Brenda’s special talent

Brenda’s special talent

Brenda had a personality trait that often caused problems in her life. She liked to spend money. And she had two great loves that made it much too easy to whip out the credit card.

The first was shopping. She had more clothes than she needed. And she usually found it impossible to resist that new outfit she saw in the window.

The other was gambling. Perhaps she believed she could win her way back to prosperity. But her debts constantly seemed to remain just out of reach of her ability to pay them off.

Brenda kept fit by working out, another expense she justified as a need to keep her attractive figure for her job. She worked in a casino as a waitress where the pretty ladies usually got the better tips. But her job was both a blessing and a curse as she worked in a place where the temptation to gamble was great.

She picked up extra money by following men up to their suite. Sometimes she gave them a lap dance, and sometimes she did a little striptease. She tried to be careful with the men she chose to accompany up to their rooms. But it was a risk she was willing to take, especially when they had the money she needed to work her way out of the debt she was in.

Brenda had a special talent. It involved holding her breath underwater. And she was quite good at it.

She could hold her breath up to three minutes at a time. And she was working on staying underwater even longer. She liked to practice by lying at the bottom of her tub until her lungs began to strain as she pushed herself.

It occurred to her she might be able to use her special talent to impress her clients, thus getting them to pay more for her visits to their suites. So she started telling them she could hold her breath underwater in the tub for them while they watched. She offered to show them her ability so long as they would pay her extra.

The first man she held her breath for was one of her regular clients who was curious about her underwater ability. So she went up to his room, stripped down to her underwear and then got into the Jacuzzi tub he had filled. She let him time her, showing him she could indeed hold her breath underwater for three minutes.

He seemed to like it and was willing to pay extra to watch her hold her breath. So he passed this new information on to some of his friends. Soon Brenda was making extra money by holding her breath in Jacuzzi tubs for more clients.

At first she did it while wearing underwear or a bikini. Sometimes she wore a sexy negligee for a special client. She was willing to do whatever it took so long as they paid extra to watch her.

She liked the way her clients responded while she was underwater, especially when she showed them how determined she was to hold her breath. They seemed to like watching her stomach spasm as her breasts wobbled from breathless contractions. Some of them paid more for her to push herself beyond her stated limits.

Brenda quickly learned she could make even more money if she held her breath naked. Since she often did a striptease for her clients, it was no problem getting into the tub nude for her breath-holds. It also meant not needing a change of underwear after each performance.

One night one of her customers asked for something special. He wanted to watch her touch herself all over while she held her breath. Since he was willing to pay extra, she was more than willing.

She rubbed herself all over while he watched. She could tell by the bulge in his trousers how much he enjoyed it. Soon she was making a point of touching herself for other clients as well, earning herself larger tips during her breath-holds.

Brenda went even further by adding a little underwater masturbation to her performances. Her clients paid more to watch her play with herself while she was lying underwater. She soon discovered she liked the pleasurable sensations she experienced as she touched herself while holding her breath.

One day she told one of her regulars she would use a vibrator if he paid her even more. He loved the idea, agreeing to give her more money if she would hold her breath while masturbating. So Brenda entered the Jacuzzi tub with a vibrator in her hand.

She traced lines with it all over her body, rubbing it back and forth over her nipples to make them nice and hard. She put it between her breasts, giving it a nice titty-fuck for her client. Then she released sexy bubbles to make him think she was struggling a little.

As her lungs burned, Brenda put the vibrator into her pussy and started fucking herself with it. He timed her with his watch until she reached the number of minutes he’d paid for. He got off watching her, and she certainly enjoyed using the toy as a part of her act.

On another occasion a client offered to pay her more if she would actually cum underwater while holding her breath. Brenda was certainly agreeable as she always looking for more ways to make a little extra money. So she went up to his room after her shift was over and fucked herself underwater with her toy while holding her breath.

It wasn’t as hard to make herself cum as she thought it would be. She realized she’d actually been holding back during her performances so she wouldn’t cum in front of a client. As a result, her first orgasm in front of a customer was rather easy, a glorious cum with lots of bubbles as her head shook from side to side.

To her surprise it was easy making herself cum underwater. Maybe it was the way she felt so out of breath that enhanced her orgasms. Now she made it a part of her breath-holding performances so long as the customer paid extra for it.

It wasn’t long before the money started rolling in. The problem was she continued her shopping and gambling addictions to the point where she was making very little headway paying off her debts. It made her take on even more clients for those private shows up in their suites.

Her sister Carol didn’t think it was a very good idea. And her co-worker Miriam thought she was playing a dangerous game. One day during a break in their shift she confronted her. “Brenda, one of these days you’re going to get into trouble.”

“I can handle myself. I work out, you know.”

“But you go up to their room where no one is around in case you might need some help.”

“I don’t need any help, Miriam. Besides, I’m making good tips from these guys. They love it when I masturbate while holding my breath underwater.”

“What if one of these guys wants you to hold your breath longer?”

“Then I’ll hold my breath longer, so long as he pays me enough.”

“But what if you run into one of those guys who likes to drown women?”

“Oh Miriam. They’re never going to drown me, not if it means l won’t be able to hold my breath for them anymore. That would be stupid. Besides, these guys are rich. They want to keep me around to pay me.”

“That’s what I mean, Brenda. They’ll drown you because they’re rich and can get away with it.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea going up to their room, getting naked, and then going underwater for them. What if one of them wants to keep you down too long?”

“Would you stop worrying, Miriam? I’ll be fine.”

Brenda didn’t tell her she’d already had one such incident. One of her regulars had paid a little extra to push down on her breasts while she was lying on the bottom of the tub. But he’d kept her down a little too long. She’d burst up gasping for breath, telling him to be more careful or she wouldn’t hold her breath for him anymore.

She was a little more cautious whenever she was meeting a new guy. But she didn’t worry about her regulars. She thought she knew them well enough, especially since they paid good money to the point where she did a lot of things for them.

Brenda got a text from one of her favorite clients. Heinrich was going to be in town and wanted to see her again. He’d seen one of her breath-holding performances before. But he’d never seen her masturbate underwater. He was looking forward to it.

Brenda saw dollar signs in her eyes as she planned for Heinrich’s arrival. He was generous with his tips, usually paying extra if he thought she’d given him a sexy performance. Besides, she was a little low on funds right now. So she decided to go all out for him.

Miriam caught up to her as her shift was ending. She saw Brenda wearing a special outfit which made her suspicious. “You only wear that when you’re going up to someone’s room later. Are you entertaining another man tonight?”

Brenda laughed at her. “You’re really missing out, Miriam. You could be getting big tips if only you would put on a performance in their suite like I do.”

“I’m not a slut like you are, Brenda.”

“Oh, you’re a slut all right. You just go about it a little differently. You could make good money if you tried holding your breath for some of these guys in private. On second thought you’d better let me do it. I don’t want you taking my customers away.”

Miriam shook her head as her coworker laughed at her. “One of these days you’re going to get into trouble, Brenda.”

“You’re just jealous.”

“Oh shut up.”

Brenda checked her text messages. She discovered Heinrich had arrived and had already checked into a suite on the 20th floor. She was invited to go right up and meet him.

She felt a surge of excitement as she walked to the elevator. Heinrich was usually very generous whenever she was in his room. If she played her cards right she might walk out tonight a thousand dollars richer.

She knocked on the door with growing excitement. He opened it up and smiled at her. She hugged him as she told him she’d missed him. Of course she always missed the clients who paid well.

After a little chit-chat he motioned he was ready to get started. Then he laid out a bunch of bills on the dresser. Brenda was excited knowing she was going to make a lot of money tonight.

She started by giving him a sexy striptease, the kind she knew he enjoyed. She ground her crotch into his lap to turn him on. Once she was down to her sexy lingerie she went over to the Jacuzzi tub and turned the water on.

She took out her vibrator and started running it all over her body. She could tell by the look in his eyes how much he loved what she was doing to him. When she was done she hoped he might add a really nice tip to that stack of bills on the dresser.

She kept playing with herself with her toy until she had really gotten herself all turned on. Then she got into the tub. He stood up and came over for a closer look, an obvious bulge in his pants.

This is my first breath-hold,” she told him with a smile. She filled her lungs and then submerged with a burble. She traced the toy all over her naked body, feeling the excitement swell inside her as she slowly took off her lingerie for him.

He timed her with his watch, calling out the numbers to her. At two minutes she was naked as she came up for a breath. “Now I’ll do 2:30,” she said as she gave him another sexy smile, knowing he liked her to go longer and longer each time.

She got a big breath before she went back down. Once more she traced the toy all over her naked body. It made her nipples hard until she felt like she was getting close to cumming.

At 2:30 she came back up, a seductive smile on her face. She could tell by the look in his eyes how much he was enjoying her performance. It gave her such a feeling of power over him.

“Now I’m going to do three,” she told him with a smile. “And I’m going to show you how a woman uses this to get herself off.” She hefted her toy in front of him before she submerged once more, little bubbles leaking out of her nose.

She laid flat on the bottom of the Jacuzzi as she started using her toy. It felt good as she teased herself with it. She had to be careful not to cum too soon as she wanted to time it close to the three minute mark.

At two minutes she felt a little burn in her lungs. It filled her with excitement as she began to thrust harder with her vibrator. Heinrich looked like he was going to cream his pants from his excitement.

At 2:30 her lungs were straining. She started thrusting harder and faster. When he called out, “Three minutes!” she thrust hard until she fucked an orgasm out of her quivering body.

She screamed her pleasure before bursting up gasping loudly for breath. “That was sexy as hell!” Heinrich gasped. The stain in his pants agreed with his assessment.

“Want me to go again?” she asked coyly as she batted her eyes at him. “Pay me more and you can feel my breasts while I’m underwater. Pay me even more and I’ll go to 3:30.”

He quickly reached into his wallet and pulled out some more bills. He walked over and laid them on top of the growing pile of cash on the dresser before returning to the Jacuzzi tub. Brenda smiled as she filled her lungs before submerging once again.

He checked his watch before pushing down on her breasts. She moaned as she rubbed herself with her toy. She liked how sexy it made her feel the way some of her clients pushed down on her boobs. They were always willing to pay more to touch her like that.

She used her toy as he groped and fondled her. She moaned up bubbles, giving Heinrich a sexy smile. He was really getting his money’s worth… but she was enjoying the encounter as well, especially with that growing pile of cash on the dresser.

She could feel the burn in her lungs; she was running out of breath again. She released a few bubbles to ease the strain. Heinrich smiled at her as he pushed down on her breasts, a look of lust in his eyes.

Brenda started fucking herself once more as he checked his watch. Now her lungs were really burning. He told her she still had another minute to go.

She hoped she hadn’t released too many bubbles. It was going to be hard enough reaching 3:30. But she could tell this orgasm was going to be huge.

Her chest heaved as her face grimaced. He called out, “Three minutes!” She thrust the buzzing toy hard into her pussy to help distract her. But her lungs really needed air.

She could tell by the expression in his eyes how turned on he was. She forced herself to hold her breath a few seconds longer… and then a few seconds after that. Then her orgasm exploded inside her.

She expelled her breath in huge bursts as she writhed back and forth. Her need for air diminished as the orgasm claimed her. It felt wonderful.

She saw the smile on his face; it was obvious he’d enjoyed her performance. She was sure he was going to leave her a good tip. Then her need for air returned in a rush.

“3:30, Brenda!” he called out. “Go to 4:00. Drown for me and I’ll pay you more!”

She winced as she tried to force herself to go longer. But the fire in her lungs was too great. Her chest heaved continuously, her stomach rippling.

It was too hard; she wanted up. He just glanced at his watch as he pushed down on her tits. “3:45!” he called out. “Keep going, honey! You can do it!”

Brenda felt dizzy and disoriented. She wanted up in the worst way. She didn’t think she could hold her breath much longer.

She finally let go of her toy, leaving it buzzing in her pussy as she grabbed his arms. She tried to pry them off her boobs, urging him to let her up. He just glanced at his watch before excitedly calling out, “You’re almost there, Brenda!”

Her chest heaved, she was really dizzy. Her face felt flushed as her stomach rippled again and again. She grimaced in agony as she lost a few more bubbles.

“You’re at four; you’re at four! Now drown for me, Brenda!” That’s when she looked up at him in alarm. Didn’t he realize she couldn’t stay down any longer??

She clawed at his arms, but he pushed down harder on her boobs. She shook her head back and forth as bubbles spewed out of her mouth. Then she panicked as she started kicking and thrashing about in the tub.

“Yeah, Brenda; just like that!” and her eyes opened wide in horror. Then she expelled the last of her breath. It geysered up out of her mouth before she gulped water down her throat.

She gurgled as she started swallowing water, her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. Her arms flailed helplessly as her legs kicked less and less. Stray bubbles came out of her gaping mouth as she stared upward in horror…

“YES, BRENDA; JUST LIKE THAT!” Heinrich was overly excited now. The stain in his pants grew as he creamed himself again.

She began to settle at the bottom of the tub. Her naked body hitched less and less as a couple of small bubbles slipped out of her mouth. She stared upward in astonishment over the way he’d kept her down so long. Then the life winked out of her eyes.

He enthusiastically groped her breasts as the surface of the water grew calm. He grabbed her toy and fucked her with it. There was a discoloration in the water from where she had discharged some fluid. Apparently she’d experienced one last orgasm while she was drowning.

He panted for breath as he touched her all over. Her nipples were hard from the fear and excitement her body had experienced. She looked so incredibly sexy lying there at the bottom of the tub.

Heinrich panted for breath. As far as he was concerned it had been Brenda’s best performance of her life. He would always remember it fondly.

He looked down at her naked body as a small bubble slipped out of her mouth. He touched her all over, pulling the toy out of her and feeling with his finger how wet her pussy was. It made him tremble with a perverse excitement.

He finally went over and scooped up all the cash off the dresser. He put it back in his wallet before changing into a different pair of pants so no one would see the stain he’d created from cumming. Then he called the front desk, telling them he’d invited Brenda up to his room but that she’d taken a bath and must have accidently drowned herself before he’d come back from running an errand.

2018 (Written for Brenda Mar 26 ’18 by riwa. Inspired by a chat.)

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