Take My Wife & Fuck Her Underwater


Take My Wife & Fuck Her Underwater

By Hildy

© 2018


It can be intense watching another man fuck your wife underwater for the first time and for the first time force her to experience a breath-hold orgasm.

It can be intense, disturbing — and yes, thrilling — watching the woman you love so much being fucked so deeply — so wantonly — and in such a kinky, dangerous manner by some alpha male — and then doing absolutely nothing while she thrashes and jerks out the last of her air while screaming and climaxing beneath the surface.

But it can be even more intense — more unnerving — when she is pulled to the surface, red-faced and gasping and choking and demanding the other man fuck her again the same way.

Is this the woman I have been married to for 27 years — the mother of my three children — the woman I thought I understood and knew like the back of my hand?

Let me explain.

After 27 years of marriage the pets were dead, the kids had left the nest and my wife — Joyce — was still hot looking to turn the heads of men half her age.

We still deeply loved each other, but our marriage bed was as unused and stale as week-old bread.

Career pressures and the recent deaths of our own parents was taking a toll. Our fuck-fests which use to last for hours had become a routine of less than an hour and perhaps once a month.

Pretty sad.

We decided to fight the boredom and on a whim we elected to attend a local “lifestyle” event being held at a suburban residence.

Joyce was nervous and so was I.

We can honestly say neither one of us had sex with someone else since we married.

Yes, we flirted, did some holiday party kissing, but that was it. We were as devoted as any couple can ever be — but wished for some excitement.

As they say — be careful what you wish for.

As typical Type A people we first devoured some books on the lifestyle subject and thought we had prepared ourselves for what to expect.

That turned out to be true and not so true.

At the event all the other couples were nice — some were sexually attractive and some were not. We had a great time dancing, drinking and watching other couples fuck their hearts out.

Of course that revved up our desires. It’s amazing what watching others fuck can do to your own sleeping libido.

Since it was our first time we decided to go slow and just have sex just with each other.

How naive can can you get?

After opening the bedroom door and thereby inviting others to watch we soon had a large audience. We went at it like sex-starved rabbits.

I was proud I lasted as long as I did.

After Joyce climaxed two or three times and I had unloaded a full blast we paused for a drink. My bride was smiling and glowing — still naked and splayed out on the bed with my cum glistening and oozing out of her shaved cunt onto a towel.

She was almost showing off how fuckable she was.

That’s when another man I only had been introduced to earlier as Raymond bent down — without asking — and began lapping my wife’s cunt — eagerly slurping up my seed.

He was younger than me, good looking, solidly built and naked.

I waited for Joyce to push him away, but to my utter shock she instantly pulled Raymond’s head tighter against her needy cunt, locked her feet — still wearing her spike heels — around his back and screamed out she was going to cum again.

So much for our earlier agreement not to have sex with anyone else.

Joyce reached for his fat, hard cock, but he politely pushed her hand away. “This is only for you,” I heard him say.

At this point I should have stepped in and stopped it. I did not.

I watched Raymond tongue-fuck my wife into multiple orgasms. She went wild — each time arching her back, driving her cunt harder against his face, wailing her full-body climaxes.

I watched my wife eagerly being pleasured by another man.

I did not know it at the time, but this was just the start of my Joyce enjoying the pleasures provided by this handsome hunk.

Joyce was inadvertently and eagerly joining a rather large club of women who thought Raymond was the greatest fuck-master of all time.

Raymond’s wife was not to be seen and according to what Joyce and I had agreed to we would do nothing unless we both participated.

Did I stop Raymond this first time? Of course not. I watched.

After giving my wife such pleasure Raymond kissed Joyce, offered his hand to me saying “your wife is so beautiful and sweet.”

He handed me a business card with a photo of him and his attractive wife along with an address. He said we were invited to his party the following week. He told us we could enjoy the pleasures of his food, his liquor, swimming in his indoor pool and fucking his wife. HIs address was on the card.

We still did not know his last name. But Joyce was nodding her head “yes.”

In just seven days from that moment my beloved Joyce would be nearly drowned-fucked more than once by another man, but I had no clue that was going to happen.

To be continued…..

((Here are two photos of Joyce and Raymond taken by someone shortly after arriving at his house for the lifestyle party)

The night of the party Joyce wore a simple sun dress — the kind that instantly falls to the ground when untied from the back. She was braless with micro crotchless see-through black panties and fuck-me high heels.

Her nipples already were as hard and pointed as if she had brushed them with ice cubes.

She looked like a high class whore and I loved it. I got as hard as rebar just watching her walk to the car.

I was also conflicted because I knew in a few minutes she would be fucking another man who I barely knew, but who had obviously captured my wife’s desire and her heart.

“You know Raymond’s wife looks pretty cute in that photo,” Joyce said to me, trying to soften any feeling of jealousy that she knew I was harboring.

If the photo was accurate Raymond’s wife — Trudy — was attractive. But that meant nothing if she was not interested in me. Neither of us had met Trudy and so I kept my expectation low.

Raymond and Trudy greeted us at the door. Both were wearing elegant robes — both robes were untied — both husband and wife were naked.

I know it sounds Gay, but I couldn’t help glance at Raymond’s package — damn if he wasn’t already aroused with his tanned fuck stick looking like some damn telephone pole.

My wife didn’t waste any time. She grasped Raymond by his cock and pulled him close for a soul kiss. My wife was so turned on she was probably dripping.

I looked at Raymond’s wife — fuck me, she was as sexy as hell with long hair, a perfect figure and a smile that promised many things. My own arousal soared.

Raymond broke the kiss and said to my wife: “I’m so glad you could come. All week long I’ve been wanting to make love to you.” Joyce moaned softly and kissed him again, with even more passion..

Trudy turned my head so she could kiss me. “No need to worry about Raymond. He’ll give Joyce tremendous pleasure. He will fuck your wife and she’ll love it.

“Now, kiss me and then suck my nipples.”

She opened her robe wider, inviting me to do so.

At this point we were still standing in the open door way where anyone passing by on the street could see us.

I took Trudy’s statement as a challenge and test. Was I aggressive enough to satisfy Raymond’s wife?

I hesitated a split second.

What would my wife think about me fucking another woman. Was my wife going to be jealous? What would neighbors say if they drove by and saw us like this? How could I permit another guy — some rich, confident, bastard to make my wife his fuck slave?

“Shut the fuck up,” I told myself and stop over thinking this.

It helped that Trudy was tongue-kissing me fiercely. I responded by crushing her body next to mine.

Then I bent down and began worshipping her enormous nipples — first one then the other. I pulled her perfect breast against my face and tightened one hand against her smooth, firm ass. Trudy thrust forward, pushing her nipple deeper into my mouth.

“Oh yeah baby suck it deep in your mouth,” she whispered. “Suck it hard — that’s how I like it.”

I did as Ms. Trudy commanded.

After a few moment os this public foreplay the four of us walked inside a magnificent house and toward the biggest indoor pool I could ever imagine.

Perhaps a dozen couples were lounging around, drinking and talking. My eyes went to three couples in the pool who were fucking like banshees. One of the men suddenly thrust his female partner backward and beneath the surface.

This was my introduction to underwater fucking. I kept watching, waiting for her to surface — but she did not. All I could see were her feet above the surface and his arms extended straight down preventing her from rising.

What the hell kind of party was this?

By this time Raymond had led my wife toward the pool steps as if she was some sort of sacrifice. He stepped behind her and in a flash her dress was untied. His thumbs yanked the crotchless panties right off.

My shy wife stood naked in front of 25 or 30 people. She was in effect saying “watch me get fucked everyone by this magnificent Raymond while my whim, submissive husband watches and does nothing.”

Raymond walked down the pool steps with my wife eagerly following. She was naked except for a small weight belt.

Trudy handed me a dive mask. “Here, use this to watch my husband drown-fuck your wife.”

What the hell did she just say? Was Raymond some freak killer? Was my trusting wife in danger? What the hell was a drown-fuck?

I felt like I was in some sort of horror movie with a bunch of killers.

Did I scream for Joyce to stop? Did I jump in and yank her out of Raymond’s grasp? Did I try to punch Raymond’s lights out?

To my shame I did nothing like that.

With shaking hands I put on the dive mask and saw my wife — for the first time ever — worshipping another man’s cock –

My wife is just an average swimmer and she can’t stay under long. That’s what I thought.

I stuck my head up to get a breath, but Joyce did not rise. Instead she stayed under while Raymond started attacking her clit with what my wife already knew was his super talented tongue.

Raymond was deep fucking my wife while both of them were underwater. I was on my knees on the pool bottom just a few feet away wearing a dive mask — watching this obviously dangerous fuck that could threaten my wife’ life and doing nothing to stop it.

I felt shame that my wife was enjoying herself so much — enjoying another man bringing her to orgasm in such a kinky way — and that it wasn’t me.

Of course I was jealous, but I couldn’t make myself intervene and stop it.

I kept watching. Twice I had to rise for air. I couldn’t believe how long Joyce was staying under.

They rose — now my wife was gasping for air. Raymond ignored me and said to her: “Should I stop, do you want to go back to that weak husband of yours?”

Joyce didn’t look at me. I saw incredible lust in her eyes. “Keep fucking me, fuck me as hard as you can. It’s so wonderful.”

Raymond replied: “I know your close to cumming so take a deep breath because I may not let you up until I feel your cunt spasming around my cock.”

Joyce had barely taken a huge breath when he plunged them back under.

My wife was twisting and jerking as Raymond pounded into her hot, wet cunt. She was enjoying being controlled like
some rag doll. Her eyes were closed to better experience the pleasure.

How long was he keeping my wife under? I didn’t know until I rose for a breath for a second time. Raymond’s wife — Trudy — had joined me in the pool. I barely noticed she was naked.

“I’ve been timing your wife,” she said to me. “She’s doing better than most of the other wives here. Joyce has been lasting a full minute and a half.”

Trudy stood behind — her luscious tits smashed against my back. She reached around and started stroking my cock. It felt incredible, but I was so tense from watching my wife that I couldn’t fully enjoy the feeling.

“You mean Raymond has fucked all these other wives like he’s doing to Joyce now?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah — most several times. Their husbands are like you — they watch, but do nothing while my husband drown-fucks them.”

There was that horrible term again.

“What the fuck does that mean? What is your freak husband going to do to my wife,” I demanded to know.

“Nothing that they don’t want,” she replied. Trudy looked at her watch — “look your wife has been down just about two full minutes. Raymond may give her one more breath before he takes her under and gets her off while she starts to drown.”

At that instant Raymond and Joyce erupted above the surface. He wasn’t even breathing heavily while my bride was beet red with her chest heaving. Her breasts were swaying with each gasping intake.

“Last time — take a big breath just one more time,” Raymond ordered her. Joyce just nodded and kept deep breathing.

Raymond turned to me. “Your wife is such a great fuck. She’s never experienced such pleasure. Be sure to watch because she wants my cock so much she’s willing to start to drown for it.”

His words made me feel like I was having a heart attack.

“Joyce, stop this, stop this now,” my pleading sounded so pathetic. She simply looked at her lover again and said “Go ahead do it — take me under and keep me there until I cum.”

Raymond smirked at me and thrust my wife down.

Trudy spoke in a detached — almost scientific manner. “Let’s see if she can last more than two minutes before she loses all her air and starts to cum. How much is she willing to risk to enjoy such a breath-hold fuck?”

I sank down and saw my wife — my wanton, slut of a wife — a wife I loved with all my heart — giving herself completely to another man and risking her life for the underwater pleasure he could give her.

She couldn’t last two minutes — no way. Joyce was twisting and thrusting her body — forcing Raymond’s cock as deep into her cunt as it could possibly go. She was yelling and losing air in torrents.

Her lungs couldn’t possibly have enough air to last until she climaxed. Each time Raymond thrust into her Joyce would moan, losing more air.

Trudy was underwater with me. She pointed to her watch and held up one finger. One minute had already passed.

My wife suddenly slowed her motions — she grimaced, twisting her face horribly — her body went

stiff and ridged as a piece of steel.

With a loud shriek she climaxed — bending almost upside down in sheer mind-numbing pleasure.

One huge bubble of air burst from her lips — then one more — then nothing.

She was starting to drown and I kept watching….

I wish I could say this is the end of this wretched story.

I wish I could say that was the end of my humiliation.

I wish I could say I took my wife back and we left Raymond and his sadist drown-fuck desires never to see him again.

But I can’t.

Raymond lifted my wife to the surface — she was gasping and choking, but still managing to shower him with kisses. Each kiss made me feel like I was being shot.

Another guy walked into the pool and stood near Raymond who was cuddling my wife — kissing her gently and stroking her breasts. Joyce’s nipples were extended — begging to be sucked.

She pulled one of Raymond’s hands over one nipple. “Pull it harder, pinch it. I like the pain.”

Joyce had never said that to me.

Who was this woman I had been married to for 27 years? Who was this women that had willingly risked her life for some underwater thrill drown-fuck by a strange man?

I was clueless.

The second man bent toward Joyce and began suckling on her nipples. “Are you ready for Round Two?” he asked her.

My wife never looked to me for permission. She was still so lust-filled and cock-hungry she didn’t know I was there.

She spoke to both Raymond and the second guy. “The risk — the rush while being fucked underwater is so powerful. I want to experience it again. Do it again — just as hard and just as long.”

Raymond easily shifted Joyce around — holding her in front. Shamelessly she eagerly opened her legs. This wife-stealing bastard didn’t wait a second before thrusting fully into my wife’s cunt.

“Oh my God — it feels so fucking hard and good,” my wife wailed.

“I’m taking you under now. Bend backward and swallow my friend all the way down your throat,” he told my wife.

I don’t remember the last time Joyce had gone down on me. She had already give an underwater blow job to Raymond — now she was going to do the same to a second man whom she had never met.

She was a slut and I couldn’t help but worship and love her.

Both men stood with their heads above the surface. Only Joyce would be under.

Raymond’s wife, Trudy, whispered to me. “I know you want to watch your wife pleasuring another man. I know you want to watch your wife getting fuck by my husband and a second guy fucking her mouth.”

Trudy was a bitch — she read me like some first-grade comic book. She pushed my shoulders down and like a good submissive I went to the pool bottom on my knees to watch my eager wife being plundered by two hunks.

My wife arched her back like some circus contortionist and while upside down swallowed the second man’s cock to the root.

Both men started thrusting — pulling and jerking her back and forth. The second mad’s cock was as big as Raymonds — both impossibly big.

Yet my demure wife — well, no longer so demure — was taking both cocks into her body and fucking loving it.

I had to rise for air, but Joyce was relentlessly being held under.

“I bet she goes more than two minutes this time before cumming again,” Trudy spoke to me as I had risen to get some air.

I was more fearful than ever for my wife’s safety.

“This is going too far,” I said. “Joyce was lucky she didn’t drown last time. Your bastard husband is going to drown my wife for his own pleasure. Fucking stop this.”

Trudy looked at me like I was going insane. I knew I looked desperate.

“Go ahead, step in and stop it,” she said.

At that moment I heard an underwater scream — but it was a scream of pure pleasure.

“I bet your wife just had another cum,” Trudy said.

My wife shot to the surface — frothy white slimy cum was pouring from her mouth.

“Oh my God that was so much cum,” she spoke to me for the first time. “I love getting fucked by two men. What have I been missing.”

Raymond assured her. “We’re just getting started babe.”

The second man — I still had no idea who the fuck her was — stood behind my wife and started easing his cock into her. He was going to do her doggie-style.

I was shocked to hear my wife say — “My husband never took me in the ass, so go slow.”

Now I knew I was having a heart attack.

My wife had never indicated she wanted anal sex. I never ever dared to suggest it. Now she was giving permission to some unknown stranger to ass-fuck her.

My wife looked directly at me. “Honey he’s, he’s…” — she paused as a look of pain crossed her face. “Oh Jesus that feels so deep — and so good. He’s so deep in my ass.”

Raymond spoke. “Take another breath Joyce because while you’re getting ass fucked underwater I want you to eat me.”

Joyce just nodded. She inhaled again — a huge, huge breath — and all three submerged.

Trudy didn’t have to push me under to watch. In my total shame I would watch two men fuck my wife again — including for the first time anally.

By now my wife was getting used to holding her breath for as long as two minutes. I was mesmerized as my wife serviced two men — giving pleasure and receiving pleasure.

Two or three times they all rose for air, but quickly submerged again.

All the while they were under my wife was moaning and thrusting back to bury the man’s thick cock into her ass. Each time my wife did so she swallowed Raymond’s stalk all the way down.

I could see Joyce’s throat bulging outward each time she swallowed him. It was wonderfully obscene.

Several times she started to choke — I could hear her gagging — but each time she thrust her head downward harder burying his cock down her throat.

It was agony — it was intense pleasure — watching my wife getting fucked like this.

I don’t know how long it lasted — but it seemed like forever.

Then both men yelled. Both were cumming in my wife — one man’s seed was jetting into her ass and the other’s semen was jetting down her throat.

After a long, long moment Joyce pulled free and shot to the surface. There was a look of triumph on her face — as if she was in some contest to be the world’s greatest slut. More cum was dripping from her lips.

For the first time since we entered this cursed house my wife came to me. She kissed me and I tasted Raymond’s cum.

“Things have changed,” she said to me.

I nodded yes like some dumb fuck. Things would never be the same.


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