She needed the money


Miriam needed the money. The ad on the Internet indicated she could earn enough cash in her city to pay her rent for three months. It would also cover food and utilities.

There were some negatives she would have to deal with, and they made her wince. She had to be comfortable having sex with multiple partners. She had to be open to some breath play. And she also had to be ok with a little humiliation.

She didn’t mind the sex so much. She was between boyfriends, but she was still on the pill just to be on the safe side. She was sexually active, and she enjoyed fucking. She just hadn’t done it with multiple partners before.

The breath play issue concerned her. She could hold her breath underwater, and she didn’t mind being choked during sex. Was that all there would be to it? Or would it require more from her?

The idea of being humiliated also bothered her. But deep down there was a part of her that found the idea of being degraded more than a little arousing. She was concerned it might make her cry a little. But in the end she figured she could tolerate it… perhaps even find it a bit of a turn-on.

Miriam put off making a decision for as long as she could. But the rent was due in a couple of days. She didn’t have enough in her bank account to cover the full amount.

Early in the morning she woke up and decided to place a call to the number on the ad. The voice of a nice woman on the other end asked how soon she could be available. They already had two girls, but they needed a third.

Miriam said she could be there as soon as they wanted her since the location was in her city. She was asked if she could show up right after lunch. Miriam said that would be ok with her as she’d recently been laid off from her job and was available anytime they needed her.

She was directed to a warehouse on the outskirts of town. She was told to dress in something slutty. And she was told to expect a lot of sex since a number of men would be paying for the privilege of enjoying her body.

She picked out something slutty: a blouse showing cleavage, a skirt that showed way too much when she bent over, and a pair of fuck-me high heels. Then she called for a taxi to come pick her up. When he pulled up, the driver looked at her and shook his head, assuming he was taking this woman to meet someone for sex.

She gave the man directions as he pulled away from the curb. Conversation was minimal. He didn’t want to ask any questions, figuring the less he knew the better.

They drove up to a rundown building on the outskirts of the city. Miriam paid the fare after she was dropped off at the entrance. The cab drove away as she went inside, only to encounter a secretary behind the desk of a sparsely furnished room.

The woman’s outfit was equally slutty. She rose and came out from around her desk, introducing herself as Eloise. Miriam told her why she was there, quickly recognizing the lady’s voice as the same one on the phone.

The secretary told her the guys were waiting in back and should be finishing up with lunch. She was asked if she was ready to perform. All she had to do was sign a release form and she would be good to go.

Miriam nodded as she trembled with uncertainty. “I have a few questions if you don’t mind.”

“Certainly,” Eloise said with a smile as she went back behind the desk and retrieve the paperwork and a pen. “Ask your questions.”

“Your ad asked if I would be comfortable having sex with multiple partners. What does that mean?”

“Have you even participated in a gangbang, honey?”

“No. How many is that? Three of four?”

“More like ten or twelve. That’s why we charge so much and they pay so much. Does that bother you?”

“Ten or twelve?” Miriam couldn’t believe it. Was she expected to fuck ten or twelve men this afternoon??

“Can’t you handle that many? I’d hate to have to place another call. I do have a woman on standby, but I’d need to call her right away if you decide to turn down the…”

“No, I think I can handle ten or twelve,” Miriam replied hastily, although she wasn’t entirely certain. But she really needed the money.

“Anything else?”

“Your ad mentioned breath play?”

“Do you like having your breath cut off during sex?”

“Well, I had a boyfriend who used to choke me sometimes. I kind of liked it… I guess.”

“Well, this will be very similar to that. You’ll be having sex while your breath is cut off. Will that be a problem?”

“I, uh… I don’t think so.”

“Anything else? We really need to get started.” The secretary pushed the paperwork over for her to sign.

“Uh… I guess not.”

Miriam picked up the pen and sighed the top copy. “You don’t want to look at it?” the secretary asked.

“I’m sure it’ll be all right. And I assume there will be pictures and video of me going out?”

“I’m sure there will,” the secretary said with a nod as she flipped the page, making Miriam sign a second sheet.

“Is that it?” the nervous young woman asked as she scribbled her signature.

“That’s it,” the secretary told her with a smile, taking the papers and sliding them into a desk drawer. Then she stood up.

“I’ll take you back right now. You’ll be expected to get into character and agree to anything they want to do to you. That’s what you agreed to when you came here and signed the paperwork. So I assume that’s going to be ok with you. Am I right?”

“Uh… yes you are.”

Miriam got nervous again as the secretary led her through a door and down a hall. It seemed like the corridor needed a fresh coat of paint. This building wasn’t nearly as impressive as she’d hoped it would be.

They went through a series of corridors and down into the basement. The secretary knocked on an old metal door. It opened up to reveal a handsome man in a suit and tie. Miriam felt better at seeing someone looking so professional.

“Is this her?” he asked with a smile.

“This is Miriam,” the secretary replied. “She agreed to everything; the paperwork is all signed.”

“Fantastic. Come on in, Miriam. Let’s have some fun.”

“Goodbye, honey,” the secretary said as she coldly turned and walked away.

Miriam frowned at her as she walked away. Goodbye?? Did that mean she wouldn’t be going out past the secretary’s desk when she was finished with the gangbang? Did that mean she wouldn’t see her for the rest of the day?

The man in the suit took her through a short hall to another door. Then he opened it up and all but threw her inside, loudly declaring, “The slut has arrived, gentlemen!” Then he closed the door behind her.

Miriam bounced off the floor, letting out a yelp. Why the hell had he thrown her in here like that? That wasn’t professional at all!

She had barely gotten to her knees when she was surrounded by a group of men. Some of them were taking pictures of her with their cell phones. Some of them were already naked. And many of them had their cocks out.

One man with a smelly dick that looked like it was seven inches long shoved it in front of her face. “Get to sucking, slut!” he told her as he slapped her face hard. “A whore like you knows what to do!”

“Yeah!” the others chimed in. “Start sucking cock, you filthy slut.”

For a second she forgot about the humiliation she was to expect from them. “Hey, you don’t have to treat me – GULP!” That was all she got out as he forced his dick clear down her throat.

She gagged on it as a couple guys stepped up on either side of her. They grabbed her hands and made her wrap her fingers around their dicks. They certainly weren’t wasting any time.

She grunted as they started in on her. Cellphones and iPhones took pictures of her while she was sucking cock. They were already laughing at her, taunting her as they pushed their dicks in her direction.

More cocks appeared right in front of her. There was laughter as someone spit in her face. And there were degrading cries of “Suck it slut!” “Suck it like a good whore!” “The cunt’s got quite a mouth on her!”

It wasn’t long before they were all naked. Some of them really smelled. But they were all large men. She didn’t see a single cock less than seven inches in length.

Miriam realized she was going to be sore when this was all over. But she really needed the money. She decided she would try to enjoy herself since the cash would make it all worth it in the end. Besides, the fucking was bound to be enjoyable.

She got another slap in the face before she gagged down another cock. There was more laughter. Then they started pawing at her blouse and skirt.

She let out a muffled grunt of alarm as they ripped her clothes right off, exposing her tits and ass. She winced at seeing they’d been shredded. Even her underwear was ruined.

She stiffened unhappily; she didn’t like this one bit. She certainly hoped the secretary out front had a change of clothes she could wear when she went home. Surely they had planned for something like this to happen when a girl’s clothes were destroyed, right?

The men got more aggressive, some of them shoving two cocks into her mouth while they kept her hands busy. She got slapped in the face several more times, leaving stinging marks on her cheeks. They slapped her tits as they laughed at her while calling her a slut and a whore and other degrading names.

She’d anticipated some of this. But did they have to degrade her to this extent?? Then she remembered the secretary telling her she would have to “get into character” or something like that. She supposed that meant she had to act the part.

The names continued to rain down on her head… “Whore!” “Slut!” “Fucking bitch!” “Cumslut!” She did her best to smile at them as though she liked it. After all, they were certainly paying her well to be their fuck-toy. But it was more than a little degrading. What made it all the more humiliating was the way her body was becoming aroused, her pussy moistening and her nipples hardening.

“Hey, the whore likes it!” “Time for this slut to take some cock!”  “C’mn, bitch! Let’s see how many cocks you can take at once!”

One of the men stretched out on his back on the floor. Miriam climbed on, allowing his eight inch dick to fill her pussy. Then she was bent forward, taking another cock in her mouth as she grabbed onto two more with her hands.

At that point she felt a cock pushing into her anus… “C’mon; let’s fill all this whore’s holes! She was born to take cock, the fucking slut!”  It felt huge, and she screamed into the cock down her throat. Then she grunted as she got a good pounding in all her openings.

She felt cocks touching her face and in her hair. Once again she was forced to try and swallow two of them at once. Then she felt a second man trying to shove his dick up her butt.

She tried to cry out, “Damnit, guys; I only have room for one!” But that didn’t seem to stop them. She screamed into the cock in her mouth as she felt a second dick being forced up her ass.

Miriam choked on the cock jammed down her throat until it got hard to get a breath. Someone wrapped his hands around her throat as though trying to choke her out. She trembled from a mixture of arousal, humiliation and fear, especially since this was getting scary. It also felt like it was getting a little out of hand.

The voices continued their taunts and curses, embarrassing her even more. The guy in her pussy declared how much she seemed to be enjoying it based on how wet she was. The guys in her ass kept calling her a fucking whore. The guys ramming her mouth enjoyed the way she loved to suck cock.

Miriam eventually felt hot jizz up her cunt. Two more loads were spurted into her ass. A couple cocks emptied themselves into her open mouth as two more fired off, splattering her face and tits. It was embarrassing as hell.

She finally got a break as the cocks left her ass. Some bastard sat on a chair while the others lifted her up and impaled her ass on his dick. It felt like it was eight or nine inches long, and it hurt even more.

Her head was turned to the side as another cock forced its way down her throat. Her hands were put to good use giving handjobs as another cock came up and slid right into her wet pussy. The bastard was certainly enthusiastic about fucking her.

“Damn, this cunt is wet as hell! She must fucking love it! C’mon over, Walter! Stick your cock in here with mine! This cunt can take it!”

Miriam’s eyes flew open in alarm. Then she felt a second cock being pushed into her pussy. It stretched her almost as bad as what had been done to her ass.

She let out another muffled cry as they pounded every hole. “This slut fucking loves it!”  “Give it to her good, boys! She’s a fucking whore!” Damn, this bitch loves cock! Choke on it, you fucking whore!”

She got slapped in her face and spit on as she was brutally skull-fucked. It was degrading as hell as she found herself fighting back tears. She assumed this was what was expected of her. But she decided she didn’t like it all that much.

Miriam concluded this was more than a simple gangbang. And she had willingly signed those damned papers so she couldn’t do a thing about it. At least she was going to be well paid for it.

Several cocks went off as she got more jizz up her ass and in her pussy. It was so degrading that she shuddered from a humiliating orgasm. One of the guys noticed, and he laughed as he declared, “Damn, this cunt really loves getting fucked! She just creamed herself! Give it to her good, boys; the slut fucking loves it!”

“Let’s see how much she loves not being able to breathe!” another called out with a cruel laugh. Miriam trembled in alarm. She didn’t like the sound of that.

Out came the ropes, binding her arms tightly being her back. Now she couldn’t give handjobs anymore. But they didn’t seem to care.

Once more some guy took the floor lying flat on his back. Her pussy was impaled as two more stepped up behind her to penetrate her ass. Miriam would have cried out had the bastard down below not reached up and choked off her ability to breathe.

Another cock was shoved hard down her throat, gagging her and making it doubly hard to get any air. “Choke the cunt; strangle the fucking whore!” “Yeah, make her gag on that fucking dick!” “What a fucking slut!”

The cock went off in her mouth, gagging her as she tried to swallow down all that spunk. Two more took its place, both fighting to push deep past her lips. The two cocks up her ass went off as one, filling her rectum with more jizz.

She was choked with bare hands before she was rolled off the guy on the bottom. Another took his place, and she was impaled yet again. It wasn’t long before cum was dripping out of every hole.

Someone grabbed a rope and looped it around her neck. They pulled so hard she thought she was going to pass out. A couple cocks went off and splattered her backside as several men stood around stroking while waiting they’re turn.

Someone laughed as he brought a bag down over her head. There were cries of “Snuff the fucking whore! “Bag the bitch!” “Let’s snuff this cunt!” Miriam jolted in horror at their words. This was far more than she ever expected.

The bag inflated and then deflated until she could hardly breathe. She tried to cry out, letting them know she couldn’t get any air. She became weak and disoriented, terrified they were going to kill her. Then she shuddered hard in orgasm before she passed out.

After that things were a bit of a blur. Miriam thought she’d been carried into an adjacent room. Was that some sort of tank on one the wall?

When her senses returned she discovered she had somehow been put inside the tank. It came down just below her breasts where it stopped, sealing her in. The front of it was glass, and there was some sort of hard rubber around her midsection as though sealing off her lower half from her upper half.

Her arms and legs were secured spread-eagled to the wall. The tank she was in left her very little room to move. Her breasts almost pressed up against the glass, leaving her head with only a little room to move around or twist from side to side.

Something had been stuffed between her lips. It felt like she was sucking on a rubber cock. Her eyes were wide as she grunted in alarm.

The guys all hovered around her, touching her and feeling her up. She felt fingers up her cunt and ass, and it made her wriggle and squirm. Then someone hollered, “Turn on the water; let’s drown the bitch!”

A hose opened up somewhere near the top of the tank. Miriam felt cold water pouring in with her. It made her cry out as her nipples hardened right up.

Some guy stepped up with a big, stupid grin on his face. He pawed the glass where her tits were as the cold water rose above them. Then she felt him enter her pussy, pushing out all that excess spunk she had dripping out of her slit.

He started thrusting as the water continued to rise. She let out a cry of alarm as it climbed her shoulders and rose up her neck. It made her tip her head back as it ominously reached her chin.

The bastard fucked her harder as the water continued to rise. The guys were all laughing while calling out, “Drown the whore!” “How does her cunt feel now?” I bet she clenches really hard while she’s drowning!” “Make that fucking slut bubble!”

She frantically filled her lungs as the water kept rising. It climbed up past her nose and eventually rose above her eyes. She was totally submerged, and she grunted and bubbled as the bastard fucked her even harder.

She lost bubbles out of her nose and around the penis-gag in her mouth. She struggled to hold her breath, grunting as she was brutally fucked. She lost more bubbles out of her nose as she listened to the water continue to fill the tank. Ohmygawd; were they actually going to drown her??

She cried out a froth of bubbles, clenching and squeezing around the cock in her cunt until she shuddered in orgasm. She felt a hot load of cum a few moments later. Then her rapist pulled out.

Miriam was dimly aware of the water level dropping. She lost more bubbles as her cum-stained chest heaved in agony while she tried to hold her breath. Then it dropped down below her nose.

She snorted fresh air into her lungs, trying to catch her breath. That’s when another bastard stepped up. She felt this one shove his large dick up her ass, and she let out a muffled grunt of agony.

The water level started to climb again as she was fucked up her ass. The comments returned… “How does that ass feel?” “Is that cunt giving you a good ride?” “Hell, I bet that whore’s enjoying it, isn’t she?” “She’s going to fucking cum her breath away again like the slut she is, right?”

Miriam tried to get a decent breath as the cold water rose up her chest… up her shoulders… up her neck. He was really giving it to her good. But she was terrified of drowning. If she remained submerged too long she might suck water and drown!

The level climbed above her nose, forcing her to hold her breath again. If anything it made him fuck her harder as the others looked on, some of them stroking in anticipation of their turn. Miriam shook her head, her eyes pleading for them to stop this. But there wasn’t a sympathetic eye in the place.

She lost a big burst of bubbles as the cock fucked her ass hard. Then she was clenching and cumming again. She felt a humiliating spurt of hot seed up her rectum before the bastard pulled out, allowing the water level to drop again.

She got a third cock… and then a fourth. Cunt or ass made no difference to them. She couldn’t keep from clenching in fear and humiliation, so she tried to do it manually in order to get them off quicker so the water level would drop sooner.

She almost drowned on the sixth cock. She shuddered hard as she orgasmed painfully. Her last conscious thoughts were wondering if she was going to cum herself to death. Then she blacked out.

When she regained consciousness the tank was almost empty. She coughed and sputtered as she tried to get her breath back. She kept sucking on the penis-gag in her mouth as though she was the greatest of sluts.

She was dripping wet when she was finally released. Cum still clung to her naked body in places, making her look filthy; a true cumslut. But they weren’t finished with her.

She was horrified as they half walked/half dragged her over to a noose dangling from the ceiling. She shook her head no as they all laughed at her. The voices picked up again… “Let’s hang the whore!” “She’ll make a good noose-slut!” Let’s hang the cunt and give her a flying fuck!”

She tried to indicate she didn’t want to go through with this anymore. The money just wasn’t worth suffering this kind of degradation. She’d barely survived drowning, but the way these bastards were treating her there was no way of knowing whether or not she would survive this next part of their breath play.

They noosed her up and then pulled on the rope, taking her up off the floor. She gasped and gurgled as her toes fluttered. But she couldn’t reach it no matter how much she kicked or pedaled.

A hard cock moved right in front of her. She heard a male voice declare, “Better fuck him, cunt, if you want to keep breathing!” Another laughingly said the slut was probably going to orgasm in the noose so she’d better get fucked good and hard to make it worth her while.

Miriam saw the body in front of her, and she tried to climb him with her legs. She pulled him close, only to feel the cock penetrate her dripping sex. She was already full of jizz, another painful humiliation.

To her horror she discovered she had to use her legs to try to climb him even more. It had the effect of making it feel like she was fucking him. He wasn’t standing tall enough for her to rest impaled on his dick.

She felt another cock push up into her cum-filled ass. She grunted with pain and humiliation as they started fucking her together. She tried to ride them, desperately trying to work herself high enough to ease the strain on her neck and to get a decent whisper of air down her throat.

The guys laughed and joked as they surrounded her. “Look at that slut go!”  “Ride em, cowgirl!” “The slut sure loves cock, don’t she?” She’s a fucking noose-whore is what she is!” “Just look at her suck on that rubber cock in her mouth! The whore wants more, I tell you!”

Miriam could not help sucking on the phallus between her lips. It was instinctive as she kept trying to inhale. She clenched around the cocks up her cunt and ass, hoping if she got them off they would let her down.

It hurt so much; she could barely get air down her throat. She rasped and gurgled as she kept trying to climb the body in front of her. Then she shuddered in shameful orgasm, clenching so hard she milked them both into leaving deposits of jizz inside her.

They laughed as they both pulled out, leaving her to dangle. Her legs flew outward; she needed that support to come back. Then she felt a big cock ram hard up her ass.

She glurked and grunted as she got another hard ass-fuck. “Better fuck her cunt, or she’s not going to make it, Georg.” That’s when a man stepped in front of her with his rock hard cock.

Once more Miriam lifted her legs up, wrapping them around him to pull him closer. She impaled her pussy on his dick as the one in her ass thrust up and down. It was humiliating as hell.

She felt how red her face had become from lack of oxygen. Her head felt swollen as her heart pounded in her chest. She was getting dizzy and disoriented from lack of air.

They fucked her good and hard, her ass and cunt clenching instinctively. She milked them dry as she suffered through another shameful orgasm. Then her legs dropped and she hung limp again, unable to keep her legs up anymore.

They pulled out, letting her holes drip with cream as she dangled there. Two more moved forward to impale her holes, fucking her cunt and ass. “This whore’s just about had it, eh?” “Better fill those holes with spunk before we’re done with her.” “This slut is still clenching! Can you fucking believe it?”

Her legs hung down; she no longer had the strength to lift them. Miriam wondered if this was how it was going to end for her. Had she signed her life away to some sort of snuff group??

She was dimly aware of cumming again… dimly aware of cocks going off inside her. More jizz leaked out of her cunt and ass. Then she felt hands all over her body.

She was weak and disoriented. Wait; was she being taken down?? Was she still alive? Everything seemed all jumbled up in her mind.

Consciousness started to return. She could hear the guys laughing and taunting her. Then she was dimly aware of being set down upon a…

What the hell? What was this?? She felt cold, thick metal pushing deep into her cunt and ass.

She blinked in confusion as she panted for breath. At least the penis-gag had been removed. But she was vaguely aware of them tying her to some sort of chair, securing her arms while spreading her legs to reveal her swollen cunt.

She tried to shake her head. She was just too weary to go on any longer with this madness. To hell with the money; now she just wanted to go home. But she couldn’t find her voice as she kept coughing up cum and drool.

Something was fitted around her throat, some sort of metal band that tightened ominously. Her eyes opened in alarm as she gasped for breath. Then she felt it tighten even more.

She stiffened as she rasped and gurgled. Then she felt fire in her cunt and ass as electrical current jolted her from the long, thick metal probes. She jerked and shuddered as her cunt sprayed her arousal.

“Look at that! The whore just squirted!”  “I told you she was a slut!” “They really picked a good one with her!” “I bet she squirts when she dies!” “What a fucking whore!”

Had she heard right? Were they really going to kill her?? Then someone stepped forward and pushed his cock into her mouth as another pissed into her face.

She jerked and gurgled as the band loosened around her throat. Then it tightened, causing her to stiffen and shudder. He fucked her mouth until he left a deposit on her tongue before pulling out.

She half swallowed/half spilled the creamy load. Then another guy came up to slap her face hard before fucking her mouth. Others laughed as they slapped her tits while she grunted and gurgled in agony.

Once more the band around her throat tightened until she could hardly breathe. Her body stiffened and shuddered as she sprayed her orgasm again. The guys all laughed, calling her a cunt and whore and a slut.

She took more cocks into her mouth, cum spilling off her lips to dribble onto her tits as she kept trying to breathe. The posts in her holes kept jolting her, making her shudder in orgasm. One last hard jolt sent her into oblivion as her throat closed off.

“What do we do with the slut?”  “Do we want to hang her, drown her or garrote her?” I think we should hang her. That way we can give this whore a flying fuck after she’s dead.”  “I agree. Let’s hang the slut!”

Was she awake? Was she dreaming? Miriam couldn’t tell. It all seemed so hazy.

She felt relief in her holes as she was lifted up out of the chair. She could no longer stand on her own two feet. She was sore all over, sore from her many cums and fucks.

She was carried back to the noose where it was looped around her throat. Then she gawked as she was taken up into the air. Her legs kicked a little as her hands fluttered at her sides.

She was too weak to struggle, too weak to put up a fight. And none of them came up to give her one last flying fuck. They punched her stomach and pushed her around, a couple of them even pissing on her.

Her legs kicked feebly as her hands tried to rise up to claw at the noose around her neck, only to fall uselessly to her sides. She shuddered as she pissed herself. Her toes wriggled as her legs tried to kick. Her arms hitched in vain as drool fell out of her mouth to splatter her cum-soaked tits. Then she quivered as her vision faded away until she wasn’t aware of anything anymore.

The guys all whooped and hollered, saying she had been the best snuff-whore of the three. Then they started coming up in pairs, wanting to give the corpse one last flying fuck. It was a memory they wanted to have, a story they wanted to share.

All twelve of them fucked her in pairs, giving her one last load of cream up her cunt and ass as many took pictures with their cell phones and iPhones. Jizz ran down her legs in rivulets. Her eyes were barely open, her tongue hanging out.

When they were done fucking her, they took her down from the noose. They forced her into a big, black trash bag before each one pissed into it. Then the secretary came back into the room.

She sucked each cock in turn, making them all hard one last time. When she got each one stiff enough, the man went over to the trash bag and spewed his load onto the corpse inside. Miriam got twelve last loads of jizz on her dead, naked body before they were done with her.

Several of the guys carried her toward the back where the kitchen was. They dumped the contents of their lunch into the sack with her, staining her with spaghetti and meatball sauce, sandwich fixings, and all sorts of vegetables. The rest of the trash was thrown in on top of her. Then the bag was sealed up.

Three of the men got dressed enough to haul her out back to the dumpster. They tossed her in, her bag landing on top of the other two women who’d been tossed inside from the past two days. Then they saw the garbage truck come around the corner.

They stood there and watched, smiling at the memories of the past three days. The truck thrust it’s “arms” into the dumpster it was facing. Then it lifted it up over the top before dumping the contents into the back.

The men smiled at the sight of three distinct, black trash bags tumbling into the back of the truck. Then they went back inside. It had been money well spent to come here and fuck three women before snuffing each one in turn.

2018 (written for Miriam from one of her ideas Apr 17 ’18 by riwa)

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