My summer with Stan 2 (male themes)


I still hung out with Stan. We did a lot of things together. But when it got late at night I found myself sneaking outside and using their hot tub.

I couldn’t get Glenn out of my mind. And I still had mental images of him dunking his older sister. There were times I would wake up in the middle of the night and go take a look to see if they were out in the tub breath-holding or dunking each other.

A couple nights later I found myself unable to sleep after Stan had gone to bed. My mind kept wandering back to that time I’d pushed Glenn down in the bathtub while he was holding his breath. It finally got so bad I had to do something about it.

I snuck outside to the hot tub and dropped my trunks. Then I got into the water. There was a dive mask handy, so I put it on before I sank to the bottom and held my breath, keeping the jets turned off so the sound wouldn’t wake anyone up.

I stroked myself as my mind went back to that night I was holding Glenn down. It was such a turn-on that my cock got nice and hard. But I was interrupted when a set of legs stepped down into the tub with me.

I shot up, flipped the mask off and gasped for breath, only to see Glenn getting into the water with me. He was totally nude, so my eyes were immediately draw to his crotch. It looked like he was starting to get hard.

“So you like holding your breath too; eh, Jeff?” I nodded as my heart beat fast. Instinctively I tried to cover my erection.

He just laughed as he waved dismissively. “Oh, don’t worry about that. You’ve seen mine and now I’ve seen yours. What’s the big deal?”

I breathed a sigh of relief. Now it was out in the open. Maybe I wouldn’t have to skulk around so much just to get in a soak and a stroke.

He smiled as he asked, “Want me to hold you down? Go ahead and put the mask back on if you want. Hell, you can even stroke for me if you feel like it.”

I was a little embarrassed when he told me that. Yet I felt a surge of excitement upon learning he didn’t mind my masturbating. Still, I wasn’t quite sure I could do it right in front of him.

I pulled the mask back down over my face. Then I took a deep breath before submerging. I laid out on the bottom on my back, looking up and releasing a few bubbles.

Glenn put a foot in my chest and one on my upper thigh to hold me down as I laid there and held my breath. I looked up questioningly at him. That’s when he looked down and smiled while stroking his cock. So I hesitantly began stroking my own meat.

He leaned over and held his face just above the water as though he wanted to watch. I saw how hard his cock had become while he was stroking. It made me more confident to stroke myself a little more.

I cupped my balls as I tugged on my shaft. Glenn just smiled at me as he masturbated unashamedly. He didn’t seem to care I was watching him while he was watching me.

I pushed my limits until my chest started to heave. I decided I wanted to wait and cum on my second breath hold. But when I tried to rise up, he kept his feet down on me, pinning me to the bottom.

I bubbled as my chest started to heave. Then he let me up a few seconds later. He laughed as I burst up gasping for breath.

“I owed you that for the times you forced me in the bathtub, Jeff.” Then he grinned at me.

“Are you going back down? Or is it my turn now? Do you want to cum first? Or shall I?”

Was he serious? Was he willing to stroke his cock in front of me while holding his breath? For a minute there I didn’t know what to do.

“I don’t know,” I replied nervously. I wanted to cum. But this was a little new to me having him watch me get myself off.

He seemed to understand my dilemma as he smiled at me. “I know. Let’s do it together, ok?” Then he situated himself so he was sitting across from me.

“We’ll see who stays down the longest and who cums first. On three; ok, Jeff? One… two… three!”

We both inhaled before submerging. We sat on the bottom and stretched our legs out, bracing ourselves on the bottom so we wouldn’t drift back up. Then we started stroking ourselves, me with the dive mask and him without one.

It was such a turn-on watching him tug on his dick. I don’t know why, but it really made me horny. So I tried to pace myself, not wanting to cum until I’d seen him do it first.

We were probably down for a good minute and a half before I felt those warning heaves in my stomach. They moved up into my chest as I lost a few bubbles of air. A few more bubbles and I was no longer buoyant, able to stay down without bracing myself.

Glenn smiled at me as he stroked himself, occasionally releasing a few bubbles. I didn’t know whether to watch his expression, the heaves in his chest and tummy, or the way he was jerking his meat. But I think I was able to stay down longer since we were both breath-holding together.

My chest really started heaving, and I eagerly stroked myself. He matched me rhythm for rhythm until the two of us were grunting and pulling. One mighty convulsion triggered my climax, and I shot ropes of cream into the water before I shot up to the surface.

I was panting like crazy when I saw Glenn shooting his own ropy strands into the water. He was able to stay down longer than I was. Then he came up gasping and smiling.

“Damn; that was hot! Did you enjoy that, Jeff?” I nodded my head, telling him I was embarrassed to admit that I did.

“Hey; no worries, ok? We’re just out here getting ourselves off before we go to sleep, right?” I just nodded my agreement, feeling more and more at ease in his presence.

We did a little idle chit-chat for a few minutes, talking about how I was enjoying staying with them over the summer and all. Then he smiled at me. “I’m guessing you’ve probably seen Frieda and I out here breath-holding; am I right?”

I wanted to tell him I hadn’t, but I don’t think he would have believed me. “It’s ok if you have, Jeff. Sis likes holding her breath too. Hell, we’ve both gotten each other off a few times.”

I looked at him in astonishment. I wanted to ask, but I felt like I didn’t dare. I think he could tell I wanted to know more.

“She caught me out here stroking once while I was holding my breath. She said it turned her on. So we started helping each other by holding the other down.” He leaned closer as he conspiratorially added, “Sometimes we even help each other in other ways.”

“Really?” My mind began to imagine what those other ways might look like. That’s when my cock started to get hard again.

It got silent for a little bit. He finally asked, “You want to go again?” It should have been obvious as I was getting hard trying to imagine what they did to each other while holding their breath.

I wanted to, but I was suddenly nervous again. He saw right through me and laughed. “I’ll go first,” he said with a reassuring smile. “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

I nodded as he got ready. I offered him the dive mask, but he told me he didn’t need it. He said he wanted me to be able to clearly see his face.

I nodded excitedly, my heart thumping in my chest. He told me to push him down and hold him under the surface until he came no matter what. I felt an erotic jolt wondering if that meant I was supposed to keep him down even if he started to drown.

I watched him breathe deeply before he got a really big breath. Then I pushed him under. I put my feet flat on his chest, shoving him all the way to the bottom.

He looked up at me and bubbled as he started to stroke. I don’t know why, but it was so damned erotic. I couldn’t help moving to the edge of the seat to look down at him while stroking myself.

It wasn’t long before his cock saluted me. He cupped his balls as he jerked his meat. I got more and more excited, my own cock hard and throbbing.

I saw him approach his limits as his stomach started rippling. He stroked himself harder as his chest began to heave. It was incredible watching him hold his breath while masturbating like that.

It got to where he started losing his breath in bursts. I kept him down with my feet, watching as he really jerked himself. There was one huge eruption of bubbles before I saw his cock go off, little spurts of cream floating around in the water.

I kept him down a few seconds longer, my own cock hard and throbbing. Once more I pushed him longer than I probably should have. Then I let him go.

He shot up to the surface gasping loudly for breath. He gave me such a look that for a moment I thought I was in big trouble. Then he smiled at me as he told me, “Now it’s your turn, Jeff. This time you can’t use the dive mask. I want to watch your face like you watched mine.”

I nodded as my heart thumped loudly in my chest again. What was he going to do to me? Was he going to drown me? The thought was both scary and thrilling.

He had me stretch flat on my back. “I’ll give you a couple three dunks just to get used to water up your nose, Jeff. Then you’re mine; you got that?” I nodded again, my cock stiffening up with fear and arousal.

He submerged me and I jerked around as the water stung my sinuses. He deliberately held me down before let me back up. Then he submerged me again.

He kept me down a little longer before letting me back up. Then he smiled as he told me, “Big breath, Jeff.” I inhaled deeply before he pushed me back down.

He started running his hand all over my body, giving me wild tingles. Then he started touching my cock. My eyes flew open as he brushed it with his fingers, gauging my reaction.

When I showed no resistance he wrapped his fingers around it. I bubbled as he started stroking me. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.

He kept me just below the surface as he groped and fondled me. I felt him cup my balls, making my cock quiver. Then he gave me a good stroking. It felt so good that I couldn’t help thrusting upward into his grasp.

He smiled as he let me bob back up to the surface. I gasped for breath before he pushed me back down. Then he went back to stroking me.

I floated midway between the surface and the bottom as he ran his hands all over me. The way he grabbed my cock and jerked it left me writhing and moaning as I released bubbles out of my mouth. It made me wonder if he played a similar game like this with his sister.

I reached the point where I felt those gentle heaves in my stomach, telling me I couldn’t stay down much longer. To my shock, Glenn leaned his face into the water and began licking the tip of my dick with his tongue. I couldn’t believe it!

I trembled with his hand cupping my balls as he slowly took me into his warm mouth. I couldn’t believe how great it felt. It even helped ease the strain in my chest.

He took my cock deeper until I was groaning as he began sucking me good and hard. My chest started to heave again as he suctioned my dick. The burn in my lungs got worse as I tried to hold my breath.

How long was he going to keep me down? Didn’t he know I was going to cum if he kept it up? I was almost out of breath.

I strained for all I was worth until I started losing bursts of air. I thrust up into his mouth, but he just groaned and bubbled with his face below the surface. Then he let me up.

I came up and gasped for breath, only for him to push me right back down. He sucked good and hard until I was squirming like crazy. Then he let me back up again.

I let out a cry before he forced me right back down. Then he took me deep down his throat. One hard thrust between his lips and my cock went off.

I tried to pull out of his mouth. But he took me deep and vacuumed me until he sucked me dry. My lungs were on fire before he allowed me back up. This time he allowed me to get into a seat, gasping loudly for breath.

I coughed and sputtered, water up my nose as I looked at him. He gave me a grin. Then he asked how I liked it.

I told him it felt incredible. But at that moment I suddenly became all self-conscious again. I thanked him for helping me hold my breath but that I had to go in and use the bathroom, which was partly true.

I got out of the water, got my towel and dried myself off. Then I headed for the door. I took one last look at him as he sat in the hot tub, but he just smiled at me before submerging as I went inside to use the restroom and to ponder what had just happened out there.

(Apr 24 ’18)

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