Victor’s Guillotine 10


I think everyone was in a state of shock seeing Sybil holding Dorothy’s head up by a handful of hair. Her naked body was still twitching a little in the guillotine. Poor Richard looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

“It’s ok, honey,” Sybil said to him as though trying to reassure him. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t have anything to do with it. The blade coming down when it did was not your fault.”

“That’s right,” I added, trying to be helpful. Others were nodding their agreement. Then we heard footsteps coming down the stairwell.

“What’s going on down there?” That sounded like Joyce Melwark. Then I heard Louisa call out, “Hey, don’t start without us!”

“You’re too late!” Sybil called back to them. “Dorothy just bought the farm.”

“Dorothy? You mean Dorothy lost her head??”

The four of them burst in: Joyce and Warren Melwark, and Victoria and Louisa. They caught sight of Dorothy’s naked body lying face up. Sybil proudly lifted the head for them to see as though it was a trophy. Blood still dripped out of her severed neck.

“Can you believe it?” she told them incredulously. “The blade came down within the first hour. And this time it wasn’t James doing the fucking. It was her friend from the states. What a tale he’s going to tell when he goes back home!”

“I’m, uh… I’m not sure who I could ever tell about this.”

Richard looked around as though realizing he was still naked. He self-consciously tried to get dressed as fast as possible. He was still horrified as though he’d committed a horrendous crime and we were all going to pounce on him.

Sybil reached out and patted his shoulder. She tried to tell him it was all right and that none of us held it against him. But he shied away from Dorothy’s dripping skull as though it was a cobra.

Louisa had a different reaction. “Fuck; I gotta have a taste of that!” In no time at all she was on her knees, her face in Dorothy’s crotch as she hungrily licked up her dripping fluids.

“I guess Dorothy’s in no position to tell you no now, love,” Victoria chuckled. Then she smiled at Richard.

“Louisa’s always wanted to feast on that pussy. But the lovely lass just wasn’t interested. Now I guess she can lick to her heart’s content.”

Richard looked at her as though she was nuts. Dorothy had just lost her head… and this crazy woman was talking about Louisa wanting to lick out her corpse?? He shook his head as though unable to fathom how everyone seemed to be taking it so much better than he was.

Victoria smiled as she took Richard’s hand reassuringly. “Don’t worry, love. That’s just Louisa being Louisa. But Sybil’s right. You really shouldn’t feel bad or upset over any of this. It was Dorothy’s choice; she knew the risks going in. We all do.”

Richard gave her a weak smile as though he still wasn’t sure about all this. That’s when she gave his hand another affectionate squeeze. “Louisa’s scheduled to go for a ride before the day is over. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll let you fuck her while her head’s locked in the lunette if you want.” Then she gave him a sly wink as she added, “Who knows. Maybe Victor will get a second roaster.”

She went over, grasped the head in Sybil’s hands and kissed the dead lips. “Sorry we missed the grand event, love. But I’m betting you went out with a bang.” Sybil smiled at her words, still holding Dorothy’s skull by her hair.

“Speaking of roaster,” Renard said with a nod at Ken Wylie.

They both came over and unstrapped Dorothy’s naked body from the bench while Louisa was still licking her out. By now she’d pretty much bled out. There wasn’t much coming out of her severed neck. The drain below was catching most of it, although they were still going to have a mess to clean up.

Richard looked around uncomfortably. “I, uh… what should I do now?”

“Don’t worry about a thing,” Renard reassured him with a dismissive wave as Ken got Dorothy by her legs, forcing Louisa to end her feasting. “We’ll get her upstairs for Victor to roast. You might as well come on up and watch.”

Renard retrieved some plastic from a corner cabinet. He wrapped it around her neck to keep her from bleeding all over. Then he grabbed her by her arms before he and Ken proceeded to carry her away.

I took pity on Richard by going over and taking his arm. “Don’t worry, love. Things will be all right. I’ll hang out with you for a while if you’d like. Sybil is right, of course. You mustn’t blame yourself. It if wouldn’t have been you, it would certainly have been someone else.”

“Damn straight,” Sybil agreed, still holding Dorothy’s dripping head. “I wonder how James would have acted with his dick in her when the blade fell.”

Jeff went over to the cabinet to get another piece of plastic for the skull. I suggested to Richard we go upstairs and watch the spitting. Besides, I was curious as hell. And I’m embarrassed to say I was more than a little aroused.

We headed up in small groups. Sybil brought up the rear behind Victoria and Louisa, still carrying her prized possession in that plastic. Richard still seemed a little shell-shocked.

We approached the wetbar where Lorraine saw the look in his eyes. She smiled sympathetically as she told him, “Let me fix you something, love. Renard and Ken just went outside with the body. They told me what happened. You mustn’t feel bad or blame yourself.”

She smiled as she fixed us both something. I took a good mouthful as Richard swallowed about half of his. Then I grabbed him by the arm and hustled him outside. I guess I was being a little morbid wanting to watch the spitting process with Dorothy.

She was laid out on her back on a metal table, blood still dripping out of her neck stump onto the grass. Victor had a long metal pole he was shoving into her pussy. Ken and Renard were holding her down to keep her body from wriggling around. By then everyone was pretty much outside watching Dorothy’s preparations for the pit.

Victor slowly worked the spit all the way through her body. Then he began slicing the arms and legs off. Lorraine came out to help cut her open and gut her, putting all the entrails into a bucket.

Renard got the pike ready. Sybil took Dorothy’s head out of the plastic and kissed her lips one last time. “Hell of a show, love; hell of a show. I’m going to cum to the image of your beheading over and over in my dreams.” Then she impaled her on the pike through her severed neck so she would have a place of prominence watching us all while she roasted.

I saw Richard shudder as he took another drink. I tried to reassure him it was ok and that no one held anything against him. As far as we were all concerned it was only a matter of time before something happened to Dorothy anyway, especially since she appeared to be so addicted.

“What about her husband?” he asked nervously. “What do I tell him?”

“Dorothy picked you up from the airport, right?”

“Well… yeah.”

“Then you’ll tell him nothing. What is there to tell? I’ll take you back to the airport. You won’t have to explain a thing. I’ll be the one who tells him. He’ll probably conclude the same thing as everyone else… that she would have ridden it anyway and just got unlucky today.”

Dorothy’s beheading was certainly the topic of conversation. Everyone had something to say about it. Joyce and Warren came up and smiled as they congratulated Richard on being in her pussy at the moment the blade fell. But I don’t think it was something he felt all that proud about.

“What did it feel like?” Joyce asked with a knowing smile. “You know that’s the question everyone’s going to ask you when they get the chance. They all want to know if a pussy spasms around a cock when the blade comes down.”

“Rita’s sure did,” Jeff told him with a smile as he stood there with Kimberly. “It’s kind of a shock at first. But you have to tell yourself she would have ridden it anyway and that it would have been someone else’s cock inside her. Hell, if it wouldn’t have been you I’m betting it would have been Warren here… or Ken… maybe even Renard over there.”

“Well, it was definitely a shock,” he replied as though trying to remember the event. “Even now things seem a little blurry. But I vaguely recall her pussy clamping down tight at that moment. I’m not even sure I remember the blade falling. But I remember her clenching… and then Sybil reaching down into the basket and pulling her head out. I… I think she fucked my dick with Dorothy’s skull?”

“She sure did,” Jeff replied with a grin. “What do you think now, Kimberly?”

“Bloody hell, love. That could have been me!”

“I think that’s the first time I remember it falling during the first hour. But I’ve only been here a few times.” Then he looked at his date before asking, “Are you ok?”

“I think so, Jeff. Bloody hell; now I can’t seem to stop trembling.”

“Why don’t I go fix you a drink? Lorraine is still gutting Dorothy.”

“Yeah, I think I could use one,” she replied as she looked at the glass in my hand.

It didn’t take long before Dorothy was ready to go. They added some sort of stabilizer that went into her bum. Then Ken and Victor got her over the pit.

They hooked up the rotisserie so she could rotate on her spit. Then more coals were added until the fire really got going. Dorothy’s arms and legs were taken over to a grill to be cooked separately. It looked weird – and shamefully arousing – seeing her chest and torso rotating on that spit.

I don’t know if it was the drink or the way everyone kept reassuring him. But Richard finally seemed to reach the point where he didn’t look so shell-shocked anymore. His personality returned, especially when Lorraine got him another drink to further settle his nerves.

It took a while, but I also had to get used to the idea of Dorothy cooking over that open fire. I kept glancing at her head, although at times it seemed so surreal. She had this blank look in her face as though she was enduring a never-ending orgasm and didn’t know what to do with herself.

Seeing Rita in the pit last time was one thing. Seeing someone I knew more intimately was something else entirely. It made the whole thing feel more personal and yet so surreal.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much of a risk I was taking riding that bloody thing. It made no sense at all. Yet the orgasms and the thrill were so damned intoxicating.

I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. I overheard Sybil talking to Joyce about how erotic it was riding the guillotine, especially the way the blade came down so unexpectedly. She told her she got quite the orgasm out of it. Maybe I should have anticipated what happened next.

“What do you think, Tom? Care to engage in a little risky sex with your wife while Dorothy is cooking?”

“Damn, darling; are you sure?”

“Oh hell yeah. I’m getting so turned on right now watching Dorothy on the spit while thinking about what her last moments must have been like.”

Victoria and Louisa must have overheard because they came right over. “Thinking of riding it while Dorothy is roasting, love? It’s hard to resist, isn’t it.”

“It sure is, love. You have no idea how wet I am right now.”

“I’m sure Louisa would love to help clean you up if you’re that wet; right, my pet? Then you can have a turn… perhaps with Richard’s dick inside you?”

I felt my heartrate spike. I thought everyone was crazy. So why the hell was I so damned turned on??

“Thinking of going downstairs?” Renard said as he came over to us. “Are you that determined to give Victor another roaster?”

“Not really, love,” Joyce said with a dismissive wave. “It’s just that we can’t resist. Victor’s watching Dorothy while grilling up her arms and legs. Why don’t you come down and oversee things?

He turned and gave me a knowing smile. It gave me butterflies in my stomach as my breath caught in my throat. Then I said, “I’ll go back down with everyone. How about you, love?”

I gave Richard another reassuring pat on the arm as I gave him a questioning look. Victoria smiled as she told him, “Oh, he’s got to come down with us. After all, he’s got to fuck Louisa when it’s her turn to go for a ride.”

“Then let’s go,” Joyce told her husband as she took him by the arm.

I felt another erotic jolt as I offered my arm to Richard. “Well, I guess it will be ok,” he said as he put his arm through mine. Together we followed after everyone else into the building to see who was going to tempt fate while Dorothy’s skin crackled from the flames.

(Mar 31 ’18)

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