The Black Noose – Excerpts from a Fraulein’s Diary

The Black Noose – Excerpts from a Fraulein’s Diary

Mar 27 ’32 I met Konrad Tobler for the first time. He is a very handsome man. All he talks about is Hitler, who I thought was a laughingstock since the failure of his beer hall putsch. But I guess Hitler is now gaining followers, and Konrad is one of them. Hitler just ran for president and failed. But so many people are still talking about him. Anyway Konrad is such a handsome man. I think he likes me and I hope to see him again.

Jul 17 ’32 Met with Konrad again. He says Hitler is the future of our country and I’m starting to believe him. He’s so excited about him. But I’m more excited about Konrad. Today he kissed me for the very first time.

I can’t put my finger on it yet. But there’s something dangerous about him… dangerous and yet exciting. It’s like he’s hiding this deep dark secret about himself from me. But I like him so much I’m not sure there’s anything he could reveal to me that would put me off.

Nov 21 ’32 Konrad and I have been on several dates now. We still haven’t made love yet, but I’m hoping it will be soon. He looks so handsome in his uniform. More and more I’m excited about him and about the direction our country is going. But there’s still that underlying sense of danger about him. I think it’s exciting. Sometimes the mysteriousness of the man makes me breathless with arousal. When are we going to have sex?

Feb 1 ’33 Hitler is chancellor! Konrad and I were so excited we went back to his home and had our first sex together. I think Konrad wants to be with me. I can’t wait to be his wife in the new Third Reich.

The sex with him was fine. I enjoyed finally being taken by him. But it felt as though he was holding something back. I still feel there is something he is not telling me. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Mar 12 ’33 Communists are still being rounded up after the Reichstag fire of Feb 27. Konrad invited me to his home to witness something both unnerving and yet strangely compelling. I believe this was the final unmasking of who the real Konrad Tobler is.

In a private courtyard he and some men were interrogating this female communist. Supposedly she was guilty of spreading lies and inciting the people to riot. They stripped off her shirt until she was topless, whereupon they used a whip on her to gain a confession. Then they used a black noose to string her up.

I’ve never seen a hanging before until now. It was disturbing, especially with those whip marks on her body. But I could not take my eyes away. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I thought the victim died right away when they were in the noose, although maybe I’m thinking of a longer drop that breaks the neck. But that communist bitch looked like she kicked and suffered for several minutes before she died. Then she appeared to wet and soil herself. It served her right for trying to disrupt German society.

I’ll never forget how hard her nipples became when she was hanged topless. And I’ll never forget the expression in Konrad’s face while he was watching. He really seemed to enjoy her ordeal.

Konrad’s subordinates eventually took her down and sent her off to the mortuary. I found out later her cause of death was listed as dysentery. But she was a communist and she should have known better than to incite riots against our beloved country.

Afterwards Konrad wanted to make love to me. Strangely our sex was the best it has ever been. Did seeing her hang make him more of an animated lover? It makes me wonder because he was very forceful with me. To be honest it both scared and excited me.

Still no engagement ring yet. But I keep hoping. I’m very attracted to Konrad, and I think he likes me.

Jun 18 ’34 Konrad has been very busy lately. I don’t get to see him as often as I would like. But now he’s a 2nd Lieutenant, and it’s wonderful! He says the army is being built up. No longer is Germany a second class military in the eyes of the world. Someday the Third Reich is going to rule, and Germany will be at the head of the table. Still no engagement ring. But that’s ok. I know my Konrad is a busy and important man.

Sep 8 ’35. Konrad interrogated a Jew today, and I was allowed to bear witness. My gawd; she was pretty. He actually had her strip naked before she was whipped, the filthy bitch.

I must say, she looked incredible the moment Konrad had her hanged with that black noose. She kicked and fought the coil around her throat like she was born for it. It was only the second hanging I have ever witnessed… and yet it was such an incredible sight.

Afterwards Konrad and I fucked like rabbits. I think there is something about him witnessing the hanging of a female that brings it out in him. I guess I can understand as I too find it incredibly erotic. And yes, I also wanted to fuck afterwards. Watching that Jewish bitch dance her life away naked was such an incredible turn-on. Maybe it was the way her nipples were so hard and her hairy pussy so red and swollen.

Aug 23 ’37 Konrad has been busy fighting in the Spanish Civil war these last two years. But he sent for me, and I finally got to see him after a long absence. We stayed at very nice residence seized from the Republicans after they were driven off.

I was excited to see he’d captured a couple of female rebels. They were hanged together naked out back. Konrad and I were so aroused watching them kick their lives away that we could not wait to get back inside and fuck each other silly.

I still remember how much they suffered and how turned on it made me. Their nipples were very hard; their pussies red, swollen and dripping. I do not know why it aroused me so. I know it really aroused Konrad judging by the way we fucked afterwards.

Mar 17 ’38. Austria is a part of Germany now. How exciting it is to see our country growing and the Third Reich expanding. Hitler is doing well and we are so very proud of him.

Konrad was put in charge of interrogations. But he kept back one pretty female Jewish bitch to interrogate special while I was there to observe.

She was stripped naked and whipped mercilessly. Then she was strung up into the air. Konrad had such a bulge in his trousers as he watched her hang.

The way that sub-human kicked and danced was incredible. The way her tits bounced and her swollen pussy winked at me made me breathless and excited. And Konrad used that same black noose I’d seen him use before. It is certainly starting to rack up the tally. Oh the stories it could tell of the bitches it has embraced.

After the hanging we fucked like never before. Seeing bitches like that hang always seems to bring out the monster in my Konrad. Our sex was aggressive and violent, but I love submitting to him after a hanging, knowing it is me he wants to fuck.

Oct 24 ’38. Hitler has taken Czechoslovakia without a shot. Konrad invited me to Prague where I got to watch another interrogation, this time a female Czech conspirator. Konrad had her whipped right in front of me, perhaps because he knows I like to watch. Then he noosed her up with his black noose.

He kept her on her toes while demanding she answer his questions. I thought it was so funny since all she could do was gasp and gurgle. I don’t think he cared about her answers. He just wanted to enjoy her suffering.

Finally he pulled her up into the air. And what a dance she put on once she was airborne. She really kicked and jerked around.

Konrad loves to hang women; I’m guessing that was the dark secret I thought he was hiding from me all those years. But I’ve grown to like it too, especially when they are naked. I love seeing their pink pussies redden and pulse as they dance in the air.

Afterward the hanging it was time for more fucking. This time Konrad took me in the ass. At first it hurt, and I thought he was treating me like that bitch he’d just hanged. But I chalked it up to his love of women in the noose. I love him more and more each day and am so excited the way our glorious Third Reich is getting bigger.

Oct 12 ’39 Poland fell many days ago, and I got to watch Konrad hang his first Pole. Those pigs are worse than dogs, and she got what she deserved. The bitch really jerked as her udders bounced around. Once again it was that black noose strangling the very life out of her as her nipples protruded and her filthy pussy winked at me. Afterwards we fucked again. Our sex was phenomenal.

I am excited Konrad is going to let me stay a while. We have a place outside Warsaw that was not too badly damaged from the bombs. Konrad has asked me if I would like to watch more hangings with him. I told him I would be delighted, especially if it means I will get to fuck him afterwards. I would do anything for my beloved Konrad. But I’ve pretty much given up on getting a ring from him, at least until after the war.

Oct 23 ’39 Konrad told me he’d found another Pole worthy of hanging. When I got there she was in a small room waiting for justice to be served. So he took me and his black noose back to meet her.

She was already naked, full of shame and humiliation when we got there. She had nice tits which I knew were going to bounce so wonderfully in the noose. There was a hook in the ceiling indicating we were going to hang her right there.

I guess I got a little carried away with myself. I was so damned excited that I removed my clothes and started to masturbate with the coil of the noose as he looped the other end up through the hook in the ceiling. You should have seen the look on that disgusting bitch’s face knowing she was going to die. And you should have seen the look on Konrad’s face while I masturbated. I don’t know what excited him more – me nakedly masturbating with the noose or the fact that bitch was going to hang soon.

After a couple of orgasms, Konrad took the noose from me and looped it around her neck. It was still wet from my cum. She was horrified while I was so fucking turned on. Then Konrad hauled her up into the air before tying off the free end.

She kicked and danced divinely as her udders bounced around. Her swollen pussy squirted, which was a great delight to the both of us. I allowed Konrad to take me from behind as we watched. It was the first time I’d ever taken a cock while another naked bitch was right there hanging to death in front of us. I think it made my cums even more intense.

Jul 16 ’40 France is now part of the Third Reich. And my brave Konrad is now a Captain. In celebration we hanged a Belgian beauty from our temporary home in Luxemberg. Again Konrad used that familiar black noose. And again we fucked while she was hanging naked.

It was amazing the way her knees came up. I’m sure she was cumming right along with us. Seeing that made me scream Konrad’s name as I had a most enjoyable climax. Then we fucked for another hour while her corpse dangled naked before us. It probably was the most erotic hanging I have ever witnessed to date.

Jan 1 ’41 I’m happy being closer to Konrad living here on the outskirts of Paris after the fall of France. We are all so proud of our beloved Fuhrer. He has accomplished so much in so short a time.

To ring in the New Year we hanged a French whore in our temporary residence, a woman accused of being a partisan. Once again I masturbated with the noose just to get Konrad aroused and to humiliate our victim. I got off a couple of times before it was time to hang her.

You should have seen her expression when he put that noose around her neck, the coil still dripping of my fluids. It must have been the greatest of humiliations. Then she was hauled into the air.

By now Konrad and I are used to being naked as we hang these wenches. We rabidly fucked while she violently kicked her life away. I swear I climaxed three times watching that partisan bitch hang in the noose, her tits bouncing, her nipples erect, and her swollen pussy winking at us for our enjoyment.

What made it all the more amazing was the way he allowed me to tie her arms behind her back before the hanging. I got to grope and fondle the prisoner as well. Maybe next time he will allow me to participate even more. I think I’d like to be the one to drop her myself.

Apr 4 ’41 For my birthday Konrad got me a beautiful French woman to hang. She had gorgeous tits I knew were going to bounce deliciously in the noose. She was a real beauty.

First I masturbated with the noose while sitting right in front of her. I even climaxed a couple of times. Then I took the noose and rubbed her pussy with it, mingling her fluids with mine.

She was frightened, but she did not resist. Perhaps she thought it was a game we were playing. After all, Konrad was used to using French whores from time to time. And since I was the jealous type, he used this one right in front of me as part of a threesome… and then permitted me to hang her right afterwards.

I noosed her while making sure our mingled fluids on the rope made her neck moist. Then I forced her up onto a stool. I was trembling with great excitement as I tied off the rope.

I looked at Konrad who nodded for me to go right ahead. Then I furiously kicked the stool out from under her. She dropped with a jerk as Konrad entered me from behind, the two of us standing there facing the dangling bitch.

She kicked up a storm, her face awash with horror. Her tits bounced as her pussy dripped from her fluids and my Konrad’s cum. Konrad groped my tits from behind, whispering “happy birthday” into my ear as we watched the French bitch kick her life away.

She was the second one I witnessed having an orgasm in the noose (although some of the others may have cum and I did not clearly notice). It was terribly exciting. I came really hard the moment I saw it.

May 24 ’41 For Konrad’s birthday we hanged another French whore. It was a sad day since he told me he would be leaving on a special military mission. I wanted the day to be special for him.

I let him fuck her as I watched while masturbating with the noose. Then I tied her arms behind her back. I noosed her from a hook over the bed while she was straddling Konrad, riding his cock. Then I pulled on the free end and strangled the shit out of her until she died right there with his cum leaking out of her. Afterwards he told me she clenched wonderfully as she was dying.

Konrad left the next morning, but he promised to write and to visit me whenever he was on leave. As a present he left me that black noose. He told me to go right ahead and hang any French woman I desired. All I had to do was have Ulrich, Heinz and Ernst help me as he was leaving them behind to tend to my needs.

Sep 28 ’41 To celebrate a great German victory in Russia, and in celebration of the letter I received from my Konrad, I had Ulrich go to one of the French brothels and pick out a girl for me. He brought her back and we had a wonderful time together.

She was half drunk with wine and orgasms when I brought out the noose. I masturbated with it, and she helped me cum. Then we masturbated her with it until the coil became quite damp.

Jokingly she asked if I wanted her to model it for me. I took her to the back room and tied her arms behind her back. Then I noosed her, helping her up onto the stool before I tied it off.

I cupped her breasts while feasting on her dripping pussy. She gasped with delight, no doubt enjoying the game we were playing. The moment she discovered it was no longer a game was the moment I gasped, “Hang, you French swine!” before kicking the stool away.

She was gorgeous, with those erect nipples, heaving tits, and swollen, winking pussy. I swear she must have been a dancer because she put on one hell of a performance. I masturbated furiously while she kicked her life away. She even brought her knees together and kicked herself into an orgasm as her life spiraled away.

I must admit to an indiscretion on my part. I was horny, and Ulrich was handy. So I took him into our guest room and gave him a thrill, fucking him until I was satisfied. I think he was too.

Mar 6 ’42 Konrad was here on leave. The war in the East was not going as well as had been expected. In fact he seemed somber Moscow had not yet been taken.

To cheer him up we picked up another French whore to entertain ourselves with. We both had our way with her in quite a kinky threesome. Then I noosed her up and hanged her for him.

She put on quite a show, kicking her life away. I rode Konrad’s cock as we watched her orgasm violently in the noose. I think her death and our simultaneous fucking greatly lifted Konrad’s spirits.

Aug 9 ’42 Konrad’s promotion to Major is cause for celebration. Since he is still on the Eastern front I had Ulrich, Heinz and Ernst pick out three known prostitutes who were suspected of helping the partisans. They enjoyed having sex with them before we hanged all three one at a time with Konrad’s black noose. It was quite the night.

Afterwards I had so much to drink that I offered myself to all three at once. It was my first orgy, but I think I performed admirably. The hangings had a profound effect on all of us, and we made rather merry, fucking well into the night.

Apr 29 ’43 I cannot get over how fortunate I am to still have Konrad. Had he not been transferred to France to look over coastal fortifications I might have lost him at the battle of Stalingrad.

When he was home on leave we hanged another whore for his amusement. It was terribly exciting watching her kick her life away. Her pussy flared from her strangulation as his cum dripped out of her fuck-hole.

I think he is seeing another French girl without telling me. I am jealous, but I will tolerate it with grace. He needs all the comfort and sex he can get. After all, the news from the East is not good. Neither is the news from Africa.

May 24 ’44 For Konrad’s birthday we had a threesome with another French whore before stringing her up. It was so erotic noosing her up and then touching her naked, trembling body all over. I stuck my fingers inside her and tasted his cream before kicking the stool away.

She wonderfully danced her demon dance of death. I was particularly satisfied in her hanging as Ulrich told me Konrad had visited her secretly a few times. I think my Colonel (he’s a Colonel now) suspected how angry I might be if I ever found out. So he brought her back with him and we took turns fucking her before her time was up. The look on her face as I hanged her made me think she felt betrayed by my Konrad. She should have known better. He’s MY Colonel, not hers!

Jun 2 ’44 Konrad could not stay long. He says there is talk the British are planning an invasion at Pas de Calais. I did not get to see him much as he seemed distracted.

In my heart I think there was another reason our time was so short. I think he was seeing another French whore behind my back. I worry she may be a partisan and is getting information out of him. I am also jealous as hell since I have not fucked him in a while, nor have I hanged anyone since his birthday. In any event I have sent out Ulrich, Heinz and Ernst to find out who she is and what she knows.

Jul 29 ’44 The invasion went badly; the British and Americans are now on the continent. There has been no word from Konrad. I fear he has been killed or captured. Ulrich heard his bunker took a direct hit from a shell lobbed by a ship out in the channel during the invasion.

Ulrich found out who his French mistress was. I instructed him to bring her to me so I could tell her the news. She was a pretty thing, and I learned her name was Suzette.

She was properly distressed when I told her what I knew of Konrad’s fate. Then I took her to that back room. I told her Konrad had written a letter I kept back there in a drawer just for her.

The look on her face was priceless when she saw the black noose and nothing else. I had Ulrich and Ernst strip her out of her clothes. Then I noosed her up.

I forced her to stand upon the stool where I tied the rope off. Then I proceeded to whip her, marring that beautiful flesh. It enraged me at the thought of Konrad’s hands all over her.

When the whipping was concluded I went and retrieved a couple of dildos I had purchased. The French are well known for their sex toys, and I had used them quite frequently. In this case I asked her if she missed Konrad’s penis. Then I told her I would give her something to feel in its place.

I shoved one up her pussy and the other up her ass. I think she was used to taking things in either hole as she did not scream or cry out. She was trembling with fear in her eyes, but she did not beg for mercy.

I told her, “Do you know how many times I have used that noose to masturbate with before I’ve hanged deserving bitches like you? Now you will hang like all the others!” And with that I kicked the stool out from underneath her feet.

She danced her devil’s dance well, thrusting her chest out as she fought the noose. I like the way that coil around their throat always breaks them of their will while seducing them at the same time. Her nipples were just as hard as all the others, her pussy red, swollen and dripping from the many blows I had landed there with the whip.

I finally broke down and begged Ulrich and Ernst to fuck me. I enjoyed their cocks as the bitch hung silent, no longer able to fuck my Konrad. Afterwards they got rid of her body like all the others. It did not make up for the loss of my Konrad. But I did derive some satisfaction watching her death. And I got a good double-fuck out of it as well.

Aug 19 ’44 The war is going badly on all fronts. Our soldiers are leaving the city as resistance fighters have taken to the streets. Hitler wants the city leveled and I don’t blame him. There has been much betrayal here.

I am being evacuated as well. A truck is coming to gather my things. I’ve packed up what I want to take with me, leaving the rest of it behind.

I miss Konrad. I must assume he is dead or captured. Oh well. I sure took care of that French mistress of his.

I must say I will miss this residence and the many hangings that took place here. Maybe I can find a new place back in Germany. Now there is a knock at the door and I must greet the truck that is here to take me away.

The transport would be arriving soon. Then she could leave and be done with it. She had enjoyed living on the outskirts of Paris. But now she was looking forward to returning to her beloved Germany.

She had everything packed; she was ready to go. What was taking so long with that transport? She’d been informed they would arrive within the hour.

Perhaps it was the turn of the war. The allies were rapidly closing in on Paris. No doubt every transport was being commandeered to take troops and supplies either to the front of back in the direction of Germany.

She had just finished writing in her diary when she heard a knock at the front door. Finally! She went to go answer it, relieved the truck had finally arrived.

She let out a startled cry when she saw it wasn’t soldiers but partisans there to greet her. She started to scream, only to be manhandled back inside. Her heart rate skyrocketed.

She was slammed into her couch as a rifle was pointed right at her chest. She was sure they were going to shoot her right then and there. She closed her eyes, awaiting the bullets that would tear into her flesh.

She opened her eyes and saw two of them searching the facility. One of them came across her diary and opened it. Could they read German?

A couple of them began opening up her boxes. The one skimming the diary took it into the other room, no doubt to go through the boxes in there. She tensed, wondering what they would find and what they might do to her.

She started to speak, only for one to point the barrel of the rifle right at her face. She wisely kept her tongue. She did not want to feel the sensation of bullets tearing into her body.

The one reading the diary came back out from the other room. He’d been wearing a black hood the whole time and was a menacing figure. Now he roughly pulled her to her feet where he started tying her arms behind her back.

What was this? What were they going to do to her?? She started to speak up, only to feel the barrel of the rifle push against her back.

She was marched into the back of the building, her heart beating fast. Then she rounded a corner and let out a cry. The black noose she had used so many times before was now hanging from a hook in the ceiling.

Her stomach lurched as she cried out, “NEIN! NOT THE BLACK NOOSE!” That’s when images of past victims flashed before her eyes. She could not believe they were about to hang her with that very same noose!

The partisan holding onto her seemed particularly agitated as he noosed her up. Now she began begging and pleading. Anything but the noose, especially that one in particular. It would be much too degrading!

The noose was pulled tightly around her throat. A couple of them pulled on the end until she was pulled up onto the balls of her feet. Then the angry partisan halted the procedure.

His eyes blazed with hatred as he stared at her. He barked a command, and his men started opening boxes, unpacking her belongings. She trembled with fright, whimpering for them to just shoot her and be done with it… not to string her up.

There was a cry of triumph as one of them lifted up a couple of familiar objects discovered in his search. She gasped as her eyes flew open in horror. Had the partisan bastard been able to read her diary??

He angrily produced a knife. She let out a garbled scream, certain he was going to stab her in the gut before hanging her. Then he started ripping her clothes off, popping buttons and using the knife when necessary.

She gasped in horror as he stripped her naked, shredding her of her clothes and her dignity. She thought of the transport that should be arriving any moment. Perhaps she could stall.

“I’ll suck!” she gasped in desperation. “I will fuck you, yah? Sex… a whore! Use me as a whore!”

They seemed to want none of that. Then the bastard took one of the recently discovered dildos and shoved it hard up her pussy. She cried out from the violation.

“Nazi swine!” he growled. She certainly understood that! Then he took the other and forced it against her anus.

She screamed as she tried to clench. But he kept on forcing it until it was pushed all the way inside her. She cried out in agony, double-stuffed and humiliated beyond belief.

“This is for Suzette!” he declared. Her eyes flashed in horror. So that bastard had read her diary after all… well, at least the part where her Konrad had kept a French whore named Suzette whom she had recently hanged in a rage when news had arrived of the loss of her officer during the Normandy landings.

The men pulled on the end of the rope, jerking her up into the air. She kicked and struggled, utterly ashamed of the way they were hanging her the way she’d hanged that bitch. Her last words to her had been, “Do you miss Konrad’s cock, whore? Then enjoy these as you die!” And with that she’d hanged the French tart with two similar toys – if not these very same ones – up her cunt and ass.

She had furiously masturbated to the girl’s shameful hanging. Now she kicked and struggled, the noose slowly strangling her to death. It was the same noose she’d used to take the lives of so many bitches, the same noose she’s used to masturbate with after a particularly enjoyable hanging. Konrad’s men would take the body to the woods out back to be buried, and she would masturbate over and over to the delicious memory of the naked bitch strangling to death. Would these bastards also masturbate to the memory of her death after she was gone??

She kicked and struggled, the toys in her holes igniting a shameful fire within her. She did not want to die as a whore in the noose like the others. It was humiliating wearing the same noose that had formerly strangled to death the lives of communists, Jews, Poles, Belgians, and French maidens – whores and sub-humans all. And to hang naked in front of the eyes of these filthy beasts?? That was worst of all.

She gurgled as she tried to breath. Her chest was on fire, and she was becoming exhausted. But with the last of her strength she began shamefully humping in the noose.

Merciless eyes watched her dance her way into orgasmic death. She could not believe the Third Reich was coming to an end for her so shamefully. It was all so horrible… and it hurt so badly!

She felt her bladder release, another shameful moment. Urine trickled down her legs to drip off her toes. Her mind screamed over and over for her deceased Konrad, for the transport that had already been intercepted and blown up, for the soldiers who’d once stayed with her but who had been called away to the front at the last moment and were now dead, leaving her unprotected.

She shuddered hard in her death throes. It took her much too long to finally lose consciousness. Then she hung limp as a muscle occasionally twitched.

The partisans left her to hang there naked and alone. But the one took her diary. He thought one day he might add a postscript to it.

Her corpse hung quiet, urine dribbling off her toes. Off in the distance a rumble could be heard from an exploding bomb from the approaching allies. The reverberations reached her building, setting her to gently swaying back and forth.

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