Training a noose-whore

It all started quite by accident. I encountered her on a lonely road 20 miles from my home. She’d run into car trouble and the battery had died on her cell phone.

I didn’t have a cell phone on me. But I offered to take her back to my place so she could call for a tow. She thanked me and got into the passenger seat.

She was about 5’6” and 130 pounds with blue-green eyes, short brown hair and a slender figure. She was wearing a light grey skirt, a white blouse and black, low heeled shoes.

Her breasts were modest, yet attractive. She had rich, full lips that looked like they were made for sucking. Almost immediately I imagined what she would look like downstairs in my special room

I got her home and offered her some juice from my fridge. She was appreciative and said she would accept. So I added a few of my special drops before giving it to her.

She said her name was Miriam and she was traveling to meet some friends. She said she must have taken a wrong turn and gotten lost before her car broke down on her. She was about to ask for my phone to call for a tow when she got sleepy.

I told her she could nap right there on my couch if she was tired. Then she dozed off. She never did place that call for a tow truck.

I carried her to a back bedroom where I secured her ankles together with some rope. I tied her arms behind her to make sure she couldn’t go anywhere. Then I left her there to sleep it off as I went down to the basement to make my preparations.

An hour later she started hollering for help. I went up and saw she had fully awakened. She wanted to know why I had tied her up.

I told her I was a pervert and that I had plans for her. That really freaked her out, and she started screaming for help. We were miles from my nearest neighbors, but I didn’t want to listen to that shrieking all day long. So I gagged her with a scarf.

I told her I was making preparations and for her to get ready. She whimpered as I left her there to finish what I was working on downstairs. When I was done I removed my shirt, put on my black hood and then went back up to fetch her.

Her eyes went wide when she saw me bare chested while wearing a hood. She whimpered and shook her head as I picked her up. Then I carried her over my shoulder down the stairs as she grunted the whole time.

I took her into the room I had prepared. Inside was a small stage where I’d built a gallows. A thick, rough hemp noose dangled right there in plain sight.

Her eyes flew open in horror, and she started shaking her head, screaming her lungs out as I carried her over to it. I stood her up and forced the noose around her neck. Then I snugged it up.

Her eyes were wide in terror as I pulled the slack out of the rope. I gave her a little bit of tension, her body lifted up just enough so she was forced to stand on the balls of her feet in her shoes. Then I left her there for fifteen minutes as I went back upstairs to get myself a drink.

When I came back down I caught her sniffling and whimpering. I removed the noose from around her neck, carried her into the next room, removed her shoes, and then put her down on the mattress on the floor.

I went back upstairs, leaving her there for the next 45 minutes. When I came back down it looked like she’d been sobbing. I was still wearing my hood and jeans.

I just smiled as I picked her up and carried her back to the gallows. She started crying out again as I noosed her back up. This time I stood there and watched as she swayed in place on her feet with her ankles still tied off.

She jerked her bound arms behind her back as she whimpered pitifully, her breath rasping around that scarf in her mouth. My cock grew hard in my jeans as I watched her. At one point she looked down at my crotch where I’m certain she saw my bulge.

After fifteen minutes I freed her from the noose and took her back to the room with the mattress on the floor. I left her there for another 45 minutes. Then I returned.

I checked her arms and ankles to make sure I had not cut off the flow of blood. Then I carried her back to the gallows. Once more I noosed her up and took out all the slack so she was experiencing a certain tightness around her throat.

I got a pair of scissors as she whimpered through her gag. I carefully removed her blouse, cutting around her arms while leaving everything else intact. Then I stood there watching her for the remaining fifteen minutes before freeing her from the noose and carrying her back to her room.

I had left her on the mattress again and was about to leave when she said something through her gag. I asked her if she was going to scream anymore. She shook her head no. So I removed the gag before leaving her all alone. I was surprised she remained true to her word. But maybe she figured crying out wasn’t going to do her any good.

45 minutes later I came back down. I picked her up and carried her back to the gallows. “Wh-why are you doing this?” she stammered.

“Because I’m a pervert and I’m training you to become a noose-whore.”

“You mean you’re going to h-hang me??” I just nodded my head.

“NO! You CAN’T!”

In response I noosed her back up, snugging the rope tight around her throat. Then I pulled her up onto the balls of her feet again so she could not rock back onto her heels without some discomfort. Her eyes reflected the fear she was experiencing.

She stood there panting for breath as I admired her, my cock hardening in my jeans again. She tried to rasp for breath, and I thought I heard her gasp, “You PERVERT! You BASTARD!”

“Shall I go fetch the gag?” She winced as tears welled up in her eyes. She shook her head, indicating she didn’t want the scarf back in her mouth.

This time I used the scissors to remove her skirt. That left her in a tan bra and panties. I smiled appreciatively before I freed her 15 minutes later and took her back to her mattress.

The next time I brought her out I removed her bra, revealing nipples that had hardened a little. She whimpered, but she did not cry out much, especially when I took a bit more slack out of the rope. Now she was stretching upward on her feet a little more, making her rasp as she tried to take breath after breath.

15 minutes later I returned her to her mattress. Again she asked why I was doing this. I told her I was training her to accept the rope and to become a noose-whore. She fought back a sob as she sniffled in reply.

The next time I took her out and noosed her up, she lost her panties courtesy of my scissors. She had a little bit of a landing strip that looked quite sexy. She whimpered as she clenched shamefully.

I gave her breasts a gentle caress. Her nipples hardened right up. Then I backed away, admiring her beauty as she wriggled while standing there on the balls of her feet.

I gave her the usual 15 minute session feeling the rope around her neck before I took her down and hauled her back to the mattress. She sniffled again as she looked at me. “You’re really going to hang me, aren’t you.”

“Yes I am.” And with that I left her again.

When I returned 45 minutes later I saw her lying on the mattress looking dispirited. I retied the ropes to her arms as they were leaving a mark. I also removed the ropes from around her ankles, this time securing her upper legs. It would allow her a little more movement, although her expression told me she probably wasn’t going to try to go anywhere.

Even though she took little steps, I still had to help her walk to the gallows. I noosed her up and snugged the rope tight. That’s when she looked down and saw my erection had returned in my jeans, this time with a little stain from my precum.

I brushed my hand over her breasts, helping her nipples harden right up. Then I put my hand down in her crotch. I felt a dampness as she clenched instinctively around my hand.

“Someone is certainly getting excited at the prospect of dancing for me while naked and bound. Would you like a little taste of what it’s going to feel like to hang?”

“No! Please don’t hang me!” But she still clenched around my hand in her crotch as though she couldn’t help herself.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I chuckled. And with that I pulled on the rope.

Her feet fluttered as panic filled her features. She rasped as she tried to kick and struggle. Her face reflected the horror of feeling her weight in the noose.

After ten seconds I let her back down. She rasped for breath as I fingered her. She shook her head, her face red with shame as her cunt clenched around my wiggling digits. But I quickly removed them before she could cum.

I left her standing there on the balls of her feet for the remaining 15 minutes as my cock bulged in my jeans. She looked at my crotch several times. It made me wonder what she was thinking before I removed the noose and took her back to her room and left her there.

45 minutes later I returned to take her back to the gallows. Once more she panted for breath, her eyes wide with fright. This time I didn’t have to brush my hand over her breasts. Her nipples had already hardened right up with anticipation.

I reached down and fingered her. She moaned as she clenched around my wriggling digits. But I grabbed the rope and pulled her up off her feet before she could cum.

She rasped as she kicked and twisted a little. Amazingly she humped in my direction. I gave her a 15 second ride before taking her down, again leaving her partially strangled on the balls of her feet.

Tears filled her eyes as she whimpered again. I fingered her once more, causing her to writhe and clench. Then I stepped back to admire her, my cock hard and throbbing in my jeans. If anything, the stain had grown in size.

When her fifteen minutes were up I took her back to the mattress on the floor. I was turning to go when she called out, “Wait!” Then she nodded at my bulge before quietly murmuring, “Can I suck your cock?”

“Why? You don’t have to.”

She lowered hear head shamefully. Then she whispered, “I want to.”

Was this her way of trying to get out of her hanging? It made me wonder, although she never said she would suck me in exchange for her freedom. She just got onto her knees on the mattress as I walked up to her.

I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. That’s when she moved forward and took me all the way into her mouth. Then she started bobbing her head as she suctioned my dick.

She surprised me with how into it she was. I gasped and moaned over how good it felt. That only seemed to inspire her to suck my cock even harder.

I badly needed a release, and I think she knew it. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls swell. So I murmured a warning… “Gawd, you’re going to make me cum.”

Instead of pulling back, she sucked harder. She moaned and groaned as though she was fully into it. “I’m cumming!” I cried out. But she just sucked harder until I shot a load into her mouth.

She swallowed most of it, although some dribbled out onto her lips. She finished cleaning me off before licking her lips. I thanked her, and to my surprise she nodded as she gave me the faintest hint of a smile. Maybe she hoped I wouldn’t hang her now that she’d given me a blowjob. Or maybe it was something else.

45 minutes later I came down for her again. She willingly got onto her knees before I helped her all the way up to her feet. Then I slowly walked her out to the gallows.

I noosed her up and then lifted her up onto her toes. Her nipples hardened immediately, and I saw her pussy glisten. But this time I had a surprise for her.

I had a vibrating wand in my pocket which I pulled out and activated. Then I held it against her swollen nub. She writhed and moaned as she humped against it.

I watched until it looked like she was getting close to cumming. Then I grabbed the rope and lifted her up into the air. Her eyes flew open and she gawked as her legs started to pedal a little.

She was up for ten… fifteen… twenty… twenty-five seconds. She was just starting to hump when I let her back down. That’s when she looked at me with an agonized expression.

“Please,” she rasped as I got her back down onto the balls of her feet.

“Please what?”

“Please let me cum.”

“Only if you’re hanging in midair.”

She gave me another pained look. Then she shamefully lowered her head as she nodded. I looked at her skeptically.

“Are you sure?” She just nodded her head again.

“It means you’ll be hanging. Do you still want to cum?” She nodded once more. That’s when I felt a surge of erotic excitement ripple through me as my cock got hard again.

I pulled on the rope, hefting her back into the air. Then I held the vibrating wand up against her swollen clit. She kicked a little as she tried to hump the wand in my hand. Then her eyes rolled as she squirted.

I let her back down so she could catch her breath. I left her on the balls of her feet for the remaining 15 minutes. Then I took her back to her mattress.

She motioned at the bulge in my pants and licked her lips. I told her, “Next time.” She nodded in understanding.

After 45 minutes I came down for her next shift. This time I removed the ropes from around her upper thighs. She thanked me in a quiet voice.

I led her back to the gallows, her nipples already hardening. When I got her all noosed up she was dripping between her legs from her arousal. I fingered her pussy until I really had her writhing. Then I took her up into the air.

She gawked and gurgled, really kicking her legs now that they were free. She went about a minute before I came up to her and fingered her. That’s when she gawked as she shuddered hard in orgasm, her fluids coating my hand.

I let her back down and she rasped for breath, getting a little more air now that the noose wasn’t so tight. I caressed her all over, fondling her boobs and fingering her cunt. She moaned and whimpered as she writhed in place.

“Please,” she finally rasped. “Let me see it.”

“Let you see what?”

“Your cock. Let me see your cock. Take your jeans off.”

My dick twitched uncomfortably in its confinement as I slowly pulled my jeans down before freeing my erection from my briefs. She looked at it and licked her lips. Then she rasped, “May I… suck it?”

“It’ll cost you,” I warned her. “You’ll have to hang longer if you do. Are you sure you want to?”

She looked at me and lowered her head. Even though her face was red from her restricted breathing I could tell she was blushing. Then she nodded her head.

I gave her slack so she could lower herself down onto her knees. Then she started sucking me again. It was strange, because if anything she seemed even more eager to get me off than the last time.

I let her get me good and hard before I pulled out of her mouth. I told her, “Noose-whores wear the cum of their executioner on their face.” Then I let fly.

She blushed deeply as I splattered her face with my cream. When I was done I made her lick my cock clean. Then I hauled her up into the air.

She rasped and gurgled as her legs started to fly. I asked, “Does my noose-whore want another orgasm?” She nodded her head as she somehow found a way to stop kicking.

I brought the wand against her nub and turned it on full. Her eyes rolled as she started to hump. Then she was cumming and squirting in orgasm.

I waited until she settled down and hung limp. Then I took her down. My cock had started to stiffen again.

I took her back to her mattress and left her there. Then I headed upstairs. That last I heard she was sobbing quietly to herself.

45 minutes later I came back down to hang her once more. That last session in the noose had lasted longer than fifteen minutes. But I gave her the same amount of rest time to catch her breath.

We had just reached the gallows when she deliberately knelt right in front of me. Since I’d remained naked she immediately took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She moaned and quivered the moment I looped the noose around her throat.

I pulled her to her feet and took out all the tension. She shuffled around on the balls of her feet. Then I applied the wand to her swollen nub.

“Don’t you dare cum!” I warned her. “Noose-whores only cum when they’re hanging. If you want another orgasm you’re going to have to beg me to hang you.”

She gave me a pained expression as she whimpered. She writhed against the wand, humping as I held it against her. Then I pulled it back a little, causing her to try humping for it.

“Hang me,” she finally rasped quietly.

“What did you say?” Had I succeeded in breaking her? Had I really created a noose-whore?

“Hang me!” And with that I pulled her up into the air. I heard her rasp “Wnnnnnna cmmmmm!” So I held the wand up against her crotch.

She humped it until she went crazy writhing and fucking the damned thing. Her eyes rolled as she shuddered hard in orgasm, drenching the wand with her fluids. Then I let her back down.

She rasped and panted for breath as I left her balanced on the balls of her feet again. I began fingering her until she clenched around my wriggling digits. She saw how hard my cock had become as she groaned and squirmed.

She started thrusting against my hand as I fingered her. Then I pulled my hand away. I taunted her by asking, “Does my noose-whore want to cum again?”

She nodded, her eyes almost pleading to be granted another one. I slapped her face hard. Then I snarled, “Fucking noose-whore! Do it yourself!” Then I hauled her up into the air.

She glurked as she became airborne. Her legs started to kick until I noticed she was trying to rub her inner thighs together. Then she shuddered hard as she squirted again.

I saw the results of her climax as she gently swung back and forth. I moved closer, groping and fondling her boobs. That’s when she used her legs to try to climb me.

She gurgled as her cunt found my cock. She deliberately impaled herself on my throbbing shaft. Then she started riding me while rasping for breath as though trying to get me off.

She wheezed and shuddered, her pussy clenching wonderfully around my manhood. It felt so good that I couldn’t hold back. I let out a cry as I thrust up into her cunt, filling her with my cream in blessed release.

She shuddered again as though she was experiencing another climax. Then I pulled out and stepped back to enjoy watching her gently swing back and forth. I finally took her all the way down from the noose before carrying her back to her room and gently laying her down on the mattress.

I gave her over an hour before I went back down. She looked at me and immediately got on her knees as though preparing to give me a blowjob. I just pulled her to her feet. She was still wearing my cream on her face from before.

I took her out to the noose and made her face it. “You’re a true noose-whore,” I told her. “Nothing more can I teach you. It’s time for you to hang.”

She went pale as she looked at me. I saw her start to tremble, and I wondered if I was going to have a problem with her. Instead she slowly lowered herself onto her knees.

She whimpered as she took my cock between her lips and started sucking. I could hear her moan and whimper with fright. But she did it as though she wanted to do a good job, especially if it meant it was going to be her last time sucking me.

I felt the excitement build, so I stopped her. I told her, “You have two choices. You can either take my last load in your mouth. Or I can butt-fuck you and fill your ass with my seed as you die. I’ll leave the choice up to you.”

She stopped sucking as she gasped in alarm. Then she slowly rose to her feet. She was trembling when I asked her, “So your choice is to feel my cum up your ass as you die?”

She bowed her head and nodded as tears welled up in her eyes. I groped and fondled her as I kissed her deeply. “You’re a great noose-whore,” I murmured into her ear. “Therefore I grant your last request to feel my cum up your ass as you die.”

She nodded again as I grabbed the noose and looped it around her neck. She inhaled sharply as I snugged it tight. “Remember,” I told her. “No cumming until you’re hanging. In fact…”

I took the wand and cruelly held it to her swollen nub. She was dripping like crazy, her nipples hard as pencil erasers. Then I told her she was going to have to tell me to hang her if she wanted to cum again.”

She opened her eyes in alarm, realizing I had just condemned her to request permission for me to hang her to death. She writhed and squirmed as though fighting the wand. But I held it right there on her swollen clit.

She rasped and grunted, writhing and wincing in agony. She bit her lower lip a couple of times as I cruelly vibed her. Then I finally heard her gasp, “Hang me.”

“What’s that, you say?”

“Hang me. Please.” She was really writhing now.

“I can’t understand you, noose-whore. Speak up!”

“Hang me, damn you!”

“Hang, you fucking whore!” And with that I hauled her up off her feet and tied off the rope.

Her eyes flew open at the agony she experienced. At the same time she began humping in my direction. I grabbed my cock and stroked it while pointing it at her.

She humped harder as though she was trying to fuck me in midair. She rasped and gurgled as she fought the noose. I saw her face turn an incredible shade of red.

She finally let out a loud “GAWK” as she thrust her hips forward. She sprayed her orgasm all over the floor as she jerked and humped. I stroked harder as I watched her lewd dance of death.

The pain in her chest got worst as she fought even harder. She went into her third minute, humping and fighting. It looked like she was going to cum again.

“Dance for me, whore! Dance like you mean it! Dance like the fucking slut you are!”

Her hips thrust forward again as she squirted once more. It seemed to take everything she had. Then she hung limp, her naked body gently swaying back and forth as cum dripped out of her twat.

“I’ll let you feel it before you die,” I told her as I walked behind her. Then I rammed my cock hard up her ass. She jerked and gurgled, so I know she must have felt it.

I reached around to grope and fondle her boobs as I butt-fucked her. Her legs fluttered as her arms tried to jerk behind her back. Then I reached down and fingered her dripping slit.

Her cunt and ass clenched wonderfully as I thrust hard up her butt. She became less animated until I could barely feel her clenching at all. Then she hung limp, her ass fully impaled on my dick.

I pulled down on her body to hasten her departure, strangling her even more. Her muscles twitched as she jerked a little until her bladder released. Then I was pumping my hot seed up her slutty ass.

I stayed inside her for as long as I could until I softened and plopped out. I came around front and looked at her. Her nipples were still hard, her pussy dripping. I thought I saw the faintest hint of a smile in her expression, but that was probably just my imagination. Incredibly, I had truly learned it was possible to train a woman to be a noose-whore…

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