressed it up against both holes. Helga let out a cry of “Was ist das?” Then it was all the way inside.

“SCHWEINE!” the Nazi bellowed. She was just reaching back when Nikola activated it. There was a loud buzz that seemed to crackle.

Helga gasped and jerked as though she’d been electrocuted. She slid down the wall until she twisted into the tub. She sat upright against the back, her eyes open in shock.

Nikola looked at her in amazement. The damned thing had actually worked! She couldn’t believe it!

Helga tried to move, but her arms refused her commands. Her eyes fluttered as she blinked. She opened and closed her mouth, but no speech was forthcoming.

Nikola wasted no time turning around and fumbling around in her clothes. She found it and brought it up. Then she showed it to Helga before putting it on around her waist. Two large, thick dildos were attached.

“I am to be executed, Fraulein? I dare say it is you who are to be executed! I will put up with no more of this. But I will certainly give you the fucking you deserve!”

She knelt down and forced the attached object into Helga’s cunt and arsch. Then she began thrusting hard. Helga’s eyes blinked as her chest jerked.

She tried to lift her arms in a defensive gesture. But she could hardly get them to move. Nikola risked a little smile as she thrust hard in and out.

“A very special present from Geron and Paulos. They met with me and asked about you. They told me I was slated for their table. But they expressed a desire to fuck you instead. It seems you humiliated them once too often.”

“I may not get very far out of town. But I will take my chances. I know you will give me no chance at all. In fact, you said you would drown me. Let us explore if you know what that means!”

She slowly pulled on the large chested woman’s legs. Helga found herself slipping deeper into the tub. She was able to gasp for breath in horror as she found herself floating.

“Now we shall see who will live and who will drown.” Then Nikola slowly pushed the woman’s head under as she thrust harder.

Bubbles came up as Nikola eagerly fucked the air out of the Nazi’s lungs. Helga hitched and gurgled as her body spasmed and convulsed. She tried to move, but her muscles had not yet regained their full function.

Nikola thrust as hard and as sadistically as she could. Helga continued to  lose air in little spurts. Her eyes opened wide in shock and horror. Then only little bubbles came out as her expression sagged tiredly.

“Are you finished?” Nikola asked with a cruel sneer. “We’d better be certain!” And with that she turned the large woman over until she was face down on her knees with her arsch up.

The angry Pole thrust her two pronged device hard in and out of the Nazi. More bubbles came up to the surface. Nikola thrust long and hard for several minutes. But there was no further movement other than a stray bubble coming to the surface.

Nikola panted heavily for breath as she finally stopped thrusting. She freed the object from her waist, leaving it jammed in the dead Nazi’s two holes. Then she climbed out of the water.

She quickly dried herself off and put her clothes on. Then she went to the telephone and placed a call. When a male voice answered she simply said “It is finished” before hanging up. Then she exited the residence, feeling freed despite the knowledge she was truly a wanted woman now.


Garon and Paulos showed up within fifteen minutes. They found Helga arsch up and face down in her tub. A couple of familiar objects had been left behind.

The two mortuary attendants pulled the Nazi out of the water. Then they proceeded to fuck her mouth, pussy and arsch for the better part of an hour before taking her to the mortuary to be prepared. The report would indicate she’d passed away from an accidental drowning.

2018 (Apr 7 ’18)

(Inspired by the pictures found in Jimbo’s album)

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