The Mincer

Aneeqa hustled into the slaughterhouse with concern. Harry had told her she was needed immediately. It had something to do with the mincer and she hoped it hadn’t broken down!

She pulled her jacket over her shoulders as the chill of the slaughterhouse met her at the door. But of course it was always chilly inside! After all, they slaughtered animals and the meat had to be kept cool as it was being processed.

She noticed right away from the lack of sound over in that part of the slaughterhouse that the mincer was not running. ‘Great; that’s all we need!’ she thought as she hustled over. The plant foreman and three of the guys were standing around as though they didn’t know what to do.

“Ok, Harry!” she called out as she rushed over. “What’s happened? What’s going on; give it to me straight!”

“It’s real simple, love,” he told her with a disarming smile. “You’re going into the mincer.” He said it calmly and with a straight face.

Aneeqa blinked in confusion like one of those goats right before the poor thing was slaughtered. That’s when Harry ordered the guys standing around to grab her and strip her out of her clothes. Aneeqa blurted out a cry of surprise as they grabbed her and started pulling off her garments!

“Harry??” she gasped in shock. “What gives? What are you doing??!!”

“I told you, love,” he said patiently to her. “You’re going into the mincer… and you’re going in right now!”

“What? This is a joke, right? You can’t be serious! Now get these guys off me – hey… HEY!”

They took her right off her feet, pulling off her clothes from either end. Aneeqa was too stunned to put up a fight. In less than a minute she was buck naked, her nipples hard from the humiliation of being forcibly undressed right in front of Harry and his men. She was also disturbingly wet down below, something she hoped none of the guys would notice.

“Harry, what IS this??” she asked again, suddenly feeling a stab of fear in the pit of her gut.

“I TOLD you, love!” he explained patiently. “You’re going into the mincer today… right now, just like I told you.”

“But Harry… WHY??”

“Because I got a request, love… a request with a hell of a lot of coin to go with it!”

“Harry, you CAN’T be serious!!”

Now Aneeqa was breathing heavy. Surely this wasn’t happening to her, was it? They were probably just going to rape her, right? But then what would they do to her body after they’d had their way with her??

They all got on either side of her two by two. Then Harry reached over and hit the switch. The mincer roared to life with an ominous grumble. Aneeqa gasped in alarm.

Gawd! The damn machine sounded HUNGRY!

“H-Harry??” she gasped uncertainly as she started to tremble. Now there was no denying how wet she was… wet and terribly frightened. She simply couldn’t wrap her mind around what Harry had told her!! Surely this was just a game, right??!!

They turned her around until her head was pointed in the direction of the opening. Already she could hear the blades churning, waiting to chew up its next meal! Gawd!! What if they were really going to do it???!!!

They adjusted their grip on her until there was a guy on each arm and each leg. “Harry, s-stop kidding around, ok?” she gasped, her breathing heavy and labored. He just looked down at her sorrowfully.

“I hate to do this to you, love,” he said regretfully. “I really liked you. But we’re being paid a lot of money, you see.”

“Gawd, Harry; you WOULDN’T!!”

“We’re going to toss you in head first, love,” he told her soothingly. “That way it will only hurt for about a second or two before it crushes your skull. It’ll go quicker that way.”

“Harry; NOO!” Now she was really starting to hyperventilate, on the verge of a humiliating orgasm. She was also about to wee herself!!

“On the count of three, fellas,” he told his companions. “The count of three and we’ll throw her right in. The mincer will grab her and start chewing her up head first and then we’ll be done with her.” That’s when Aneeqa screamed in pure terror…


“ONE…” and they hefted her forward before she swung right back. Aneeqa pissed herself right there on the spot, screaming… “OHMYGAWD!”


Aneeqa winced as the hardest orgasm she’d ever experienced hit her like a freight train…

“THREE!” and Aneeqa went flying into the mincer…


She was still orgasming when her head hit the churning blades. Her screams were silenced in an instant to the sound of a loud *CRACK*. Her naked body immediately went into violent spasms and convulsions.

There was a distinct change in the sound of the mincer as it chewed up her body, grinding through flesh and bone as it consumed her shoulders, eating into her chest. Her breasts all but exploded as the machine hungrily gulped down her upper body. Her violently writhing torso disappeared next, leaving her naked, wriggling legs to be eaten up together as one.

Harry watched as the machine swallowed her whole. Then the sound changed again as the machine settled into an idling hum after having quickly digested its meal. For a moment he almost thought he heard the damn thing let out a bit of a belch. But the deed was done! Aneeqa was gone, off to be canned and fed to all the cats and dogs of the entire country.

“Take her clothes and get rid of them,” he instructed one of the men. “And remember: she was never here! Everyone got that?” There were nods of understanding.

“Now get back to work!” Harry instructed and the men separated off to their assigned duties. He was left standing there all alone, staring at the bloody blades to the mincer.

He was going to miss that woman, especially getting to see her naked if only for a moment! But now he had a raging boner! He decided he was going to have to visit the wife during lunch hour and fuck the damn bitch silly…

© 2012 (written for Aneeqa Nov 21 ’12 by riwa)

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