Berlin 1945

Berlin 1945

Odelia didn’t know what scared her most: exploding artillery shells getting closer and closer? Or the deafening silence of the past 24 hours. There was no food, water or electricity. A heavy pall of smoke hung over the city.

She often stared at the radio, praying the power would come back on so she would have some word of what was happening. Then she heard evidence of activity outside. She went to the window of her apartment and peeked out, only to see Russian soldiers everywhere. It drove her back to the interior of her apartment, cowering with fear.

She’d eaten the last of her rations a couple days ago. She’d heard neighbors in the hall speaking of Russian food trucks. They also spoke of young women being raped and violated. The fear kept her from venturing outside her apartment to find food.

That night the screams began, screams that seemed to come from everywhere. She cowered in terror, her eyes wide with fear. When would it be her turn?

Somewhere she heard a faraway door slam, followed by the sound of Russian voices and more screams. They were close, perhaps one or two apartments away. The cries were haunting and penetrating.

What could she do – what could she do?? She was only one woman. If soldiers wanted to rape her, there would be nothing she could do to prevent it.

Could she escape from her apartment building; could she flee Berlin? She highly doubted it. An attractive woman like her would eventually be caught and raped. Afterwards they might kill her just for spite. So what could she do?

She rummaged around her apartment until she found a rope, one that had been used many years ago to help move her belongings into this apartment. She stared at it as though hypnotized. Then she made a loop with it, only to stare at it again.

The lights suddenly came on as the radio blared to life. Odelia let out a cry as she rushed to shut the damned thing off. She turned off all the lights except for one dim bulb.

Had the Russians heard? Would they come check her apartment next? What could she do??

Almost without thinking she took the rope and formulated it into a noose. She cinched it tight, only to stare at it in shock. Could she really go through with it?

More screams from across the street made her rush to hang her noose from a hook up in the ceiling. She pulled experimentally to see if it would hold her weight. So far, so good.

Her heart hammered in her chest. Odelia realized she was aroused… aroused by terror. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was damp. Her dress hung down from her shoulders, exposing her breasts.

How long had she been wearing it that way? In her fear she could not recall. What did it matter? Any modesty she had would be permanently removed once the Russians penetrated her apartment.

More voices, more screams, more doors being thrown open. Had they entered the apartment building? How long would it be before they came to her door, searching for female flesh?

She jerked at every scream, every slam of a door. She couldn’t think straight. What was happening out there??

Without even realizing she was doing it, Odelia lifted up her skirt and began to masturbate. Another scream, and she stiffened in terror. Her pussy was wet and dripping.

Another door slammed two floors below her. Odelia gasped in horror. She stiffened and then shuddered as a shameful climax washed through her.

With pleasure came a return of some of her senses. She heard footsteps coming up the stairwell; loud, booted footsteps. She inhaled sharply before turning to look at her noose.

More screams, one floor below her. Odelia let out a clipped cry as she instinctively reached over for a chair. She slid it directly underneath the noose, her hands trembling as her whole body started to shake.

More voices, Russian voices. More screams from somewhere below her. It sounded like the cries were getting closer… like an unstoppable wave approaching the shore.

There were slams of doors… the sound of more boots on the stairs down the halls. More shrieks of terror. Odelia gasped as she shakily climbed the chair.

She was trembling so bad she had to use the noose to steady herself as she stood upon it. She stared at the coil framing her face as though unsure she could make herself go through with it. If she couldn’t, did that mean she was willing to allow herself to be raped… perhaps murdered later??

She stood there gasping for breath, her eyes wide with fright. Then she heard a scream in the apartment directly below her. She knew that one belonged to Mrs. Johanson. Supposedly her husband was somewhere on the Eastern front.

Odelia was unsteady on her feet on the chair as she numbly brought the noose down over her head. She shivered as she snugged it around her neck. The hemp scratched her throat

Her chest heaved as she inhaled… exhaled… inhaled… exhaled. Directly below she heard moans of despair… loud grunts of violent sex. Her eyes remained open wide, her pussy dripping now from her terror. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest.

She touched the noose around her neck with one hand… absentmindedly lifted the hem of her dress to finger herself with the other. She could hardly catch her breath. Then she thought she heard boots on the stairs again.

Somewhere down the hall another scream. They were on her floor! Numb with shock, Odelia stepped off the chair, her fingers rammed up her cunt.

She dropped, the noose pulling her up short of the floor by a couple of inches. She kicked the chair over, momentarily panicked it would be heard by someone. Then she gurgled as she started kicking while humping the fingers up her cunt.

Another door slam… another scream much closer to her apartment. Odelia climaxed in terror as the noose choked off her airway. Her legs kicked wildly as she swung back and forth.

One hand found her breast and savagely mauled it. The other somehow managed to thrust fingers hard up her cunt. Odelia masturbated on pure reflexive instinct as she kicked and struggled in the noose.

Her face turned red as her tongue protruded. She shuddered as a small wave of pleasure washed through her. Then her arms dropped to hang limp at her sides, her body twitching and spasming.

Gone was the terror. In her expression was the faintest hint of a smile. She was no longer afraid. Now she welcomed them. And with that her bladder released as a pleasant aftershock rippled through her.

Ten minutes later her door flew open. Two horny Russian soldiers burst in, looking for someone to fuck. They found it dangling from a noose.

They rushed forward, but it was too late. The body was still warm. One of them discovered she was wearing no panties… and her pussy was soaked.

Private Olkashev decided a warm, dead body was better than no body at all. He pulled down his pants and thrust his hard cock deep inside her. Raping a dangling corpse was preferable to no sex at all.

He pulled her down onto his cock and thrust hard. She did not seem to care. On the contrary, it was almost as though there was an enigmatic smile on her face… as though she welcomed his violation.

When he was done, his partner took a turn. She gave him that same enigmatic smile… as though thoroughly enjoying the attention. The two soldiers stayed for an hour, enjoying her corpse until they were satisfied. Then they left her there, dangling quietly with copious amounts of Russian spunk dripping out of her well-fucked cunt, looking as though she had enjoyed the experience…

2018 (Jan 30 ’18)

(Inspired by a manip in Soloplayer’s albums)

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