Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 8


So I was right. I HAD seen mom standing there watching me while I was coming down the steps after hanging that sister. I had told myself that it couldn’t be, that I had seen somebody else who only looked like her. But here she was. It must have been her after all.

Seeing mom and Brad naked was not that much of a shock. But the glowing sensor in her belly button jolted me to my very core. How could this be??

Next to me Stew was equally shocked. He finally gasped, “Mom? What… what happened??”

“For gawd’s sake; close the door, you two!” I numbly closed the door behind us, still unable to believe what I was seeing.

I finally found my voice. “Mom? What… what are you DOING here?” As though that would explain her situation with the sensor.

Stew pointed at the glowing red in her belly and gasped, “Mom, your sensor! Does that mean…?”

I thought she would be freaking out, or at least crying a little. Instead she looked embarrassed. “I guess so, honey.”

“Mom, what happened?”

“We had sex before we came to the Club. When we got here we were so turned on with everything that we had sex again. I thought I’d taken every precaution. But you know those things aren’t always 100% effective.”

“You came to the Club??” Stew blurted out in disbelief. “Mom, what made you come to the Club??”

“Well, I came partly because of you two, honey. I found your noose out in the garage. And I must admit to a little voyeurism a couple of times while watching you fuck and then play in the noose.”

“You saw us?” That’s when Stew blushed a deep crimson at having been found out.

“Honey, I seriously thought about stopping you. But I was afraid that might only strengthen your resolve. I was hoping it was just a phase that might burn out after a few times, especially if you got a little close to hanging for real. I don’t know… maybe I should have tried stopping you.”

“Mom, you followed us?”

“No, honey. I told you we had sex right after you left. I told Brad I wondered if you might have come here tonight, especially in that outfit. He asked if I wanted him to bring me here and check it out for ourselves. I guess I was curious… and maybe a little concerned you might do something rash.” Then she shamefully lowered her head.

“Honey, the way you enjoyed hanging that girl… and then beheading those two up onstage? I guess it… well, I guess it turned me on more than it should have.”

“You brought her here??” I told Brad with anger creeping into my voice. I guess I was still focused on mom being here and now being condemned to face an execution.

“She wanted to come here just like you did, Janelle. What was I supposed to do: tell her no? Would it have been ok if she would have told you and Stewart you were not allowed to come to the Club?”

“Honey, it’s not Brad’s fault.”

“Yeah mom; maybe… but… but what about your sensor?”

“What about it, honey?”

“How are we going to get you out of here??”

“I don’t think you can. Once it pops, that’s it. It went off just as you were coming down off the stage from the hanging. I thought you’d seen me so Brad and I were going to head back to a room and keep out of sight.”

She looked at him and again told him it wasn’t his fault. Then she told me an attendant came up to them before they’d safely gotten to a room, asking when the execution was going to take place. So they both knew right then there was no way of sneaking out or anything like that.

“I told the attendant I wouldn’t be leaving this room alive, honey. I guess that satisfied her. And I wanted to see you two one last time before I died. But you were up onstage beheading those girls while we were watching on a monitor. So I sent an attendant to fetch you after you were done.”

“Honey, the reason I summoned you two here is that I wanted to tell you how much I love you. I wanted to say my goodbyes before Brad, well…” She paused as she smiled at him. “Well… let’s just say I hope he enjoys snuffing me.”

Stew blurted out, “Mom, what are we going to do about dad?? He’s here too, you know!”

“I know he is, honey. Why do you think I privatized the cams in our rooms? I knew his company occasionally held meetings here at the Club, and I was pretty sure he’d come here tonight. In fact I half expected him to find you and send you home. I didn’t want your father to know I was here. Hell, I didn’t want you to know I was here. But I guess…”

She patted the sensor and then sighed heavily. “I guess this changed everything. They’ll record what happens in here of course for their streaming site and their DVD sales. That way everyone will get to watch what happened to me after I’m gone. That way your father can find out like everyone else will… or you can tell him later after I’m gone. I’m just… I guess I’m just too ashamed for him to see me this way.”

“Well he definitely knows we’re here now,” I told her. “I saw him and his date watching us while we were onstage fucking those girls in the guillotine. In fact when the attendant came I was certain we were being summoned to his room just so he could send us home.”

“Wait a minute!” Stew said as he raised a hand. It was finally beginning to register. “You mean… you mean you’re not sending us home??”

“I’m not sure what would be the point, honey. You’re both adults now. Besides, you came here and you’ve seen everything and your sister took part in a terribly arousing hanging. Hell, you both took part in that incredibly erotic double beheading up onstage. I don’t think banning you from here is the answer, not when I came here and have now accidentally gotten myself snuffed.”

She looked at me carefully before asking, “You’re not pregnant or anything; are you, honey?”

“No, mom; I’m not.”

“Show me.” So I dutifully parted my robe enough for her to see my sensor was green.

“Well, that’s a relief I guess.” Then she paused as she looked at me again.

I could see her running things over in her mind as though putting two and two together. Then she started to say, “Wait a minute. Janelle, surely you’re not thinking about…?”

“No, mom; I’m not.”

My stupid brother looked accusingly at me before telling her, “Yeah, mom; she is.” Then he turned to me and said, “You’re still thinking about it, right?”


“Well, you are, aren’t you? Mom’s got a right to know now that she’s here and she’s going to be snuffed! She can’t do anything about it anyway because she’s going to be dead soon!” Then he got this pained expression in his eyes as he looked at her again.

“Oh honey; don’t feel bad for me. It’s my own fault. I’m more embarrassed about it than anything else.” Then she looked me right in the eye before asking, “Janelle, are you serious about this?”

“Tell her, Janelle! Or did that hanging up onstage put you off? Mom pretty much had it figured out anyway; right, mom? She saw the hanging stuff in the garage, sis, and she’s seen you a couple times playing in the noose!”

I lowered my head in embarrassment. I didn’t want anyone to find out until after the fact in case they might try to stop me. What’s more, I felt ashamed at my arousal over the idea Brad now had to snuff my mother.

“Young lady, are you crazy?? And you…” she said accusingly at my brother. “Did you encourage this?”

“Mom, I did everything I could to try to stop her! I was afraid she was going to come here and get someone else to do it to her without getting a chance to say goodbye!”

“That’s right, mom,” I told her. She was going to die anyway, so I guess I figured she might as well know the whole truth.

“I can’t stop thinking about it, mom. Hanging that sexy bitch onstage only convinced me how much I want to hang for Stew. I can’t help it, ok? I want Stew to get off on my hanging just like you want Brad to get off on your death. In fact…” Then my voice trailed off. Now I was really ashamed.

“In fact, I want to stay and watch you get snuffed, mom.” Now I was trembling, my voice barely above a whisper. I was also wet as hell.

“Janelle????” My brother was incredulous I’d admitted it so brazenly.

“Admit it, Stew!” I hissed at him. “You want to stay and watch too; right?” He looked at me for a second, looked at mom… and then also lowered his head in embarrassment.

“You both want to stay??” she asked us in amazement. “I didn’t think you’d want to… oh my!”

“What about you, Brad?” I asked. “We can stay, right? I’ll even make it worth your while.” I was already thinking about having sucked his cock earlier in the evening. In fact the idea of Brad watching with Stewart while I hanged up onstage was really starting to turn me on.

Mom stood up and came over to us. “You two really want to stick around and watch?”

“Yeah, mom… that is, if you’ll let us.” I felt so ashamed… and yet so fucking horny.

“Honey, that would mean a lot to me if you want to stay and watch and, uh…”

She suddenly embraced me and I kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back… and I mean really kissed me! That turned me on even more.

We parted, and she went over to kiss Stewart as well. It was a deep, soulful kiss that also turned me on. I looked at Brad who smiled back. I’ll be damned if his cock wasn’t starting to stir at seeing us kiss our mom.

I don’t know what it was that made me reach over and start caressing her. She was really kissing Stew like a lover! I groped and fondled her all over until she pulled us over to the bed.

It was mom who got the robe off Stew’s shoulders, causing it to crumple to the floor. His cock was already semi erect. She did the same to me, pushing the robe off my shoulders before pulling us down onto the bed with her.

She was still kissing Stew as I started kissing her body all over. We all started panting heavily for breath. That’s when Brad got closer and started feeling me up as he squeezed one of my boobs.

Things started getting hot and heavy right away. Mom turned and kissed me as Stew groped and fondled her. Brad was lying next to me touching me everywhere and getting me hot. Then mom turned and kissed Stew again.

The four of us started making out together. Stew and I kissed and licked mom’s nipples as she moaned between us. Brad rubbed between my legs, and I parted them so he could see how wet I’d become. Then mom reached down and grabbed Stew’s cock while she tried fingering my button.

I was still trying to process the fact that mom was going to die… in essence, that she HAD to die. So I worked extra hard at pleasuring her. I had mixed emotions – sadness at the thought of losing her and then a shameful arousal that I was going to watch her execution.

She pushed my brother off the bed so she could get to his cock. I felt an erotic jolt as she leaned over the edge of the bed and took it into her mouth while he stood there. Stew looked like he was enjoying himself, although I wondered if he was having conflicting emotions like I was.

I worked myself onto my back between mom’s legs underneath her crotch where I went to town on her pussy. She was dripping wet and smelled of sex. Was she as turned on at the thought of dying as I was?

I lapped up her fluids as I plowed my tongue between her labia. She moaned with a mouthful of Stew’s cock. It was erotic as hell.

I felt Brad slide me toward the edge of the bed. Then he got between my legs and started licking me out as well. We had a hot little daisy chain going in that room by doing oral on each other.

I could tell mom was enjoying Stew’s meat the way she groaned with his cock in her mouth. I licked and nibbled her sweet muff, making her wriggle and writhe on top of me. Brad made me groan into her pussy the way he was feasting on my dripping twat.

I grabbed mom’s butt and gave it a squeeze as I licked her quivering slit. Then I stuck a couple of fingers in her ass and gave her a sexy little fingering. She cried out into Stew’s cock in her mouth, turning me on like crazy knowing I was getting her all worked up.

It wasn’t long before Brad stopped licking my pussy. A moment later I felt his dick push its way inside me. That’s when I really started moaning as he gave me a good, hard fucking.

The room was filled with the sounds of sucking, slurping and shafting as we all groaned loudly. It sounded like mom was really working over Stew’s cock. It made me wonder if this had been a fantasy of hers that was finally coming true since she wasn’t going to live long enough to worry how it might affect her later.

I licked her good and hard until I made her cum. I got a little gush of fluid on my face for my efforts. But making her orgasm was one hell of a turn-on.

After that we shifted positions by turning the other way. I leaned my head over the edge of the bed upside down as Brad rammed his cock down my throat. Mom bent over me and knelt on the bed as she feasted on my pussy. Stew finally got to fuck her, shoving his dick into her cunt from behind.

She went nuts, crying out into my muff as she begged him to fuck her harder. I was so turned on from our naughty little orgy that she licked an orgasm right out of me. Mom cried out from a second climax, which was an added thrill.

Brad turned me over and put me on my knees on the bed so I was facing mother. Then he fucked me from behind. I got to watch the expression on mom’s face getting fucked by Stew, and she got to watch the expression on my face getting fucked by her boy-toy. I think we both orgasmed within a few moments of each other.

We finally collapsed on a heap on the bed, cuddling with each other as we got our breath back. The guys got into bed with us and groped us as we wound down from our orgasmic highs. Mom and I kissed each other tenderly until she finally pulled away.

“I suppose we should get on with this,” she told us with a hint of sadness in her voice. “I don’t want to stop what we’re doing. But I suspect the Club is waiting to hear about my demise.”

“So how do you want to go about this, Tamara?” Brad asked carefully.

She sighed again as she looked around the room. “I’m not sure I want to be beheaded,” she remarked thoughtfully. “It would probably be the quickest. But it just… it just gives me the willies.”

“What about the electric chair?” Stew asked.

“I don’t know, honey. I don’t know if I want to be jolted with thousands of volts of current shooting through me.”

“That only leaves…” I started to say as I looked up at the noose dangling from the ceiling. It had been there the whole time, although we’d all ignored it. Now we stared up at it in silence.

“I’m not sure,” mom finally answered carefully. “But I must admit I was really turned on watching you hang that girl up onstage, honey.”

“I’ve got an idea, mom,” Stew said. “Is it ok if I show you?”

“Go right ahead, honey.”

He got up and went over to the closet. He opened it up and rummaged around inside. “They have a lot of cool things in here, mom. But this is what I’m looking for.”

He pulled out another noose along with a small amount of rope. “C’mon, sis,” he motioned at me with a smile. I curiously sat up and allowed him to tie my wrists behind my back.

“How about this, mom?” he suggested as he stood upon the bed, reached up and threaded the end of the noose through the eye-bolt up there. He looped it around my neck with a smile. Then he made me kneel and suck his cock with my wrists tied behind my back and a noose around my neck.

I felt an erotic jolt as I got him into full hardness. Then he stretched out flat on the bed on his back. He made me straddle him, slowly impaling myself on his cock until I was all the way inside. Then he pulled on the rope, asphyxiating me as he made me ride his cock.

I felt an erotic jolt of fear and arousal as he strangled the shit out of me. My pussy clenched like crazy as I involuntarily milked him. He did that for several minutes until he forced an orgasm right out of me. Then he made me rise up so Brad could have a turn.

I could tell mom was turned on as this time I was forced to impale myself on Brad’s erection. He grabbed the rope and strangled me with it as mom kissed and sucked on my nipples. I rasped and gurgled until I went off in orgasm again, totally soaking his lap.

He grinned as he let go of the rope, allowing me to get air. It had been erotic as hell, especially the way mom had groped me while sucking on my tits. The noose was loosened from around my neck until I could breathe again.

“What do you think, Brad?” mom finally asked her boy-toy. “Would you like to see me hang?”

“Damn, Tamara! I think that would be so fucking hot!”

“How about you, son?”

“Mom, I think a hanging would be incredibly sexy.”

“Honey, do I even have to ask you?”

“No, mom,” I told her. “I think a hanging would be such a sexy way to go. And I think the DVD sales for the Club would go through the roof. After all, it’s the way I want to go for Stew up on the Entertainment stage.” There; I’d told her flat out why we were here in the first place.

“Then hanging it is,” she decided. I could tell she was trembling, and there was a tremor in her voice. But her nipples had become really hard.

“Ok, mom,” Stew said to her. “Anytime you’re ready.”

“I’ll try to make it a good hanging for you, son. I want this video to be something you’ll watch over and over again.”

“Oh, I will, mom; I will.”

“So, Tamara,” Brad said to her after giving her a kiss. “Do you have any last requests before we hang you?”

She paused as though she hadn’t thought that far ahead. Then she looked at me. That’s when she got this shit-eating grin on her face.

“Yes I do, Brad,” she told him with a knowing smile. “Before it’s my turn, I’d love for you and Stewart to noose up my daughter and make her dance so I can see what a good hanging should look like.” Then she looked right at me and licked her lips as I got the shakes something fierce.

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