“Fireman Sam to the rekscue!”

“Fireman Sam to the rekscue!”

It came special delivery. Winston and his wife Vivien hauled it to the back of the house to their special room. It was only for mum and dad, meaning little Jenny was not allowed inside.

They were excited as they began putting it together. The instructions were user friendly and made it easy to assemble. But there were big pieces of wood to attach, and it took a while.

Husband and wife became more excited as it began to take shape. “I still can’t believe you ordered it!” Vivien gasped with growing excitement. “It’s so big!”

“I can’t believe you wanted me to,” her husband countered good-naturedly. “You must really be eager to try it out.”

“You know how much it turns you on, love.”

“You mean how much it turns you on,” he corrected with a smile. “You’re the one eager to take it for a spin to see what it feels like. Suppose something goes wrong and my sweet wife loses her head?”

“Bloody hell! I can’t stop trembling just thinking about it! We’re almost done, aren’t we?”

“Yes we are, love. Let me finish tightening these bolts. Then I want to make sure the bascule seesaws like it’s supposed to.”

A few more minutes and it was finished. It filled up much of the back room. It was pointed toward the door, but there was room to walk all the way around it.

Vivien lovingly brushed a hand along the wooden frame, shivering with arousal. Then she looked at the blade resting on the bottom. “Bloody hell, darling! It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

“I never imagined anyone seeing a working guillotine would view it as ‘gorgeous’, love.”

“That’s because they never met a woman like me before.”

He shook his head with a chuckle as they stood side by side admiring their recent acquisition. There was a rough, wooden bench – the bascule – currently tipped vertical for the body to lie upon. It had two straps strategically located to secure the intended victim. In front, the heavy blade sat at the bottom of a set of wooden tracks.

“Does it work, darling?” she asked, wondering because the blade had seemed so heavy to put into place.

“It’s supposed to, love,” he replied. “God forbid we purchased a guillotine that doesn’t work. You want to find out?”

“What about little Jenny?”

“She’s out watching TV. It sounds like she’s watching Peppa Pig. She shouldn’t be bothering us.”

He walked over and pulled on one end of the rope that went up through a hook and then came back down to attach to the top of the blade. He had to work to pull it up the rails. Then it seemed to click into position.

He eased his grip on the rope. The blade seemed to be holding. “All ready for you, love,” he said with a grin.

“Can I…?” she started to ask as she reached out for the lever. Her arms were shaking and her knickers were damp. Confirming it was a functioning machine was liable to make her wet herself.

“Just a minute,” he told her, giving her a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll be right back.” Then he opened the door and slipped away.

He returned less than a minute later. In his hand was a head of cabbage. “Hey, that’s for dinner!” she scolded him.

“You want to see if the blade works; right, love?”

He gently placed it in the opening where the neck was supposed to rest. Then he brought the lunette down upon it as though locking a head into place. When he was done he stepped back and gestured grandly at his wife.

“Go ahead, darling. Behead your stroppy sister. Or maybe that’s you lying there.”

She tentatively reached out and grabbed the lever. Then she pulled on it. The blade whooshed down, splitting the head of cabbage in two and bottoming out with a loud thump. The front half of their dinner promptly dropped into the wicker basket below as the other half rolled back.

Vivien jumped with a start. “Bloody hell!” she gasped excitedly, her heart beating fast. Then she murmured, “I can’t believe it really works!”

She stared in amazement. If she’d been locked in at the moment the blade came down, she would no longer need that appointment to the hairdresser on Tuesday. She panted for breath as she tentatively looked down into the wicker basket at the split cabbage.

A few seconds later there was a rapping on the door. “What was that, mummy? Are you and daddy in there? I heard a loud noise!”

“Everything’s fine, Jenny!” Vivien called out to their five year old daughter. “Go back and watch your show. Isn’t Peppa Pig on right now?”

“Yes, mummy!” Then they hear the sound of little feet rushing away.

“She knows not to be in here, right?” Vivien asked her husband.

“Oh yes, darling. She knows this is mummy and daddy’s special room. I’m not about to tell her how her mother is such a kinky bitch. She probably won’t find that out until much, much later… like when she’s twenty maybe… that is, if you bother to tell her.”

“Oh Winston!” she said as she shook her head. Then she kissed him deeply.

“I’m over the moon right now! I’m so glad you bought it for us!” Then she gave him a coy look as she reached down to feel the bulge in his trousers.

“Can’t wait to see me try it out, eh?”

“Would you like to take it for a spin, darling? Are you offering me your head?”

“Wouldn’t you like me to give you head first before you take my head?”

“You’re such a kinky bitch. Maybe it’s time for your beheading.” And with that he grabbed her by the arm.

She gasped as a jolt of arousal made her tremble. “Will it be safe, darling?”

“It is now with the blade down. So I suppose I’d better fix that, hadn’t I?”

Winston released his grip on her arm. He pushed the lever back into position. Then he grabbed onto the end of the rope to the blade and pulled hand over hand.

The blade slowly rose back up to the top of the guillotine. There was a click as it locked into position. He tested the rope before he let it go. But the blade remained fixed at the top.

“Now we can slide your head through the opening, love.”

“It won’t come down, will it?”

“Not unless you pull the lever again, darling. Oh wait. You’ll be the one lying in the bascule. So I guess I would have to be the one to pull the lever, wouldn’t I.”

“You wouldn’t, would you?” Then she looked down to see the bulge was still there in his trousers.

“Oh bloody hell! You’re thinking about it, aren’t you!”

“Am I?”

She reached down and groped his bulge again. That’s when he grasped her firmly by the arm. “For teasing your husband, I sentence you to death by beheading.”

“Bloody hell; yes!” she gasped as the tremors returned.

She paused as she gave him a seductive look. “Dressed or naked, darling?”

“A tart like you deserves to die naked. Now strip!”

She felt an erotic shudder at the way her husband was ordering her around. She began to work herself out of the dress she was in. Then she folded it neatly on a chair.

“C’mon, tart,” he motioned as though trying to hurry things along. “With the lady of the kitchen beheaded, I guess Jenny and I will have to eat out tonight.”

She felt another erotic jolt as she slipped out of her bra and knickers. She set them on top of the dress before slipping out of her shoes. Then Winston pulled her around to the bascule.

He pushed her up against the tilted wooden bench. “This is for all the times you teased me. You’ve definitely got this coming to you.”

She gasped as the first strap went around her chest, holding her tightly to the bascule. Now she was wet as hell. She really needed a shower.

The second strap went just below her thighs. He took a little extra time, his hands roaming over her bum. She gasped and moaned, unable to tear her eyes away from the hovering blade.

“You’re sure it won’t come down, darling?”

“Oh it’ll come down all right, once I pull the lever.” Then he tipped her forward until she was facing the lunette.

She gasped as he lifted it up. Then he removed the chunk of sliced cabbage before he slowly pushed her forward. “Bloody hell, love!” she murmured as her head went through the path of the blade.

The front of the bascule hit the edge of the guillotine. That was as far forward as it would go. Vivien looked down to see the wicker basket below and the other half of the head of cabbage lying inside.

She shivered from an insane fear and arousal. She was painfully aware of the blade above her. “Winston, it won’t… it won’t… It’ll stay up there, right?” She felt like she was on the verge of a massive orgasm.

“I make no promises, love,” he chuckled as he brought the lunette down onto her neck. She trembled as she looked down into the wicker basket. What if something happened to make her head join that sliced head of cabbage?

“Oh bloody hell, Winston!”

“What’s the matter, darling? You said you wanted to know what it felt like.”

He walked away as she lay there trembling. He returned, grabbed her flailing arms and then cuffed her wrists together. Vivien whimpered as she panted for breath.

He smacked her ass, causing her to yip and flinch. Then he smacked it again. “You don’t know anyone who can cook cabbage with a nice rump roast; do you, love?”

She whimpered again as she gasped for breath. The blade was directly above her; it could come down at any time! She hoped like hell it was securely fastened.

“Well, you always wanted to know what it would feel like, darling. She we find out right now?”

He reached over for the lever. That’s when Vivien swooned. She clamped her lips together, trying not to scream out in orgasm.

“Damn, honey! Did you just have yourself a nice cum right then? Are you that excited? Are you sure you don’t want to find out firsthand what it’ll feel like to lose your head?” Then he chuckled as he reached back and fingered her wet pussy.

She moaned before gasping, “Don’t do that, love! Little Jenny might hear!”

“She’s watching Peppa Pig right now, darling. She’s preoccupied.”

“But I almost cried out a moment ago! You know I’m a screamer.”

“True. Ok, I’ll behave.”

He came around the contraption where he gave his wife a good look-see. “I can’t believe how sexy you look lying there waiting to lose your head, darling.”

“It feels bloody incredible! I’m trembling like crazy! I’ve already cum once!”

“Shall I pull the lever and send you to heaven, love?”

“Oh bloody hell!” She was trembling like a leaf, terrified the blade might fall… and yet almost secretly wishing it would just for the experience.

“You look lovely, darling; simply lovely. I’m going to have to change my pants if I’m not careful. Here, let me go fetch the camera.”

He pulled it out of the desk and began taking snapshots. His wife wriggled and squirmed as she lay on the bench with her head through the lunette. She sounded like she was hyperventilating as he snapped her from every conceivable angle.

“Bloody hell, Winston; this is incredible!”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to pull the lever, darling?”

“Oh fuck! Don’t tease me like that!”

He chuckled as he put the camera back. Then he came around front and patted his wife on the head. “You look incredible, love. We’re going to have to send little Jenny to your sister’s later. I need some private time alone with you if you know what I mean. But first…” Then he headed for the door.

“Winston?? Wait a minute! Where are you going? You’re not leaving me like this, are you??” The idea of her losing her head in some accident while he was away was both terrifying and arousing.

“I have to use the loo, darling. Don’t worry. I’ll be right back to enjoy your beheading. You just lie there and enjoy yourself.”

“Bloody hell, love! You’re not going to… is it safe?”

“Relax, darling. The lever is secured.” And with that he walked out of the room.

Vivien gasped and moaned as she lay helpless upon the bascule. She kept staring down at the sliced head of cabbage in the wicker basket below. She remembered the way the blade fell, slicing it cleanly in two. Then she was reminded how her neck was now in the path of the blade should it come down again.

She wriggled and squirmed from a mixture of fear as well as an insane arousal. Then she winced as she wet herself. Vivien shuddered hard in orgasm, struggling to stifle her cry of bliss.

She panted wildly for breath as she came down from the plateau of her climax. It had been one hell of an O. She only wished her husband would hurry back before something dreadful happened.

The door suddenly opened. But it wasn’t Winston returning. “Whatcha doing, mummy?”

Vivien blushed a deep red as she gasped in alarm. “Jenny?? You know you’re not supposed to be in here. Go back and watch TV. Go watch Peppa Pig.”

“Peppa Pig is over, mummy! Fireman Sam is on next.”

“Then go watch Fireman Sam.”

“He’s not on yet, mummy. It’s c’mershul.”

“You know you’re not supposed to be in here. Go back out and watch the telly, love. You don’t want to miss the beginning of Fireman Sam.”

“Whatcha doing with your head like that?”

“It’s just something for mummies and daddies, love.”

“Oh that!”

She winced as though it was something unpleasant. Then she rushed forward to examine the lever. “What’s this, mummy? Hey, you’re nekkid!”

“No – no, honey! Don’t grab that! Go back out and watch TV, ok?”

At that moment Winston appeared in the doorway. “Jenny, what are you doing in here – don’t touch that!”

“Oh hi, daddy!”

At that moment the intro to the next program drifted down the hallway. “Fireman Sam to the rek-scue!” the little girl blurted out happily as she started to rush out. But she was still holding onto the lever.

Vivien cried out, “NO!” as Winston hollered, “Honey, don’t pull that!” A moment later the blade whooshed down, bottoming out with a loud thump. Vivien’s head wordlessly dropped into the wicker basket as Jenny rushed out the door.

Winston stood there stunned for a long moment. Then he closed and locked the door, watching in horror as Vivien’s legs came up and down. Her body jerked around on the bascule as blood flowed out of her severed neck.

He rushed forward and pulled her head out of the wicker basket as his cock went off, staining his trousers. He examined the stump as though idly wondering if he could somehow glue it back on. But he knew there was no way in hell of rejoining his wife’s head to the rest of her sexy body. The damage had been done; it was an accidental beheading. There was no way in hell Fireman Sam was going to “come to the rekscue” on this one.

He looked at her flickering eyes and quivering lips as he shook his head. “Bloody hell!” he gasped, dimly aware of the growing stain in his crotch. “I can’t believe… it was an accident… it shouldn’t have… oh bloody hell!”

He gave her lips a kiss. Her eyes flickered once more. Then her expression sagged in death.

Seeing her head drop… then the way her body started to jerk around as her legs kicked up a little. It had been incredibly arousing. He had no idea he was capable of cumming so hard at the sight of his dear wife losing her head like that.

He was sorely tempted to pull his trousers down and fuck her mouth. But he didn’t want Jenny to interrupt, even though the door was locked. He figured his wife would be willing, but it just felt a little too degrading.

He thought about little Jenny and how he would explain this to her. It made him think of Jenny’s aunt Dorothy, Vivien’s sister. Maybe she could be coaxed into helping him raise the child. Then he wondered if she could be talked into climbing onto their guillotine to take a ride of her own.

Maybe little Jenny could be sent away to her grandparents for the weekend. Then he and Dorothy could have some fun on the guillotine. And if she accidentally lost her head? Winston decided if that happened he would definitely not hesitate to fuck her skull.

(written for Dorothy Feb 14 ’18 by riwa)

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