Another hanging in the park

Mabel paused to look at the tree again. She stood there for the longest time, trying to imagine what it must have felt like for Giulia Farnici. After all, the authorities had found her hanging naked from a noose from this very tree.

What had she experienced during those final moments as the rope closed off her throat? What had it felt like? She could only imagine.

Was it suicide as some had speculated? Or was it murder? Mabel suspected the latter. After all, how could the woman have managed to hang herself like that?

She saw a middle-aged man approach with his little black terrier on a leash. She knew him as this was his regular route. She smiled and nodded.

“Good morning, Cyril. Taking Curly out for his walk?”

“You seem to like this spot, Mabel. Didn’t I see you here last week… and the week before?” She lowered her head and blushed.

“What brings you here time after time?”

“I must confess I cannot help thinking about her… about what it must have felt like.”

“Would you like to share your thoughts with me… perhaps over coffee? There’s a peddler on the street I know who makes good coffee.”

“I am a woman of mystery, Cyril. Some secrets I prefer to keep to myself.”

“Then perhaps just the coffee?” he offered with a smile.

She knelt and petted the friendly terrier. As usual the dog seemed happy to see her. “Perhaps for Curly’s sake,” she chuckled pleasantly.

He chivalrously offered his arm. She took it with a smile. Together they walked through the park back to the entrance where they found the peddler offering liquid refreshments.

Over time one stop for coffee led to another… and then another. Then it became shared lunches. From there it was only natural for them to advance to romantic dinners.

They had met at the museum of criminal history. Now they occasionally shared breakfast together. “Did you read the paper this morning, Mabel? There was another hanging in the park.”

“Really, Maria? Another hanging?”

The mature woman’s ear’s excitedly perked up at the news. She still had this perverse interest in Giulia’s hanging. Now there had been a second??

“They found her naked, just like the last one. Her clothes have not been found and she is not yet identified. They are wondering if the same individual committed both murders.”

“Unless she committed suicide like the first as some have speculated,” Mabel mused thoughtfully. “But I find that highly unlikely. Were her hands cuffed behind her back like Giulia? Would it not be a challenge to set up a noose, cuff oneself and then hang in midair like that?”

“The paper did not say.” Then Maria eyed her friend carefully.

“How many times have you been to that park to view the scene, Mabel? I know how it fascinates you.” In response the mature woman shrugged her shoulders, blushing before lowering her head.

“That many, eh? What draws you there time after time? Is it an obsession?”

“I cannot say, Maria.”

“Cannot? Or will not?”

Mabel blushed again. Then she looked at her friend as she challenged, “What makes you attend all those horror movies?”

“Touché,” Maria replied with a flush of embarrassment. Then she changed the subject.

“Are you still seeing Cyril?”

“It makes Curly happy.”

“Yes, but does it make you happy?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Have you told him about your fascination with Giulia’s hanging in the park?”

“No I haven’t. But I think he already knows.”

“How soon before you go view the site of the second hanging? Tomorrow perhaps?”

“Why are you so interested in the perverse things that fascinate me?”

“Must I remind you yet again how I’m the town busybody?” They both laughed as they went back to their breakfast.

Several days later Mabel stopped by the location of the most recent hanging. The authorities had learned the identity of the second woman. Somehow it made the incident feel more personal knowing the name of the victim.

She found herself wondering what Sophia must have experienced in those final moments hanging naked like that. Had she hanged of her own accord? Or had she been murdered? Mabel strongly suspected the latter, and it filled her with a perverse sense of excitement.

What were her feelings at the moment of being hoisted up? Did she know she was going to die just like Giulia? What must it have felt like?

She saw Cyril approaching with Curly on the leash. The tether was released, the dog barking joyously as it ran up to her. Mabel knelt to pet the eager canine as the owner came up to her with a smile.

“You seem to have a fascination with the park these days, Mabel… especially with certain trees.”

“I cannot help myself. Something keeps drawing me here.”

“Is it the aspect of hanging to death naked for all to see?”

“Yes,” she admitted, blushing as she lowered her head. He chuckled with amusement. But she thought she saw something sinister flash in his eyes… if only for a moment.

Their sexual encounters started out innocent enough. But Cyril quickly learned how Mabel wanted more. Their fucking soon became passionate as well as more aggressive.

One night they went out parking. They fucked in the back of his car. For Mabel it was a thrill, being out where anyone might catch them in the act.

Four nights later they were out at night again. They parked at a well-known spot on the overlook. This time Cyril challenged her to go topless.

Some men were known to drive up looking for a suck or a fuck. Cyril dared Mabel to blow the first guy that walked past. The idea gave her such an erotic thrill that she walked up to the first male she saw; kneeling, unzipping his fly and then blowing him right there on the spot.

After swallowing his cum, she and Cyril both climbed into the back of his car where they fucked like rabbits. Mabel experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. She was becoming deeply infatuated with Cyril and the excitement he provided.

Several days later Mabel was in the park again. She was looking at the first tree where Giulia had been found. That’s when she heard the happy bark.

She turned to see Curly running up to her, dragging the leash behind. Cyril was only a few meters behind. He smiled as he approached.

“Curly and I thought you would be here,” he said with a smile. He looked all around, noticing they were alone. Then he deliberately unzipped his fly and took out his dick.

Mabel gasped in shock, her heart beating fast. She hesitated for a couple of moments while looking all around. Then she knelt on the grass and began sucking him enthusiastically in broad daylight.

Giving a blowjob out in the open where they could easily be seen – and in that very spot, no less – proved to be quite the thrill. She reached down to rub her crotch as he thrust into her mouth. Curly kept pushing up against her, wanting to be petted. It was so erotic that she had a small orgasm as Cyril filled her mouth with his spunk.

Mabel was getting more entangled in his dangerous, thrilling web. This time they went into the park well after dark. What’s more, she was only wearing black lingerie, at great risk of being seen by a passerby.

They paused at the tree where Giulia had hanged to death. Cyril forced her to her knees where he fucked her mouth. Mabel got a healthy load of cum, which she dutifully swallowed.

At first she thought that was all there would be for the night amidst the trees. But he took her deeper into the park to the second tree where Sophia had hanged. That’s where he fucked her from behind while she bent over and grasped the trunk.

For the mature, perverse woman it was such an incredible thrill. The idea of being fucked on the same ground where that woman had hanged to death was intoxicating, if not extremely arousing. The orgasm she experienced was deep and profound.

They safely made it back to his car and then drove all the way back to her place. The sex afterwards was rough and exhilarating. Mabel had never experienced anything like it. It was as though Cyril had invaded her private thoughts and was bringing out all those dark desires she’d never known she had.

A week later Cyril challenged her again. This time when he came to get her, she got into his car wearing stockings, heels and nothing else. Mabel’s arousal was off the charts now that she was naked.

They drove out to the park again, causing her mind to swirl from all the erotic possibilities. There was a chill in the night air from the fall weather. But she was all hot and bothered, her crotch damp with growing excitement.

They stopped at the edge of the park and got out. That’s when Cyril bent Mabel over the hood of his vehicle. Then he pulled down his pants and fucked her from behind, right there where they could be seen.

It was a hell of a thrill, especially when a vehicle drove by. It momentarily caught them in the glare of the headlights. A few moments later Cyril pumped her full of his cream as she cried out in orgasm.

He pulled his pants up before leading her deeper into the park. She shivered from the chill. Yet she was aroused beyond belief, wondering what else he had planned for her.

They stopped by the tree where Giulia had hanged. But nothing happened. Then a couple in their 30’s approached.

Mabel gasped in alarm as Cyril called out, “Free suck and fuck from a whore? Free suck and fuck from a whore?” What surprised her was when the couple actually stopped.

“What do you think, Stella?” the man asked.

“That crazy whore. Go ahead and fuck her if you wish, Renaldo.”

Mabel was embarrassed yet terribly aroused as he unzipped his fly. She dutifully knelt and sucked him into full hardness. Then he turned her around and fucked her from behind as she braced herself against the very tree used to take Giulia’s life. The thrill of being fucked by another man in that very spot triggered a massive climax.

Mabel thought that would be the end of their night in the park after he had zipped up and left with his wife. But Cyril walked her deeper into the park to the second tree, the one where Sophia had hanged. Another couple was standing there as though patiently waiting for them.

The mature woman felt an erotic jolt of alarm as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. She was trembling as she dutifully sucked another cock. Then she was fucked from behind for a second time, this time while she also sucked Cyril’s dick. It was quite a thrill being double-penetrated like that, although it was embarrassing as hell.

They started back to the car after the sex was over and she’d received a creamy deposit in both ends. Mabel couldn’t believe the night she’d had. It was definitely one for the books. And she was eager for more once they got back to her place.

They had not yet reached the tree where Giulia had been found when they rounded a corner. Mabel gasped when she saw a different tree with a white noose dangling from it. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Stella and Renaldo standing there waiting.

“Cyril?” she gasped with fright as she clung tighter to him. He just walked her right up to them. She squawked like a frightened bird as the woman calmly noosed her up.

“C-Cyril? Wh-what’s happening??”

“Your fascination with the noose is about to become a reality, darling.” Then he reached out to grope and fondle her breasts, noting how hard her nipples had become.

Mabel inhaled sharply. He was joking, right? Surely he had to be joking! This was just some crazy game, right… merely an erotic yet scary part of exploring her dark fantasies?

She turned at the sound of someone approaching. She saw that second couple coming toward them from out of the dark, the man whom she had recently blown and fucked while his wife had watched. What were they doing here??

Another sound made her turn to look. To her horror she saw Maria approaching from a different direction. Her so-called friend was carrying a set of handcuffs in her gloved hands.

Mabel felt another erotic jolt, her senses telling her something was very wrong. But she was too shocked to react. She felt a flush of embarrassment at her nudity in front of all these people, despite them having watched her fuck right in front of them.

“M-M-Maria?? Wh-wh-what’s going on?”

“We’re hanging you, darling,” she said as though it was plain as day. Then she cuffed Mabel’s hands behind her back. The frightened woman shivered as she promptly wet herself.

Surely this couldn’t be happening, could it? Her mind screamed for her to do something. But the shock was too great for her to react rationally.

Mabel let out a loud “GAWK” as Renaldo and the other man hauled on the loose end of the rope. It pulled her up into the air until her feet fluttered nearly a meter off the ground. That’s when her senses told her this was all too real.

The rope tightened ominously around her throat, severely restricting her ability to breathe. Her legs stretched downward, searching in vain for solid ground. The pain of the constricting noose was not at all what she’d expected.

They were going to take her down, right? Surely they were going to take her down! This had to be Cyril’s idea. Damn her for sharing with him her dark, perverse thoughts about what it must have felt like for those poor women to hang to death.

Mabel’s legs started to kick as they tied their end of the rope to a lower branch. She was shocked to see Maria cozy up to Cyril. The other two couples simply stood there watching as she swung back and forth, twisting and jerking in the noose.

She could feel cum leaking out of her cunt and slithering down her legs. Was this how it had been for Giulia and Sophia? Had they been fucked and hanged just like this?? The papers had not said, and the authorities were being tight-lipped about any additional details.

She heard Renaldo ask the others, “Last one for the year?”

“It’s getting colder,” Cyril observed as he watched Mabel’s lewd dance. “We’ll have to schedule the next one for the following spring.”

“I’ve already met a girl at the museum,” Maria offered. “She’s told me how she’s fascinated by the hangings in the park. I’m sure we’ll be having breakfast together within the next few weeks.”

Mabel was horrified. She was also mortified at the way she could not control herself anymore. She kicked and twisted maniacally, her hands jerking uselessly behind her back.

She felt great shame at the way her body was being displayed naked. She could feel her pussy clenching and flaring as her toes wriggled for the ground below. And the noose was ever-tightening.

It soon got to where she couldn’t get any air down her throat. Her chest heaved as her cunt leaked the cream from her recent sexual activity. She humped involuntarily as the noose strangled an orgasm right out of her dying body. Then she hung limp, too exhausted to fight anymore as she gently swayed back and forth. Her bladder releasing was the final indignity.

The group hung around a few minutes longer to enjoy the spectacle. Then they broke up, each couple heading off in separate directions. Maria went with Cyril back to his car where he took her home and fucked the shit out of her before the lovers made plans for the spring for their next victim…

2018 (Written for LadyML Feb 26 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the illustrating picture I used which I found in her album.)

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