Her final blowjob

(a short bonus story)

She really pissed me off this time. I came home and caught her in bed with my best friend. Needless to say, he was right at the top of my “shit list”.

She begged and pleaded for forgiveness as he got dressed and left. But how could I forgive the slut when I’d burst in on them while she was gasping, “Fuck me hard! Fuck me like the slut I am! Give it to me deep and hard!”

I needed some time to think. I needed to be alone for a while. So I went and drew a hot bath, intending to lie in the water and soak for a while as I tried to figure out what to do next.

She came in all apologies in that black halter top of hers, the one with the thin straps. Seeing her in that made me picture him slowly pulling it down off her shoulder to gaze at her boobs. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see her boobs right now.

“Baby, I’m sorry! You know you’re the only one I want! That was just sex! I’m so sorry, honey!”

I was just about out of my clothes when she got all seductive. Without a word she slowly finished undressing me. When my cock came out she began playing with it, smiling coyly at me.

She pulled me over to the bath where she brazenly got into the water I’d prepared for myself. She pulled me over until I was sitting on the edge with my legs in the water. Then she looked up at me as she opened her mouth and breathed on my cock.

She ran the tip of her tongue around the tip of my shaft, toying with me and teasing me. She never said a word. She just kept breathing on it, making it twitch and quiver.

I thought about stopping her, and maybe I should have. But she always knew how to turn me on. I could be so pissed off, yet she could easily melt my resolve with her slutty ways. And this was no exception, especially since she knew how much it turned me on seeing her go underwater.

And that’s exactly what she did. She submerged with her mouth open, showing me how the water flooded in. There was no evidence of any kind of discomfort in her expression for getting water up her nose.

She came back up and slowly took me into her mouth as water drained off her face. I felt her suck as her tongue swirled all around my shaft in her mouth. She closed her eyes in that way that always makes her oh-so-slutty.

She sucked on it as she slowly went back down, using her hand to help hold onto it. For a moment her nose was the only thing up at the surface. Then she fully submerged with my cock in her mouth.

She went completely under, her lips around the tip of my shaft. I felt her tongue licking and swirling as she gave me some suction. Her eyes were closed again as though she was fully into it.

I couldn’t help it; she knew full well what kind of effect it had on me. Playing with my cock in the water like that was always such a turn-on. She certainly knew how to use my fetish against me.

She made it a point of slowly coming up to take my cock deep into her mouth. She looked at me with those smoldering eyes of hers, her fingers wrapped around my twitching dick. I felt more sucking action as she vacuumed my cock with her mouth.

Back down she went, her sinuses flooding again with the tip of my dick between her lips. It was hard to stay pissed at her the way she was blowing me underwater. Well, I suppose I should say it was hard for my cock to stay pissed at her, that’s for sure.

Up and down – up and down; sucking in slow motion like the slut she was. Her eyes were filled with lust as though I was the only one for her. But those eyes burned with that same lust for every cock that crossed her path.

She slowly went down until her nostrils flooded again, the water covering her face. I felt her suck on my dick as her tongue swirled around the tip of my shaft. She let out a little moan as though it was the best tasting dick on the planet.

Back up she came, water draining away from her face as she grabbed my dick and sucked. It was the same old slut using the same old tactics… and I was falling for them all over again.

This time when she went down I adjusted my legs around her, holding her in place. Now she couldn’t come up and down like she wanted. She had to stay under and suck using just the air in her lungs. That’s when her expression changed.

Was she trying to convey how sorry she was? Was she trying to let me know she wanted to keep sucking by coming up and then going back down? She sucked harder… as if that would make any difference. Did she really think she was going to blunt my anger with another blowjob?

The water sloshed around as she tried to come back up. I just held her in position. But she never once stopped sucking. Maybe she believed she could somehow earn her next breath.

Air began bubbling up out of her nose and through the seal her lips made around my dick. But she just kept right on sucking. Perhaps she figured I would relent after pushing her limits.

A couple of times her nose broke the surface where she snorted a little before I worked her back down. I guess she got a few sniffs of air. But it was never enough to fully satisfy her starving lungs.

I saw the alarm in her face intensify as her lungs heaved. She was fully under the surface, only this time I wasn’t going to let her back up. Her chest heaved as she struggled to hold her breath… struggled not to lose any more air.

“Slut! Whore! Fucking bitch! This is what you do to whores who go after every cock they can find! This is what you get for being such a slut! You want my cum? Well you can fucking drown for it, bitch!”

I grabbed her head as she started thrashing about. Bubbles spewed out of her nose and around my cock in her mouth. I just held her there as she fought to rise to the surface.

She finally stopped struggling as a look of shock filled her features. Her lips remained sealed around my dick as I exploded in her mouth, filling her oral cavity with my cream. Stray bubbles slipped out of her nose as she stared with unseeing eyes.

“Did you get all the cum you wanted, bitch? Was it tasty… just like my best friend’s cream? Did the whore get all the jizz she wanted? Are you fucking happy now?”

I left my cock in her mouth for an extra minute. But she wasn’t sucking anymore. Then I slowly pulled out.

A streamer of my cream swirled out through her gaping maw. She stared at me with a vacant look of shock, her lips open in a big O. But I didn’t give a damn. At least she wasn’t going to fuck my best friend anymore… or anyone else for that matter…

(written Apr 10 ’18 by riwa)

(Vidcaps are from spazemans video The Final Blowjob)

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