My mother the breath-holder


My mother the breath-holder

Recently my mother came back into my life. Unfortunately it was not without a lot of unexpected complications.

First off, she needed a place to stay. Mine was plenty big enough. So I didn’t mind that too much.

It didn’t hurt that mom had become a total babe by this time. It surprised me to see how athletic she had become. Apparently she did a lot of working out because she had a serious set of abs to go with those DDs on her chest. I work out as well, but mom looked like she lived at the gym during the day.

She was working as a cocktail waitress. But she wasn’t making enough to live on her own. I was glad she wasn’t shacking up with some guy. But I don’t think it would have mattered because as athletic as she looked, she probably would have kicked his ass had he tried to have his way with her.

The other complication with my mother took about a month to discover. She had a serious gambling issue. I didn’t think it was that bad until I found out just how much she owed. They were taking part of the money she made at work, which explained why she couldn’t afford a place of her own.

One day I was in my backyard swimming pool when mom came out to see me. She was wearing a sexy black bikini that showed a lot of cleavage. Didn’t she realize just how much her body turned me on?

I had just come up from a breath-holding session in the deep end when she came right up to the edge of the pool. “Georgie, I have a favor to ask?”

“What’s the favor, mom?”

“I need some help with my gambling.”

“You should go see someone about your addiction, mom.”

“I’m not addicted, Georgie! I just need some help paying off my debts.”

“How much to you owe?”

“About twenty thousand dollars.”

“Mom?? Are you serious??” And with that I took a deep breath and submerged.

I couldn’t believe it! Mom owed that much money? Why hadn’t she told me before?? Did she expect me to pay off her debts? How much trouble was she in?

I released my breath and surfaced, only to see her still standing there. “Georgie, I really need your help!”

“Mom?? I can’t believe you owe that much money!”

“I guess I wasn’t keeping track how much I was losing!”

“I guess you weren’t.”

“Georgie, I really need your help.”

“You expect me to pay off that huge debt?”

“Honey, I’ll do anything!”

“What can you do for me, mom?”

“Honey, you just name it! Tell me what I can do and I’ll do it!”

“Mom, I can’t think of anything you can do for me.”

“What about some of those girls you have over to swim with you in the pool? What do they do for you? Why do you have different ones come over?”

I think she suspected I was a playboy or something. I quickly set her straight. “Mom, it’s not like that. I just like to have ‘em hold their breath for me in the water.”

“I can do that!” And with that she took a deep breath and then jumped feet first into the water.

She went all the way to the bottom, nine feet down. She wasn’t very buoyant, not with all that muscle. I watched incredulously as she sat on her ass on the floor of the pool.

She looked up at me defiantly as though she could do anything the girls I had over could do. I just liked to go swimming with them. But what really got me off was watching them hold their breath.

She finally released her breath as she came up to the surface. I was wearing a waterproof watch. But she’d caught me by surprise, and I hadn’t even bothered timing her.

“See, Georgie? I can hold my breath! Did you time me?”

“No I didn’t mom. You caught me by surprise.”

“Then I’ll do it again, ok? Time me! We’ll just see if I’m better than the girls you have over!”

She took another deep breath and then submerged. I watched her go all the way down to the bottom of the pool. That’s where she sat on her ass again.

I checked my watch and noted the time. Then I filled my lungs and slipped under the surface to have a closer look. I couldn’t believe it! My sexy mother was wearing a bikini holding her breath at the bottom of my pool!

I checked the time to see she was approaching 45 seconds. I waited until her cheeks began to bulge. At 1:05 she released her breath before shooting up to the surface.

I came up with her, trying to hide the growing bulge in my trunks against the ladder. I didn’t want her to see how turned on I was. It was embarrassing, especially since it was my own mother.

“How’s that, Georgie?” she asked as she swam over to me. “Didn’t I tell you? I can hold my breath longer than all those girls you have coming over!”

“No you can’t, mom. That was only about a minute. I’ve had some girls go almost two full minutes out here in my pool.”

“I can do two minutes easy.”

“No you can’t. You were straining to hold your breath a little after a minute.”

“But I can do it, Georgie! Time me!” And with that she took another deep breath and submerged.

This time she used the ladder. She hung onto the bottom rung as she held her breath. I filled my lungs so I could go down and watch her.

She wasn’t wearing nose clips or a dive mask. The water didn’t seem to be bothering her eyesight that much. She smiled at me as I checked the watch.

She motioned… “How long have I been down?” I motioned back… “45 seconds.” She frowned a little, but she stayed down.

Hah! I thought so. I knew my mom couldn’t hold her breath very easily!

I stayed down with her as she continued to hold it. It wasn’t long until I started to see ripples in her stomach. Seeing those are what usually turns me on. But I didn’t want my mother to know I was getting aroused.

She motioned at the watch again… “How long?” I motioned back… “1:10.” She grimaced as though she could somehow hold it longer.

The stomach contractions rose up into her chest. It was incredibly sexy to see. I tried to hide my growing bulge, so I don’t know if she saw it or not. I was getting horny, needing a release.

She released a burst of bubbles and then motioned at me. I motioned back she was approaching 1:30. That’s when she gave up, losing a burst of bubbles as she shot up to the surface.

I rose up with her, panting quietly for breath. I was usually capable of 2:30 at least… sometimes able to push it to three. Mom still had a ways to go.

“I’m getting better; right, Georgie?”

“Yeah, mom. But you still can’t make it to two minutes.”

“I’ll bet you I can make it on this next one.”

“Mom, you’re still working up to it!”

“I’m fit! I can do it! I’ll bet you I can do this!”

“Mom, you can’t!”

“I’ll… I’ll bet you fifty bucks! Fifty bucks for two minutes!”

I had to shake my head. Here she was gambling again. At least she wouldn’t get into trouble if she lost a bet with me.

“Ok, mom,” I told her, deciding to teach her a lesson. “Fifty bucks if you make it to two minutes. But if you lose you gotta…”

“I’m not going to lose!”

“Mom, if you lose you gotta…”

“I’m not going to lose!!” And with that she took a deep breath and submerged.

I watched her go under as bubbles came up. Then I filled my lungs. If she was going to be underwater holding her breath, I wanted to be down there watching her.

I slipped under and clung to the ladder right next to her. She smiled confidently as she motioned at the watch on my wrist. Then she motioned… “I’m going to make it to two minutes!”

Seeing her underwater in that bikini wasn’t helping matters any. It was arousing as hell, especially with those DDs staring back at me through her bikini top. She was just as attractive as any girl I’d brought over to my pool for a swim… more attractive than several of them!

I checked my watch and discovered we were already approaching a minute. Mom looked determined. She also looked sexy as hell.

We stayed down together as mother and son, holding our breath together. She smiled at me as though it was a piece of cake. Was it possible she was going to prove me wrong?

I saw the first stomach ripples at about 1:26. I motioned… “Keep going.” Then I pointed at my watch as I motioned… “You have 30 seconds to go.”

She nodded as the ripples in her stomach became more pronounced. She released a few bubbles out of her nose. Then those gentle heaves began to slide up into her chest.

Her boobs bounced a little, which really turned me on. I checked my watch and saw she had fifteen seconds to go. Was she going to make it??

She anxiously motioned… “How much longer?” I motioned back… “You’ve got ten seconds, mom.” She nodded as her chest heaved, her stomach distinctly showing contractions.

For a moment I thought she was going to give up. But I had misjudged my mother. I guess winning a bet meant a lot to her.

Her chest was really heaving as I counted her down with my fingers… “Five… four… three… two…” When I hit zero she shot up like a rocket. I rose up with her, enjoying the way she loudly gasped for breath.

Gawd, my cock was hard! I needed relief immediately. “Fifty bucks!” she declared proudly, her hand outstretched as though I was going to give it to her right then and there.

”In a minute, mom!” I replied as I hastily climbed out of the pool. “I gotta go to the bathroom first!” Then I beat a hasty retreat into the john where I had to jerk off before I could pee.

(Jan 24 ’18)

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