(AF’s) The Grim Reaper


Oh hello there. You caught me in the middle of someone. What…? I look like who? …the Grim Reaper? What was it that gave it away? Was it my robe and scythe? Yeah, I guess those are kinda noticeable. …what? …yes I am drowning someone right now. But I’ve got a few minutes if you want an interview. Don’t worry about her down there. She’ll keep… or drown in this instance.

The blonde hair peeking out of the robe fool you for a second there? You want an explanation? Certainly; I’ll be happy to explain.

You see, I’m a playboy centerfold. …well, I was one until that jealous bitch drowned me. Yeah, I said “drowned me”. We were at the playboy mansion swimming naked in that grotto when she made her move… caught me by surprise, the fucking bitch! She pushed me down and held me under, watching me the whole time to make sure I was gone. Then she claimed it must have been an accident… I got drunk or got lazy or some shit like that. And she got away with it too… well, she thought she did.

I got her back though once I got the gig. It was sort of on a trail basis, you see. I kept my eye on her until she went for a naked swim in her pool. Then I turned the surface of the water into glass. You should have seen the look on her face when she couldn’t reach the air she needed. She couldn’t understand what had happened. It made no sense the way she couldn’t get up for air.

I stayed out of sight until right before her lungs gave out. Then I made sure she saw who it was who’d arranged her painful drowning. She was horrified of course. But she beat on the glass, begging me to let her out. I just shook my head.. “No way, you fucking bitch! Now you can experience what I experienced back in that grotto.”

That was my first death… well, my first drowning death. And let me tell you: It was such an incredible turn-on. I watched as her cheeks bulged, her eyes bugging out of her sockets. Then air burst out of her mouth as her lungs heaved. That’s when she started her show. Those boobs bounced deliciously as she sucked water. She convulsed so painfully that it was incredible to watch. And those drowning bubbles… the way she coughed up her air? It was so fucking sexy that it’s kind of hard to explain really. It’s just super hot!

Her lungs and stomach flooded before she sank to the bottom. My glassy surface was no longer needed so I removed it. She lay on the bottom hitching and jerking as a couple stray bubbles slipped out of her mouth. Now she knew how I felt when I had drowned.

Sexy bubbles… yeah, that’s what I said… just like the bitch I’m drowning right now. She’s trying to hold her breath, but she keeps losing little bursts of air. It’s such a turn-on if you ask me, knowing the air she’s releasing will be the last air she ever tastes.

Well, when the higher-ups saw what I did with drowning that first sexy bitch, they gave it to me on a full-time basis. And I took to it like a fish to water, if you’ll pardon the pun. Now I really love the water. It’s the best place of all for taking souls – nice, clean and painful! The one I’ve got down there on the end of my scythe is certainly finding that out right now, don’t you think? All those bubbles really turn me on!

My next kill was kind of interesting as I still had to prove myself. So I got a little creative. I found this Mistress who loved abusing the maids who worked for her. So I bided my time and waited. Sure enough, one of the maids pissed her off, earning herself a special dunking.

That Mistress tied her to a chair and then put her into their little private pool. She was just going to engage in a little discipline, you know? But I sort of stepped in and helped things out a little. You see I don’t always manifest myself. And when I do it’s not always in the apparition you see before you right now. Sometimes I simply slip into the body of the potential killer. Then together we get the job done.

She and I dunked the shit out of that sexy bitch tied to the chair. Then I convinced her a drowning was the best way for re-establishing discipline. So I helped her hold the chair down until those sexy bubbles started coming up. Oh, she hitched and convulsed in that chair until her lungs flooded. And she stared upward in shock. It was such a fucking turn-on like you wouldn’t belive. Oh, the Mistress hadn’t planned on going quite that far. But I helped convince her it really was the best option.

The one I have in the pool right now? Oh, she’s trying to hold her breath. You can see she’s releasing bubbles to ease the strain in her lungs, hoping I’ll let her back up soon. She has no idea how hopeless her situation is. After all, I really want to watch her drown.

It’s really easy to find someone who wants to commit murder these days. Anger, jealousy, revenge; the motivations are endless. You’d be surprised how busy they’re keeping me. But I don’t mind. For instance, I ran into a divorce case where she was going to take him for all he was worth. So he took her for all she was worth out in their backyard pool. Hell, I didn’t have to do much of anything on that one. The way he held her down and those drowning bubbles came up? What a fucking rush. I think even he got off on it!

Why am I drowning this one? Oh, no reason really. I caught her looking so fucking sexy in her underwear that I couldn’t resist. And I knew right away she was going to make a great bubbler. It’s kind of amazing how I have a knack for knowing these things. See how she screams and loses more of her precious air? The part where they get close to panicking really fills me with great excitement and anticipation.

You remember how I told you jealousy is a strong motivator? Imagine my surprise when I was summoned to a pool party by this bride and her bridesmaids. It didn’t take much to turn them against her. And the pool was so handy. Well, down she went. And they stuck a foot in her chest to keep her down. I went down and watched the whole thing… the way she tried to hold her breath, her cheeks bulging as she struggled to be let back up. I could tell by the look on her face she was astonished they wanted to do this to her. But I’d seen it all before. And when she coughed up her air and started to drown, I went giddy with excitement.

When I decide to take a personal interest in these things I’ve found my sickle works great for this sort of thing. Wouldn’t you agree? After all she’s not going anywhere, not with her wrists tied to the end of my pole. All she can do now is hold her breath until that magic moment when her lungs give out. And the way she’s losing air makes me thing it won’t be much longer.

Once I inhabited the body of this diver so we could go after this skinny-dipper. We grabbed her and pulled her down to the depths and held on tight. She put up such a fight that it was a thrill to hold onto her.

Those drowning bubbles were so sexy. She gave us a really good show. Afterwards we examined her body. And we studied her face and her sexy drowning expression. I still remember that one with some fondness.

Like I said: I really love the bubbles. And hers are really sexy; don’t you think? Her lungs must be straining right now. She keeps releasing little bursts of air. Soon her lungs will be empty. That’s when she’ll have to inhale. That’s the best part.

There’s something about girls drowning girls that really holds a special place for me. Those are the drownings I love best. Maybe it’s because that’s the way I was drowned. So I love to give back that way as much as possible. Most of the time it doesn’t take much. And sometimes I inhabit the body of the one doing the drowning just so I can help out and experience it for real.

Take these two roommates. It was a fight over some boy. But I got to be there to witness the whole thing go down. I even inhabited the body of the one doing the drowning just to give her a little more urging… not that she needed much. Holding her roommate down and watching those bubbles come up was incredible! Hell, we ground our pussy against hers as we drowned her! What a fucking rush!

The agony displayed on their faces as they try to hold their breath is, shall we say… intoxicating? That’s one of the reasons why I love my job. The painful ways they drown makes it all the more enjoyable. Take this one I’m doing right now. You can see the agony in her expression as she tries to hold it just a few seconds longer.

This one keeps looking up to see who’s drowning her. She can’t believe it’s me. I must be some ghost or apparition to her. It’s ok, hun; really! It’s just little ol’ me up here, wanting to watch those painful spasms and those sexy bubbles. Go ahead and hold your breath a little bit longer if you must. I can wait. Unlike you, I have all the time in the world.

More bubbles; aren’t they wonderful?? Her lungs must be on fire by now. It shouldn’t be much longer. Gawd; I love my job!

And just look at those tits. Aren’t they sexy? You can see how hard her nipples are. That makes it so sexy knowing there’s a fearful arousal going through their bodies as they draw closer to drowning. Hell, I’ve had some of them orgasm while their lungs are flooding. Those have been fucking incredible!

Oh, this one’s a screamer. I really hit the jackpot with her. She’s in real agony now. A few more seconds and those lungs of hers are going to give out. Since you’re here, you can watch her with me. How does that sound? If you want, I can even walk you through her painful drowning.

And there she goes… off into those wonderfully painful convulsions as she coughs her breath away. This is the best part: when they spasm like that – coughing and convulsing? They look like they’re cumming so fucking hard. In fact I’ll bet this one is having a deliciously painful orgasm while she’s drowning.

It’s so sexy watching their bodies buck and jerk all caught up in the throes of drowning. It makes my job so much better watching them die painfully, their bodies convulsing like that. This one is a real winner. I knew I’d picked out a good one from the moment I saw her.

All through down there, hun? Have you finished drowning for me? Let me give my pole a little shake just to make sure. After all, one must be thorough about these things; am I right? Just have to make sure you’re finished and then I’ll be on my way.

How about it, hun? Are those lungs of yours properly flooded? My, but that’s a great death stare you’ve got. And you drowned so divinely. It was such a fucking thrill watching you bubble your life away.

Just look at her. Look at the expression on her face. You can tell how much it hurt. But that’s what made it so sexy; don’t you think? I see you got a little turned on watching me drown her as well. My scythe? Just watch. It just turned into the pool skimmer, so now it looks like the pool man did her in. Hell, he was probably upset she wouldn’t go out with him. These motivation things are so easy to set up.

Well, I must be off. It was actually enjoyable showing you my latest work. What; you’d like to see one more? Sure, I can do that. Grab onto my robe. I know it’s a cliché… just grab on, ok? I’ll take you to this next one. I can do that. Besides, I love an audience. I love it when others get to watch my work.

Ok, here we are. You see what they have going? It’s some sort of underwater bondage thing. She’s getting air through that hose and regulator. And she’s secured to that metal frame. This one is going to be so much fun… watching through the glass.

What am I going to do, you ask? Just imagine what’s going to happen when the air in that hose shuts off and they can’t get her up in time. That’s when all the fun will begin. Can you imagine how much she’s going to thrash around as she coughs up bubbles and drowns painfully? Now watch this…

© 2014; 2017 (written Jan 26 ’14; ed. Nov 26 ‘17 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Aqua Fantasies Random Acts and other sources are used for illustration purposes only.)

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