Lust has no pride

Note: a bonus hot story to send out a hot month on a hot note, just to say “Thank you” for stopping by.

I had no idea I was going to be alone when I pulled into the motel. Maybe that’s because I had just broken up with my boyfriend less than 24 hours ago. Since it was a trip we had planned on taking anyway, I decided to go by myself in order to grieve over a broken relationship.

While I was on the road I spent a lot of time thinking about Tony and how much I was going to miss his cock. He was a great fuck, and we had a lot of fun together. Now I wasn’t going to have any dick to play with.

I was depressed and horny by the time I arrived at my destination. I didn’t want to go around feeling sorry for myself while I was on this trip. That’s when it occurred to me I could kill two birds with one stone.

After checking in I wasted no time changing into my bikini. Then it occurred to me I didn’t even plan on using it where I was going. But wearing it made me feel sexy… and at that moment I really needed to feel sexy after my breakup.

I went down to the pool and headed right for the private Jacuzzi room. The jets were on, indicating someone must have just gotten out of it. I smiled to myself, thinking it was too bad they weren’t still here as they were going to miss one hell of a show.

I took my bikini right off before wading into the water. I didn’t even get it wet. It just laid there unattended next to the edge of the spa.

I fingered myself as I groped and massaged my tits. I was here to give myself some pleasure in order to feel better. Orgasming always had a positive effect on me.

As I sat there touching myself I caught myself staring at one of the jets. That’s when I got this great idea. I turned and faced the nearest one, centering the flushing bubbles right up against my crotch.

I began humping the jetting water as the flow worked my swelling nub. It felt pretty good letting the water do all the work. Since I’d already arrived “preheated” I figured this was going to be a good way to set me off.

I felt a strong flush of arousal flow through me as I whimpered softly. I moaned as I started talking to myself… “Oh fuck… oh shit… gawd, that feels good!” The jets were hitting me just right.

I could feel it building within me; my orgasm was fast approaching. I grabbed my tits as I excitedly fingered myself. I gasped with pleasure as I moaned, “Yes… gawd yes… I wish you were here to fuck me, baby… fuck yeah!”

I felt it start to swell inside me, and I fingered myself harder. I was ready to release all my pent-up frustrations. I gave in to it as it swelled within me until I was shuddering with pleasure.

I knelt there panting for breath. Fuck, that felt good! Now the sting of my breakup with Tony didn’t feel quite so bad.

Something made me turn around. That’s when I saw him sitting there watching me. He must have been sitting there for a while.

He looked handsome as hell, and he had this huge smile on his face. The bulge in that tight black suit of his was a dead giveaway. Obviously he’d witnessed my getting off using the bubbling jets.

I was still horny. The jets had been a nice appetizer. But now the main course was sitting right there looking at me.

He never said a word as he sat there. Knowing he’d seen me cum was such an incredible turn-on. I gave him a coy smile as I lifted my hand, using my finger to entice him to join me in the water.

He didn’t need any further encouragement as he climbed into the spa with me. I leaned back against the metal ladder as he sat there looking at me. I was overcome with lust as I started groping my boobs right in front of him, causing him to smile at me.

I sank a little lower into the water. Then I wriggled my tits back and forth at him. He seemed to love that, and it made me giggle like a fucking schoolgirl. Gawd; I was hot for him!

I figured he needed just a little more encouragement. So I knelt in the water right in front of him. Then I reached around, grabbed his hands and pulled them onto my breasts.

He certainly was a quick study. It wasn’t long before I turned to kiss him as I kept his hand firmly pressed against my boob. I nearly melted right there in the water when our lips came together.

I was getting horny again; gawd, I wanted his cock! So I went right after it. I slowly submerged in the water, pulling his suit down until it sprang free from its confinement.

Gawd, what a lovely piece of meat! It was fucking gorgeous! I took him into my mouth underwater, eager to taste his meaty pole between my lips.

I stayed submerged as he sat back on the ledge. I felt his hand on my head, gently guiding me to keep sucking. I was so fucking horny I couldn’t think straight.

Now I’m a really good breath-holder. I loved doing this to Tony whenever we found ourselves in a pool or hot tub. But thoughts of my former boyfriend were far away as I enjoyed the fresh cock submerged right in front of me.

I stayed down for the longest time. I think I captivated him with my breath-holding skills. I just wanted to keep his cock between my lips underwater for as long as possible.

I finally came up gasping for breath. He gave me this huge smile, indicating just how much he liked it. I could tell he was impressed with my underwater oral skills.

I never said a word as I crawled into his lap. I slowly impaled myself on his erect shaft, pressing my boobs into his chest. I had to have him inside me, and I panted heavily as he smiled lustfully at me.

I wanted him to fuck me underwater the way Tony used to. So I slowly went over backwards. One deep breath later I was under the surface holding my breath.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he grabbed my hips. Then he started thrusting in and out of me. It felt so fucking awesome!

I groaned as he fucked me while I held my breath underwater. It felt absolutely incredible! I held onto his hands as though afraid he might suddenly vanish into thin air from some damned dream.

I arched my back, showing off my breasts to him as he fucked me. He kept thrusting as I grunted up bubbles. Gawd, I loved the way he was giving it to me!

I finally had to come up for air, even though I didn’t want to. Holding my breath was really adding to how good it felt. I looked at him and took a really deep breath. Then I submerged again.

This time he grabbed onto my lower legs. He held them up out of the water as he fucked me harder. I groaned and bubbled, groping my boobs as I fingered myself. Gawd; it was just what I needed!

It was incredible the way he fucked me with those jets bubbling all around us. I was on fire with such an arousal like you wouldn’t believe! His cock really filled me, but I couldn’t get enough as I continued groping my boobs while fingering myself.

My cheeks began to bulge; I was starting to lose my breath. But I was so fucking close. I wanted to cum underwater as he was fucking me while making me hold my breath.

My lungs strained; I was so damned close. I pushed it just as hard as I could, wanting to stay down and experience it underwater. One hard thrust on his part sent me right over the edge.

I released my breath as I shuddered hard in orgasm. It felt even better than when I’d cum using the jets. It felt wonderful cumming underwater with his cock inside me.

He let me up, and I came up panting like crazy. I felt delicious aftershocks as he caressed my boobs. My nipples were so fucking hard. I was glad he got to see how turned on I was.

I got behind him, wrapped him in my arms and kissed him deeply. At the same time I wrapped my legs around him. I had a special “thank you” I wanted to give him.

I took him down underwater with me as I started using my feet to work his cock. He groaned into my mouth as I kissed him deeply. He held onto my legs to hold me in place as I gave him an underwater foot-job.

He proved to be better at holding his breath than I first gave him credit for. And he sure as hell loved the way I was working his dick with my feet. We both released bubbles as we held our breath while I kept rubbing his cock with my tootsies.

He didn’t act like he needed up, so I kept kissing him as I held onto him. And I kept using my feet on his cock. Gawd; that was so fucking hot!

He couldn’t hold his breath as long as me, so I let him back up. I came up gasping before giving him another kiss. Then I filled my lungs again.

Once more I went down to hold my breath while using my feet to get him off. I heard him moan up at the surface. He grabbed my feet and used them to rub against his cock. It was erotic as hell.

As it turned out, I was lying flat on my stomach while he used my feet. I groped my boobs, moaning up bubbles as he fucked my toes. It felt so fucking wonderful holding my breath down there while getting him off!

I think he loved the way I could hold my breath. He wasn’t about to let me up, and I wasn’t interested in getting another breath just yet. I was so turned on knowing how much he was enjoying fucking my feet while I was being forced to breath-hold.

I groped my boobs as I stayed down for as long as I could. I think it was a turn-on for him, wondering how long I could hold my breath. I wondered if the idea of him drowning me while getting off was going through his mind. I know it certainly got me all hot and bothered.

I heard him gasp for breath as he submerged to join me. So he liked being underwater too, eh? I decided to see if I could make him cum while he was holding his breath.

I helped him lie flat on his back. Then I used my feet as I bent over and sucked him with my mouth. I’m really proud of how limber I am.

You should have seen the look in his eyes. He groaned as he thrust up into my mouth. It must have been heaven feeling my feet around his shaft as I took the tip of his cock between my lips.

We were both holding our breath. But this time I was determined not to cum up until I got him off. I was going to force him to stay down for as long as it took.

He started thrusting harder into my mouth, grunting up bubbles. I sucked him aggressively as I rubbed the base of his cock with my feet. A moment later he lost a big mouthful of bubbles. Then I got a big mouthful of cum which I couldn’t contain.

We both came up panting wildly for breath. Then I kissed him deeply, allowing him to taste some of his cream on my lips. It was then we finally spoke to each other by introducing ourselves.

My stomach suddenly growled. I smiled sheepishly as I realized how hungry I’d become. When he invited me out to dinner, I happily accepted.

Tony who…?

© 2017 (written Aug 5 ’17 by riwa. Vicaps are from a JustPaul clip and are used with his permission.)

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