The Haunted House by Miriam


Note: English is not Miriam’s first language. But I thought she did very well translating this story into English to make it readable. Enjoy! -riwa

The Haunted House

By Miriam

It was late Saturday night as Lisa drove home from a party that she visited earlier. She was all alone and of course she didn’t drink anything so she was be able to drive safely. Just one day ago she earned her driver’s license. She was so proud of since it secured her future.

The night was strangely bright because the full moon stood high in the sky. You could see a lot of stars and that sight was only interrupted by some little dark clouds. Just in the distance a dark wall of clouds was there to see.

On her way home she had to drive along a country road. It was a long way to the next town where she lived with her parents. She listened to some music in the radio, but over time more and more static rustling mixed into it. A clear sign for an upcoming storm not so far away. At some point she simply turned the radio off.

Just a few minutes later Lisa heard a loud bang followed by another. Instinctively she kicked the break to get to a halt. All too soon she lost control over her car and it began to spin around. Lisa just saw that her car rushed towards the black shape of a tree. Her foot kicked the break harder and she ripped her arms up to save her face. The whole car shook as its rear scrapped over the bark of the tree. Eventually it got to a halt.

For a few moments Lisa kept her arms up until she realized, it was over. Her whole body shook in shock as she eventually lowered her arms. Through the windshield she saw the tree just a few meters in front of her. It took several more moments for her to overcome that shock.

“God, that was close.” She told herself. “Just a bit further over there and I had been crushed.”

With trembling fingers she opened the door to get out of her car. Her knees were still shaking as she straightened up and looked around. The road was empty so no one noticed that accident. She leaned down into the car to grab her purse. Quickly she opened it up and searched for her cellphone.

“Oh, great!” She noticed. “No cell coverage. Am I so far away from a radio mast?”

She dropped her phone back into her purse and started to observe the damage. The front of her car looked good. The driver’s side seemed to have no damage as well. As she reached the rear of her car, she saw the deep scratches left of the tree’s bark. Then she observed the passenger’s side and her eyes got wide. Both tires were shredded.

“Damn!” She said. “Those scratches are awful, but my car could still drive. But I have only one spare wheel and even if it would be just one shredded tire, I don’t know if I could handle the replacement.”

Again she looked up and down the road. No other car was there to see. She had to sigh and suddenly she had to twitch as a short lightning flash filled the night and just a few moments after it a loud thunder rolled over the earth.

“Now that as well!” She spoke. “What shall I do now?”

Lisa leaned against her car, looked in both directions of the road and started to consider her options. Her cellphone didn’t work so she couldn’t call for help.

She could wait until another car comes up this road, but it was in the middle of the night so it could take hours. It didn’t seem to be a good idea to her to wait since obviously a storm was coming up. Another lightning flash followed by a rolling thunder was a clear sign for it.

Another option was to lock up her car and start to walk into the next town. Problem with that was that she didn’t know how far she would have to walk and in which direction the closest town was. If she would do that, she might get right into the storm.

Suddenly it hit her and she tapped her forehead. Just a few minutes before she had her accident, she passed a manor and if she remembered right, she saw light in the windows. There she must find people and perhaps a phone to call help. It couldn’t be as far away as the towns and with a bit luck, they would let her stay until the storm is over.

Lisa made her decision that seemed best to her. So she shouldered her purse and looked at the traces of her car to find the right direction. Again there was a lightning flash and the thunder came much sooner than the ones before as she started to follow the road.


The wind already whistled through the air as Lisa reached the driveway of the manor. Like a huge, dark and sleeping animal the huge manor lay in front of her. The moonlight threw moving shadows onto its front. All windows were dark so the owners must be gone to bed. Lisa shuddered a bit as she did her first step up the driveway and towards the house. What sort of people might live here? She hoped desperately that it would be friendly and helpful ones.

As she came closer to the front door, she stopped in her movement. It wasn’t closed and stood open for quite a bit. Her heart pounded harder and up into her neck. The wind got a bit stronger and another lightning flash and thunder made her shudder even more.

Lisa crossed her arms and rubbed over her upper arms. Undecided she looked around. The dark wall of clouds seemed to be much closer now. Then she looked back at the open door.

“Perhaps the owner just forgot to close it.” She told herself. “And perhaps they will be grateful if I ring and they notice their mistake.”

Slowly Lisa stepped up the few steps to the open door. In the moonlight she looked for the doorbell, but there was none. Then she noticed an old fashioned door knocker. Her hand was trembling as she reached out for it. As her fingertips touched the cold metal, she had to shudder again. Lisa swallowed down a lump in her throat before she found the courage to actually knock.

The knocks seemed a bit too loud to Lisa as they echoed through the dark entrance hall. She had to shudder again and started to listen in. There was nothing else was to hear but the wind, another rolling thunder and her loud heartbeat. As this went on for a bit more time, she knocked again and again it sounded a bit too loud. Lisa tilted her head aside to listen.

The seconds passed by and nothing else was there to hear. Perhaps the owners were in sleeping too deeply to hear. Lisa swallowed down another lump in her throat and started to push the door further open. It made a creaky noise which caused her to get goosebumps.

Lisa took one step to look into the entrance hall. It was partially illuminated by the moonlight. As far as Lisa could see, there was no carpet and only the first step of a wide stair was illuminated. Then she looked to the left and the right but there was nothing to see except to the moonlight that fell through the windows.  There was not a single piece of furniture, which was suspect to Lisa.

With one hand Lisa started to search for a switch to turn the lights on. At first she tried on the left side, but there was none. Then she tried on the right with the same result.

“That’s odd.” She told herself. “Why there is no switch? Don’t they have current?”

Lisa just took one more step into the entrance hall as a lightning flash lit it for a single moment. It was far too short to really see much details, but Lisa clapped her hands over mouth and nose to muffle a scared scream. The flashlight let her see two scary grimaces to both sides of that stair. Lisa was alarmed and ready to quickly turn around and run away if something comes out of the night to jump at her.

As nothing happened for quite a while, Lisa started to calm down. In fact she started to get a bit curious about what she had seen. So she opened up her purse and looked for her phone. The light of its display was weak, but for Lisa it seemed enough as replacement for a pocket flashlight.

With her cellphone in her hand and her arm stretched forward, Lisa took a few more steps into the entrance hall. The light of her phone was so weak that she couldn’t see any more details than before. Suddenly Lisa froze as the wind outside got so powerful that it howled through the trees.

She looked back over her shoulder and saw the door swung. It swung back and forth and then, with a powerful blow of the wind, it swung so far that it knocked against the wall. Two, three and four times the door slammed against the wall, the sound rang in Lisa’s ears, and then the door swung shut with a loud bang that made Lisa shudder.

In her shocked state Lisa almost dropped her phone. She felt the hairs in the back of her neck straighten and a cold shiver run down her spine. For an endless moment she just stood there and looked at the now closed door. Silently she listened into the house to hear if anyone woke up by the loud noises, but except for the wind outside and her incredibly loud heartbeat she could hear nothing else.

“Oh heck! That was really scary!” She whispered to calm herself down.

Lisa swallowed down a lump in her throat before she walked back to the door. With her free hand she reached out for the knob to open the door.

“What the hell….?!?” Lisa gasped and let the light of her phone wander over the door. “No knob? Why the heck it has no knob?”

Slowly Lisa started to realize that she was inside of an abandoned manor. Her memory that had seen light in the windows might be just imagination in the aftermath of her accident. She nudged the door in despair.

“Damn door! How shall I get out of here?”


It seemed Lisa had no other choice but to search for another entrance to leave the manor. Her knees felt a bit like pudding as she started to explore the entrance hall. The moonlight still shone through the windows and partially illuminated the hall. Even those windows were her first target to investigate. At each one she tried to open but none of the windows wanted to give in.

“Hmm. I need something to break that glass.” She noticed.

Lisa started to look around more intensely. As before she didn’t see any pieces of furniture. As her eyes met the floor, she saw her own traces in a thick layer of dust. As she looked over the dark part of the hall, another cold shiver ran down her spine.

She held her phone in front of herself and started to explore the walls at the sides of the hall. The light was too weak to drive back much of the darkness. The first door at the right side of the hall she noticed first as she stood only two or three steps in front of it. Her heart pounded harder again as she reached out for its knob.

“Damn!” She cursed as she rocked at the knob. “It’s locked. Why the hell is that door locked?”

After a few more rocks, Lisa gave up and started to look for other doors. One more she found on the right side of the hall and two on the left. All of them were locked. Lisa sighed and turned around to look towards the still illuminated first step of the stair in the hall’s center. She froze as she thought about the grimaces she saw earlier.

“Looks like I have to search for another way out. Perhaps somewhere on the upper floor a window is open or I can find another stair that leads me down to a back entrance.” Lisa spoke to encourage herself. “Come on, Lisa. It’s nothing but just an old and abandoned manor. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

Lisa took a few deep breaths and as she felt her heartbeat calmed down a little, she started to head towards the stair. She nearly jumped in shock as she neared the post at the lower end of the stair’s handrail. On top of the post, like frozen in its motion, rested the bust of a bat-winged demon with helical horns and a wide open maw, which showed needle-like teeth and an unnatural long tongue that hung out of it.

“Oh god! That’s gross!” Lisa gasped. “Whoever once lived here, must had an awful taste of decorative layout.”

Only reluctantly Lisa unfixed her eyes off the bust to investigate the stair and handrail. Neither had a better look than the rest of the hall. Layer over layer of dust covered them.  She walked around the first post and saw that the right one had a similar bust on it. She screwed up her nose, but then her eyes lit up as she discovered an old candle between the second busts clawed feet.

“At least a little improvements* she told herself as she opened her purse and used the light of her phone to look for a lighter. “My phone won’t live forever and I don’t think I can charge it in this place.”

Eventually Lisa found her lighter. It took her some attempts to get the wick to burn. Before she did her last attempt, she removed the dust with her fingers. At first the candlelight was weak and made a sizzling noise, but then it grew in strength and illuminated a bigger circle than her phone did before. She looked up and shuddered. In due to the slightly moving flame the candle threw moving shadows onto the grimace of the bust. It almost looked as if the candlelight aroused the busts life.

Lisa looked back over her shoulder towards the door and the windows. All were still locked and through the window she saw the trees heavily moving of the powerful wind. But now, since she lit the candle, the howl of the wind got less noisy. The moon still shone and accented the dark clouds flowing over the sky.

“Well. Time to find a way out of here.” Lisa sighed and turned around to the stair.

Lisa made her way on the dusty stair without touching the handrail. The stair itself didn’t seem to have any damage so she didn’t have to think about where to place her feet. On the half way up the wide stair ended in front of the high back wall. Lisa lifted the candle to look at the wall. It showed a huge frame of perhaps a painting, which seemed to once hang there.

“Wow! Whatever it was, it must be very expensive as huge as it looks.” Lisa commented.

Carefully Lisa swung the candle to the left and right to notice two smaller stairs leading up to the upper level of the manor. She took a few moments for herself to decide which way she should try first while she moved the candle from one side to the other. Both stairs were covered with dust and it looked like no one was here for ages.

Eventually Lisa decided to try right hand first and made her way up. Soon she reached the upper level and stood in front of a wall with a door. She reached out to test the knob, but this door was also locked. Then she lifted the candle a bit more towards the front of the manor. It looked like she was on a long balcony with the handrail continuing to her right and the wall with perhaps one more door to her left. So she started to make her way to the front and look for more possible doors.

In fact she found two more doors, but both didn’t want to open. Except for the dust on the floor, she found no traces of any pieces of furniture. Lisa sighed as she reached the end of the balcony and realized, she took the wrong way. On her heels she spun around to make it back to the stair.

The other balcony looked just like the first and the first two doors she tested were also locked. As she stood in front of the last door, she gulped hard.

“If it’s locked too, I have no Idea how to escape from here.” She sighed. “Perhaps I can just go back down and use my neat and expensive purse to break a window.”

Lisa froze just of thinking of this possibility. She felt her hand starting to tremble again as she reached out for the knob. Then she hesitated for just a little moment before she touched and turned it around. A faint click reached her ears and to her relief the door swung slowly open.

Behind the door Lisa discovered a long corridor with some windows at the left side and some doors at the other as well as one door at the opposite end of the corridor. The floor was fully covered in dust and even here she saw not a single piece of furniture. The moon shone through the windows so the whole corridor was illuminated by its dim light.

“Perhaps one of those is my way out of here.” Lisa whispered to herself and went on to check the doors.

There were three doors which lead away from the corridor. Lisa tested them all but discovered, that they were locked too. Now only one door was left at the end of the corridor. Lisa approached it and put her hand onto the knob. She took a deep breath as she slowly turned it. With a faint click the door swung open a crack. Lisa was happy. At least not all ways were blocked.


Disappointment and also surprise flew over Lisa’s face as she stepped through the door. She found herself in just a room, but unlike the rest of the manor she had seen until now, this room wasn’t empty. To her disappointment the room had no other door, which could lead further through the manor to perhaps an entrance.

But the room contained a huge mirror that covered the whole wall to her right. On the opposite wall to the door, covered by a sheet, seemed to be a large cupboard. In the middle of the room was a low, round table and next to the door was, also covered by a sheet, a couch. On the opposite of the mirror’s wall was a small window with broken glass. As Lisa looked up, she spotted a hole in the ceiling. At first she thought about a broken roof since a bit moonlight fell through. Looking closer she realized, it was not just a hole, but a broken skylight.

“Perhaps I can escape through that window.” Lisa said and walked over to it.

She tried to pull it open, but it won’t move. Another flash of disappointment came over her face. Then she tried to take out the remaining shards of glass out of the frame. After she almost cut open her hand on them, she decided to let them stay where they were.

As Lisa tried to peer out, she saw nothing. The storm had arrived and black clouds covered the moon. Outside she saw just a black wall and could hear the wind howl. Next she heard the rain and perhaps some hail drum onto the roof and against the front wall of the manor. She made a step back.

“Oh, what a hell of a storm.” She commented. “At least I have a roof over my head.”

Lisa turned on her heel to look back at the far too oversized mirror. The reflection of her frame was blurry because the mirror was weathered. Then she noticed that even if the skylight was broken, no rain or hail fell into the room. It seemed as if the house kept all out except to those things it wanted to have in. Lisa felt a cold shiver run down her spine of just thinking about that.

Lisa stepped around the table to face the covered cupboard. In hope to find something useful she reached out to pull down the sheet. The board offered an awful look. Some doors were missing, the glass of the showcase was blurred and its wood looked bloated. Lisa took her time to open the remaining doors and drawers. Behind one door she found an old oil lamp. As she touched its wick, it felt still a bit wet. Then she brought her fingers up to her nose to sniff at them.

“Hmm. Looks like the lamp is still usable.” She told herself. “Let’s see…”

Lisa brought the flame of the candle up to the lamp’s wick. After a few sizzling noises it really started to burn. A happy smile came over Lisa’s face as she blew out the candle and took out the lamp. It illuminated much more than the candle did. Lisa put the lamp onto the table and turned to look some more through the cupboard.

Some of the drawers were simply stuck so she couldn’t open them. Behind the smaller doors she also found nothing. Only the wardrobe part of the cupboard offered a little surprise to her. As she opened the large doors, she saw some coils of rope which hung over some hooks at the clothes rail.

“Uhh. That’s strange.” She wondered and picked up one of the smaller coils. “Why does anyone want to store ropes in a wardrobe? Well, perhaps I can use them later to climb out of here.”

Suddenly a loud bang made her jump in shock. She looked over to the window and assumed there must a branch broken off its tree and hit the front of the house. This made her start to think it would be better to stay until the storm is over. She also felt her legs start to hurt after the long walk from her car to this manor and her search for an exit. Lisa stepped over to the couch and removed the sheet from it. Even if it looked very old, it seemed quite comfortable to her. Before she took a seat, she tested the cloth with her hand to make sure it didn’t feel wet. With a deep sigh she sat down and stretched out her legs. Soon she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Lisa … Sexy little one. …

Lisa’s eyes moved under her closed lids as she dreamed about pictures, stories and movies she liked to look at on the web.

… Look at her movements … Lisa … Lisa … she is opening her jeans. …

Lisa let out a little moan as her fingers found their way into her panties and started to tease her labia and swelling clit.

… She gets quite horny … Lisa … Naughty little thing. …

Her breath got heavier as she wriggled on the couch, her fingers moved slightly in her panties and she opened up her legs further to have better access while she dreamed of a bunch of men roughly taking her in every orifice she has to offer.

Its time … Lisa … Naughty little girl … Wake up … Lisa … Wake up, Slut!

Lisa woke up and looked confused around. Her mind told her, there were noises, perhaps voices, but the room was still empty. Then Lisa realized, she had a hand down in her jeans and panties. She felt some damp wetness at her fingers and as she pulled them out and up to her nose to sniff, it smelled obviously like sex.

“God, I must had an exciting dream.” Lisa whispered as she cleaned her wet fingers at her tight t-shirt that revealed her flat belly.

As Lisa looked up, she noticed a change in the mirror. With wide eyes she stared at her clear reflection on it. How could that be? How can a weathered mirror get clear in just a short time? While she looked into the mirror, she noticed a movement in the far corner of the room. As she turned her head, there was nothing. Again she looked into the mirror and again she saw a movement. This time she spotted a smoky shadow at the reflection of the door, but a look at the door itself was nothing.

Her heartbeat got faster and she felt a thick lump in her throat. Quickly Lisa closed her jeans and got to her feet. Something moved in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and just saw how the rest of the sheet fell off the cupboard.

“Oh shit!” She gasped. “What is going on here?”

LISA! … LISA! … LISA! … It suddenly sounded in her ears. Lisa froze as a cold shiver run down her spine. She gasped hard and took a step towards the door. Then she let out a shriek as the door slammed shut without anyone touching it. Quickly she ran over and pulled at its knob, but the door wouldn’t open. Quickly she spun around and pressed her back against the door. Her eyes got wide again as she watched the oil lamp lifting off the table. It floated over to the cupboard and settled down onto a shelf.

LISA! … YOU’RE MINE! … It rang in her ears.

Then something hit her. An invisible force drove the air out of her lungs. But not just that. Lisa felt how something lifted her off the floor. While she gasped for air, her body flew across the room and spun around. Another hard hit drove the air out of her as her back got slammed onto the small, round table. Lisa started to fight, but felt something pushed her arms and legs down. Next something wound itself into her long blonde hair and pulled her head hard down.

Lisa wanted to scream but couldn’t as, although she saw nothing, something forced her mouth open and pushed inside. Lisa had to gag as it hit the back of her mouth. Helpless she struggled as an unknown intruder forced its way down her throat. She felt the outline of her neck bulging as it moved deeper down her throat than anything she experienced before. Eventually she felt something pressing hard against her nose.

Besides that Lisa felt something on her belly and at the cleavage of her t-shirt. It felt like fingers, but there were no warmth in them. Desperately she tried to struggle and tears came up in her eyes. She felt how the intruder blocked her windpipe, her lungs started to tremble for fresh air and then she felt her shirt get ripped off her body. Her small a-cup breasts got exposed and whatever assaulted her, started immediately to play with her nipples. She felt all the twists and tug on them.

Something still held down her arms and legs. The invisible phallus moved in and out in her mouth and throat. Lisa felt her legs get closed and how her jeans get opened. She struggled even more as she felt her jeans get pulled off her well-shaped legs. A soft thud filled the air as her jeans dropped to the floor. Then something pushed against her labia through the thin fabric of her bikini panties. She couldn’t help but to get aroused by the touches and rubs on her sensitive parts.

From one moment to the next the intruder pulled out of her mouth and her hair got free. Heavily gasping for air, Lisa lifted her head. Around herself she saw nothing, but she felt the force that held her down. She gasped again, but not for air as her eyes met the mirror. On it she saw smoky shadows around the table and her. She wasn’t sure how many there were, but at least she counted six before her head got pulled back down and anew something entered her mouth and throat.

Lisa gagged hard and felt tears at her temples as she felt tugs at her panties. Soon the tug got more forceful and her panties got ripped off. Invisible hands pulled her legs apart and exposed her to whatever was with her in this room.

A subtle blonde triangle pointed downwards to the moist and sensitive folds of her pussy. The intruder in her mouth left for a few moments so she could take some breath. Then, almost at the same moment, something entered her mouth and her pussy as well. Lisa shuddered because she felt only her folds get stretched out. There was no warmth, just the unmistakable feeling of something penetrating.

All too soon her mouth got free again, she gasped for air and lifted her head. The thrusts into her pussy got more forceful and something bent her legs back. Invisible hands kneaded her firm breasts and pulled hard at her sensitive nipples. Lisa couldn’t help but to grunt and moan with the actions.

A movement at the cupboard drew her attention. She watched a large coil of rope fly out. It uncoiled in front of her. With wide eyes she watched how it tied itself into a noose. While the free end of the rope lifted up towards a beam at the ceiling, Lisa screamed out loud as something really big started to force its way into her tight backdoor. Then she felt a grip in her hair and her head got yanked back. She wanted to scream again, but an invisible phallus sink deep down her mouth and throat.

Helpless Lisa bounced back and forth with the powerful thrusts into her body. She felt cold hands that held down her arms and her legs at her knees. Only her lower legs, her feet still covered with her ankle socks and sneakers, were free to move and kick at….well, there was nothing to kick at.

Lisa gasped hard for air and her face already turned red with asphyxiation as her attackers withdrew. She got hauled off the table, spun around and put back down on her belly. Soon she felt something spread open the firm cheeks of her backside. Her eyes got wide and she let out a long groan as her backdoor got penetrated again. Then Lisa felt invisible hands in her hair. Her head got pulled up and something took use of her mouth.

Lisa felt torn between fear and arousal. On one side she loved to imagine a lot of men taking use of her body and holes. She loved to dream about getting prepared for a noose and hanging for the pleasure of others. But now this abandoned manor seemed to know all of her secret desires. It was actually using her up and behind her was a noose already waiting to take her into its embrace.

She was so full of fear, but her body betrayed her. She felt all her muscles work and squeezing out the juices of her arousal. Deep down in her belly she felt a huge orgasm building up. The fact that something pulled her arms behind her back and another rope flew by from the cupboard didn’t change anything. She felt the familiar tension of an upcoming orgasm inside grow stronger as the rope wound itself around her wrists. It wound around very tight and made her gasp in pain. More and more of her saliva drooled out of her mouth and around the invisible phallus.

Lisa closed her eyes and tried to imagine how it may look. How her lips were stretched around an invisible cock. How far her backdoor was stretched out around nothing and made it possible to look deep into her bowels. She felt all of it. The hard thrusts and the merciless hands on her body. She just felt the touches and penetrations without any warmth in them.

She tried to struggle again as something pulled and tied her elbows together. There was no way she could free herself anymore. Her shoulders started to hurt because of the strong tension in her arms. As something slapped her pussy and clit, it was quite too much for her. With a long groan into her attackers cock and hard twitches it came. Her orgasm washed away all fear and doubts. The muscles of her pussy clenched and contracted as they squeezed out a little fountain of her juices.


As Lisa regained her senses, the violation seemed to be over. She could breathe and it felt as if nothing stuck in her orifices anymore. She felt tired and exhausted. As she tried to move her arms, she noticed, they were sill bound.

“Please…..” Lisa whimpered. “Please let me go. You … you had your fun with me … You used me up … I can’t take anymore.”

Lisa … You can. You can and you will … You’re all mine!

Lisa couldn’t believe what she heard. Except for her there was no one who could talk inside the room, but there was a voice. Again she felt hands. They took a hold of her shoulders and lifted her off the table. She got set on her feet and turned around to face the noose.

“Nooo!” She screamed. “Everything but that! Please!”

Her eyes widened as the noose opened up further. It looked as if it smirked at its victim. Lisa started to struggle as she got dragged over to the noose. Her head got bent forward and invisible hand slipped the noose over it. Lisa gulped hard as she felt the rope tighten around her neck. The hemp felt so rough to her soft skin.

“Please!” She begged. “Don’t do this to me. Please!”

Lisa bent her head back and looked up to the beam. The rope started to move like a snake and wound itself more around the beam. Lisa’s eyes got wide and she started to make choking noises as the rope pulled her up onto her tiptoes. The knot at her left ear forced her head to tilt over to the right. Lisa opened her mouth wide and worked her lips like a stranded fish to fill her lungs with air.

Lisa was forced to look at herself in the mirror. She could see all the smoky shadows around her in the room. She saw her whole body glistening of perspiration. One of the smoky shadows reached out towards her crotch. Her whole body tensed up as she felt the cold touch and the gentle, but forceful rubs at her pleasure button. Her cheeks flushed red in shame as she felt her pussy leaking more juices. It seemed as if her body really wanted this to happen.

Her breath got faster. Some whistles and gagged noises were mixing in. Her mind started to enjoy the sight in the mirror. That beautiful, young, blonde woman with her arms tied behind her back. Her breasts pushed forward and hard nipples pointed up like the rubbers on a pencil. Her chest was trembling as well as her flat belly. Then there was this smoky hand that teased her to new arousal. Her long and well-shaped legs were quivering. This woman was nude as Lisa always imagined in her fantasies. Nude except for the ankle socks and sneakers she wore as she had to balance on her tiptoes.

“Urggh….God.” Lisa had to grunt. “This is….so mean.”

Suddenly Lisa felt a powerful tug at the rope and watched as the woman in the mirror get lifted off her feet. The noose tightened around her neck, dug inside her soft skin and sealed of her windpipe a lot more than before. Saliva drooled out of her mouth, flew down over her chin and dripped onto her trembling and shaking breasts.

Lisa saw the shadow moving in front of the woman. She felt cold grips at her legs and how they got lifted up. In the mirror she watched the shadow put the woman’s legs over its shoulders. A deep growl escaped Lisa’s throat as it started to lick and suck at her pleasure button. The rope tightened just enough towards the beam to let Lisa a shallow breath.

Frightened and also absolutely aroused Lisa watched the woman’s eyes starting to bulge out. Her soft tongue started to swell and roll out of her mouth. Her whole face turned into a deep red as she fought for air. At her neck she could see the carotid pulsing where the noose dug in. The firm breasts wriggled with each attempt to free herself and to draw more air into her burning lungs.

And then there were other sensations. Even if it hadn’t any warmth, the tongue and the mouth of the shadow brought her closer to another, mind-blowing orgasm. There was nothing she could do about but to let it happen. The tongue parted her labia and wormed its way deep into her love tunnel. It slid out to lick and knock onto her clit. Then there were sucks and nibbles.

It was too much for Lisa. The orgasm simply rolled over her. She grunted out the last bit of air that was in her lungs. The noose tightened around her throat and cut off her windpipe. Her whole body shuddered and twitched in pain and pleasure. The muscles in her pussy contracted so hard that she squirted out again. There was nothing her liquids could hit so she simply squirted against her reflection in the mirror.

It didn’t take very long. Her body was exhausted, her lungs empty and her windpipe sealed shut. Her orgasm mixed up with her death spasms. All too soon her body went limp and her mind got engulfed by darkness. A long trickle of her pee escaped, flew down her long and shapely legs. It drenched her socks, flew over her sneakers and dripped down. It never hit the floor since it got turned into dust first.


The smoky shadows in the mirror were gone. There was just the reflection of Lisa slowly swinging in the noose. But the house wasn’t quite done. There was still movement in the room. Bulges were wandering along the rope as if it drank the life of Lisa. The broken window behind her started to restore itself. The oil lamp went out and flew over to the place it was before Lisa found it.

The door opened too. The candle switched back to the form it had before Lisa lit it up. It flew out of the room to its place at the feet of the demonic bust in the entrance hall. The dust was moving all inside the house and filled every trace Lisa left.

Back in the room the rope pulled Lisa up to the beam. As soon as her head touched the wood, it started to absorb her limp body. The ropes opened up and coiled themselves before they flew back to their place in the wardrobe. Then the sheets started to move and cover the cupboard and couch. The remains of Lisa’s clothes and her purse turned into dust and joined the other dust in the entrance hall. Once Lisa’s body was completely absorbed by the house, everything looked like it was before. Well, almost everything. Just the window in the room she died, was restored.



The next day the police found Lisa’s wrecked car. The storm had uprooted the tree Lisa’s car hit so that it fell right onto it. They couldn’t find her corpse so they started to search for her. Friends and relatives got interviewed, but no one could give a hint what could happened to Lisa. K-9 squads got activated to search the nearest area. The traces were weak and led them along the road. At some point they simply disappeared. There was nothing but an open and wide field.

The police couldn’t do much more and so the FBI got involved into the investigations. More questions to friends and relatives and even an announcement on the TV brought no further results. Even the FBI couldn’t crack the case so it got turned into an X-file.

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